EFL makes its big play for survival


English Football League (EFL) chief executive, Rick Parry, yesterday made his major play to rescue the EFL from its Covid plight and restructure English as a consequence.  He co-opted Manchester United and Liverpool, where he was formerly CEO, into backing a plan that would see 25% of all future Premier League (PL) TV deals and a £250m bailout paid to the EFL, while the Premier League would be cut from 20 to 18 teams.

Parry also proposes the EFL discontinue its headline knockout competition; the League Cup, that the Community Shield game is retired, that future parachute payments to relegated PL teams stop and the Premier League pay the FA £100m to make up the Association’s shortfall.  In addition, nine PL clubs would be given enhanced voting rights on unspecified issues, based on the longevity of their stay in the Premier League.

These measures  would ensure the survival of most EFL clubs.  Money that currently goes to teams 19 and 20 in the PL and the lucrative parachute payments would be redistributed throughout the lower leagues.  All of this would solve many problems and, as the burden mainly falls on PL cannon fodder, it is no surprise Liverpool and Manchester United have signed up.

If I was chief exec at Fulham, Sheffield United, Burnley, West Brom, Brighton, Wolves, Crystal Palace, Southampton or Leeds, I would be worried about the prevailing business model.  None of these nine clubs can be sure of their long-term survival in the PL.  Four others: Newcastle, West Ham, Aston Villa and Leicester have experienced lower league football in the last decade and cannot be over-confident of remaining in the top flight forever.  That’s a lot of nervous chief execs without sufficient control over their business model.

As a consequence, I do not think the Premier League’s robust rejection of the deal will be the end of the story, at the very least, there will be horse trading in the weeks to come.  To pass, the deal will require the majority of top flight clubs to jeopardise their PL gig in return for a more stable but inconsequential existence.  It makes sense but when has that ever ruled the day in football?

Admire Parry’s attempt, though I do, it serves Celtic’s (and the rest of Scottish football’s) purpose best for the closed shop in England and Wales to avoid a soft-landing.  Alternatively, they could tear down the borders that isolate Scottish clubs from the finances of their main TV market.  Allow clubs from the same nation state to compete for income and prizes and provide a timely boost to EFL finances.

As I have said since the pandemic started, we need to keep an eye on the EFL.  Its model was economically broken beforehand and was never going to survive these times.  It we ever see structural change to our national league systems, these exact conditions are necessary.

We can always hope.

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  1. THE HAND OF GOD on 12TH OCTOBER 2020 9:22 PM


    Oh…goody another international break coming up next month.



    Yeah Maradona, & more of, the same old BS pa lava, of false positives, &


    total inconvenience, & players missing, during the important matches


    of our Season, talk about yeah we needed this, yeah like a hole in ones



  2. tempos fujos everyone, I’m Jackonoski, I’m away to watch this Movie entitled


    Three Kings who came from the same Area in Scotland, & they also use to


    work down the Mines, & they went on to become Legends, in the Footy


    World, I’m of course referring too John ‘Jock’ Stein & Matthew Busby &


    Bill Shankly, yeah it’s a very interesting & a true story as well.

  3. David 17



    I’m in agreement on your comment about the shape of the team.



    As for winning our individual battles .



    That’s a concern for me .


    Too many jostles and not enough tacklers in our team.




  4. TURKEYBHOY on 12TH OCTOBER 2020 9:54 PM


    “Don’t start Scott Brown”.Dear God,the nonsense you get on here.



    TurkeyBhoy, when Broony is not playing, we struggle without him.


    He is a natural born leader on the park, who has true Grit.


    I hope to God, that we still get a few more Seasons out of him.


    Well that might be wishful thinking, on IMO, however we will


    need to seriously look, @ finding another solid Captain, when


    Broony has to hang up his boots, that’s for sure.




    No way does this game get called off!



    sounds like Neil just gave you a shout for game wbc :-))




  6. They’re all effort and organisation. That gets a team far. If we match that and win our share of second balls then we’ll win. We’ve more quality.



    They’ll start at 100mph closing us down all over the pitch – swamp us in midfield and look to break at pace from their turnovers.



    They’re still some way off us in terms of quality so Lenny has to devise a strategy that plays to our strengths. Pace upfront for us will leave them playing a low line and tie up their midfield in covering their CBs.



    2 genuine strikers upfront is key for me on Saturday.




    If you need my aul boots with the widden studs


    just let me know. 8-))


    H.H. Mick

  8. The hand of God on

    Just had a look at our fixture list….it’s congested to say the least…some pretty juicy fixtures mind you.

  9. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on

    Good Evening CQN



    Will we have anymore Covid-19 casualties before Saturday? Rumours that more of the Irish squad being tested. Horrendous times!







  10. An Run,


    I agree,and if Eddy can’t make it,it should be Griff and Ajeti.Griff puts the fear into them.If Eddy does play,then alongside Griff.Griff invaluable for set pieces.We will have Duffy and Jullien.They need the delivery.Not too shabby with free kicks either.

  11. I’m really looking forward to my football this week – the Scotland game and us vs the huns.



    2 victories for my teams and I’ll be a happy man. Of course if there can be only one win then, sorry Scotland..

  12. Chuckling at some of our team selection comments, that range from wildly insistent to over-cautious.


    So given our depletions, surely we need to go with:



    NoLingo or Cliche given a defensive start over Dubious and Dodgy


    Gamble and Drappem replacing Tried and Tested in the mid and, surely,


    Rerringtogo spearheading the attack.



    Re our Laxalt/Taylor choice; embdy who doesnt think gritty wee Greg will now be even more determined to keep his jersey (after Diego’s arrival) underestimates the wee ghuy! HH



    Couldnt log in, then it suddenly happened automatically. Embdy else seeing sporadic site login issues?

  13. Your Java script is off, right? I’ve tried Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, DuckDuckGo and Puffin. Tried Iphone, IPad, Desktop, Samsung and Android. Sometimes I have no problem. Other nights I can’t get on at all (without making a comment) or get papped off regularly, even after making a post, or by scrolling. Very frustrating.

  14. Good morning cqn from a dark, dry and mild Garngad



    Another day and another wait to see who from our club either has this horrible virus or has to self isolate.



    It will be Friday before we know our full squad to pick from, that cannot be right for a club manager to try and manage. Shocking.



    Let’s hope this gets us all, players included behind the cause to win on Saturday.



    I feel this is a must win game as the cheating cabal who run our game will want to call the league as soon as Huns have a gap between them and us.






    D :)

  15. Thank-goodnes we have Broony…….



    Keep that talismanic Bhoy in cotton wool till the huns game.



    If Eddy makes it and he’s in there the huns will be spooked.



    All this Covid talk may work to our advantage, strangely.



    In ither news………….



    Odd that no huns seem to be sufferin’……naebdy askin’ any questions????






    Funny that.

  16. How many of them are with national teams and are the tests universally of the same standard?


    Watch for Gerrard boasting about the medical staff over there and how they are coping with this.

  17. weebobbycollins on

    Morning bhoys…


    An Tearmann and Melbourne Mick from last night…if neil gives me a shout, then I’m ready to go!


    I always said I would play for Celtic for nothing and that still applies. The widden studs are still on the boots which just require a wee bit of dubbin. Don’t need shinguards for that lot, they are the ones who will need them. It would be my personal crusade to kick them off the park as well as score the winning goal.(hatrick) 3-0 to us….



  18. Even the guy who designed the tests said they are not accurate or suitable for the “virus?”.


    Just watching a bit of snooker on EuroSport and thinking it must be footage from the past because Ronny O’Sullivan looking very youthful. But its the 2020 English Open.


    Ronny with no grey hair anymore , youthful looking complexion and…..red painted finger-nails !


    Strange days indeed.

  19. Breast cancer -that explains it . A really serious condition which like many other conditions are not getting the prompt medical attention required due to the over-hyped virus.

  20. Celtic always try to play expansive football and it can leaves us open to quick counters and looking out numbered in the middle because players put so much into opening up space for self and others.



    But when opposition teams wanna play ugly, kill space and use physicality we need another way. You may say the sevco way. i would go with a 433 and force the shitenteams to try something different.


















    3 up top, forces their fullbacks to stay put or forces thier midfielders to drop back to cover up. Either they have reduced width or lack numbers in the middle.



    The high press only works if a team is determined to play out from the back through the middle, 3 up top and a playing a more direct style will soon stop the press and the second balls will be dropping to our midfield 3. Our fullbacks can offer the width needed Md our forwards can create the length too.



    Our back 2 and midfield 3 can make up a narrow bank of 5. All focus on that unit is to shut down, tackle, defend and simply get the ball to the top 3 or free fullback.



    If the other teams decide to open up then we can alter tactics during the game.

  21. FAI yet to announce who the positive case is – Ireland due to fly out today so fingers crossed it’s not Duffy, we’ll find out very soon – no close contacts identified either.



    I’d imagine all our internationals will be tested by the club on Thursday to allow them to train Friday – we’ll know Thursday night what the lay out of the land is.



    I still think Eddie will start – if he’s remained symptom free since diagnosis.

  22. Eddy has not being playing well. Whatever reason anyone wants to attribute to that, two weeks in self-isolation without being able to properly train with others will have eroded his fitness and sharpness further.



    No need to gamble. Griff and Ajeti or Klimala for me. The three of them are in perpetual motion when on the park.

  23. Duffy has just posted photo on board a plane to Finland, he hasn’t tested positive anyway. Pity he wasn’t flying to Glasgow!

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