Expectations from QC report


There appears to be a degree of confusion over the report Rangers International FC PLC have commissioned into the conduct of its directors.  This report resulted from the revelation that Craig Whyte was a director of Sevco 5088 Ltd, the company which paid for exclusivity rights and had an irrevocable agreement to buy the assets from Rangers administrators, Duff and Phelps.  Several RIFC directors were unaware of links between Whyte and Sevco 5088 and were so concerned they demanded this independent inquiry.

In short, the board need to know if information given to them by fellow director, Charles Green, is wholly correct and reliable.  Another PLC has also told the stock market they have made a report to the Serious Fraud Office, for a company director, this cannot get more serious.

The report is unlikely to come to any hard conclusions as to the legal status of assets like Ibrox Stadium, that is a matter the courts could later take a different view of, or of the club’s entitlement to associate membership of the SFA, which will be a matter for Mr Ogilvie and his board.  It will more likely do little more than inform the RIFC board if they have reasons for alarm.

On becoming aware of a potential serious corporate matter directors must take steps to confirm any disputed information, consider potential consequences for the company and correct any stock market announcements which were subsequently found to be inaccurate.  This is the road the RIFC board have gone down.

If the report indicates that the courts are unlikely to rule that Sevco 5088 Ltd can be considered a part of RIFC group, and that its entitlement was inappropriately assumed by Sevco Scotland Ltd (now The Rangers Football Club Ltd), the directors will then, and only then, have enough information to decide if some of their worst fears will be realised.

If Mr Green found his grilling by STV difficult, he will find the forensic accountants and lawyers no less taxing.  In answer to their questions I wonder if he’ll say, “Define Craig Whyte”.
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  1. blantyretim on

    bada bing



    true mate; how did you cope with hinge and bracket last week?



    cheers for thoughts.. hope to get a beer soon….

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    I see the huns are trying to sell family tickets for £40 for the Legneds game…desperate stuff.

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    did you win today?



    doc asked me to recommend himself as well as che

  5. At last someone talks sense.



    Mark Hateley says……



    “Rangers are down in the Third Division but they’ve done their time.



    The biggest picture is the good of Scottish football and it is not about what has happened in the past.



    It’s all about saving Scottish football. If we carry on the way we are going, in two or three years time – even if Rangers win the leagues and get back – it could be too late by then.”




  6. Paul67 et al



    So Joel Havelange has finally resigned from FIFA, at the age of er 96.



    Campbell Ogilvie is 61, only thirty five years to go!

  7. I see people were asked earlier about who would they have most liked to have seen the Hoops. Jim Baxter for me. Mind you, Puskas was the Messi of his day. Football for the purist oozed out of every pore in each of them.





    15:39 on 1 May, 2013





    15:19 on 1 May, 2013



    I am sure that the Celtic Brake clubs will ensure that travelling Celtic support will arrive at the ground perfectly sober after filling in the four hours travelling time from Glasgow playing I-spy



    Nae offence but I reckon yer old colleagues will assist in this.

  9. Hateley and thems deserve one another. Let them both bite the dust. He knows no proper self respecting media would give him a job.When they go oot of business, so does he.

  10. doc is neil lennon



    17:28 on 1 May, 2013


    BT, thanks for that, CorkCelt and I are now Facebook friends.


    BT, also, what was the program about that Blairs was in?







    Doc are an ex Blairs Bhoy???

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    doc no probs.



    the antique show preceding pointless….



    only a couple of minute slot then Arbroath smokies before going onto ML3 for the auction…



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    Oglach -I think the Mongolian composite bow would be just as effective as the long bow in making your eyes water ;/)

  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Parkheadcumsalford- you know that if Haters fails to win the Pulitzer Prize this year he’s got a job at the SFA.

  14. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    rm want sally to go now………noooooooo….please…….nooooooooo

  15. unionbearBhind @ 17:30




    The London South East website has the following condition:



    “you may not distribute, display or copy any of the contents of this website to third parties and may not provide a link to this website from any other website without first obtaining LSE’s prior written consent.”




    Better going to londonstockexchange.com especially as it is more accurate :-)

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    Buenos Dias Oan This Fine Las Vegas Afternoon…..Scorchio !!



    Thanks Fir The Heids Up….



    Oan Oor Young Prospect,Denny Johnstone…Fae The Toon On The Nith…



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    i have no doubt’s corruption is at the very highest level in football and at every level to some degree, money being the reason for most of it, while i asked earlier why no scottish club spoke out about the sfa farce aswell as spl,and sfl, then you take in to account fifa, uefa not getting involved in sevco farce either despite the rule of not taking thing’s to court,


    i think it’s obvious some thing’s are best not getting involved with, chain reaction’s have a


    habit of getting out of control, sion have not jumped on what i thought would have been a gift regarding ineligible player’s stance and sevco taking a fifa,uefa member to a civil court


    and getting away with it, sevco have trampled any notion of integrity and the rest of scottish football accept’s it without even blinking, now i ask again why?

  18. The Boy Jinky on

    Should i splash out a few grand on rifc shares. … is this the right time ;)



    Would I own part of the club or just the company :)

  19. I would love an ethics investigation into SFA…



    FIFA president Sepp Blatter is facing


    calls to resign over the findings of an


    ethics investigation into a bribery


    scandal involving leading football


    officials and collapsed marketing


    partner ISL.


    Blatter’s handling of the case was


    labelled “clumsy” but not misconduct


    by the investigation – though it


    questioned whether he knew or


    should have known about the


    millions of pounds of bribes paid to


    his predecessor Joao Havelange and


    two other South American FIFA




    Havelange has resigned as FIFA’s


    honorary president in the wake of the


    findings, it emerged yesterday, and


    Damian Collins, an MP who sits on


    the culture, media and sport select


    committee and who has led a


    campaign for FIFA reform, insists


    Blatter should follow suit.


    Collins said: “Sepp Blatter should


    himself resign for his failure to


    expose the wrongdoing sooner, and


    to take action earlier against those


    who had done wrong. In the light of


    this report, it is even more incredible


    that the FIFA executive committee


    continue to resist calls, from its own


    advisors, for greater independent


    scrutiny of its decisions, and the


    financial interests of its members.


    “The impression created by this


    report is one of an attempted cover-


    up by FIFA of this massive corruption


    scandal motivated by the desire to


    protect some of its leading officials.”


    The long-awaited reported by FIFA’s


    ethics committee into the ISL scandal


    named Havelange and two former


    FIFA members Ricardo Teixeira and


    Nicolas Leoz as receiving bribes. All


    three have since resigned from FIFA.


    The report by FIFA Adjudicatory


    Chamber chairman Hans-Joachim


    Eckert states: “Mr Havelange has long


    held solely an honorary position,


    which does not qualify him as an


    ‘official’ under the code of ethics.


    Further, Mr Havelange resigned his


    position as honorary president


    effective 18.04.2013.”


    Eckert does question Blatter’s role in


    the scandal, however.


    He states: “It must be questioned,


    however, whether President Blatter


    knew or should have known over the


    years before the bankruptcy of ISL


    that ISL had made payments (bribes)


    to other FIFA officials.”


    The report states that in 1997, Blatter


    authorised the transfer of 1.5million


    Swiss francs (£1million) to Havelange


    after ISL mistakenly sent it to FIFA.


    But Blatter, who was then general


    secretary of the organisation when


    Havelange was president, told the


    ethics investigation “at that time he


    did not suspect the payment was a




    “President Blatter’s conduct could


    not be classified in any way as


    misconduct with regard to any ethics


    rules,” says the report. “The conduct


    of President Blatter may have been


    clumsy because there could be an


    internal need for clarification, but this


    does not lead to any criminal or


    ethical misconduct.”


    Blatter immediately issued a


    statement welcoming that he had


    been cleared of misconduct.


    He said: “I also note with satisfaction


    that this report confirms that


    ’President Blatter’s conduct could not


    be classified in any way as


    misconduct with regard to any ethics




    “I have no doubt that FIFA, thanks to


    the governance reform process that I


    proposed, now has the mechanisms


    and means to ensure that such an


    issue – which has caused untold


    damage to the reputation of our


    institution – does not happen again.”


    The ethics report does not state the


    total sum of bribes paid but says they


    took place over eight years between


    1992 and May 2000.


    Court documents state Havelange,


    now aged 96, received at least


    £1million and Teixeira at least


    £8.4million, and in total the pair may


    have received up to £14.5m. Leoz,


    from Paraguay and now aged 84, was


    named in court as having received at


    least £80,000.

  20. Sevco share price 54.5p. Believe it was indicated earlier that when it went below 55p that would be the time any large investors would dump them.

  21. Hail Queen of Heaven the ocean star.



    One of my favourites , brings back childhood memories of the May procession at St Phils.



    Just like You’ll never walk alone brings a shiver and a lump to the throat every time.



    Hail Hail



    Miki 67…… Keep fighting the ghood fight bud!

  22. Parkheadcumsalford



    Mark Hateley is so thick that even his ghost writer needs a ghost writer.



    Der Geist CSC

  23. danso_1888 @ 17:45




    I’m not defending sevco in anyway, but the notion (rule) that member clubs cannot take things to a court, epitomises corruption. It is against natural justice. Time it was exposed for what it is. Real corruption. Gangsterism.



    Sevco were right to go to court. Time others did the same.

  24. There appears to be a degree of confusion over the report Rangers International FC PLC have commissioned



    love it

  25. ASonOfDan @ 17:52




    “Sevco share price 54.5p”



    No it isn’t. It is 56.5p.

  26. Michael,



    i am not disputing their right to go to court, i am disputing why fifa,uefa done nothing while


    other’s were threatened with expulsion

  27. !!Bada Bing!! on

    STV Headlines-Huns Exclusive-looking at an Argentine defender…….desperate stuff

  28. michael



    Closed at 58.00 yesterday and has dropped 3.50 today. School I went to would make that 54.50.



    Nice way you have of correcting people by the way. All we need on here is another troll…

  29. danso_1888 @ 17:58



    OK I see what you mean. It really needed Sion to take them on.