Fastest, fittest, Celtic, what Ashley has left


A little over two months ago Celtic lost at Tannadice and dropped two points at home to Ross County.  After our disastrous August, and home defeat to Hamilton in October, this December blow put Celtic on the canvas one more time.  I was getting calls from Norway “Are you still backing Ronny?” The transformation since has been enormous.

For much of the first half yesterday Celtic were disjointed, not untypical of a team returning from a European disappointment, but despite this, the support knew – actually knew – not to be too concerned.  Things would come together, and even if they didn’t yesterday, they would next time out, and for the rest of the season.

We have purpose and direction.  The first goal arrived courtesy of Aberdeen’s adherence to the oft-discredited man-for-man marking system, but thereafter, the goals, in fact, pretty much all attacks, came courtesy of the fastest, fittest, Celtic team you have ever seen.

Who do you want standing behind an opponent? One of the wealthiest people in the land, or a “glib and shameless liar”? I’d rather the latter, thank you.

As well as being a tax convict, Dave King sat on the Rangers board for a decade as it spiraled towards liquidation. He sat on the board which failed to make provisions for the HMRC tax case – and it was this specific failure, not the tax case, which led to the club being sold to a liquidation specialist for £1.

He campaigned relentlessly against newco, oft repeating his vision of ‘competing with Celtic’, while many of us considered the club should prioritise paying its bills and living within its means.

It seems certain that at some point between now and Friday he will be in de facto control, although his eligibility as a director appears doomed, should rules be applied.

Some will celebrate whenever Mike Ashley’s men depart the scene, but this is in keeping with their many earlier celebrations. Here’s a prediction for you: go back and read what the LibDems said after their people got into cabinet. ‘Once we saw what was under the bonnet, it became clear we couldn’t do what we wanted to do’. I reckon you’re going to hear a version of that in the months to come. Even today, Dave King has no idea what Mike Ashley has left him. All we really know is that the representatives of one very wealthy man are about to leave the scene.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a ticket to the CQN11 St Patrick’s Dinner at the Kerrydale Suite on Friday 13th March. If you would like details, let me know, celticquicknews@gmail.com

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    Hence my point about biting the hand off them!



    He’s still just a kid,though. He clearly has the talent. But really his lack of pace and left foot is a concern.



    IMO,of course.



    How’s the Aussie lawyer training coming along,ya globetrotter?

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    livibhoy-Big JK stepped out the dugoot to have a word with McInnes when he was mouthing off to our staff.

  3. Alasdair MacLean on

    Not that it matters to me. They’re just varieties of Proddies and every one of them is going to hell for all eternity.



    Sorry, but them’s the rules.





    Dear dear.



    Them’s the “Roman Catholic” rules for proddies – and they have got a kinda reciprocal arrangement for the Roman Catholics.



    Of course Allah’s rules puts them all in the same boat to damnation – Roman, Anglican, Presbyterian catholic churches together.



    It’s a bit of a common theme……I wonder why it all came about?



    Actually, I don’t.

  4. LiviBhoy


    14:47 on


    2 March, 2015



    I think the club have suggested that this is being looked into.

  5. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    CFC Player of the season has to be Jay Beattie

  6. Geordie Munro on




    Jg showed against T’inter that his left isn’t just for standing on




  7. Alasdair MacLean,



    The “my religion is right and your religion is wrong” stuff always brings this quote to mind:



    “I contend we are both atheists, I just believe in one less god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” —Stephen F Roberts

  8. up_over_goal on




    Should be a lot of fat Celtic fans out there stuffed with humble pie.



    Yes – watching the farce that was our European qualifiers caused me to have doubts, but now that we’ve beaten a team on a fraction of our resources 4-0, it’s Uriah Heep time.



    Tell me – has Ronnie ever beaten the odds, i.e. has he ever beaten a team on better resources, such as Spartak Moscow, Barcelona or AC Milan?



    Have other teams beaten those odds against us?

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    LiviBhoy 14:51 on 2 March, 2015






    I don;t think Ronny ever had any doubts




    Agree with that. I think he was fully prepared to stick firmly to his beliefs whatever the outcome. Glad that the club stood by him.





    Tommy Burns scored wi his right foot once or twice. Didnae mean he was comfortable on it.

  11. mike in toronto on




    We have been both so busy with other stuff, and are still trying to sort out short terms stuff (going to back to Oz in the summer for her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary) that the move stuff has been on the back burner a bit … so we are slogging through at the moment.



    but, everytime the temperature drops below -20Degrees, I know KT thinks about it (and, to be honest, so do I … more often as I get older). If it wasn’t for my mum being here, I would move tomorrow!



    ard macha



    Reading back I saw your comment about Catholic or Roman Catholic …



    almost universally, the Church refers to itself as Catholic (99.9999% of the time), but, for some reasons, in a few documents, the terms RC is used (at least in the English translation). I know for example it is used in the 1950 encyclical Humani Generis.



    I may have looked at the usage at one time, and found the reason why RC was used in that documents, but if so, it escapes me now. If I can recall, I will leave a note.

  12. leftclicktic on

    Development squad 3 down


    Think the lad Shankland has scored all three for dons.

  13. Burgas Hoops on



    14:49 on


    2 March, 2015





    Some people on here doubted Ronny Deila,and with good reason. Others placed their faith in him,and faith is without reason by definition.



    No-one ever wanted him to fail.



    We are all delighted as Celtic supporters at the way things have panned out. Why can’t you and others like you just be happy to be justified in your faith,rather than take cheap shots at those who had genuine concerns?







    Great post BOBBY.



    Some members should perhaps read back on their older posts before looking for humble pie.

  14. Geordie Munro on

    “Tommy Burns scored wi his right foot once or twice. Didnae mean he was comfortable on it.”






    Lol. Aye well there is that.



    I think jg has tried to cut back onto his right a few times and it hasn’t worked and it’s being exaggerated how weak he is with it.



    His hat-trick on weds will win a few over :)



    Mysticmeg csc

  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull



    I suspect that once the players we have see the success of the fitness regime and diet then others may decide to join the club.


    I don’t think Ronny has made massive changes in fairness. I don;t think the players were very unfit I think he is squeezing that extra 10-15% that can make a difference like yesterday.


    I would still like to see us bring Anya in from Watford. He is out of favour down there he is in and out of the side. He has shown in the national side that he can do it at the highest level and gives us more options on the wing.


    GMS has shown that playing for Celtic makes you a better player if you are hungry enough for it. I said it for a long time. Take a good player and put him in a better team and he should be a better player. The SAF method of buying your rivals players too.


    United are now toiling. Cifti could be out both games against us and is already missing the cup final.


    Scott Brown is my unofficial PoTY I don;t remember him playing better or more consistently for Celtic and when GMS smashed the 3rd in I was delighted to see him run and embrace the manager. The biggest indication yet that the players are loving life under our newish gaffer.


    Things are positive around Celtic just now and the world is a happier place when it’s positive!




  16. Monday 2nd



    Much to the distaste of the Screws we ended the no-wash protest this morning. We moved to ‘B’ wing, which was allegedly clean.



    We have shown considerable tolerance today. Men are being searched coming back from the toilet. At one point men were waiting three hours to get out to the toilet, and only four or five got washed, which typifies the eagerness (sic) of the Screws to have us off the no-wash. There is a lot of petty vindictiveness from them.



    I saw the doctor and I’m 64 kgs. I’ve no problems.



    The priest, Fr John Murphy, was in tonight. We had a short talk. I heard that my mother spoke at a parade in Belfast yesterday and that Marcella cried. It gave me heart. I’m not worried about the numbers of the crowds. I was very annoyed last night when I heard Bishop Daly’s statement (issued on Sunday, condemning the hunger-strike). Again he is applying his double set of moral standards. He seems to forget that the people who murdered those innocent Irishmen on Derry’s Bloody Sunday are still as ever among us; and he knows perhaps better than anyone what has and is taking place in H-Block.



    He understands why men are being tortured here — the reason for criminalisation. What makes it so disgusting, I believe, is that he agrees with that underlying reason. Only once has he spoken out, of the beatings and inhumanity that are commonplace in H-Block.



    I once read an editorial, in late ’78, following the then Archbishop O Fiaich’s ‘sewer pipes of Calcutta’ statement. It said it was to the everlasting shame of the Irish people that the archbishop had to, and I paraphrase, stir the moral conscience of the people on the H-Block issue. A lot of time has passed since then, a lot of torture, in fact the following year was the worst we experienced.



    Now I wonder who will stir the Cardinal’s moral conscience…



    Bear witness to both right and wrong, stand up and speak out. But don’t we know that what has to be said is ‘political’, and it’s not that these people don’t want to become involved in politics, it’s simply that their politics are different, that is, British.



    My dear friend Tomboy’s father died today. I was terribly annoyed, and it has upset me.



    I received several notes from my family and friends. I have only read the one from my mother — it was what I needed. She has regained her fighting spirit — I am happy now.



    My old friend Seanna (Walsh, a fellow blanket man) has also written.



    I have an idea for a poem, perhaps tomorrow I will try to put it together.



    Every time I feel down I think of Armagh, and James Connolly. They can never take those thoughts away from me.

  17. leftclicktic on

    JG just needs his tracking done to sort out his tendancy to veer left ,just send him to Paddybhoy of this parish,


    Sorted CSC.


    Till later all

  18. mighty tim supporting wee Oscar on

    Greeninbingley thank you for reply. I think the pass will be purchased as Mrs has already stated she would like a night time ferry cruise. Also good to know about museums. Once again thank you.


    Do you live in Oslo as will gladly buy you a beer or 2.










  19. hun skelper



    14:13 on 2 March, 2015


    can i have raspberry on that champions league ice cream



    13:35 on 2 March, 2015



    Why can’t they issue a adult ticket in place of the kids one and charge you the difference ???



    Because it’s behind the goal, and ticket can be issued to ST holder. If I had got north stand non problem







    My point and that of many others was the “Get him out”brigade after a couple of months in the job.Ridiculous ,hun like behaviour.Not interested in giving the guy a chance.A lynch mob.


    No matter what they say now,they will be forever remembered for an appalling display of intolerance.No one is being wise after the event.All most were saying was give the guy a chance.Still I see posts starting with,”Still not sure about RD yet,but he is doing ok at the minute”.I hope the “Humble pie”is choking them.


    If they want to be so dogmatic in their stupid views,they will get called out on them when they go t-ts up.

  21. Jonny the tim


    Its gone.Sold out to JC.If it can be helped dont go to the main players.Check out GTs website.Will let u know if hear anything else.



  22. up_over_goal


    15:11 on


    2 March, 2015



    Can you tell me which recent manager managed to match if not beat a team with resources as far ahead of ours as Inter Milan in his 1st season in charge?



    He’s having a far better 1st season in charge than the majority of recent incumbents.

  23. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Yep – and the good thing is it’s still very early days!


    Not sure about Anya – too hot and cold for me. Could do a lot worse than Ciftci for a striker. Not sure what it would do to poor Jackie’s health mind you!

  24. EA is never a left back, he played well in the second half only because he was not up against a winger.

  25. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    “Some people on here doubted Ronny Deila,and with good reason. ”



    I don`t think they had ` good reason` at all. Theirs was a reactionary response because our new Manager was not only not an instant success but we were worse than we had been at the end of the previous season. The response of some was emotional and of others , reactionary. I did not see any reasoning involved at all.




  26. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Raspberry-can a bhoy with an allocation for a supporters bus(if there is still such a thing), not help you out?

  27. up_over_goal on




    Fair point, but losing the tie was expected, and we lost as expected.

  28. Burgas Hoops,wrote



    Great post BOBBY.



    Some members should perhaps read back on their older posts before looking for humble pie.



    I take it your one of the ones choking on it at the moment.

  29. Burgas Hoops on



    15:57 on


    2 March, 2015


    Burgas Hoops,wrote



    Great post BOBBY.



    Some members should perhaps read back on their older posts before looking for humble pie.



    I take it your one of the ones choking on it at the moment.







    -) You would be wrong again then.



    I made NO comment on Deila’s appointment, and to date have still not made one.

  30. What is the Stars


    15:45 on


    2 March, 2015


    Turkey bhoy


    Ronny out


    The alamo CSC



    Hee hee hee.Another slice,sir?.

  31. Morning bhoys, great result at the weekend both for the hoops and the Irish egg chasers; lets not talk about Scotlands insipid performance. I was astonished at the levels of fitness of the bhoys against the sheep in the last 20 min it was wave after wave of numerous players breaking forward. Disappointed in Guidetti, don’t think he’s half the player he or his agent think he is and i’m guessing he’ll be moving on over the summer. I’m thankfull Hayes went off injured as he was giving Efe a roasting initially but after he went off I thought Efe settled into a pretty settled game as a stop gap left back. Its clearly an area we need to strengthen over the summer. Particullary enjoyed watching the game at our local with 2 bitter zombies sitting not far away and giving it laldy everytime time we slotted another one in; their faces were a picture. HH

  32. Burgas Hoops,



    “Wrong again”????????????.How so?.If you have never had any opinion on RDs appointment,and not made any comments on him,why are you jumping in on something of no concern to you?.


    Is it just a wee clique thing?.

  33. bournesouprecipe on

    Some Celtic fans are still not sure about trophy winning Celtic managers, according to the ole Internet.



    Plus ca change CSC

  34. If JG does go,I think we could do a lot worse than sign the boy Stewart from Dundee.Always been impressed watching him.Can score goals,Scottish,on the up,I think.A good CH

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