Further confirmation of where we are


The reaction to points dropped yesterday was not on the same level as the disappointment after we similarly rescued a point against Hibs late on the game or went out of the League Cup last week, this one was expected by all and did no more than provide further confirmation of where we are.

This run of two wins in 12 games will eventually end, but by then it will be too late – possibly too late to see off Hearts in the Scottish Cup Final.  In 11 games between now and February, only two are outside Glasgow, short journeys to Hamilton and Paisley, and we have no international fixtures to contend with, but as St Johnstone, Ross County and others have established, that is no comfort.

St Johnstone’s goal was unlike our most in our recent glut.  The defence was briefly in position before breaking into a moment’s disorganisation, Frimpong rushed forward, leaving May unattended, Kane reacted while his marker, Bitton, looked the other way.  Neither Celtic player demonstrated defensive instincts.

Not that the defence is to blame.  The volume of good chances was insufficient to convince anyone a Celtic goal was coming and those that came were missed by our once-prized asset.  The equaliser had more than a touch of good fortune about it.  Whatever ails Celtic, it is not limited to the back line.

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  1. Neil Lennon latest LIVE: Celtic manager ‘safe for now’ after being given boardroom assurances



    See Mr Keevans talking about Desmond and the possibility of him producing a “marquee” manager to save the season…..look forward to that one….




    I believe you before chug clydeshiteswipe



    Why would you take anything that farter says about Celtic serious? Catch on man







    I dont think anyone has taken Keevins seriously for years.



    Shame, used to be a respected journo back in the day, but sold his soul for the panto of love phone on radio

  4. Agree Ernie, paying NL off isn’t an issue, and they have no idea how to replace him.Kennedy and Strachan need to go as well,Kennedy is the new Tommy Craig.

  5. 2 wins in 12 and the manager is still in situ which doesn’t make sense . The board are being deliberately obstinate. Are they punishing the celtic support for their protests.

  6. Ernie



    Indeed, not at all about chicken feed money, its about credibility and ‘ your recruitment strategy going out the door ‘ © Paul67 along with the exiting manager.



    The board have heavily invested in Neil Lennon and he oversaw a £38M spend in three transfer windows, the unwanted spotlight shines on them, as soon as a manager leaves the revolving door.

  7. I have a question regarding the infamous, permanent appointment of Lenny in the shower.



    Were Peter and Dermot wearing shower caps?



    First class post, and right on the money! I would add that King opined we would collapse like a house of cards when the zombie club won their first title. He was totally wrong. We didn’t wait for that to happen.

  9. ERNIE LYNCH on 7TH DECEMBER 2020 1:21 PM


    “Is a Marquee signing more impressive than a Gazebo signing?”



    TENTatively, I think it is, por cierto

  10. I suspect that the plan was to win the ten and then hand the reins over to Kennedy and thank Neil, along with other possible changes up the chain.



    This sh*tstorm has caught them bollock naked with no plan that doesn’t involve the above in the summer of 2021.



    Maybe there isn’t enough skin in the game for those making decisions anymore as they were all planning their exits.



    or I’m talking pish again….




  11. Keeping hold of NL as manager makes no immediate footballing or financial sense. He has already cost the club circa £100m in losses due to his ineptness in CL and transfer market.



    It begs re question to what the PLC game plan is here. and each and every time I come to one conclusion. Administration.



    2 good CL campaigns would have prepared us for any financial meltdown caused by an unforeseen virus. However, we never managed this and such are our losses and our outgoings on wages that I see no other way out of it other than DD injecting £30m into the club to sustain us.



    Of course, it may be the 5 way agreement meant for this to happen and a resurgent Rangers. No one knows.



    It’s a mess either way.

  12. glendalystonsils on

    SAN LUIS on 7TH DECEMBER 2020 1:30 PM



    Our collapse is so utterly baffling that no conspiracy theory can be dismissed as too outrageous.



    One thing’s certain , the fans will be the last to know , if we ever do.

  13. Up next. In form Lille, 2nd in the table behind PSG…and top of the Europa group with a win needed to cement that easier tie in the last 32.



    We have 3 goals to concede to hit rock bottom in the consolation cup.



    Could it get worse?



    Oh yes it could..




  14. POR CIERTO on 7TH DECEMBER 2020 1:25 PM


    ERNIE LYNCH on 7TH DECEMBER 2020 1:21 PM





    “Is a Marquee signing more impressive than a Gazebo signing?”







    TENTatively, I think it is, por cierto






    Reminds me of the suggestion (soon abandoned) to name one of the stands behind the goals at the Etihad after Club legend Colin Bell.

  15. We can all debate the state of things right now but not one thing will improve while we have an unprofessional incompetent in the manager position.



    We all saw the difference that is made when we pay serious money on a quality manager, his backroom team and sports science. Why we didn’t stay on that course I just didn’t know. Instead we go for the cheap option (though still way overpaid in comparison to his skill). For Christs sake he even admitted he didn’t understand all the sports science going on under Rodgers and appears to have binned the lot.



    The team are unfit, unorganised, unmotivated and uninterested. The very basics of what a good manager wouldn’t have in their side but the very obvious things a poor manager has in his team.



    I havent given up on this League being lost but every day Neil Lennon stays in his job the chance of winning it are greatly reduced.



    If Neil Lennon was any kind of ‘Celtic Man’ he’d walk now while there still is a chance of someone coming in and rescuing us.

  16. So, have we had a change of culture yet? Oh! Sorry, I forgot. Now, we just need a spark. Our manager’s ( and captain’s ) post game interviews are repetitive and profoundly depressing. Neil is in over his head, is incapable of analyzing the deficiencies, cannot rectify them, and the players are not listening or responding. He is a brave, intelligent, articulate and personable man, and the Celtic support owe him a debt of gratitude for all his past contributions to the Club, but there is always a time when a manager has to exit, before he exacerbates the existing problem. It is now past that, and arguably, well past it. The Board’s inertia in the face of this accelerating train wreck is unfathomable, but lends a great deal of credence to PETERLATCHFORDSBELLY’s post above.

  17. I don’t think there is a conspiracy in terms of our implosion.



    We have an incompetent, lazy and self serving board who have enjoyed both Celtic’s monopoly domestically and then BR’s achievements.



    Not the monopoly is over and BR chased out of town, they are completey floundering.



    Just how bad does it need to get before they pull the plug on Neil?



    P.s funny that BR was a rat who didn’t care about Celtic after he left for more money and a better opportunity but Neil gets a free pass for sitting and collecting a wage when the honorable thing would be to walk away.



    At least with BR he left us in a strong position with a foundation to build on. When Neil leaves it is likely to be worse that where we currently are.



    Anyone care to defend Neil in this regard?

  18. The Banter Years are over,we need a new manager with modern methods, and forward thinking. Lawwell needs to go, or we will be back here again soon,a CEO who can sell the Club and attract new business and stay away from the football side of the business. Get a Director of Football to help the manager and help him manage the squad, our signing policy has been a scandalous waste of money, the money gained from selling Forster, Dembele, Tierney, Armstrong and Rodgers, has been squandered. We have had 5 attempts at signing a RB and a LB,Taylor Laxalt, Bauer,el Hamed,Bolingoli, we are playing midfielders as defenders, Ajer, Bitton. It’s a fkn shambles from top to bottom.

  19. Paul you say that Frimpong and Biton showed no defensive instincts……….Thats because thet aint defenders . Just like earlier in the season when Christie was used as a centre Fwd ……..he aint a centre forward . That has been an ongoing problem . We have had way too many midfieldrs in the squad for a long time now getting games and being played out of position . It has been happening all over the park for so long now. Someone asked earlier why has it suddenly come to this but if you look back to last year when Rangers came and played us off the park , then again when we stole the League cup ( Dont get me wrong it was a sweet win ) the warning signs were there. If you dared raise it on this blog you were called a hun. I was by no means the only dissenter , a lot more esteemed posters than me were saying the same thing . I remember last year complaining about DD having no ambition whatsoever and for Celtic to realise their true potential we would need to be free of the man . I got slaughtered , people telling me we have won 13 trophies ( or whatever it is ) in a row and to get real. It is that exact mindset from PL and DD and happy clappy fans that got us where we are now . No I did not in a million years forsee the Total collapse that has happened and continues to happen but I thought we would be pushed all the way this year. If we keep going as we are we wont get 2nd or 3rd place never mind the 10. I know you are gonna shake your heads when I say this but I heard ( I know I know ) from a friend who’s Friend rubs shoulders with some of the hierarchy at Celtic Park. According to him There has been a plan in place for a while to totally change our football operation from top to bottom that was to be implemented at the end of this season . Obviously the complacent Board thought that 10 was a shoe in , idiots that they are and now everything is up in the air. Now they cant change manager because anyone coming in would know it was only to season end . Is that why we have still have Neil in place , is this what Paul67 alludes to when he said a while ago that things are about to get worse ?? I have no idea but if there is any truth in this I hope to god PL plays no part in it and Santa delivers a man who has realistic Ambitions and Buys DDs shares

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on 7th December 2020 1:47 pm



    Totally agree. Midfielders playing as defenders. Ajer and Bitton are not, and never will be centre-backs.




    I’d like to think that if I was ever manager of Celtic and being in the position we are now then the decision wouldn’t be left to me, I’d fully expect to be sacked, and rightfully so.



    Assuming the sack didn’t come and having admitted that I’d tried everything I could, and analysed things to death (NLs words) and it still wasn’t improving while preventing us from a truly historic achievement then I’d like to think that I’d make the decision to give someone else a chance to achieve it. But then again, I’m speaking as a fan from birth – something I don’t think Neil Lennon is.

  22. 67 European Cup Winners on



    Reasonable question – but I do not expect an article on the subject anytime soon




  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    GFTB – thank you for your kind words last night.



    Please be assured I may be calm externally but I am “pure ragin” inside.



    Much of a muchness with the leader and comments.



    – we are playing badly



    – Neil not good enough



    – CEO is devil incarnate



    – league title prospects now hanging by a thinner thread



    Did I miss anything?



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  24. Since outlandish conspiracy theories seem to abound on this blog, let me tell you about one I heard from an otherwise erudite professional gentleman. But, I ask you to please not to shoot the messenger!


    A certain billionaire who was once on the board of CFC (and ‘persuaded’ to resign) still feels he has unfinished business at Celtic Park.


    Together with some other well heeled partners he will buy out DD at the end of the season but only when Lawwell ( whom he has no affection for) rides into the sunset!


    The Board (who in the circumstances are worried about their own positions) were expecting to keep NL till then and were not expecting the absolute collapse of the team!


    They were just prepared to carry on with the status quo till the end of the season and let the new Board take all the flak!


    I only wish that, at least the first part, would become a reality!


    Hail! Hail!





    Dae sumthin, dae sumthin, dae wan ay they holy tricks






    Miracles ya mug ye

  26. From Previous Thread…


    Sorry, but Ive just got back from the Vets and Shops…new denims again…a 42 inch waist this time ? I’ll bet that none of you thought that you can buy denims in a Vets LOL ?


    You would be right obviously but Marks and Spencers are still open….









    Big Jimmy…”…my unusual Celtic jersey.”





    In what way was it unusual?




    It FITTED Me !







    Apart from ” Fitting” Me, it was the old jersey that was pictured on here a few days ago, with the Green Collar and Sleeves, and White Jersey with The Shamrock and Celtic Crest on the front obviously, FROM THE 1950’S AND 1960’S…….It was a GREAT Strip that I wish Celtic would wear again…….maybe ADIDAS could consider that in the future, IF we have any Supporters left to sell to ?



    What made it “Unusual” was that I had ” MacNamara and No. 4 Printed on the back…the day after Celtic signed Jackie Jnr…from Dunfermline ( I think ?).


    Not many Celtic fans had HIS Name on the back of a Celtic Jersey at that time…IF Any ?


    Thats why some of the Bairds Bar Bhoys could see it was ME…Who was noising up the Hertz Chump.


    I think we won 2-0 that day, and Di Cano was spell binding ?


    HH Mate.

  27. Today’s article, without the link …






    So it’s official. Or as official as it gets.



    The Scottish press has been briefed that Lennon has been told that his job remains safe, in spite of the total shambles that this season has become.



    I knew this anyway, as I pointed out in my earlier piece, so it isn’t a total surprise. It is no less stomach churning though.



    Has there ever been a board more at odds with its supporters than this one? The time has come now for every supporter and every supporter’s organisation to ask of itself “What can I do and what am I prepared to do in order to force this to an end?”



    And by an end, it’s pretty clear that we cannot stop with the removal of the manager.



    Lawwell has to go. Desmond has to be pushed to a point where Celtic is just not worth the trouble our involvement can cause him anymore. The removal of Bankier should follow that, but would we really notice anyway if he was gone?



    There are organisations who have been largely silent here; it’s time for that to end.



    They represent the people who really matter; the people who put their money into Celtic, and it’s in their hands that this should now be placed.



    If the Association and the Affiliation are to remain relevant they have to get off the fence.



    If individual supporters buses or groups are concerned – and of course they are, we all are – this is the moment to act.



    Celtic is in a place of crisis; there can’t be the slightest doubt about that any longer.



    It is time for every supporter in the land to do his or her own bit.



    The Celtic Trust has already had an emergency meeting.



    What are the other organisations waiting for?



    It’s clear now that the club views the fans with utter contempt.



    This club is at war with itself, it is useless to pretend otherwise.



    The board is no longer paying the slightest bit of attention to what we say or what we want … the contempt radiates out of Celtic Park.



    Lennon’s position has been untenable for a month now, and that has to be obvious to those who employ him.



    Yet they still hold fast.



    It has already cost us a League Cup tilt.



    It has arguably cost us our league title challenge.



    We are out of Europe and facing an abject humiliation on that front.



    Now they are risking the Scottish Cup which will was supposed to set the seal on one of the finest eras in the club’s entire history.



    This is a grotesque dereliction for duty for which there is no excuse.



    It seems as if certain people, knowing they are on the way out, are wilfully burning the club to the ground as they head for the exit door, out of spite.



    I would not be in the slightest bit surprised if this was, indeed, the mind-set of people like Lawwell; to consider us ingrates who don’t deserve anything else.



    The time has come for every supporter to do what he or she can to send the message that Celtic belongs to the fans.



    Our absentee landlord and his pet have run this club like it’s their thing for far too long now.



    It is high time the fans seized the agenda once more.

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