Fan zones and flags


As we predicted months ago, Glasgow will be open for the Euros, the Scottish government yesterday went to the extent of confirming 6,000 spectators could attend the Glasgow Green Fan Zone – with testing optional.

It was made clear to me by sources inside Holyrood that the Westminster Government would ensure games would go ahead at Wembley and there was no way the Scottish Government would have a flag waving exercise in London without the same exhibition of a different nation in Glasgow.

All of the key indicators are pointing in the wrong direction and international holidaymakers face renewed restrictions, but flags, and all that.  No wonder the hospitality industry is in uproar.

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    Right, since you asked on a Celtic related point, tell where WE were disadvantaged here?



    Explain it to me.

  2. JE SUIS on 9TH JUNE 2021 2:34 PM


    I used to like CQN – a wide range of opinions and some good laughs







    what happened?







    The referendum.

  3. JE SUIS on 9TH JUNE 2021 2:34 PM



    I used to like CQN – a wide range of opinions and some good laughs



    what happened?






    The independence referendum.

  4. Not that having a vote was not fine to do.



    Maybe it was time to ask the question.



    Just they way it’s changed the way anyone ‘discusses’ politics in Scotland. There appears to be no middle ground, or reason.

  5. James Forrrest



    “I NEVER engage in political debate on here, so you can’t fire that one at me. ”





    Are you sure James?



    Took seconds to find these



    Someone must be impersonating you when you wrote:-



    “I mean I’m really enjoying all these anti-SNP editorials and all that; it reminds me of my days in Scottish Labour where they were the focus of more attention than the Tories, who Labour who happily climb into bed with when it suited them … just anybody but the SNP.” (6th Jan 2021)




    “The decisions that are being made right now (by the Scottish Government) are about life and death, and all of them bring spectacular downsides. The people paid to take those decisions are weighing consequences which are far greater than anything mere football bloggers will ever have to grapple with.



    Sniping from the sidelines is easy. Most people would piss their pants if they to juggle the awesome responsibilities here. This is worse than Monday morning quarterbacking. It is pathetic.” (October 2020)

  6. squire danaher on




    Seeing as you called me out.



    We have had debates previously on the COVID issue and I repeat that I have – through choice – not been in a bar since Cheltenham Festival Tuesday last year.



    I do not support the notion of fanzones and remain dubious about admission to football grounds and offer the above as grounds for this.



    I do think there is a degree of platforming going on where the SG are happy for limited crowds to be at Hampden in terms of ‘Global Scotland’ type issues and can see why persons would take issue with this.



    I also think, as Prof L Bauld suggested this AM on radio and quoted in the Guardian, that the fanzone issue has been poorly thought out and with COVID numbers as they remain it is not a good idea.



    However P67 and others on this blog have form in terms of no matter what the SG do in relation to any chosen issue they are automatically opposed.



    So the charge of hypocrisy stands, in that this blog has argued all season the SG was wrong not to allow Celtic fans into CP under controls, and the blog is now condemning 6000 being allowed into Hampden on Monday.



    Even when the SG act inconsistently as in this case allowing numbers into Hampden, compared to e.g the SCF – the Cult Opponent reflex position is to automatically take offence and disagree.



    And while I’m at it, and not suggesting SFTB is an offender here, verbal abuse such as ‘squareheid’ which I suspect is a reference to a SG person doesn’t help anyone.

  7. Your right Martim1980 especially when


    a few political know-it-alls on here bring it into so many discussions.

  8. JE SUIS



    There’s your reason!



    People come on here and tell lies and post pish.



    The garden calls!



    Good day sir!

  9. DREW1967 on 9TH JUNE 2021 2:58 PM



    Your right Martim1980 especially when


    a few political know-it-alls on here bring it into so many discussions.





    Only 1 ‘side’ do that though right?



    The blog has never been targetted for political campaigning….

  10. James Forrest



    “Right, since you asked on a Celtic related point, tell where WE were disadvantaged here?


    Explain it to me.”





    Are we actually debating what I consider to be both a political and football point but you will only engage if it is strictly a football point?



    Anyways- we are disadvantaged in that we did not get to see Celtic live this year, in any small controlled number but now the Taran Army are going to be allowed to gather in numbers up to 6,000 in a smaller, less socially distanced space than we were proposing.



    Aberdeen were alowed to trial 500 fans attending midway through this season. At the same time two Rugby crowds of 1000 were allowed. Despite these events going off smoothly with no covid spread from them, there has been nada since.



    Celtic were continually requesting permission to mount successful trials of crowds at matches. Other clubs were too, including the Ibrox team. All were turned down, some as recently as two weeks ago.



    Yet this is now going ahead with a starting position of 6000 fans in attendance, not 500 or 1000 or even 2000 in large stadiums with measured social distancing but on grass. Do you see no favouritism here? If Celtic staged a friendly match next week and asked for 6,000 fans to be allowed to attend, what do you reckon the answer will be.



    This is not a knee jerk reaction to a situation today. It is a follow up to a prediction. Both Paul and myself and others stated clearly that this was going to happen. Wen people were cheerleading for the Government for preventing crowds gathering as a Covid measure and abcking every instance of Computer (Scientific Advice) Says No, we told you that this position would not stand when the Euros start. We said that the Scottish Government wuld find ways to approve mass gatherings because a) They did not want to be seen to be banning what England and Wales allowed and b) because the Tartan Army were good little Scotsmen at play not like that dodgy O** F*** crowd with their tendencies of following Ireland or England.

  11. MARTIM1980



    No of course its not 1 sided.i am as guilty as anyone of getting involved tho maybe not contributing much i should add.it is the same guys who contantly introduce it into our discussions and disrupt any good arguments being had.it is less than constructive




    1) Risks from Covid-19? 🤔 – REAL ✅



    2) Risks from innocently being caught up in any fall-out from a drink-fuelled rammy? 🤔 – REAL ✅



    Advice for family and Friends and anyone with a modicum of common-sense? 🤔 – STAY AWAY!

  13. DREW1967 on 9TH JUNE 2021 3:16 PM



    I agree 100% -reason, relevance and context as Spartim says above important.



    Seems many have gone all in with their side and are left precariously trying to bluff a full house when they only have a pair of 3s.



    There are too many ‘tells’ and a seasoned player will out manoeuvre a gambler over time.

  14. Squire D



    You made a fair distance on that journey, right up to the point that you came close to expressing a personal disagreement with SNP Government policy.



    I fear you took fright at the final step and limited yourself to using Linda Bauld as a proxy for that criticism . You left it implied and not implicit.



    For reasons, I already stated, I do not consider Paul’s position to be hypocritical. I do not buy your assumption that he is opposed to the Tartan Army being allowed to gather in controlled numbers in a controlled situation. He has not said this yet it is constantly attributed to him in order to have a hypocrisy charge stick. I believe Paul’s point is that it is right to allow the Tartan Army to gather in controlled numbers because it was right to allow other Scottish football fans to gather in controlled numbers. If it is right for one, the it is right for all, even our dread enemies, the Sevco fans.



    I do disapprove of the Squareheid and Krankie jibes, they go beyond politics into misogyny, just as we suffered when Kezia Dugdale got attacked, with nicknames, during the referendum period on CQN by some of the Yes movement. We all have a tendency to think that our jibes are politically justified (Unionist, Union Jack flagger etc;) but bridle when our own side is attacked.



    This to me, is a question of fair and impartial application of rules and guidelines.



    And I think the Scottish Goverment has a case to answer here.



    Thye were critical of the Ibrox club for a laissz faire attitude to conemning fans gathering but have you heard of any serious argumentor preparation by the Scots Government to prevent the Tartan Army gathering in London? How would they feel if a large contingent of English fans ( I know they’d be ok with Czech and Croatian fans) turning up to watch at Glasgow Green.

  15. TIMMY7_NOTED on 9TH JUNE 2021 1:17 PM


    JHB mantra:







    Its the SNP’s fault, now what is the question?





    The Scot Gov and the Fan Zone on Glasgow Green for 31 days ( I think ? ) will take us into the middle of July.


    To around July 16th/17th…or whenever the EURO Final is ?


    If thats the case then I am a happy Bhoy as I live around 100 yards from The Green, and so are many of my neighbours for One simple reason….


    As long as the Fan Zone is in place…Then The Orange Mob will NOT be allowed to be anywhere near Glasgow Green come July.


    Its a nice wee respite from most years when the Orange UNIONIST Mob…”Goose Step” their way up and down the Saltmarket and surrounding city centre areas.


    Let them Goose Step up and doon right outside UNIONIST Douglas Ross’s Hoose for a while…INSTEAD of outside MY Front Door !



  16. feast day of St.Colmcille



    Saint of my parish



    Pray for us









    God bless all.

  17. squire danaher on



    Squire D



    You made a fair distance on that journey, right up to the point that you came close to expressing a personal disagreement with SNP Government policy.



    I fear you took fright at the final step and limited yourself to using Linda Bauld as a proxy for that criticism . You left it implied and not implicit.






    Ah Master



    Graaashoppa will try do better…….

  18. BIG JIMMY on 9TH JUNE 2021 3:24 PM






    the Oregina’s have started planning “parades” (like an americano festival, with bands, and men on stilts and blow up charachters) all over glasgow in July.



    Some justifications are gatherings are allowed and fanzones are opened.



    As with all these things, they will have a route that minimises impact to the citizens, and will peacefully disperse after the event.

  19. JAMES FORREST on 9TH JUNE 2021 2:15 PM









    That wouldn’t even rise to the level of debate in a pub full of BNP activists.







    Get a grip of yourself.




    Well said that Man.












    Pro Boris sentiments- tick







    Pro British Army- tick







    A self proclaimed Labour Voter- never in a million years




    Well said that Man ALSO !



  21. The preparations for Glasgow Green are pretty farcical:-



    “Supporters at Scotland’s Euro 2020 fan zone in Glasgow will be banned from listening to The Proclaimers due to fears they may get too excited, according to reports.



    The ‘500 miles’ hit is understood to be part of a number of DJ playlist tunes banned by organisers of the Glasgow event due to covid restrictions reports



    UEFA have also given bagpipes the red card over concerns that they could help spread the virus.



    Those attending the fanzone at Glasgow Green have been urged to get covid tests before and after matches.



    The outdoor viewing space is set to open on Friday for 31 days with Scotland’s first game taking place on Monday against the Czech Republic.



    The current plan is for up to 3000 people in afternoon sessions and 3000 in the evenings to watch Euro 2020 games on big screens, subject to social distancing.



    Paul Goodwin, of the Scottish Football Supporters Association, said: “Scotland might have been catapulted to the tournament on the back of ‘Yes Sir, I Can Boogie’ but it seems to be turning into ‘No Sir, you can’t party’.



    “This seems to be organised with the best of intentions. But all these rules are likely to be tossed out the window as soon as Scotland score.”



    Until five years ago the Proclaimers hit was played any time Scotland scored at Hampden.



    Fans were issued a warning yesterday that they cannot ignore social distancing rules.



    It comes as we reported that the National Clinical Director for Scotland, Jason Leitch, had cast new doubts over whether the event would go ahead due to rising covid cases in the city.



    The professor said that the inclusion of a beer garden was an area of concern.



    A final decision over the venue is to take place this week.



    However Professor Linda Bauld, chair of public health at Edinburgh University, said the presence of booze and the nature of the event meant social distancing would break down.





    🎶Proclaimers No More


    Bagpipes No More


    Scotland Scoring No More


    Booze and Excitement No More🎶

  22. Cheers MARTIM1980



    Youv’e went from Snap to Poker mate.Uppin the stakes?



    Good luck mate




  23. This guy is good, nice of the DR to give him a platform. I wonder if he posts on here.







    The three reasons Rangers fans have fallen out of love with the Scotland national team



    The Scotland national team support was once heavily made-up of Rangers fans but that relationship has deteriorated over the past 30 years.



    SHARE By Jeff Holmes


    08:49, 8 JUN 2021UPDATED09:20, 8 JUN 2021



    ‘One man scores four; four men score one!’



    The headline stuck out like a sore thumb; those big black letters grabbing my attention.



    Scotland had thumped Cyprus 8-0 at Hampden in a World Cup qualifying match. It was May, 1969, and Colin Stein, who had recently joined Rangers for a record-breaking fee of £100,000, had bagged four.



    He was already my hero, but now I had to share him with everyone else. Stein’s team-mates, John Greig and Willie Henderson were also on the score sheet.



    I was almost nine, and it was my first international. The crowd was 40,000 strong, but I was among friends. My dad and older brother might have supported Patrick Thistle, but I was an apprentice bluenose, and the majority of the Hampden crowd that day were time-served Rangers fans.



    The thought of a Rangers player in dark blue being booed, or the majority of Gers’ supporters turning their back on the national team would’ve been unthinkable back then; sacrilege, almost.



    But that’s what I, and thousands more like me, have done. I still look forward to all the major tournaments, like the Euros, but I won’t be cheering on any country in particular this time.



    So how did we get to this point? Perhaps we can rewind to the mid-1980s, when Graeme Souness lured England internationals like Terry Butcher and Chris Woods to Ibrox. Whenever these guys represented their country there was a whole host of Bears tuning in. But the majority of Rangers supporters still followed Scotland.



    When the Geordie genius Gazza joined Rangers in 1995, a few more made the switch from the dark blue of Scotland to the iconic white top of England. It didn’t help when Mr Gascoigne made a complete fool of Colin Hendry and Andy Goram at Euro 96.




    In 1994, the SFA had done something similar to Rangers striker Duncan Ferguson when they whacked him with an unprecedented 12-game ban for a ‘phantom’ headbutt on Raith Rovers player John McStay. It was a disgraceful punishment and Big Dunc refused to play for Scotland after that.



    For me, though, the dam burst in 2012. The SFA put the boot into Rangers when the club was on its knees; when we needed help from our governing body, and that help was nowhere to be seen.



    Our club was a mess. We’re the first to admit it, but the way we were treated was appalling.



    Throughout my life I’ve always tried to follow examples set by those who conduct themselves in a dignified and respectful manner. (brilliant hahahaha).




    One man I had the utmost respect for was the late Sandy Jardine. He talked, we listened. He was the constant who stood up to those who wanted to beat our club with a stick – and, believe me, there were many.



    We expected the canned vitriol from the other member clubs, even though Rangers – more than any other club in the history of Scottish football – has been there at the drop of a hat to bail out those who had fallen on hard times. (even better hahahaha)




    Sandy Jardine addresses the Rangers fans after leading their protest march to Hampden in April 2012


    But that benevolence was nowhere to be seen when we needed it. When Sandy Jardine threatened to hand back his SFA Hall of Fame award due to the crippling sanctions imposed by the governing body, the gulf in relations between my club and the SFA was as wide as the River Clyde. Anti-SFA chants at Ibrox became the norm.



    The 2014 Scottish referendum polarised our beautiful country even further. It was like those old school dances, with boys on one side of the hall and girls on the other. It was time to choose your side.



    We’ve had Lee Wallace, Ian Black and Ryan Jack all barracked by Scotland supporters while on international duty for what one can only assume was due to their allegiance with Rangers.






    Back in the day, when I was a regular at Scotland games, as far as I can remember there was little club tribalism on show.



    We really all were united by a common cause, and that was to see Scotland come out on top, but I’ve a strong feeling those days are gone now, and in the past they shall remain.

  24. Labour party mayor and Scottish Govt working on fans zones, obviously huge differential in London Labour and Scottish Labour………….whos playing who here ?



    The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, the Scottish Government and the Scottish Football Association are today calling on football fans to only travel to London for Scotland’s UEFA EURO 2020 match against England if they have a ticket for the game or if they have arranged a safe place to watch it from.



    With cases of the variant first identified in India increasing, the Mayor, together with Scotland’s Culture Minister, Jenny Gilruth and the Scottish Football Association are urging fans to only come to London if they have a ticket for the match or if they have arranged a safe place to watch the game in compliance with COVID guidelines.







    Advice for family and Friends and anyone with a modicum of common-sense? 🤔 – STAY AWAY!



    Absolutely, whatever political party, Govt and football association that is promoting these fan zones is unjustified in a global pandemic


    Pathetic party politicking by CQN all too sad a feature of late

  25. With that level of intolerance, I reckon there might be trouble at the fan zones as chelsea supporters infiltrate and attack at some point.

  26. squire danaher on

    SAINT STIVS on 9TH JUNE 2021 3:41 PM


    This guy is good, nice of the DR to give him a platform. I wonder if he posts on here.






    To be fair, some of his views would go down well among some on here.



    I was sent that yesterday and thought it was a spoof.



    That belongs on Follow Follow as opposed to a National newspaper.

  27. Lionsroar posted about snp every day on run up to the election.



    Hasn’t been seen since……

  28. Poster “JHB” and the Brit Army…


    This Poster CLAIMS to be a Labour Voter ( Cough)….


    Back in the mid 1970’s I was an Apprentice Electrician and Glasgow District Council ( My employers)…BLATANTLY REFUSED to HONOUR a Signed Agreement with my Trade Union ( The EEPTU) as it was then. We were DENIED our Annual Pay Increase by a LABOUR COUNCIL ( Around 1974 I think) ?


    The Glasgow Council Electricians and Apprentices went on an ” OFFICIAL STRIKE”, which lasted for 16 weeks !


    During the STRIKE The Glasgow Council Bin Men also went on OFFICIAL STRIKE….AGAINST this LABOUR Council….and BOTH Electricians and Bin Men SUPPORTED each other.


    Once the Bin Men went on OFFICIAL STRIKE…The LABOUR Controlled council then brought in the BRIT ARMY to do the Bin Mens Jobs. This caused further VIOLENCE on the OFFICIAL Picket Lines…and Bin Men and Electricians and Apprentices like ME…Stood shoulder to shoulder on those OFFICIAL Picket Lines…



    Those BRIT ARMY HEROES of the Poster ” JHB” were GUILTY of breaking OFFICIAL Picket Lines formed by a VAST Majority of LABOUR VOTING MEN ( Maybe ALL Labour Voters ?) who had been ROBBED of their Pay Rises and subsequent Wages, by a LABOUR Controlled Council.



    I wonder what so called Labour Voter like ” JHB” would do in OUR Shoes…when faced with the Brit Army ?

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