Glasgow arms race failure, thanking Sir David


KR Reykjavík recorded a 0-2 win in the Icelandic Cup on Sunday and have one more league game, against bottom club Thor on Thursday, before facing Celtic on Champions League duty a week today.

Celtic have a game this evening against LSK Linz before facing a famous name from our past, Dukla Prague, on Friday.  While the world will be coming through a World Cup climb down Celtic will be facing a committed team in the mid-Atlantic.  There is no room for complacency.

Next week’s qualifier has all the potential to cause a fright.  Ronny Deila will by now know all about Gordon Strachan’s competitive start at Celtic, which cast a shadow he never completely shook off, so it is absolutely critical the manager gets us playing the way he wants us tonight.

Ross McCormack’s route from Murray Park reject at 19 eight years ago to a player Fulham have just bid £11m for is worthy of consideration.  It’s easy for us to point to how Rangers ruined young talented footballers but the stark truth is that for well over a decade Celtic had vastly better youth talent that Rangers but failed to graduate anything like as many as we should have.

McCormack had to go to Motherwell, a club well experienced at nurturing talent, to build his career, but he would have fared no better at Celtic.  Having no space for youth is one of the many unhealthy consequences of having two massive clubs engaged in a football arms race.  Our game was destined to destroy talent.

Fortunately, the man who loaned his name to Murray Park ensured that arms race would end in spectacular fashion, when he sold his club’s assets and liabilities to a liquidation specialist for £1.  In a perverse sort of way, Scottish football should thank him.

Thank you to everyone who supported CQN’s efforts for Glasgow the Caring City and The Cookie Jar Foundation, especially the reader who paid an incredible £530 for the signed European Cup canvas.  You are all a credit to our club.

Best wishes to Argentina tomorrow, I hope the overcome Netherlands for the memory of the first worldwide football hero they gave the game, Alfredo Di Stefano.

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  1. West End of East End on

    Tiny Tim – I’m in section 137 and went to the ticket office to relocate as i was sick of the total balloon next to me giving the team pelters every week, he kept his most vitriolic for Izzy, seemed to hate him with a passion.



    Anyway, I was looking for 2 seats together and struggled to find anything close by in sections either side or even further. Eventually got them but going by what was available at the ticket office, JS lower looks to be almost sold out. Not sure how that pans out across the rest of the stadium though….

  2. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Whitedoghunch, thanks.



    Henry, we really are living in a society of its who you are and not what you are/do that matters.



    Those at the top of our so called civilised society should be making sure the royal family, top civil servants and government give us an explanation of Saville’s unconditional acceptance when someone in authority must have had an inkling of what was going on. I don’t expect that to happen but it should be done.

  3. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    I’d go further and say their silence betrays this behaviour as the norm

  4. whitedoghunch on




    with your dress sense and manner not only did I think you were in the craft on first meeting you, having never seen the films I thought you were Harry Potter

  5. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Canamlar, your comment says it all.



    Will the media react in the same way if the alleged Kincora House & Queen Victoria Boarding school abuse cases are proved to be correct as it has to previous abuse stories?

  6. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Remind yourself who own the media, then think about your question again

  7. WDH , coffee and laptop screen moment there ! hpw are you keeping by the way ?



    Eventually recovered enough to say a big thanks to everyone for a great day oot on Friday . From Calton Tongues and his driving – cheers , though acgr and lambos frontteeth for putting up with me and for the drams (acgr) and for the donation (Brian – cheers ). Taggsy and Kev did another fabulous job organising it although the course does help them out.


    To Frank Mac and Len Murray for an entertaining speech to finally everyone at my table (this is the blurry part) – captainmoonlight , jobo and the rest – Hail Hail -as you could tell , I had a great night !.



    Thanks again and looking forward to next year – JinkyRedStar and I have a trophy to compete for.




  8. ernie lynch and Big Nan



    I had no idea that there had been such a high level cover up over Thomas Hamilton and Dunblane. That is really scary.


    It leads me to conclude that any Inquiry will be fixed to produce a whitewash report, and the abusers will not be held to account. Savile probably had “the pictures” on so many establishment figures that he could not be outed whilst still alive.


    Chapeau to Big Nan for his tenacity.

  9. Celtic team to play LSK Linz: Zaluska; Matthews, O’Connell, Findlay, Waters; Biton, Henderson; Griffiths, Atajic, McGregor; Pukki (MH)

  10. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    The only time the media will point the finger on abuse is when the catholic church are in the frame, had a discussion last week with a mason whose first shot was about abuse by the catholic church, he hated my reply that the masons must be shit scared now their skeletons are being revealed, in fact it ended the conversation very quickly.

  11. The Kano Foundation



    Queens Baton Relay



    Folks , just a quick heads-up to inform you that The Kano Foundation has been selected (through nominations and an individual volunteer) to take part in the QBR. A representative will be carrying the baton along Duke St on Day37 of the Relay between Coia’s Café and Armadale St . If you’re around that day , come along and give a cheer for a group that are only in existent due to the generosity and support of the Celtic Family ?




    Hail Hail




  12. Gary67


    Thanks for that.


    Interesting that , with a CL qualifier next week, Ronny is adopting a pick and mix approach for this particular friendly. Is that simply telling everyone that they are in his plans or sending a message that no one`s place is guaranteed? Like I said, interesting.




  13. I’ve always suspected it, and now I have my proof…………………



    The other-worldy garb, The G plate Austin Princess ( with leather pack)…..


    the flowing……….*cough*………. “capri”……….. pantaloons…..


    ….the shiny wiskit a la Flahsman………………..The Grand Poobah O’ Pittenweem defrocked –


    Behold – Tiny Tim!







  14. Neil canamalar



    Wherever vulnerable people, be they children, elderly, infirm or criminal, are cared for by other people, teachers, medical staff, care workers or prison officers, the opportunity for abuse is there. The only answer is eternal vigilance and suspicion.


    Those in authority in these places must be subject to the tightest scrutiny. Sadly, many of the victims are not able to substantiate their complaints and their allegations are simply dismissed.


    Our free press is meant to be a guardian in this respect and we all know that the media moguls are part of the problem. What chance do we have?

  15. Blindlemonchitlin on

    I drive past Tarbolton every day to and from work. There is a sudden and total loss of mobile signal between the two ‘road ends’ which take you to that picturesque former mining hamlet. I’ve wondered over the years what the cause is. Geographic? There is a sudden and unexpectedly steep hill down in to Failford. Security? Very close to Prestwick Airport flight path. No, mes amis. After due reflection I am convinced it is the enormity of Kris Krissy Boydo Boydy’s erchie( the size of a small country) , bending time and space so that the Tarb is forever a village stuck in 1976, when of course there were no mobile phones, sidebreasers were mandatory and Huns won trebles

  16. sannabhoy –



    reassuring to know that your memory of late Friday isn’t crystal clear. Hope my snoring didn’t spoil your conversations ;-)

  17. FAC ‏@FACKilltheBill · 1m


    Fans Against Criminalisation: Police Complaint Update: 7 July 2014 …http://fansagainstcriminalisation.blogspot.com/2014/07/police-complaint-update-7-july-2014.html?spref=tw …

  18. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Supposedly people who care for the vulnerable require to be vetted and certified,the big problem being highlighted by the revelations of the last few years is those who do the vetting cannot be trusted.

  19. Police Complaint Update: 7 July 2014





    Just to let you all know that we have not yet received a formal written response to our complaint regarding the policing of the FAC protest at the SNP Spring conference in Aberdeen in April (see earlier posts for details).



    The officer charged with investigating the complaint did attempt to give a verbal update but I curtailed the conversation when it became clear that he was happy to tell me things that were frankly implausible. Well, maybe happy is not the correct word, willing is probably the more accurate way to describe it.



    We were informed that the report would be completed around 25th June and that a senior officer would issue a written response to me. So far, no response has been received, but I will inform you all when one arrives!



    In the meantime, a complaint being progressed by my MSP has elicited a response from Chief Constable House of the Police Service of Scotland in which he denies knowing we were followed (a fact already admitted by the complaint investigation officer!); claims we were planning to march from McDonalds with a group of around 200 to the AECC that day (chance would have been a fine thing) and that this was why the Section 12 Notice was issued; and when asked if Police Scotland had any contact with anyone representing the SNP prior to the decision being taken to issue a Section 12 Notice, replied that ‘Chief Inspector Topping’ had had no such contact.



    The eagle-eyed among you will notice that this was not the question asked but most of you will not know that at the point the Section 12 Notice was issued, all 19 of us were already at the AECC so whatever he was trying to do, it was not preventing a ‘march’ from McDonalds to the AECC since we had already arrived!



    One further point, we have yet more evidence of Police Service of Scotland interference in FAC activities…….more of that later – once we have submitted the relevant official complaint!

  20. Jungle jim


    It says to me that most of the players playing tonight will not be starting next week in the big game. Almost certainly the team to start next week will be the team starting Friday nights friendly. What I found interesting was that the same team started the first 2 friendlies and actually played for over 60 mins in the 2nd game. That suggests to me that will be very close to the starting team next week with Forster and izzaguire probably slotting in.

  21. Neil canamalar



    Vetting is, of course, mandatory. The very nature of the work, in an institution where one group of people have total power over another, creates an atmosphere where abuse can start and become accepted. More stringent record keeping and the encouragement of whistleblowing is a step in the right direction.

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