England, or Israel, or Sweden, or Iceland, striker search goes on


It’s probably rash to suggest Neil Lennon dismisses the inflated English market when trying to sign a striker in preference for the Continent.  Europe has plenty of quality leagues, and gifted players, but it also has plenty of scouts.

The tops leagues enjoy blanket analysis, which has consequences.  Our experience of Lassad and Miku suggests that if we can tempt a striker to move from the likes of Spain to Scotland there’s maybe a reason why.  Even the secondary leagues, such as Slovakia and Poland, are scouted extensively by German clubs, who are the most desired destination for most East European players.  The success rate in bringing targeted strikers to the club from Europe has been low, which had real consequences for this season.

So where does that leave us?  Second tier teams in second tier (but still good) leagues, like Vitoria Guimaraes, who we bought Amido Balde from (strikers at top Portuguese clubs are aiming for the sky), go back to the English Championship, or maybe a peripheral league, like Sweden or Israel, again, or Iceland.

Celtic proposition is not without merit, we will now be touting Champions League football under the noses of every prospect, but finding a player capable of delivering the talent for that stage is the central challenge to the club.
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  1. KevJungle


    12:22 on


    5 December, 2013



    We were getting about 45k for the first three league games. Last two league games were 47k and 48k.

  2. KevJungle


    12:30 on


    5 December, 2013



    No offence but – the club have ‘got’ you


    bought n paid for.






    My choice, always has been, I choose to support, you don’t

  3. kevjungle



    12:18 on 5 December, 2013





    12:16 on 5 December, 2013




    Just one already paid for empty seat is too much ? No ?







    C’mon now Kev, a lot of people travel far and wide to follow Celtic, some maybe can’t make the game due to the expense of travelling.



    You have said yourself ” I can’t afford to go due to financial circumstances” I offered you a ticket for the Aberdeen game and you declined, bus fare would have been your outlay.

  4. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar



    12:31 on 5 December, 2013




    McNee said that Scotland would be a far better place if there was no Rangers.



    McNeill said we need Rangers back ASAP.



    Go figure.

  5. Kev


    Well if it belonged to the guy who sat next to me at the last game I attended I’d be glad if it remained empty.


    Teams warming up. Sammy hits a shot which is parried back to him by the diving keeper. Sammy hits the shots towards basically an open goal from 8 yards and smacks the bar.



    Guy leaps up ” get back to Greece you ya f******** useless big c@@@@.



    I said to him ” it’s a warm up for f@@@ sake – give it a rest”.



    ” doesn’t matter, he’s a f”””” waste of space…yaddy yaddy ya.



    I moved……..

  6. Steinreignedsupreme on

    KevJungle 12:27 on 5 December, 2013



    The issue isn’t about the team of ‘79. That was a very good team, and it is relevant to the point I’m making.



    You make tiresome references to the ground being half-empty at the moment, but overlook the fact that it was also half-empty at that time. The time of your favourite team.

  7. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on





    12:24 on 5 December, 2013




    NatKnow – Supporting Wee Oscar



    12:23 on 5 December, 2013




    Away n dry yer eyes



    Sorry Kev – I just can’t help laughing! :-)

  8. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Is the stadium half empty or half full?


    Are there 15,000 empty seats or 45,000 full seats?



    It depends on your outlook on life.



    If we have pumped Hearts boys club and only beat Barcelona since Rangers went to the wall then what happened to all the other trophies and games we won?


    Some people look for the negative if everything. These are the type of guys who turn up at Celtic Park every week and are raging if it is not at least 3-0 at half time and at least 5-0 at full time. Sometimes you have to take in the surroundings and look at what you have and think where we could have been.


    Celtic are on the road to bigger things and hopfully these doubters will be slapped back down when Sevco enter our league and we skelp them a few times. It appears to be the only game they think about!




  9. ROW Z - Let Celtic Flourish By The Cleansing Of The 'Den! on




    that’ll teach you to sit in the directors box :-)




  10. sipsini



    12:33 on




    Yer grand.


    I’ll cut a long story short – I come on here as my last ‘link’ with anything Celtic as I see the last remnants of what used to be a way of life ‘dying’ in front of my eyes.



    I fear that when the ‘final’ stake is hammered through the hun heart…Celtic will not be long behind them.



    It’s a fear that I can’t shake.

  11. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    12:33 on 5 December, 2013


    Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar



    12:31 on 5 December, 2013




    McNee said that Scotland would be a far better place if there was no Rangers.



    McNeill said we need Rangers back ASAP.



    Go figure.









    Do you prefer McNee to McNeill?

  12. Marrakesh Express on

    Kev Jungle



    I spoke to an Oldco player who told me about Souness just after losing the 89 Cup final….’he came into the dressing room in a rage and threw away his runners up medal. That mob next door (Celtic team singing in the bath)wont be laughing when they see who I’m signing on Monday. No one, apart from Oldco directors, McMurdo and Petite merde himself, was aware that Judas was going to RFC1872.



    On McNee..I spoke to him in person once and was surprised at how eloquent he came across. This was just before the mcCann takeover and he was totally negative about it, calling the 60k seater idea a stupid move. I asked him why he was so anti-Celtic in his media work he replied..’I am totally neutral when on radio, or on the camera gantry’. So I asked him what his thoughts were on the abuse hurled at him from the ‘suits’ near the Ibrox gantry (his admission in an article the week previous)….he said something like ‘its water off a ducks back after getting it for years over there’.


    Although I didnt rate the guy he certainly wasnt a soup-taker in the Keevins mould.




  13. “McNee said that Scotland would be a far better place if there was no Rangers.



    McNeill said we need Rangers back ASAP.



    Go figure.”




    What’s to figure?



    The man was an inconsistent controversialist and a paid hack who followed the money and sold his soul.



    He is now a sad irrelevance.



    Maybe Estadio could favour us with his Gerry McNee poem.

  14. natknow – supporting wee oscar



    11:39 on 5 December, 2013



    Haha you and me both mate, that’s the plan :-) HH

  15. Cracking post from exiled Celt on tfsm



    Exiled Celt on December 5, 2013 at 5:29 pm


    31 0 Rate This



    The reason the MSM and MH don’t want anyone (including TRFC fans) to understand the version of events disclosed by Hugh Adam on the voodoo economics implemented by Sir David Murray is pure and simple – self preservation!



    The story being spun is that up until SDM was duped by CW, everything was ok until he was forced to hand over the club by HBOS/Lloyds for a pound. Up to that point RFC-NIL was, as per Paul Murray, doing everything expected of a club – they were winning things while getting the debt down. Moreover, the findings from LNS and FTT exonerated the club. Only problem is its not true.



    Not only did TRFC ensure that they implemented a scheme whereby rules regarding FULL disclosure of ALL payments made to players was reneged on and hidden, but they also refused to set aside money in case the HRMC won the FTT. Since the WTC had been agreed to be settled by RFC-NIL, thus admitting their guilt, this was suddenly taken out of LNS scope for his verdict, making his ruling (which did not exonerate RFC-NIL!) incomplete at best.



    So why is it so important to gloss over this and have everyone believe CW was the Bad Yin who did all this to an innocent party and ran away? That up to that point TRFC’s debt was manageable?



    Answer is simple – because up to that point, everyone in Park Gardens was up to their neck in it.



    No one either at Hampden wants anyone to look under the carpet at the following problems:



    (1) Why despite Hugh Adams public statements, there was no SFA inquiry to ensure RFC-NIL had disclosed in full their payments to the players.


    (2) Why they employed a man (CO) whose fingerprints/signatures were all over documents relating to the WTC regarding Craig Moore/Ronald De Boer and Torre Flo – a case that was ACCEPTED as guilty by RFC-NIL and their lawyers – and a settlement reached (forget for now the ineligibility for the UEFA license as that is another matter!)


    (3) Why was the WTC excluded from LNS?



    Perhaps the reason is that all these are connected – simply put, the SFA cannot be shown to have employed the very man who was at the helm of the WTC. Or that it was shown to be complicit in it – after all what other party other than RFC-NIL gained anything by having higher profile players coming to the country that could not be afforded? Only one really – the SFA – with this bigger profile, they were able to be on a bigger footing at UEFA meetings, getting CL finals to be held at Hampden and much more freebies for the SFA brass! Why bite the hand that feeds you?



    Why did the SFA’s rules and regulations break down? What has been implemented since to ensure it never happens again?



    As my old teacher used to say, if you don’t understand what the problem is, how can you fix it?



    Or is it easier not to fix it since that would mean we can bury the problem of non registrations and the involvement of CO on all of this and move on?



    Forget all the spinning emanating from MH regarding NewCo/OldCo, Scottish cup games and such.



    The real story is in the misgoverning of our game, how it happened, why it happened and what is being done to fix it. This blog should be asking the questions the media does not ask. Let’s ask…..