Fifa’s ‘The Best’ shines from ‘67


I discussed their winning of the European Cup with each of the Lisbon Lions. To say they knew nothing the impact their achievement would have is an understatement. While the uniqueness of the event was clear at the time, they were the first British team to reach the final, never mind win the trophy; they could never know light from that day would shine as brightly half a century into the future.

Celtic fans won the ‘The Best’ award from Fifa yesterday for the full stadium tifo at the game against Hearts in May to mark the 50th anniversary of Lisbon. We won it because football people, of all colours, respect heritage. And heritage comes no greater than Celtic’s.

None of this would have happened without Jock Stein and his players. They provided the foundation for everything that followed, including Martin O’Neill’s revival of the club in 2000 and Brendan Rodgers’ general Invincible-ness.

Just about every element of what you recognise as Celtic today is due to them: the trophies and glory, Champions League nights, the stadium and Celtic Way, even achievements of the Foundation can be traced back to the foundations laid in ‘67.

Congratulations to everyone involved with the tifo display. Which I missed. But I’m sure it was nice.

KEVIN GRAHAM hosts another match day podcast from Hampden on Saturday featuring some of FIFA’s Best Supporters in the World.

This week’s Matchday Special saw Brendan Rodgers’ side carry a 59-match undefeated domestic run into the League Cup semi final against Neil Lennon’s Hibs.

Kevin provides pre and post-match discussion as well as in-match analysis in what will be a regular Celtic State of Mind feature.



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    So sorry for your family’s loss. Thoughts and prayers to you all.



    RIP Margaret.

  2. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    On 24/10/2017 09:17, Jorge Sena e Silva wrote:



    Dear James



    I hope this e-mail finds you well!



    Please check this: (in English also at the bottom) http://jamor.idesporto.pt/index.php?s=noticias&id=846



    Congrats !! We were very very pleased !!



    We would like to share this (or the post we placed at Jamor’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CentroDesportivoNacionalJamor/) with the Celtic FC’s Facebook page, but we don’t know how to do it. Can you help?






    Best regards !!



    Jorge Sena e Silva



    Técnico Superior



    Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor

  3. weebobbycollins on

    Who would have believed that day, as a young lad, standing on the terracing of the Estadio Nacional with my fellow Tims, that 50 years later the Celtic fans would be recognised as the best fans in the world…I knew it then and I know it today…and some of the best are on CQN this morning…

  4. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Very sorry to hear of your loss. Sincere condolences to all of Margaret’s family and friends.

  5. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hello this is WEE BGFC. Now ah know we’re like a broken record, however, has anyone got spares for Aberdeen please please pretty timmy please? :)








  6. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Posted this at the end of the last thread:



    Just sent the following to BBC news. Self explanatory.








    I have been watching BBC 2 this morning (Victoria Derbyshire & BBC Newsroom live) and one of the lead stories on the sports news portion of both programmes, is the FIFA Best Awards ceremony held yesterday. The BBC report covers a Portuguese player (Ronaldo) winning Worlds best player and a Dutch player (Lisa Martens) winning best female player.




    At the same awards ceremony the fans of Celtic FC were awarded the best fans award. Should the BBC not mention this. If the fans of Manchester United or Chelsea had won this award, would BBC news report this?




    Viewers in Scotland pay the same licence fee as other areas of the U.K., and Celtic are the third best supported club in the U.K.




    I am curious as to the mechanics of the editorial decision that the FIFA Best Awards should be covered by the BBC, but mention of the only British winner of one of the awards should be omitted.







    My Real Name




    Downright sinister imo.

  7. ‘What is irrevocably true is that Newco is unrecognisable from Rangers in one hugely important aspect: it will not win the league. Ever.’






    Suggests they’re about to go bust.

  8. Auldheid on 24th October 2017 12:05 pm



    Off topic but for those interested in the usability of the Charlotte Fakeover”s material and the motivations behind the two separate sets of leaks.










    Thanks for that! It is a topic I am still very much interested in. I’ve searched high and low for original leaks on t’interweb but all traces seem to have been erased. Do I remember correctly that they were usually released on Scribd??


    Grateful thanks for every message received. This is a fine place,and it always has been. As I attempted to say at the end of the previous article.



    Humbled and proud.






    Meantime,PAUL67 makes a very good point,also on the subject of humbled and proud. That everything we have now in our lives-as Celtic supporters!-comes from one fine day in May 1967



    Yes,the foundations were laid beforehand,but it needed a skilled master builder to put the pieces into place.



    Jock Stein took a disparate group of potential journeymen,who were suffering from a lack of direction,and turned them into The Lisbon Lions.



    I was so proud to be in Lisbon fifty years to the day later with my Dad and so many friends.



    Those men will live forever,and the FIFA award just reminded non-Celtic supporters worldwide of that momentous day.



    It was a fantastic tifo,and well-worthy of the event it commemorated.






    Craig McNeill Clark Gemmell



    Johnstone Murdoch Auld Lennox



    ………Wallace Chalmers



    Sub Fallon



    Great men,great Celts. Great trailblazers for a new type of football.



    The Glasgow Celtic Way!!!

  10. BMCUWP & CCB – Sorry to hear that Margaret passed away but I’m sure she’s in heaven now. for the most part none of us know the day we will die; so live today as if it’s your last and hope you wake up tomorrow.



    BRTH – Thanks for all you did in Lisbon for all of us; fond memories that will last a lifetime. I’m in that wee youtube clip at the end with my brother Martin and pal Stevie, sitting down in front of the wall. Much appreciated Jim.





  11. Maybe we should sing ‘Simply the Best’, when the hun hordes are at Paradise in December, that would really wind them up….

  12. Timgreen


    Thoroughly enjoyed your post from last night and concur with every word.



    I just wonder about Celtics policy about the term Old Firm. There’s no doubt that we retired it in 2012. The match report in the Celtic View clearly stated “last ever OF game”. However, apart from PL’ s Rory Brenner quip the club has been strangely quiet. Occasionally, a player or manager will slip OF into a quote. So, I doubt there has been an internal ban on the phrase.



    I wonder if there has been a discussion between the club and the other players IE SFA SPL SKY and BT etc not to talk down the rivalry.



    I would love Celtic to officially distance ourselves from the tribute act – particularly when we get the kind of warped reporting that we seen last night regarding the “award to Old Firm fans” by SKY and BT. Was this a deliberate attempt to cement the rivalry or mere coincidence?

  13. WeetWeetWeet & BMCUWP


    I am so sorry for your awful loss and no words can offer comfort at this time.


    I hope with all my heart you find the strength to carry on and try eventually to remember with fondness, not sadness, the happy times you shared.





  14. Afternoon all.



    On the fan award, whilst I’m not sure our fantastic fans waving their shiny TIFOs above their heads in memory of an incredible achievement some 50 years earlier really trumps the kindness and generosity of the Dortmund fans and residents towards the opposition fans, but whatever each of us think ourselves it was Celtic who won the award.



    The bitter Scottish meeja and Sevconians should bear in mind that we didn’t award this accolade to ourselves; it was voted for by players, coaches and journalists across the whole world. They clearly see past UEFA’s petty bureaucracy and nit-picking and appreciate all the good things that the Celtic fans across the globe bring to the game of football, and beyond.



    Congratulations to us.

  15. Began reading the last twenty hours earlier today. What has transpired is a true image of what we are all about. There was the joy at the FIFA award and its recognition by others outside the club in Europe. Then we were faced with the sad news from WWW, BMCUW and CCB. True to the nature of who we are so many have rallied around the bereaved with words of condolence and the promise of prayer..



    Let me add my prayers and thoughts to all those already posted. WWW your post was very courageous and a sign of the immense love you have for Jacqueline. Likewise BMCUW and CCB have noted their close relationship with Margaret.



    May the Lord grant eternal joy to Jacqueline and Margaret and peace and consolation to their loved ones.I will remember all of you at Mass tomorrow.

  16. Apologies for veering off topic. Can anyone provide an update on the situation with regard to the Warburton/Weir/AN Other (2 out of 3 irrelevant names is enough to remember!) contract termination/resignation situation with Sevco? is this going to court?

  17. Margaret and Jacqueline.



    I never knew you. I don’t know your loved ones. But their words expressed on here are very heartfelt and special.



    May you rest in peace.



    Condolences to Weet weet Weet and to BMCUWP and CC.

  18. By the way ..



    BT 3 have been running with ..ronaldo wins .. zidane wins….Netherlands coach and midfielder wins woman’s awards…Real Madrid 5 players in team of year…



    Not a word about the best fans in the world though …Mmmmm

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