Failure elsewhere cannot disguise abject Celtic challenge


As the darkest clouds descend over Ibrox with news that medals in their trophy room have been poinded by sheriff officers, sentiment in our half of the city is no brighter.  Celtic’s best chance to win the league this season lies not in outpointing everyone else, or seeing their principle rivals lose 10 points, it is in the complete obliteration of Rangers, allowing us to take our chances with Motherwell, who can open up a six point gap between second and third against Celtic on Sunday.

Whatever the following weeks bring for Rangers, if Celtic winning the league is a consequence, we cannot allow the title to disguise the abject failure to be competitive so far this season.

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! says:


    31 October, 2011 at 15:22


    Q.What is the biggest sacrifice,financial or otherwise you have made to watch Celtic?




    Delayed hospital treatment til I got home after being hit by a car in Seville on the day of the game!!



    Hail Hail

  2. gorbalstam says:



    31 October, 2011 at 12:38



    I think it was Gordon J that made the point yesterday, but can anyone explain how a new company (even allowing for them parachuting back into the SPL) can retain the same points haul of an extinct company? This would make no sense whatsoever.




    That’s right. Seems absurd. But then again, this is Scotland.

  3. The More Ah read of ithers opinions oan this sainted Forum..



    The More Ah realize that Ah am Fae Mars and the Rest of Yous


    ur fae Partick!




  4. Bada Bing



    Leaving Saudi after work & traveling to Bahrain to watch the cup final when o’dea & Mcgeady scored, watching the game and traveling back to saudi through the night to get to work at 5.30am, just made it in time. still drunk going through check points in saudi and didnt look the best arriving at work but made it!



    was well worth it!

  5. Gave up 2 Highers exams to go to Milan for Feyenoord final



    Geography and French – What a sacrifice!

  6. Greenwells Glory on

    Hi Ghuys, Salve Salve;- Well we’re not in a happy place are we? I’m afraid this is one of those occasions when our defacto owner will need to put the gowf clubs down and pay some much warrented attention to his “emotional invesment”. He needs to get to the heart of the problems we are experiencing and act accordingly and without to quote “fear or favour”, The upshot of this should mean sackings and replacements without any emotional issues being taken into account. Whether that means CEO’s Management teams board members or players.





    Malum consilium quod mutari non potest

  7. ….PFayr says:


    31 October, 2011 at 15:26



    I was. Sitting close to the bar, CQN badge pinned to my baseball cap, poised on my head at a jaunty angle.



    Were you with two other lads, one very tall?



    We had spent an overnight in Santa Cruz on the Friday and got back in time for kick off.

  8. johann murdoch on

    KoJo..maybe if you started ” hello earthlings I come in peace”..that might help..:))))

  9. Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon says:



    31 October, 2011 at 15:02



    I’m not buying all the guff about discord between the players and management team, I do have a feeling though that NL isn’t getting to sign the players he wants to build a winning team, DD and his man in charge PL are vetoing the managers 1st picks, this is causing frustration amongst the players who expected NL to be able to complete his team building.




    I don’t think that’s right. Only a very few managers get all the players they want. GS won the league more than once with some very ordinary players. He was also up against a much better Rangers side than the present crop.

  10. My dear,dear,dear,dear,friend.. Johan Murdoch @ 15.46



    Noo Ye tell Me!





    yer pal.. who likes yer style.

  11. thomthethim






    the tall one was my pal , Big Jon



    the other was my son …i know i don`t look old enough :¬))

  12. To beat Motherwell on Sunday we will need to deploy players who will kick them harder than they kick us, no more pussyfooting

  13. johann murdoch on

    Celts v Airdrie cup semi at Hampden 1971,gave up serving at the altar of a wedding that day to walk to hampden from pollokshaws..missed 10 bob tip and a scramble after!!.big money in them days!.

  14. Just read the online Record headlne and Paul67 lead. Sorry I have not read back.



    Why would the SPL be holding hun medals that were won in May ?



    Is there a dispute somewhere that I missed which possessef the SPL to hang on to these medals ?



    Do clubs have to pay a fee or a bond to participate and it has yet to be paid ?



    What medals do the hun players currently have in their possession ?



    Why has this only came to light in November not May ?




    I will read back now. As I am sure all these questions have been answered. Strikes me as a right strange story ?




  15. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Kojo says:


    31 October, 2011 at 14:55



    Mr Kojo – I do not disagree with your thinking


    I have no evidence of any wrong doing by Neil in his own time


    Infact most of the facts surrounding Neil in his spare time are facts of him being attacked





    On this site I have read various “speculative” stories concerning Neils behaviour with the team


    One post suggested Neil attempeted to take a training session with the team after a drink??


    Another suggested his fall out with Commons is down to the same story !!



    NOW we are all aware of FF users on this site spreading all sorts to rubbish to mock Neil


    So we need to tread with care but I do wonder if Neil is “naive” when it comes to his public image



    Any thoughts ?





  16. Johan



    I was sacked as an altar bhoy. Fell asleep at Benidiction, let candle slip lighting supplice of bhoy in front of me. Mayhem but holy water put fire out



    Nener again

  17. My dear,dear,dear,dear,friend.. JohanMurdoch



    So ye come fae The Shaws?



    My,My.. Ah used tae go tae go tae .. St. Mary’s Church.. when Ah lived in





    Nice we chapel.






    yer pal..who likes ye aloater.

  18. Serge,



    It would be better if we weren’t hoping to sell them in their mid-twenties too. Ideally Celtic should never have to sell a player, but that’s not our reality anymore.


    Quite apart from the fact that we need the money, especially with CL income being so unreliable. The sad truth is that even boys brought up in the Celtic tradition have to be realistic about their careers. Forrest is not likely to be good enough to drag us to the latter stages of the CL on his own, and we’re unlikely to be able to pay him the kind of wages he could get at mid-ranking EPL side… so… So, let’s say Forrest fulfils a few boyhood ambitions (he’s done so already to an extent) and he develops further (he looks to me like he’s got a lot more growth in him than Aiden did, for example) and every second interview asks about the Man Utd or Arsenal interest and the wages an opportunities that could be his. Does he sit down to negotiate an extension, does he request a transfer, does his form dip?



    He might surprise us all, and I wouldn’t be a Celtic fan if i didn’t retain the same hope for the club as I do for the player. However, it’s likely Forrest will achieve more in football in the next decade than Celtic will. How are we dealing with that?


    Not very well to judge by your post. It’s fairly obvious that our club have a limited number of choices, and there are limited number of ‘right’ choices at that, bearing in mind that no matter what you think, what James Forrest thinks is 10 times more important, legally if nothing else. If Forrest wants to go, we have to let him. If we need money and we can’t raise it elsewhere we need to do what all other clubs do and sell an asset.



    I’m not having a go, I’m not aware of a trend of negativity in your posts. However I find your post frustrating.


    We seem hell bent on tearing strips off each other for no good reason. Why would Lawell or Desmond want to sell our best prospect? They don’t.


    Does anyone on here honestly think these men are getting more out of Celtic than they are, notionally, putting in? In Lawells case, he is a respected executive who could command a comparable salary elsewhere for a lot less hassle. In Desmonds case he is unlikely to have any other business venture that is so difficult to make money from.



    Every day on CQN someone has a pop at the people running the club. It is very rare indeed to read a realistic post that reflects our status as an SPL team.


    The reality is extremely harsh, but, we are a selling club. It is not Lawells fault.


    Now I say this with the greatest respect to all, but the standard of debate on CQN is poor these days. We can ask more of Lawell, absolutely. And he may be found wanting, but, about 1 in a hundred posts makes any effort to ask the question, the rest just say ‘i want, and hang the consequences’. Well we’ll never get anywhere behaving like that. In fact we’re becoming a parody of CQN.



    We need consistent strategy. We will sell players, but the profile of players we sell and recruit must be robust and consistent – does Lawell understand this (evidence is positive, by the way). We must grow our income streams from any and all sources, whilst remaining alive to the changing economic status of the core support – I’m on the fence on this one because the online offering is abject and the ticket pricing is unsustainable in the SPL, although it does make sense to push it a little.


    How are we positioning the club with regard to potential movement? What will we do about the endless crises affecting our city rivals and most of the SPL – we must exert maximum influence.


    I also want a model for the football club that takes the responsibility for the squad development out of the hands of the manager – they have proven too unreliable and inexperienced for the job so far. Our model must be thoroughly researched, planned and funded. Never again should a squad (in particular local and youth assets which are hardest to replace) be torn apart by a manager, the way Mowbray did. If Lennon leaves will we blindly give support to the whims of a new manager (who may not know our squad) and let them sell off the under 24 to the first bids, ensuring the least possible value from the development of the player.



    That’s a small sample of some hard questions that Lawell absolutely can control. He knows this too. What he cannot control is the fiasco afoot around the league, the worldwide economic shenanigans or the fact that Scottish football has been marginalised by big market economics.



    I’d like to see some more thoughtful contributions, amidst the obvious and expected emotional reactions that amount to no more than you’d get from a toddler who doesn’t get another chocolate button. It’s for your own good, kids. Never forget that toddlers don’t get it either.

  19. ….PFayr says:


    31 October, 2011 at 15:50



    I kind of half thought that it was you, but you looked kind of distracted when you came in, so I didn’t want to accost you.



    I think I kind of spooked you the last time I saw you in there and confronted you!



    I’m sorry that I didn’t take a chance.



    Well, maybe next time.

  20. Bada-Bing Biggest sacrifice?



    Hitching it back and forward to Milan as an 17 year old.



    Took out early holiday 2 weeks and 20 quid , the scenery was fantastic.





  21. It’s time for some ugly, horrible, but winning football for the next month or so – some gouged out wins on the board are a must – like them across the city get on a regular basis. We need to – have a tight solid team who grind out a result. No fancy stuff, drop those who aren’t performing (hence my suggested team earlier) and fill it with triers and workhorses – a few 1-0 wins (though knowing this lot, probably need 2-1 wins as can’t guarentee a clean sheet).


    I’d be inclined to go with a back 4, midfield 5 – Mark Wilson (for want of a better option – Ki and Kayal should be nowhere near the pitch on current form – i’d be tempted to drop those two and Hooper from the squad completely, though maybe a bit harsh on Ki who looks knackered rather than disinterested), Wanyama and Ledley sitting in front of the CBs, and Forrest and Samaras wide but a bit deeper than Stokes, maybe Bangura if he is fit. Tight defence, and just about enough to nick a goal – the way things are going, teams will fancy thier chances having a go at us (see Kilmarnock) so we should have a bit more opportunity to break (hence Samaras’ inclusion – counter attacking is what brings him joy with Greece).

  22. fritzsong says:


    31 October, 2011 at 15:50




    Yeah I know, to be more clear I think there’s something not right and needs corrected ASAP, the players seem to be playing for a management team who are not being supported by the board…. theres more to it of course the motivational point you implied is apparent to me innaw….. just stating my take on it….. no evidence just an opinion.




    HH to ye!



  23. I still feel abysmal


    huns disintegrating into the pile of s*** they are is just no helping


    roll on thursday


    if their is a nike friday this is Despair Monday

  24. Despite the bland performance on Sat. I enjoyed my day and night in Glasgow, started at 11 am at George sq for breakfast then at the rally, Sharkeys, Celtic Park/ Parkhead lol, met a few CQN’ers outside the stadium and collected wee Shaedans hoopy, then Gallowgate, Merchant city etc and ending up back in Sharkeys till midnight …. great craic a pity that the polis attempted to spoil the atmosphere in 111 and the players couldn’t replicate the 2nd half performance against Hibs in the cup.



    ps Get well soon to Coorslad, who has pneumonia…… it never ends for ye mate.





    HH to ye!

  25. johann murdoch on

    Kojo..yes meant to serve the mass that day at St Marys,however a friend filled in[didnt split the money though!]..went to St Convals primary,watched the high flats being built in my early days,even stranger watching them being pulled down now,though rightly so, when last through.


    Canon Daniels there when you were there?




  26. My dear,dear,dear,dear,friend.. 67 Euro Cup Winners @ 14.55






    Let me mak Masel clear..



    Ah hiv never intimated that Neil did anything of an Embarrassing Nature,


    by frequenting Public Houses.,..in ..well.. Public.



    Ah just was stating the Ethical Standards to which Ah expect a Celtic Manager to Live By.



    And ,in My Opinion. Neil was not Meeting them.



    Ah keep harping back tae this.



    Ah believe that Neil has “Lost the Dressing Room”.






    Ah am sorry tae say.. It is all his Own doing..or.. rather. Un-Doing.



    He has let matters slide.. and now the Cat and the Horse are Having a


    Race doon the Street..



    The Bag is Empty… and so is the Barn.



    He must impose Mair . whatchacallit.. ???






    Aye, that’s it … Discipline.



    Lenny, must Show that There Are Consequences if a Player disnae Come up tae





    Lenny, must be Ruthless.. But, Fair.



    Ach. Furget the “Fair”!



    Being … “Fair… wiz whit goat Lenny intae this Mess ,in the First Place..



    A Celtic Manager must be..






    If the wine is nae Good.



    Throw it Oot!





    yer pal. .who likes ye aloater.

  27. Nup No answers only questions.



    But I did get a quote.



    “I am absolutely livid that the players have not been given their medals” Donald Mc Intyre



    So an organisation that pays the huns promptly their TV money but is witholding their winners medals. Is that the agreed price for parachuting Newco hun into the SPL ??



    Whit ???




  28. The Uefa cup games are a distraction I’d put a few of the under 19’s on if they’re elligible to play? The league games are the most important and as others have said some players look like they need rested.



    When we get our players back from injury and to full fitness and with 1 or 2 additional 1st team signings then we’ll show a marked improvement, its whether it’ll be enough to win the league though.






  29. My dear,dear,dear,dear,friend.. Johan Murdoch



    Ah wiz there in..let me see.. in the Early Seventies.. A Coupla Years,only..



    The Name Canon Daniels is Familiar.. but, Ah honestly canny remember


    who wiz the Parish Priest.



    Ah know the St.Convals. school..it is up the Shaw Hill.



    Never went there,of course..



    The Shaws wiz very Countrified.. the Folks ,definitely wur.. different… fae


    the Rest of the Glesca Folk whom Ah met..



    Ma Opinion.. of course..of course.





    yer pal.. who likes ye aloater.

  30. Kojo – I agree – Lenny needs to be harsh on some of the players – look at Manchester United – all week the papers down here (London) were talking about how many changes Fergie would make to send a message to the players (and fans) about how unacceptable thier performance was last week against City! Ferdinand’s face was tripping him being sat on the bench, and I would bet a few others were feeling similarly downtrodden!


    That said, he did persevere with Evans, who was seen by most as largely culpable for last week’s defeat – a little confidence boost maybe!


    I don’t mean or wish to compare us to Manchester United, but merely to point out that a manager, even one who has supposedly mellowed, needs to retain the ability to “keep his players on thier toes” shall we say? Not sure Lennon has done this yet – injuries are perhaps forcing his hand, but one or two obvious (to us anyway) culprits could do with a short sharp shock! It’s not enough to say “i’ll have to name and shame” – just drop them, then the shamingbit has real influence – will they really ne shamed if they still get picked next week, or will the shame be Lennon’s? Fool me once, fool me twice and all that!!!

  31. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on



    as usual a timely report, but i think its fair to mention that while we have had failure so far this season, it has been the case now for the past 3 and a half seasons



    maybe the taxman will do what we couldnt do?

  32. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    I remember Big Jock saying that when the Lions were playing two games a week, they didn’t do much training, as the games kept them in good shape.



    I hope our guys are not getting worked too hard in between games.



    Could explain the tiredness excuses.