Firhill is the stage, fickle looking form


You can imagine the anticipation Celtic players as they arrived for training this morning for Saturday’s visit to Firhill. They must be bursting a gut, just desperate to get onto the field and do their stuff. You and I have seen lots of this team, but right now, today, they will have an edge that’s been missing for so long. They have questions to answer, points to prove and a league title to win.

Firhill will be their stage. If anyone at Lennoxtown is in doubt about the job required, I still have my boots, just let me at them.

It’s indicative of where we are that those two draws (Hamilton and Dundee) plunged us into a form crisis. Since the turn of the year we’ve won 9 out of 13 games, failing to win twice with 10 men, once away to our nearest challengers, and that awful Dundee game at Celtic Park. Were it not for the two red cards, I expect the dip in form would be scarcely noticeable.

Over the same period Aberdeen have had a far easier programme, playing only 9 games (in 9 weeks). They’ve won six of these games, including the last two, which has put a more respectable look on their form. It’s still not any better than Celtic’s, though.

We’re still playing fixture catch-up, as we’ve six games in the next five weeks, to Aberdeen’s four, but that’s the price of reaching the latter stages of cup competitions.

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  1. ÁRD MACHA on 9TH MARCH 2016 3:09 PM



    When you are getting pelters in the press and boo’s from the stand you cannot wait for the next game to put it right



    It’s just natural.

  2. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on 9th March 2016 1:16 pm Happy to hear my brief for Firhill has arrived by post today.



    Do they not play Killie on Saturday ?.

  3. traditionalist88 on

    jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on 9th March 2016 3:10 pm






    True but i think hes learning imo. Praise the Lord and H H






    I think the last few weeks if anything its got worse – injuries etc notwithstanding. Some inexplicable rotation at times.




  4. Geordie Munro on

    “Some inexplicable rotation at times.”






    What changes puzzle you neebs?




  5. Paul 67 I honestly dont know where this new found confidence is coming from , we have repeatedly not delivered when it matters . Now we face real pressure and Im sorry but what has changed to suggest that everything is better and we will go on and deliver the league ? …Im not even gonna mention that cup tie thats looming up. I feel we are one more bad result away from blowing the title and everytime we take to the field I , like most fans have little confidence in getting a result on the day. Heads must roll ……..in all departments ………… Peter should have manned up after our Europa debacle and put his hand up and admitted we are going no where under Ronnie and nice guy as he is that it was time to go . Cant believe there are so many people in denial of where we are under Ronnie right now

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    A 30 point lead would be nice.


    We would need to be averaging 3.3 points per game mind you…..

  7. timaloy29,



    Thanks I appreciate that, but you could have said that after Hamilton and before the Dundee game.



    I just thought there was something specific I missed.



    Árd Macha

  8. In the Telegraph Today.


    The 20 greatest stadiums in European club football


    14. Celtic Park, Glasgow



    Scottish football might be at a low ebb, and Celtic’s fortunes suffering with it, but Celtic Park remains one of the great European arenas. The colour, noise and intensity of a big Champions League night has overwhelmed even the most illustrious opponents in recent years. Barcelona going to increase capacity to 105,000 apparently.

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Geordie Munro on 9th March 2016 2:17 pm



    “no self respecting eatery in Scotland has a dress code”





    My local drive through requires that you are in the correct gear.




    That’s a first:-)


    Do they prefer “neutral” colours?

  10. Cacamalar, BRTH.


    Can the ordinary shareholders not do anything at this point?


    I.e. Can the Celtic trust not (or have) they been in touch with the board about this time bar thingy?


    Does Janet Findlay or joe Mcginley (I can’t remember the names never mind spell them properly).


    Do they know about this ?

  11. Too much rotation creates instability.In 1967 the great man played almost the same team week in, week out. Outfield players outwith the Lions were O’Neill, Cushley, Gallagher, Hughes, McBride who was injured.Can’t think of any more. Now we have a glut of midfielders.Stability and motivation hard to achieve. Hopefully, now that there is no room for apathy, performances will improve.

  12. Has anybody asked or written to the board and asked them if they are taking steps to stop this time bar thingy?


    What about the fans liaison ghuy’s John Paul ? Has anybody asked him to ask the board or PL?



    Well done my good man.


    Can you please let us know how you get on.

  14. traditionalist88 on

    Geordie Munro on 9th March 2016 3:30 pm



    “Some inexplicable rotation at times.”






    What changes puzzle you neebs?








    Mainly middle to front – the management of the following, some who deserve more game time, some less – some of whom have been in and out the squad never mind the starting 11- I’m not sure guys like Allan can feel the trust of the manager when the axe is hanging over them when they are unlikely to start 2 games in succession:
























  15. Paul67



    I can find no evidence to substantiate an opinion that the current crop of Celtic players will react positively to additional pressure.



    Indeed ,all the evidence points to the contrary.



    I fear more an implosion than I expect a positive response.



    Time will tell.



    I’m still hanging onto to your submission to me that ” RANGERS WILL NEVER WIN ANOTHER SPFL TITLE IN MY LIFETIME.”




  16. I really don’t know if we will win the title, or, not – and quite frankly neither does anybody else – we can only wait and see.



    However an injury to Griffiths would quite obviously put a damper on our chances – let’s hope he stays fit.



    Let’s hope that we are not looking back and saying “what if we had made a managerial change after the 0-0 with Dundee” – that match and the preceding one at Hamilton may be the ones that define our season.



    As it stands it could be that the five games post-split will be akin to a penalty shoot-out – exciting only for neutrals – if indeed there are any!

  17. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Bar writtkng to PL and giving him an ultimatum on ST renewal there doesn’t seem to be much anyone can do, we are going to try a few different things but we can’t predict the outcome, all going well there will be an investigation.

  18. Geordie Munro on




    That’s just a list of players.



    Cqn does love a list eh? ;)




  19. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    If we ( God forbid) lost the title to mediocre but tight grouped AFC… Would Lawwell lose his £500k bonus?

  20. lennon's passion hated by the clique on

    One thing is for sure if Celtic finish without silverware it won’t be the supporters fault. That’s a myth started on here.



    Don’t get this new found believe but time will tell. Played well first half against Morton. Scrappy 2nd half. Morton created a few chances.



    Celtic is the best team In Scotland know we have to go and prove it.

  21. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Lennon’s passion






    PS I’m also hated by the clique :-)



    If we ( God forbid) lost the title to mediocre but tight grouped AFC… Would Lawwell lose his £500k bonus?



    As PL’s salary and bonus are not dependant on on the field matters, the only possible way he would lose his bonus is if the balance sheet figures for 2015/16 were badly down.



    If the Board were to withhold his bonus for on the field reasons, PL, who is no favourite of mine, would be perfectly entitled to get his lawyer on to things.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/firhill-is-the-stage-fickle-looking-form/comment-page-3/#comment-2792240

  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ….PFAYR ..SACK THE BOARD on 9TH MARCH 2016 1:46 PM


    This current CFC team have failed to deal with pressure all season



    They have capitulated , often with barely a whimper , in the face of the slightest adversity



    To suggest that they will respond positively to greater pressure is wishful thinking






    That , together with the predictable collusion of a hun ref. , ( Which one ?…..I hear you ask ) is precisely why I feel apprehensive about the day they…………….


    ” Bring on the Rangers “

  24. eddieinkirkmichael on

    TinyTim on 9th March 2016 4:07 pm – “Indeed ,all the evidence points to the contrary.”



    Well that’s just not true but it’s what people have come believe same as the no plan B rubbish. Domestically we have been a success this season, albeit our most recent form hasn’t been our best but to suggest that this team can’t react positively to pressure is utter nonsense as an earlier post proved IMHO.



    I Honestly can’t ever remember seeing a Celtic team that played the opposition off the park week in week out and I’ve been going to games since early 70’s but for some reason there are those who demand this of Ronny’s team. Why?


    Not getting beat and winning the league was/is good enough for me, if we manage to progress the overall style of play and introduce youth then for me that would be a bonus.

  25. traditionalist88 on

    Geordie Munro on 9th March 2016 4:16 pm






    That’s just a list of players.



    Cqn does love a list eh? ;)








    Its the list of players that 2 years into the job our manager hasn’t the faintest notion how to organise/man-manage.



    Defensively he knows his best back line when all are fit, which is something. Just a shame that every time a cross is put into our box we fear the worst. Back to those organisational skills again.



    The fact even our host admits there will be big changes in the summer speaks volumes.




  26. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on




    Lawwell’s will be switching off the heated driveway in that case as I can’t imagine balance sheet figures will impress… Unless there is a sale to be made or he can roll an earlier sale in to mask the drop in income…

  27. CANAMALAR. 4.12.


    I just feel that we should let the board know, that we know.


    Put a bit of pressure on them, that a lot of people are going to (or are) feeling hurt that our board are letting not only us but the whole club down by not doing something to stop this blatant


    Cheating that is going on.


    I know that they might be playing smart and may be waiting for the courts outcome before saying something.


    I just feel that they could could cryptically say something to someone like you or BRTH.

  28. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on




    Genuine question..



    Does Ronny know his best back 4? Is it a difficult choice or is he playing the only credible ( yet still poor imo) combination of players he has for those positions?



    The same can be said of our centre forward.. Who is the alternative?

  29. glendalystonsils on

    Bit off topic, this post.



    Stein’s inspiring pre-match battle cry was: “If you’re ever going to win the European Cup, then this is the day and this is the place. But we don’t just want to win this cup, we want to do it playing good football – to make neutrals glad we’ve won it, glad to remember how we did it.”



    Jock Stein before the game 25th May 1967.



    Just been reading the article on big jock on CQN.


    Quotes like this make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Many another manager could deliver the same lines and it wouldn’t have the same effect.

  30. traditionalist88 on




    Lustig Sviatchenko Simunovic Tierney



    You’re right the alternatives are not good.



    Griffiths alternative… not the praying type but lets just hope he doesn’t get injured




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