Further confirmation of where we are


The reaction to points dropped yesterday was not on the same level as the disappointment after we similarly rescued a point against Hibs late on the game or went out of the League Cup last week, this one was expected by all and did no more than provide further confirmation of where we are.

This run of two wins in 12 games will eventually end, but by then it will be too late – possibly too late to see off Hearts in the Scottish Cup Final.  In 11 games between now and February, only two are outside Glasgow, short journeys to Hamilton and Paisley, and we have no international fixtures to contend with, but as St Johnstone, Ross County and others have established, that is no comfort.

St Johnstone’s goal was unlike our most in our recent glut.  The defence was briefly in position before breaking into a moment’s disorganisation, Frimpong rushed forward, leaving May unattended, Kane reacted while his marker, Bitton, looked the other way.  Neither Celtic player demonstrated defensive instincts.

Not that the defence is to blame.  The volume of good chances was insufficient to convince anyone a Celtic goal was coming and those that came were missed by our once-prized asset.  The equaliser had more than a touch of good fortune about it.  Whatever ails Celtic, it is not limited to the back line.

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  1. ” I’m tired of this pilot doin’ all the flyin’ an’ landin’ an’ stuff………it’s time us passengers turfed them oot an’ took over the flyin’ stuff an’ takin’ off an’ aw that.”

  2. For years I have been ranting (some posts on here) about the Board – too old, been in jobs too long, grossly excessive remuneration packages, lacking in drive and ambition, poor decision making. In addition I warned that through poor squad management they had allowed the operational costs to rise to unsustainable levels – if Kieran had not been sold a loss of near £25m would have been suffered in the year to June 2020. If Covid 19 had not impacted on revenues, it would still been a hefty loss. “Asleep at the wheel” indeed.



    I see that the Trust is gaining traction – recall the days when they annually sought a supporter’s seat on the Board. Always dismissed out of hand with “we already have a group of supporters on the Board”.

  3. I’m all in and will never give up on Lenny or the players in regards to the title until it’s mathematically impossible to win. It may take some sort of miracle but I happen believe in those.



    Things are dire and need to change, I’m not aff ma nut. But there’s no way on this earth I’m ready to concede the league to a bunch of players and a manager who’ve won hee haw in their respective roles to date, something they’re accutely aware of.



    There’s still a mountain of points to play for and 3 games against Sevco. Current form isn’t filling me with confidence but things can change. We have a squad full of players who know what’s required to put a run together, why they’re so far off it is baffling to me. I know they can do it and refuse to give up.



    If all our fears are realised regards the title, I will take some comfort in the fact that I would rather be a defeated Tim than a triumphant Hun, any feckin day of the week!



    We can win this title. If that’s with or without Lenny, we’ll have to wait and see.




  4. HDP


    we already have a group of supporters on the Board”






    But are they Celtic supporters 🤔

  5. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    I am still holding out for thought that NL knows deep down he has lost the fans forever and has decided to leave after the SC final with the cup in his hand, hopefully…



    This situation has transpired into civil war within the Celtic family. While the plc deserve questioning and ultimately change is needed, I wouldn’t have chosen the 10iar season for this to kick off.



    If NL decided to leave after SC final, then perhaps it would be announced in days leading up to the game.


    Or not…..

  6. onenightinlisbon on




    Good points but Desmond’s comments about “Rangers” being a great club etc etc… EPL is a pipe dream, blue pound is the only show in town up here.

  7. “Rangers is a great football club, it has a great history and it’s unfortunate that they have been relegated,” said the Irish businessman.



    “We would certainly like to contest with them every week – we believe we’ve got a better team and a better management structure.



    “Rangers is a fantastic football club, it is one of the greatest football clubs in Great Britain, we’ve got to acknowledge that. But we can only look after ourselves.”




  8. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    I have too much time on my hands but I came across this article in CQN archives last month.


    Written in Oct 2011 but relevant to NL’s team today. Last time around we had the luxury of ultimate Rangers implosion…maybe not in 2020/21 however.



    Celtic 0-0 Hibernian



    BY PAUL67 ON 29TH OCTOBER 2011



    Celtic surrendered another two points to fall further behind in the championship race, drawing 0-0 at home against Hibernian. It was a unorganised looking performance from the home team who gave Graham Stack little to do in the Hibernian goal.



    Gary Hooper squandered Celtic’s only gilt-edged chance of the game when, after playing a one-two with Anthony Stokes, he struck the outside of the post with Ki available for the square pass. Anthony Stokes had earlier tested Stack, who failed to hold the ball but did enough to clear.



    When the same teams met on Wednesday James Forrest transformed the game when he drifted inside but he spent most of today’s game adrift on the right wing. On two occasions he cut inside with purpose, once testing Stack with a blistering shot from 22 yards and later when a 25 yard pile-drive struck the crossbar, but Hibs were content to limit Celtic to such speculative efforts.



    Neil Lennon was justified in his criticism of his front pairing of Stokes and Hooper today but Celtic were equally clueless in midfield. There appeared to be no cohesion and there was certainly not a productive match plan.



    Motherwell’s away win in Inverness gives the Lanarkshire side a three point lead, having played a game more, going into next week’s crucial game against Celtic at Fir Park. Manager-less St Johnstone dropped three points at home this afternoon, leaving them four points behind Celtic in the fight for the last Europa League place.



    This is where we are people, scrapping between Motherwell and St Johnstone. Get used to it.




  9. onenightinlisbon on




    If the largest shareholder and effective owner of the club holds these views then it’s fairly obvious the direction of travel the board would take with Sevco…



    I have too much time on my hands but I came across this article in CQN archives last month.



    Written in Oct 2011 but relevant to NL’s team today. Last time around we had the luxury of ultimate Rangers implosion




    Last time round we won 19 league games in a row at the end of the poor run.

  11. Big Jimmy,


    Just checked the horse results,


    Good on ye big man.


    Hail hail,


    C’mon the hoops ☘☘☘

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