Failure elsewhere cannot disguise abject Celtic challenge


As the darkest clouds descend over Ibrox with news that medals in their trophy room have been poinded by sheriff officers, sentiment in our half of the city is no brighter.  Celtic’s best chance to win the league this season lies not in outpointing everyone else, or seeing their principle rivals lose 10 points, it is in the complete obliteration of Rangers, allowing us to take our chances with Motherwell, who can open up a six point gap between second and third against Celtic on Sunday.

Whatever the following weeks bring for Rangers, if Celtic winning the league is a consequence, we cannot allow the title to disguise the abject failure to be competitive so far this season.

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  1. thomthethim



    I never had a new one, but my older brother’s hand me down and it was worn by us both, with pride.



    Just occasionally you still see them on match days.

  2. The Battered Bunnet on




    It is true to an extent, should the ‘Cruciferous Bill’ be passed, that recently installed Solar PV panels, having lost half of the FIT, would be getting ripped out right and left to be replaced by Broccoli farms. The interminable rise of Big Broccoli, ‘Tubby’ to Bondholders, would become unstoppable.



    That said, we pay and collect taxes to fund services that society at large deems necessary. Provided we accept a requirement to provide societal ammenities, we will need to accept the requirement to pay for them. Using tax as a positive influence on behaviour as well as a punitive one (as we do already) is not entirely ridiculous. It’s not even entirely novel.



    Mind you, can you imagine the chaos that would ensue when trying to align the various policies on health and the aging population with the Common Agricultural Policy? We’d all be dead in jig time.

  3. Philvis



    No it’s on Sauchiehall St, along from the eye infirmary and dental hospital.




  4. Dallasnomore



    “I do believe, however, that matters that affect Celtic, and that are in the public domain anyway, should be aired. In this sense, I would hope that my contribution adds positively to the debate about whether or not Lenny should continue as our manager.”



    Have you contacted the national meeja with your concerns?



    In other words, you believe malicious rumours should be promoted. Regardless of what team you follow, as the internet clearly shows, that is a hun troll trait. Disgusting.



    Funnily enough I’ve met Lenny more than once in drinking establishments. A gentleman who will talk to anyone about football. Very different, the opposite in fact, from the portrayal of the man these malicious rumours are directed at.

  5. This notion that Gordon Strachan wasn’t liked because he wasn’t “Celtic Minded” is nonsense. I kept a copy of what for me summed up Strachan in a column in the Herald just after our 1-0 defeat to Rangers in May 2009. A game which ultimately lost/cotributed to our demise.



    “If I explained that I would have to explain why I left out Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink in the League Cup final, why I left out Shunsuke Nakamura against Hearts, why I left out Scott McDonald at the beginning of the season. I’m not here to explain every decision I make.


    “What you see in the references I have given you is that it is has been done before with every player. Lee Naylor is left out today and Darren O’Dea plays. So I do not have to explain every decision I make, because I do not think it is right to do that.”


    How about this, Mr Strachan . . .


    Vennegoor of Hesselink’s absence from the team may have had something to do with the fact that he was enduring a goal drought the severity of which was interesting aid agencies. McDonald was omitted because Samaras was in free-scoring form. Nakamura was benched for Willo Flood. And nobody understands that one. Naylor has been dropped. And everybody understands that one.


    The next question the Celtic manager faced was this: There is a subtle difference in that Shaun has not started a league match for six months?


    “Subtle differences. Willo Flood did not play for a while and played at Tynecastle.


    I do not want to go into the subtle differences.” Flood was hooked at Tynecastle after an abject performance.


    The Celtic manager has made a series of bewildering selections in away games this season and consistently at Ibrox. There is evidence that he finds his best team only when circumstance makes the decision. Last season, suspension to Scott Brown saw Paul Hartley and Barry Robson paired to form a midfield partnership that drove Celtic to the title.


    Strachan’s statement on Saturday said that being omitted from a match by his decision “had been done to every player”. Not quite.


    Artur Boruc suffered both a calamitous run of form and a series of disciplinary issues but stayed in goal. So even if Strachan had a fallout with McGeady, and there is no evidence for this, then there is the precedent that disciplinary matters are not a bar to playing in the first team.


    The case of the captain also undermines the manager’s assertion that “every player” has been left out. Stephen McManus has been in poor form all season. The manager retained him until injury made his exclusion unavoidable. The Celtic manager on Saturday went on to talk about “calculated risks”. How is this for a calculated risk?


    The last time McGeady played against Rangers he was man of the match, drawing the penalty which he subsequently converted to seal the Co-operative Insurance Cup final. Last week against Aberdeen he was named by Sunday newspapers as man of the match. The reasonable assumption is that the Celtic wide man is in good form and would relish a tilt at Rangers.


    But no, he was considered a poorer option to Maloney on the day. The latter is a fine player, but he last played for the first team on December 13 and has recently had just 45 minutes of reserve team football. So, to recap, his first game in six months is an Old Firm match with Celtic leading the league by just one point while an international player in good form and fancying his chances against a makeshift full-back is left on the bench.


    If Strachan believes this constitutes a “calculated risk”, he may consider it is also a “calculated risk” that if one jumps from the Niagara Falls one might, just might, get wet.


    The decision has no rational explanation in footballing terms. There will be those who will suggest that McGeady’s absence had no bearing on the final result. They could very well be right. After all, no-one will ever know.


    But the Celtic fans deserve some sort of explanation from their manager.


    After just 26 minutes, they were chanting McGeady’s name. It sounded like a statement of bewilderment as Maloney had faced Dailly on several occasions with no discernible impact.


    Would McGeady have fared better? It is a matter of conjecture. But I will take a calculated risk and suggest that Celtic’s most important attacking weapon would have helped Celtic to achieve some penetration. He did so twice in 30 minutes. Once, just once, in the previous hour could have been enough to bring a goal and a precious point. This, of course, is all in the Land of Who Knows.


    But one thing is certain: Dailly and Walter Smith would both have been relieved when they saw a Celtic team sheet without McGeady’s name on it.


    So what are we to make of Strachan’s selection?


    There are two possible conclusions. The Celtic manager made a decision on purely football reasons. If so, he was guilty of a gross error of judgment.


    But there is another theory. It centres on the manager’s relationship, or lack of it, with McGeady. Ron Atkinson, Strachan’s managerial mentor and a long-time friend, suggested recently that Strachan in the past could be “spiteful” when “he got down on a player”. If that trait were true, and if it played any part in Saturday’s deliberations, then Strachan would be guilty of something much worse than simply getting a team selection badly wrong.

  6. Out for a bite to eat (well it was a greggs) with a few of the boys from work today


    2 tims


    1 buddie


    1 of them


    the one of them says “fancy a few beers thursday after work?”


    “cant do weve got a europa game on thursday” says me mate



    the one of them says “wish we were still in europe”


    the buddie says and wihout a smile, “this time next week you c**** may not even be in scotland”



    anyone passing greggs george square be careful as there are the remants of two sausage rolls splattered over the pavement as me and the mate howled with laughter.



    think there may only be three of us morra lunch time

  7. Bournesouprecipe- that’s the kind of merchandise that would really sell, especially with Christmas coming.



    Just the thing to wear while smokin’ an e-lite and listenin’ to the ole e-piano [with e-add-ons].

  8. The Battered Bunnet on




    Managed to introduce Green Fly to the Chilli plants over the past week, probably brought in on a warm breeze or a sub-standard pot of Morrison’s parsley.



    Nevertheless, the wee blighters seem to be enjoying the extra heat in a chilli plant leaf, and it’s getting troublesome.



    Anyone got a good remedy for Green Fly that is safe to use on edible plants, including but not limited to Chilli, Basil, Thyme and Coriander? I don’t mind getting rid of the herbs, but I’ve nursed the Chilli plant through the winter, it’s delivered a tasty and continuous harvest, and I’d be disappointed to bin it and start again.



    Much appreciated.




  9. Celtic Mac – Phil, reading back through the earlier streams I note that you were opening a restaurant called Dogma. I am right to assume am I not that the dog part would be served up as the main dish. And a running capitalist one at that!



    Yes, and apparently dog is quite delicious. (thumbsup)

  10. thomthethim says:


    31 October, 2011 at 13:30


    Another good Celtic man has been laid to rest.



    Frankie Pat Gallagher was buried in Annagry this morning, following his death, aged 47.



    Frankie was a dedicated follower of the club and a very popular member of the Mullaghduff community.



    He will be sadly missed by his family and friends.












    Frankie was one of the most wonderful people you could ever hope to meet. I was proud to know him and call him a friend.



    Friday was a tragic day, the world lost one of the truely great guys. The amount of truely devastated people ihe leaves behind speaks volumes for the man.

  11. JOE FILLIPISE HAIRCUT I Could not understand the treatment gordon strachan got from the celtic support im beging to think that there is guys in the media pretending to be celtic supporters to stir things up about our players in turn we start turning on them ,well if thats the case they have done a good job on us these past 3 seasons, and this one looks no different

  12. Philvis,



    Governments are our servants? I think you’ll find this is wishful thinking. At any rate, assuming we ’employ’ them, we do so on the understanding that they control taxation and legislation and our vote is given on this basis, even if we don’t understand it.



    Crackin’ fun, your posts, and well written too… but, I think you take some liberties when trying to support your ethos.

  13. thomthethim says:


    31 October, 2011 at 13:30




    Sad news indeed, 47 years of age, a relatively young man.



    Go raibh suaimhneas síoraí aige.



    Árd Macha

  14. TBB- the ole ladybird is your best bet, if you don’t want to go down the pesticide route.



    If you send me a matchbox I’ll catch one and post her back to you, my ole coccinellaphilic mate.

  15. Bourne,



    I remember seeing the old guys in the ‘front stand’ wearing those scarfs when I first watched Celtic back in the late 70s.



    You must have been like among the first billion inhabitants on earth.

  16. Kojo says:


    31 October, 2011 at 12:22



    Kojo,dont dis-agree with your comments,lack of Managerial experience not necessarily footbal Managerial experience is costing NL,and us.



    This goes back to the circumstances prior to the Inverness game,which cost us the game and the Title,NL should have marched every individual out of the venue and demanded abstemity given the importance of the coming game,he did not,and that was the start.



    On a lighter note for the second time over recent posts you have used comments associated with Strother Martin who died in 1980,your either related or a bit of a fan of old cowboyrecluses.



    Maybe we need a Strother Martin type regime for focus!!

  17. BontyBhoy – Governments are our servants?



    Yup. That’s what they are there for. Agreed, they rarely act like it these days. They’ve morphed into a “political class” that feels free to regularly give two fingers to the people who pay their wages. I’m willing to bet that won’t last, ultimately government is dependent on consent.



    At any rate, assuming we ‘employ’ them, we do so on the understanding that they control taxation and legislation and our vote is given on this basis, even if we don’t understand it.



    And this gives them the right to try to micromanage our lifestyle choices because….?



    Crackin’ fun, your posts, and well written too… but, I think you take some liberties when trying to support your ethos.



    Well thank you. Liberties are there to be taken, surely? (thumbsup)

  18. My dear,dear,dear,friend…Fortunres Favour @ 13.58






    Why was Neil in that Public Drinking Establishment, anyway?



    What business does a Manager of Celtic have, appearing in a Public Bar?



    Why is he not at Home, in the Bosom of His Family?



    Do you honestly believe that you would ever Have met.. Jock..in a Public House?



    Heck.. Ah hiv a drink.. No harm in that..



    But, If you are the Manager of the Celtc..



    You must ALWAYS be above reproach.



    He must Lead by EXAMPLE.



    Noo.. Lenny, should know that…



    He should do his Drinking..if he is so inclined. tae dae it away from the Public Eye.



    As Far as the Celtic Players are concerned.



    Ah disapprove of them Drinking ALCOHOL.. Anywhere..and that Includes


    in Their Home..




    A Celtic Player should be a DEDICATED ATHLETE.



    Sure, Ah hiv said that Many times.. and Ah will say it.. Many more times.




    Ah Believe that a Fitba’ Player.. especially wan who plays fur Celtic..






    NEVER ALLOW ALCOHOL to pass his lips..












    Ah am being Dead serious.



    A Celtic Player should…. during, his Playing Days.. Eschew all of the Above.



    He should concentrate absolutely on his Playing Career.



    He is being well compensated for giving that Monkish Dedication.



    Plenty of Time to Indulge in all of these things.. if he wishes…



    when His Playing days are Over.



    Maks Sense tae Me.





    yer pal..who likes ye aloater.

  19. bournesouprecipe says:


    31 October, 2011 at 13:55



    If I can dig it out, you will be welcome to it……as long as you continue to wear it with pride!

  20. JohnnyClash



    Ha – you young thing that you are, – there was a big age difference between brothers, and it was done, by the time I got it.



    We’d moved on to the wooly ‘Walk On’ scarf.



    If theres twice as many of us on the planet, are there twice as many Celtic fans?

  21. johann murdoch on

    TBB..phoned a gardening friend of mine,he says spray with hot/warm washing up liquid in water,but might not kill the larvae so repeated spraying needed..and also introduce ladybirds…. they love feastin on the wee beggers !


    regards from


    beechgrove csc

  22. The Spirit Of Arthur Lee.



    Re the Hotel Citizen M, Could you tell me if there is Parking facilities for the Patrons.

  23. playfusbal4dguilders on





    1415 FOOTBALL: BBCSportsound on Twitter: “Spurs’ Harry Redknapp confirms interest in Celtic’s James Forrest to BBC Radio Scotland. Hear him on @bbcsportsound from 6:10pm tonight.”

  24. thomthethim



    What a nice thing to say.



    We’ll meet up at the ole Gazebo, one day when you’re over, if you can ever escape the clutches of the ole Babbity Bowser Brigade.



    Hail Hail

  25. owen says: 13:01



    “Dallasnomore.- Your comment at 10.44 was the most disgraceful post I have ever read on here.”



    I am not accusing you of being a Hun, no you are way lower in my eyes than that shower. You hide behind the anonymity of a Celtic blog to insinuate Neil is an Alcoholic, if you had any sense of honour or decency you would make the same accusations to his face.”




    Thanks Owen. Praise indeed!




    I am not going to be blackmailed by you or anybody else.




    I did not insinuate that Neil is an alcoholic. I said he was a habitual drinker. It is you who has made the leap from one to the other.




    Yes. I would tell him, in as constructive a way as possible, of what my opinion of him is. In addition to what I have already posted, I might even add that his tendency to slag off his own players to a media who despises him, calls into question his own honesty and sense of honour.



    I might also mention his slavish obedience to the suits at the club.




    As for anonymity,(please note, Moonbeams WD) I am known to several members of this forum (who are better behaved than me).They will not be aware it is me who has posted because they don’t know my username. I would be more than happy to make them aware of this.They can then post here that they have verified my identity at least.



    Fortunes Favour Mibbes 13.58 says:



    “Funnily enough I’ve met Lenny more than once in drinking establishments.”




    Have you considered the irony of that statement? You, and at least hundreds of others, including me, have met him in such a setting. You are helping me my case about ‘habitual drinking’



    I don’t read or listen, or view, let alone make contact with the “national meeja”. I think that’s more than can be said for NL. More irony!!

  26. bournesouprecipe says:


    31 October, 2011 at 13:17


    Wonder if any CQN’rs still have one of these?



    Just reading back and opened your scarf photograph,happy to report I still have mine and some horrible sights it has witnessed until we got the 3-2 win against Dunfermline,then things improved.


    Suitable inspired I think I’ll put it on for Thurday.

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