Feeding the thousands, from Celtic to Southampton


News that Southampton FC have nominated Mary’s Meals as their official international charity partner is a genuine great football story, and a significant landmark for the Scottish-based charity which now feeds over a millions children per day.

Mary’s Meals were in touch on Friday with news and photographs from the fourth school kitchen paid for by Celtic Quick News readers, in Chibwata, Malawi. Since the kitchen was built, school enrolment has increased by 34% to 1226 pupils. Each day over 4,000 pupils are fed in school kitchens built by CQN readers.
Marys Meals Chibwata 600

The school role has increased because of the availability of a daily meal, but as well as being better fed and healthier, hundreds of pupils are now getting an education who previously missed out.  Benefits are not limited to food today, there are lifetime benefits of getting a primary education, which will help the pupils and the nation as a whole for decades.

Those of you who have put the occasional £1 into Appeal alongside the Magners’ competitions we run, or who have put significantly more than this on occasion, should be enormously proud of what you’ve achieved.  It is a stunning testament to the Celtic support.  Thanks for all your help.

Celtic have done enormous work with Mary’s Meals in the past through the Foundation but let’s hope this break into English football opens up many more opportunities for the charity.

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  1. RANGERS have been given a boost in their pursuit of Accrington Stanley duo Josh Windass and Matt Crooks as it now seems likely they will be allowed to be leave the club next month.


    Crooks at Ibrox,interesting!!

  2. Weeminger,


    the coalition are actively supporting Da’esh by bombing the only real threat to Da’esh, the Syrian army, for the last year they have been doing the same hence the massive gains made by Da’esh.


    So anything out of the coalition is not going to help as they have already proved, making any argument that advocated the coalition forces take any active part is supporting Da’esh irrespective of the well meant sentiment.

  3. This puts that shit to bed.



    Following reports in this morning’s press that Israeli midfielder, Nir Bitton would be leaving the club in the summer, Celtic and the player’s agent have made the following comments.


    A spokesperson for Celtic said: “We were delighted to agree a new contract recently with Nir and very pleased that he has committed his long-term future to Celtic.


    “We know nothing about these reports but as Nir himself has said, Celtic is where he wants to be.”


    Nir’s agent Dudu Dahan added: “These reports are not correct, I have never said that Nir will leave Celtic.


    “Nir has signed a new contract with Celtic and appreciates everything he has at Celtic. He loves the club and wants to be at Celtic for a very long time.”

  4. Still fuming at the “Offside goal”in the Liverpool game.Still,its only money.(Grrrrrr).


    So,an agent says something,like all agents do,and Nir is away in the summer.Aye right.Our SMSM salivating at the thought.Meanwhile Jacko,soothing TGASLs fevered brow.Not a problem at Ibrox,he tells us all.If only that Cockney devil would go away,the world would be fine.Celtic now under pressure from the Dons.


    Just a normal Monday morning.

  5. From Celtic Fanzone



    Pathetic But Predictable!


    Anyone who reads the tabloid press would think that Scottish Football have been blessed with a new football managing Messiah who can rid us of all our inadequacies, and make the country a leading football nation.



    Until you look closer and discover the identity of this new found Messiah, Mark Warburton.



    The Sevco manager has over the last couple of weeks been touted as the next manger of not one but two English football team, one in the Championship, the other in the Premiership.



    Apparently these two teams are new ones, having turned down the advances of FIVE previous unknown…




    Now forgive my skepticism here, but lets take a wee look at the facts.



    Mark Warburton has been a professional football manager for TWO years this Thursday. He’s managed Brentford in the English Championship, leaving at the end of last season along with Davie Weir and Frank McParland, who are now with him at Ibrox, citing differences with the clubs owner. (could be a trend here)



    He took up the job in Govan with Sevco as favourites to win the Scottish Championship, given the size of budget they have compared to their closest rivals. In all fairness to Warburton, the rank and file have taken to him as his brand of football is better than that of his sleekit, failed and overpaid predecessor, who lived on his reputation as a player.



    Playing against joiners and brickies – most of the time, gave Warbs an distinct advantage in…




    However, this wasn’t the case when Sevco met their first real test of the season in the League Cup where full time St Johnstone spanked the Ibrox side 3-1 at home. They have since lost to another full-time outfit and closest rivals Hibs, and current sit only three points clear at the top of the second tier of Scottish football, having recently dropped points against lesser teams.



    So, a manager who’s less than two years in the job, currently plying his trade in the Scottish Championship playing against part-timers is, if we are to believe the SMSM, favourite for positions at Fulham and Swansea to name but two clubs?






    Or could it be the very same SMSM are too busy talking up a manager who now knows what he’s dealing with at the multi libelous shambles of a football club, trying to sell the guy in order to get some much needed money into the club?



    Because, let’s be honest here, Mark Warburton isn’t even the best manager in his division, never mind the country!



    Celtic News

  6. Another heart warming leader today, affirming what the Celtic support and CQN community is really all about.



    A move toward this kind of news on the blog would be very beneficial to all involved IMHO.



    Never mind what the rich are doing, or how cheating bassas continue to thrive.




  7. Canamalar on 7th December 2015 12:58 pm,


    Bang on.Watched a programme the other night,and it was a veteran of the two Gulf wars,on the front line with the Peshmerga,the Kurdish army.Half of them women.He was amazed at how well they were doing against Da’esh,actually pushing them back,and in other areas stopping their advance,with the weapons they have.


    The reason they are so poorly armed is that Turkey has blocked any arms getting to them.


    He was with them for two weeks,and said they were absolutely ferocious in fighting Da’esh.


    Best troops he had ever served with.


    You are bang on,the coalition has no clue.The worst being letting Turkey dictate to them,while they give Da’esh $2 million per day for oil.

  8. lennon's passion on

    Tony D



    Read back over last article. You have already had a yellow card but you still try to antagonize people. You were clearly posting about Celtic shame on you. This blog was set up to talk politics. Some bhoys on here went to university to Learn who to bore everyone that comes into contact with them. Certain posters need to be more respectful of this fact or some of them will leave the blog never to return. Water down all opinions so everyone is sitting round the camp fire singing “love is all around us “.

  9. Canamalar – the West (for want if a better term) have a history of creating Frankenstein’s Monsters and subsequently having to kill them. The lessons of which they never seem to learn.



    It’s horrific to be sitting here wondering about which course of action results in least innocents dying. Safe in the knowledge that I’ll be largely unaffected regardless.

  10. The Celtic foundation.



    FOLLOWING the postponement of Celtic’s home fixture against Hamilton Accies on Saturday, the Foundation’s Christmas Appeal bucket collection has subsequently moved to the Motherwell match on Saturday, December 19 (3pm KO).


    If you had previously registered to volunteer for the collection on Saturday, December 5, please contact Celtic FC Foundation to confirm your attendance for our rescheduled collection by emailing tbuchanan@celticfc.co.uk or calling 0141 551 4291.

  11. Jimmy Bullard admits not signing for Celtic is the only regret he has from his football career.



    The English midfielder almost signed for the Hoops in 2010, but talks broke down over a loan move from Hull City because of his wage demands.



    At least that was the reason given by former Hull Head of Football Operations Adam Pearson at the time.



    Instead, Bullard went on to stay at Hull for one more year before moving to Ipswich and then MK Dons.



    The now-retired star was in Glasgow last week wearing the green and white as he took on Hoops hitman Leigh Griffiths for Soccer AM’s You Know The Drill feature.



    And after completing the challenge, he spoke to Celtic TV and admitted that he goes to bed some nights and regrets not signing for the club.



    He said: “I had a lot of things going on.



    “My missus was pregnant at the time and, you know what they’re like, in your earhole.



    “It was a loan deal so it was quite a difficult deal to get done and, to be fair, it was one of them where, at the time, it didn’t really suit me. I had a load of difficult things going on.



    “But now, coming out here, I’m gutted – it’s probably my only regret in football because I’d have loved to play here.



    “Lenny was here at the time, he’s a great man. I went up to Bolton to see Lenny and we did a You Know the Drill with him.



    “I was just gutted. Now, some nights I’ll go to bed, to all you Celtic fans, and I do regret not signing.”



    We’re not sure Bullard’s explanation will cut the mustard with fans, but at least he’s tried.



    You can see how Bullard fared against Griffiths in You Know The Drill here:

  12. glendalystonsils on



    lennon’s passion





    What can I say? My humble apologies to the political debaters.




    Master debaters at that!

  13. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    The last good,decent and honorable President that country had was murdered in the Coup d’état on the 22nd of November 1963.



    Some may argue though that the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1915 was when the takeover of the country began.



    It’s almost over now for the American Empire, sick and bankrupt – the final curtain as Sinatra would say.




  14. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Rome lived upon its principal till ruin stared it in the face. Industry is the only true source of wealth, and there was no industry in Rome. By day the Ostia road was crowded with carts and muleteers, carrying to the great city the silks and spices of the East, the marble of Asia Minor, the timber of the Atlas, the grain of Africa and Egypt; and the carts brought out nothing but loads of dung. That was their return cargo.



    — The Martyrdom of Man by Winwood Reade (1871)










  15. TD67,



    On Jamie Bullard



    3rd hand inside information at the time reported that when J Bullard was up at Lennoxtown / CP


    “he could not have looked less interested”.


    – in light of his revelation that his ‘mind was elsewhere’ this validates the information I had at the time.


    It was also believed that despite his cheeky chappie personae he was not liked by his team mates


    eg he was top earner at Hull at the time, he liked to remind others of the fact


    he had a personalised number plate which was 45 K ( because his salary was £45k per week


    – that plate said it all



    It was all about the money with Bullard everywhere he went.


    If he had come to us it was going to be about the money despite anything he would possible say about wanting to win things.


    He was a scratch golfer and champion competitive game fisher,


    not someone who was going to stay behind in training to work on his game.



    A lucky escape



    At the time I remember a Radio 5 discussion (Steve Clarridge and Neil Warnock) covering the outrageous demands made by players


    Neil Warnock singled out Jamie Bullard to illustrate



    Neil Warnock stated that he could understand players not wanting to take a pay cut when their teams were relegated but asked if players had lost the plot, how much is enough etc.



    He then went on to state …. as best as I can remember.



    “Jimmy Bullard is set for life , I believe he turned down the chance to play for Celtic to stay at Hull because of the money!”


    ” Hull even offered a £250,000 sweetener to try to get him to go”


    ” I can’t believe that he would pass on the chance to play for a team like Celtic.


    ” Jimmy Bullard should have been offering Celtic £250,000 to get them to let him play for them”



    The Onlooker

  16. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    John james site is fantastic and makes fat better reading than cqn these days

  17. Oh my, the poor pensioners getting it now on CQN, that’s it! I’m not coming back…phfffftttttttt lol what have the pensioners done ffs, you need to get a reality check pal, if people are not interested in your political post, that’s up to them, same as some may not be interested in my Celtic posts, fine by me I get it, but I’m not singling any one person or persons out, to run down pensioners to me, well it’s just not nice, with a little luck you will be one yourself one day, very harsh post I must say, although I’m not surprised.

  18. TBJ,


    The irony is, hun sites are developing something they never had before, dissent.


    Used to be if a hun questioned the official party line they would be rounded on and silenced.



    Celtic sites are regressing to that form of debate, silence the dissenters.

  19. Canamalar on 7th December 2015 2:46 pm



    Although the majority still ignore the like of John James, despite recent history suggesting he is, or has a good source.

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