European games sap mind and body


It transpired that the only team in Celtic’s Europa League group who avoided defeat in their domestic league game last weekend was Lazio, who rested several players in Europe and earned a point at Bologna.

Cluj lost at nearest rivals, Viitorul, Rennes lost at home to Stade Reims, while Celtic went down at Livingston.  No excuse for a poor performance, but these European games sap mind and body.


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  1. glendalystonsils on

    That Bobby Lennox is too wee to ever be a success at Celtic , get rid . That Jimmy Johnstone too , he’s even wee-er . Get rid . Aye Bertie Auld too , while yer at it.

  2. Reading back,I noticed SydneyTim made the following observations 7th Oct 11pm.



    All of which I think are accurate.



    “Ibrox invisible taken off


    hamilton away scored in 1st minute then spent the next 85 mins being invisible


    Hibs away , invisible one more, taken off


    Livingston invisible again taken off again.”



    He is of course referring to our new Author,Young James, who in recent times was putting in the sort of performances you expect from a person with his experience.



    He has now reverted to “very occasional” and that is not acceptable,and he should be dropped.



    You can tell the games he fancies, and despite my liking for NL,to put out a team with JF,and Eddie and our loanee from Southampton was stupid for this fixture,to put it mildly.



    Irrespective where they played Hayes, and Elhamed should have played with Bayo for Eddie.



    This was, and has always been,a game for tough guys,a category JF, Edouard,and Elyounoussithese do not fill happily.


    We cannot afford empty jerseys irrespective who they are.



    We have now passed the initiative to Sevco,and with it the psychological high ground,and to have done this is frankly criminal and lacking in proper game management.



    Reading another article on CQN about Young Dembele,which sounds like a conditioning piece to prepare us for his departure,I dont know if he is, or will be, the next big thing,but looking at our first team with players not putting in an effort would certainly not encourage staying.



    I am aware its only October,Etc Etc. but with the Refs in full attack mode,this was an own goal and we had better start looking at contributions and select accordingly.

  3. With respect I think you are changing the narrative Paul67.


    If we cannot rotate against the likes of Livingston 2 days after a herculean effort with players running themselves into the ground, then either the squad is still in need of serious overhaul or NL is unable to manage the squad efficiently when we play in a league that lends itself to player development because of its relative weakness.


    Was obvious to anyone that the midfield and others needed resting againt Livingston especially coming up to international week.


    Maybe their able replacements (Rogic, Ntcham, Bitton etc) would have still lost but the main players would have been rested and squad players given valuable game time etc.

  4. glendalystonsils on

    I don’t think there can be any defence of Jamesie’s ‘contribution’ on Sunday . Certainly not the defence of past performances . Busting a gut without anything coming off would have been quite acceptable.

  5. There is a new Virtual Reality “Amusement” at Glasgow Cross…It allows you to experience Go kart and motor racing etc.


    I may have the Prices wrong, but I think its around £15 for 20 minutes …Depending on if its Go Karting our formula1?


    Has anyone tried this new place..if so can anyone recommend it ?



  6. Excathedra44



    I love the Ayrshire Superstar but i agree he could do with a rest – can’t remember him doing anything on Sunday. Similarly with Ajer, very erratic in recent games and needs to calm down a bit



    Can’t agree on Elouannoussi. I thought he was the only midfielder showing forward skills before the red and a load of did and effort later in the game. The only strange moment for me was at the first goal where he seemd to have tucked inside when Brown went wide to block (after Ajer mistake) and then made no attempt to get at Crawford – to be fair, Ajer ran out , stopped and looked at Mo to then go get him. Crazy football and i think more Ajer’s fault than Mo.



    Anyway, hopefully James is rested for the Scotland games and we come back refreshed for the mighty Ross County

  7. badabing



    just finished watching a couple of good shows.



    keeping faith and the loudest voice.

  8. Paul67 et al



    Does playing at home against San Marino have the same impact?


    I think we should be told.

  9. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Surely by now Neil should be able to spot when wee Jaimsie is not up for it and give him a seat on the bench, ironically we got the very best out of wee Jaimsie when we had Paddy Roberts on loan, I think wee Jaimsie thinks he’s undroppable under our current manager, certainly thats how he is playing.



    If he’s telling Neil I’m ready to rock and roll Neil just put me out there – and then he doesn’t – Neil needs to act, not tell him how brilliant he is. Lets face it, until we are back on top winning games again we are going to find fault with everybody – they are all going to get it.

  10. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Bada Bing – I’ve watched all 4 series of Gomorra – kept waiting for ‘the goodie’ to appear, still waiting, some show, never seen one before where all the main characters were ‘baddies’, very unusual.

  11. AuroraBorealis79 on

    BIG JIMMY on8TH OCTOBER 2019 11:19 AM



    Big John Hughes wasnt actually ” Yogi Bear” either.



    Haha.. very good!

  12. AuroraBorealis79 on

    We hot the very best of wee jamsie when Paddy Robert’s was on loan”



    James Forrest has played some of his best football in the past 12 months

  13. glendalystonsils on

    Evening Times has two articles just popped up on Newsnow . First one about how Rangers* can get to the title if they keep Morelas , and second one about how Borussia Dortmund have joined every Major club in Europe in the ‘race’ to sign Karamoko Dembele.



    There’s nothing like a bit of balanced reporting ..and this is nothing like a bit of balanced reporting.

  14. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Bada – I know you’re a Sopranos fan – Gomorra makes the Sopranos seem like a comedy show!

  15. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    Its all about opinions mate and I happen to think when we had Paddy in our ranks wee Jaimsie was flying, you on the other hand think he’s played much better since Paddy left – tha’ts fair enough I’ve no problem with that.

  16. Ah great, a Sopranos v Gomorrah debate



    Nothing will ever come close to The Sopranos in terms of quality writing, character development, comedy, pathos etc…. it truly is the GREATEST of all time and i can watch it again and again and discover new things every single time



    Gomorrah however is pure raw unadulterated emotion… no other show has made me feel the way it does

  17. James Forrest had a poor game?…so did the other 10.



    I for one am just glad James Forrest continues to be a celtic player.


    For me he is dynamite.


    We never got him into the game..if we did we probably would have won.


    I do not rate this new player on loan from southampton as much as many.


    Seems a bit wasteful to me..yes he is lively but seems to lack a final pass.


    I would play Scott sinclair before him…at least he retains possesion allbeit sometimes frustratingly at times when he should take a chance much more

  18. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    BHOYLO83 on 8TH OCTOBER 2019 4:41 PM



    With Bada only on series 2 have to be careful re spoilers, but fully agree with your comparison, I’m currently reading ‘The Soprano Sessions’ which summarises each episode and tells you what was really going on, very informative. Gomorra – your bang on with your assessment, plus Mokadelic’s music really does drive everything home. Would happily watch repeats of the Sopranos – cant say the same about Gomorra.

  19. If I’m bored,The Sopranos is on Sky Q to keep me going, B 83,agree nothing as good as it.

  20. Rock Tree Bhoy



    Indeed ‘Doomed to Live’ is so emotive and aptly named, hitting at the exact point it needs to in each episode… it’s a great technique and makes me wonder why other shows don’t do something similar (I’m glad they don’t)



    I have heard of the Sopranos Sessions and plan to get a copy, btw, if you are into podcasts, there is a very good one as an accompaniment to watching the show, called ‘The Sopranos Show’ which you should check out.



    I have my tickets for the Tour next year… Michael Imperioli, Steve Schirripa and Vincent Pastore – can’t wait




  21. Paul67



    To rotate, or not to rotate that was the question.



    Every Celtic manager in the modern era damned if he does damned if he





    Thursday’s hero becames Sunday’s sinners, with three games in a week.



    Dead easy to see what he should have done, after any 2-0 defeat whether its


    Livingston or anybody else, trouble is nobody knows what the score would have


    been with a fully rotated line up.



    Previous two managers RD and BR both loved to shuffle the squad, all water under the bridge.



    One Neil Lennon CSC

  22. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Another very good Italian crime programme for those who haven’t seen it, the two series of Romanzo Criminale.

  23. Having recently just returned to the US from a trip home to the front lines of Southern Ayrshire, I have to say I was thoroughly disappointed to find, that in fact, the “Old Firm” is alive and well.



    Tims being manipulated by the media, whipped up into various emotional states. Tims in bars openly discussing the hun’s squad and potential. And this despite all the assurances since Valentines Day 2012 from those “in the know” that they’ll never be back, never have a grip on Scottish football again. Refereeing decisions anyone?



    Despite our historic treble treble, the huns seem to be in a defiantly robust state to me, soft loans notwithstanding. They are in a shambles, no doubt, but here they are, trumpeting their own particular brand of hatred, while thinking they have won the league- in October, and competing gainfully in Europe. “It’s good for the coefficient don’t you know?”



    Only the almighty must know how the Resolution 12 guys must feel- ignored and shunned by their own club. And all the while Jabba’s Daily Record churns out “Old Firmism” articles that hit most read status on Celtic Newsnow.



    Depressing stuff, and naebudy is going to convince me otherwise.

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