Don’t book travel to Edinburgh, lobby for league merger


If you are missing your competitive football fix you’ll have devoured the fixture list this morning but it’s still over seven weeks until the first league game of the season, when the league flag will fly before we face Ross County (we will have played a Champions League qualifier five weeks from today).

Thereafter, due to the postponement of a home game to allow for a financially lucrative friendly, Celtic are on the road six times in nine league fixtures, so if our away form is anything like it was for much of last season, it’s likely we will be in the mix, instead of clear leaders, come the end of October.

After an absence of some time, Celtic have a local derby to look forward to.  They meet Partick Thistle at Firhill on 26th October with the return game at Celtic Park set for New Year’s Day.  We are scheduled for two trips to the Capital within a month but don’t go booking your flights for the Hearts game in September, just in case…..

Curious news today that Celtic director and BT chief executive, Ian Livingston, will leave the telecoms company after five years at the top to become Minister for Trade and Investment in the coalition government.  Livingston will serve from the House of Lords.  How about boosting the ailing Scottish football industry by lobbying for a merger with a neighbouring league?

Have you bought a ticket for Firday night’s Lions Roar event?  Join hundreds of Celtic fans and the Lisbon Lions to watch the Lisbon game and for a Q&A afterwards.

You can buy Willie Wallace’ autobiography below:

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  1. I notice in the news that Celtic director Ian Livingston, the CEO of BT has stepped down and is becoming the Coalitions (eughhh…spit) new trade minister.



    Shame as I was hoping he would lean on them to bid for SPL rights…

  2. masty



    You are right. I can only guess that Bilic was fired after decision was made by Locomotive players. They did not like him. Glushakov (leader of the team ) told the media that :”Bilic is the worst manager I have ever worked with”.



    South of Tunis



    Yes, Russian media say the same. They also claim that Cappello was in permanet conflict with Russian FA. Cultural differences and different vision how Russia team should be provided.

  3. South Of Tunis on

    Zbyszek @ 12 46 .



    Some Italian journalists call Capello – The Chameleon . Used to describe his ability to fit in with his surroundings . Those writers have claimed that Capello really doesn’t like some aspects of Russian football.





    Are you concerned about the ability of Hearts to fulfill their fixtures this season?



    I personally doubt they will last till next May.



    This of course should be a question raised by the Scottish footballing authorities……

  5. twists n turns on

    Paul 67



    I suspect the margin of the lead we build up early doors will depend on CL qualification status. If we are knocked out, the league will be wrapped up by Halloween:-) If we are through, it’ll take us until Valentine’s day latest.

  6. shoulder2shoulder on

    Pretty soon we will have No huns at all……think about that for a moment my friends in Celtic…..how fantastic will that be :):):)


    Hail Hail mo charas !





    BDO getting the Hearts gig is bad news for Hearts.



    They are the preferred administrator of the Lithuanians,who will be looking for maximum return



    So flats it is…,

  8. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on




    I hope that’s true, like the sound of him. Fits in with our singing policy.

  9. leftclicktic on

    Winning Captain


    My reply from WHS on W Wallace book




    Dear ******





    Many thanks for your email with regards to the book ‘heart of a Lion’ by William Wallace.





    We aim to provide our customers with a wide variety of choice so I very much regret that we have disappointed you with us not stocking this title. I can confirm that at the moment we do not currently sell this book in any of our stores. However, you are able to purchase it on our website http://www.whsmith.co.uk and have it delivered to either your local store or home address.





    I’m sorry that we have let you down and appreciate the time you have taken to contact me. Please let me know if I can be of further help.





    Kind regards



    ****** ******


    Customer Service Team Manager





    I thanked them then suggested for their own benefit (sales) they should just stock it in stores :))

  10. SmashingMilkBottles on





    13:43 on 19 June, 2013




    Smb…who’s your source G?




    his agent





    I think it is outrageous for them to call you a *******



    I’d demand an apology!

  12. South Of Tunis on

    Be interesting to see how far BDO are prepared to go in defending the interests of Ukio Bankas

  13. leftclicktic on



    SHE sounded like a nice lassie so I let it go this time :))



    Till later all hospital appointment for me



  14. Bada bing


    Aye that item amused me. On the same subject and in the interests of clarity


    Rangers, whilst in administration and before liquidation asked the SFA if they could be granted a UEFA licence.( there is an article on the DR site that provides detail buy I cannot link at present) The SFA knocked them back for not fulfilling Articles 47 and 50 ie no audited accounts and unpaid tax and did not make an application to UEFA.


    So old Rangers were stopped from competing last season for 2012/13 only.


    However we all know that they are ineligible to play for three years but the club that is ineligible to play is -yup- Newco not oldco.


    Newco are ineligible to play not because they have not obtained the right on sporting grounds but because the fail the criteria under Article 12 by not having three years MEMBERSHIP of the SFA. Not because they do not have 3 years accounts as is often but wrongly stated.


    After 3 years membership they might have three years audited accounts but that is not the reason for the 3 year wait.


    Insufficient time as a member is how UEFA (not the SFA) see association membership, taking into account changes in company structure and this is the reason UEFA will not touch them and that means starting again and buliding a new history of which accounts are a part.



    Article 12 is why UEFA treat them as a new club and if I were UEFA I’d tell the SFA to spell the rules out for the Scottish football reporting public and put the issue to bed as well as asking the SFA do theyreally want to step out of the UEFA rules sphere and go it alone and write FFP rules according to Ogilvie, Bryson anfd LNS.

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