Failure elsewhere cannot disguise abject Celtic challenge


As the darkest clouds descend over Ibrox with news that medals in their trophy room have been poinded by sheriff officers, sentiment in our half of the city is no brighter.  Celtic’s best chance to win the league this season lies not in outpointing everyone else, or seeing their principle rivals lose 10 points, it is in the complete obliteration of Rangers, allowing us to take our chances with Motherwell, who can open up a six point gap between second and third against Celtic on Sunday.

Whatever the following weeks bring for Rangers, if Celtic winning the league is a consequence, we cannot allow the title to disguise the abject failure to be competitive so far this season.

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  1. Interested in reading some views on Gordon Strachan,my opinion is that having won 3 in a row he was entitled to choose his own time for going,I feel he saw the writing on the wall when Walter Smith returned to Rangers.When we think of Liam Brady,Lou (not one thin dime) Macari )the idea that he was not Celtic minded is ridiculous,since he left he has nothing but good things to say about Celtic.You can argue about the style of football he played but were I think he fell down was his points scoring attitude towards the media and that old chestnut if you haven,t played the game you don,t know what you talking about.

  2. The Beancounters will take the $7m for Forrest. Meets their KPIs for another year and keeps the all important Balance Sheet healthy.

  3. greenjedi says:


    31 October, 2011 at 14:04



    Actually, my post at 13.30 was slightly premature.



    Just as I submitted the post, his cortege was passing by my window.



    His coffin was carried from the church to the new graveyard by his friends and relations.



    The procession took more than half an hour to pass and the mourners have just completed their sad return journey.



    As you say, a genuinely, lovely man who will be truly missed.

  4. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    You said in your leading article –



    “As the darkest clouds descend over Ibrox with news that medals in their trophy room have been poinded by sheriff officers”



    I was home at lunch time and listened to the Scottish news on the Beeb.



    There was no mention of this at all in the 2:00pm bulletin.



    Or on SSN.



    So it canny be true!




  5. Kojo. I agree totally with that sentiment. Not got a problem if Celtic management want and need to take a drink. They are grown men and not actually playing the game. Hanging out in pubs and getting charged with drunk driving is not good .


    Just want to add I have no knowledge whatsoever if a booze culture is apparent at Celtic before anybody jumps on this.

  6. You got it soukous, also not answering questions stating “If you’ve never managed Celtic/Rangers you cannot know how I feel – Crap!! This was a total lack of respect to Celtic supporters at the time, we hurt as well in defeat and buy the tickets in order to pay his wages. I liked him and found him funny, but he could be spiteful, hold grudges and had his favourites who played no matter what (oh no, so does Lennon!!!).

  7. Fantastic numbers at the ”Fans against Criminalisation” Demo on Sat .



    Most observers put numbers at around the 1500/2000 mark, who heard speakers from the Green Brigade, the Celtic Trust, the Celtic Supporters Assoc and the Association of Irish Celtic Supporters.



    Following the demo, everyone marched to Celtic Park together and again there was no problems. Although 1 police officer threatened a Celtic fan with arrest for singing Hail HAil and told him ominously that he wouldn’t be the only **** from 111 to get the jail that day.



    Inside the stadium, before kick off, over 130 different Celtic Supporters Clubs raised banners against the proposed new legislation.



    However , the success of the demo and the banner protest, seemed to antagonise the Police, who were clearly hoping to provoke fans in the 111 area.



    Outside 111 before the game, 1 GB member was standing with his 3 year old son, and he had the groups megaphone with him. After a moment or 2, 2 police officers came over to inform him that the said megaphone wouldn’t be entering the stadium. When the Gb member attempted to explain that the megaphone was routinely allowed in and that the club knew about it, he was called a clown and threatened with arrest by 1 of Strathclydes finest. When entering the stadium with his son, he was throughly searched and asked what was in his son’s pockets etc. His 3 year old wean is the height of nothing.



    Megaphone was then given to the Celtic stewards outside 111, and everything was fine.



    At this point i should say that there have been no issues with any of the Celtic stewards in 111 this season, and indeed 2nd half of last season.



    After previous problems we asked that the same stewarding team be kept in place, and this has resulted in a great understanding between the stewards and fans in that area. The stewards have come to recognise GB memebers and know that if there are any problems they can call on GB memebers to try and sort any issues that may arise.



    1 of the things that regularly happens is that stewards check season books for those entering 111. This is done to prevent overcrowding and is something that the group don’t have a problem with. This is always done by the stewards and the police do not get involved.



    A couple of minutes into Saturdays game, a GB member was entering the section, when he was grabbed by the police. This resulted in the section piling down to help the lad who had been grabbed, and he was eventually back in the section.



    After this, the Police stood and videod the section for the entire game (as they have been doing for the past wee while).



    At numerous times they attempted to enter the section and were not slow in pushing people out of their way to try and get whoever it was they wanted. It didn’t matter to them, that people were being pushed over 2 rows etc and that there is weans and woman in there .



    At half time, they had 1 memeber in cuffs, after he had been to the toilet, before they realised they had the wrong person !!! and the guy was allowed to go.



    Towards the end of the game, they again tried to enter the section, and seemed intent on provoking trouble.



    Given that the FAC demo had been such a success, with great numbers at it and that it had passed off peacefully etc …… it seemed to be the case that the Police were determined to provoke some kind of disorder inside the stadium.



    Under the new legislation, it will be the Police who determines what is ‘offensive’. The mind boggles.



    Who knows what lies ahead this Thursday – not really looking forward to it.

  8. Kojo @ 14:18



    I strongly disagree with that. Why should he lock himself away? Why should he not relax? Why should he not be allowed to mingle with fellow Celtic supporters? Given the circumstances created for him here by what is quite simply an evil, malicious cancer, it is all the more important that he should be entitled to spend time socialising with ordinary people – to not do so, to be exposed only to the world of football would not be healthy for anyone. Anyway, on the occasions i’ve met him, he never had a drink in his hand.



    It’s always been quite normal to meet football players and managers out in Glasgow, regardless of persuasion. For some reason Lenny must follow different rules, despite being from the more respectfully behaved persuasion (i know that’s not your point, but it is the issue today with the usual suspects trying to blacken his name yet again).

  9. Bournesoup….,



    God knows when I will get over to another game.



    However, if/when I dig it out, I will send it to you, if you wish to supply me with an address via Paul67.



    Perhaps if more ’67 vintage scarves appeared at Parkhead(as it was known then), then perhaps the Spirits of the Greats can be invoked, to the good of the present team and management.

  10. I think i can honestly say if the celtic board accepted a bid of around 7m for james forrest id never set foot in celtic park again until DD & PL were gone.

  11. dallasnomore @ 14:25



    I can see the irony in your reply. I’ve never seen him with a drink in his hand.



    And you’re now developing your attack : “his tendency to slag off his own players to a media who despises him, calls into question his own honesty and sense of honour”.



    Slagging off his players? That’s a new one. Geez peace. There’s something wrong with your attitude.

  12. DBBIA



    They’d be able to poind Bourne’s ole wooden rattle thingmy. Must be a bit of value in that.

  13. serge says:


    31 October, 2011 at 14:38


    I think i can honestly say if the celtic board accepted a bid of around 7m for james forrest id never set foot in celtic park again until DD & PL were gone.









    Serge, do you honest think they would give a rafael about that? Football success and the fans wishes is way down their list of priorities, in fact its probably not even on their lto do list!

  14. johann murdoch on

    TBB..found one [ladybird] in the house over the weekend as cat tried to eat it..saved a life ..it was near some plants on window cill,like you didnt expect to see them still around.

  15. serge



    they will still make a profit due to them balancing the books and Lawell will still get his bonus. after all, thats all that matters.

  16. philvisreturns says:


    31 October, 2011 at 13:43


    The Battered Bunnet – Philvis – one of my greatest contributions to Nutri-economics, excuding of course ultra low fat Mozzarella (which remains top secret), was the suggestion that foodstuffs should be taxed according to their instrinsic nutritional value. We do this to some extent already with alcohol and tobacco being taxed punitively for example, but extending the applicable rates of VAT to include negative rates for nutri-positive foodstuffs would not only incentivise the population to eat more good things, but would also give the poor a tax refund for every Kilo of broccoli consumed.



    With respect, that’s a terrible idea.



    Not only does it play into the hands of Big Broccoli, but it plays to a fundamental and dangerous misunderstanding of the role of the State.



    We elect politicians to oversee the boring but necessary public chores in society. They are our servants, they work for us.



    They are not our parents, it is not their job to “incentivise” us, their bosses, to do anything in particular.



    If we want to eat broccoli, or alternately shoot up our eyeballs full of powdered soor plooms, that is our own damn business, not the government’s. (thumbsup)





    What drivel.



    You were saying earlier that ‘punitive taxation’ discourages the rich and damages the economy. In other words you think the government should ‘incentivise’ the rich so as they don’t go to the Cayman Islands for real instead of just sending their mail there, BUT you think they shouldn’t give incentives to encourage less well off people? You rail against public services and the cost of them but don’t want the government to take measures to lessen the burdens and costs on the NHS by encouraging better diets, less drinking and less smoking? It is utter childishness to suggest that people can do what they want to themselves and it is no one elses business. You are flying in the face of the religion you profess to practice too.



    You’re alright Jack.

  17. The Honest Mistake (Sickened) on

    johann murdoch 31 October, 2011 at 14:47:


    There was one flying about my house the other day too. It was like a wee pet flying around.


    I then started to notice a smell of burning coming from a halogen lamp in my living room. It didn’t half stink.


    Moral of the story, if you’re going to cook ladybirds, be prepared to eat them al dente.

  18. My dear,dear,dear,dear,freidn..Lithybhoy @14.29



    Thanks fur the Nod,pal.



    Like Ah hiv said… afore.. and afore that and afore …even ..that..



    Neil is the Manager of Celtic Football Club, and, as such.He needs to Command Respect..



    Noo, Respect, must be EARNED.. it is not handed oot in Cracker Jack Boaxes.



    And as soon Ah use the woid…”EARNED”


    well… that Indicates… that WORK is Involved in it’s Procurement.






    Lenny, Needs tae Woik at Gaining his PLayers.. RESPECT..



    Like Ah have previously Mentioned..



    There is a Whale of a Difference Between Gaining His Players Respect.



    And Gaining his Players..






    It is easy to mix up those two Qualities.



    And For Lenny tae Earn and Gain Respect of Underlings..



    Those Underlings Need to live in Fear of their Superior.



    Yes.. Fear..



    They need tae Be afaid of Upsetting the Boss… in case he..






    CANS… Their Skinny or Otherwise…Backside!



    No tae pit too fine a Point oan it.






    The way this Celtic Team is Behaving..



    Very few of it’s Members..






    Lenny, must start Making some Examples..



    Tae Get Thur Attention.. that



    Yes.. Virginia.. There Are CONSEQUENCES.. to Shoddy Performances, at Celtic.. After Awe!





    yer pal…who likes ye , already,

  19. greenjedi,serge,



    Don’t get yourselves upset, boys.



    JF will be at Parkhead for the next two or three seasons at least.



    He is way down the sell-on chain in the club’s policy.



    I believe that the plan is to develop players until their mid twenties and then, if they make the grade, sell them on.

  20. Imagine this scenario……Neil Lennon has heard how despondant you are about the teams below par performances. He has invited you to address the team. You can ask 5 questions only to the assembled players, either collectively or individually. What would you ask?


    I’ll start the ball rolling……



    1) Have any of you heard of moving into space?


    2) Do any of you wonder why the defence are prone to lumping the ball forward?


    3) Have any of you heard of one touch football?


    4) Do you know you are allowed to pass into the space in front of your teamate and not only to his feet


    5) Have any of you heard of moving away from your marker?

  21. My question:



    Do you realise what you earn in a week is what the average supporter earns in a year?

  22. I’m not buying all the guff about discord between the players and management team, I do have a feeling though that NL isn’t getting to sign the players he wants to build a winning team, DD and his man in charge PL are vetoing the managers 1st picks, this is causing frustration amongst the players who expected NL to be able to complete his team building.






  23. serge says:


    31 October, 2011 at 14:58






    I hope so, He is a wonderful player.




    Also, he looks far to young to spend a night away from home, never mind moving away from home.



    His mammy would kill him!!

  24. Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon says:


    31 October, 2011 at 14:53


    Dontbrattbakkinanger says:


    31 October, 2011 at 14:38


    Maybe if the ole Geen Brigade sang ‘Roxanne’ the ole Police would leave them alone.




    Ha ha like it!














    Surely the GB should sing “Every Breath You Take”



    Thom, If we get offered over £3m for ANYBODY they’re gone!

  25. Dontbrattbakkinanger says:


    31 October, 2011 at 14:56


    Ahhh,Robert Tressell and ole Philvis- the Saint and Greavsie of CQN.



    It’s a funny ole game, the ole permanent income hypothesis.





    Don’t want to be Saint or Greavsie!!!! Funny though.



    Ying and Yang maybe?



    Chalk and cheese?



    Red and Blue



    Left and Right



    Right and Wrong…….



    Corn Beef Sandwiches and Swan Paté



    Beer and Sandwiches and Fois Gras and Truffles



    Or just plain old us and them……..

  26. Dermot Desmond is a hugely successful businessman. He owns 30-40% of the shares in the club and is a non executive director. He has not attended the last 2 agms (maybe some can clarify when he last attended) as he is a busy man. He has stated himself that he asked Martin O’Neill if he was sure when he wanted to sign Chris Sutton, so we can assume that business rather than football is his area of expertise.



    Neil Lennon phones him once a week, – can anyone think of any footballing reason why, as I am at a loss ?

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