Glasgow City Council predatory act on Celtic fans


There are a few takeaways from Saturday’s straightforward win over Airdrie in the Scottish Cup.  We are still missing penalty kicks.  Those of us who were around last time we met Valencia in 2001 have a nervous reaction at the thought of facing the same side later this month, where the outcome could again be determined from 12 yards.

It is a while since we last failed to win a domestic trophy, but on that occasion we exited the Scottish Cup on a penalty kick competition.  This remains the most likely chance anyone has of denying Celtic a trophy and should be regarded as a priority at training.  We have a month before the second leg against Valencia, let’s be prepared.

Scott Sinclair should have had a hat-trick.  His penalty miss was followed by a chance from inside the six yard box before an open goal.  This was an identikit of the chance Kris Ajer missed late in the game against Salzburg – a knee-high cross is met but the player cannot keep the ball down.  Poor technique, but this outcome is common, so it is not as bad a miss as it looks.

With the outcome settled, the North Stand assistant referee raised his flag to deny Scott, despite two Airdrie defenders playing him onsite.  There was nothing malicious in this, it was just rank bad officiating and a timely reminder that our game is not run in a sufficiently competent manner.

It feels churlish to complain after winning 3-0 but you know a similar decision is likely to cost us next time.

Oliver Burke didn’t look like a centre forward (which he is not).  Timothy Weah did.  His movement marked him out even before his cool finish.  He will do well in Glasgow.

Glasgow City Council are trying to make it very difficult for most of us to get to Celtic Park in future.  They have proposed a 1 mile parking exclusion zone around the stadium.  This means the nearest you will be able to park is 1 mile away, the majority of us will have significantly farther to walk to and from the game.  If you approach the stadium from the east along London Road, this means the nearest car will be able to park at the entrance to St Peter’s Cemetery.

A few points on this:

Celtic Park is not catered for by public transport on match days in anything like the volumes required to remove thousands of people from the area.

Despite this, Glasgow City Council insist that fans must use public transport to attend Celtic Park after they remove parking facilities.

They have refused to offer any explanation as to how this could be achieved, or to facilitate additional public transport.

Forcing people to walk many miles to and from Celtic Park will only displace parking problems to a different area of the city.

It will mean people have to arrive at their parking spot up to an hour earlier and will reach their cars after the game an hour later than is currently the case – increasing the on-street parking burden for a new set of residents.

After Friday, it will be too late to object.  You have until 5pm on 25 January to email:

…advising the Council that their plans are inappropriate and will cause significant problems to you, other road users and residents.

Other stadiums in the city are served by public transport, including underground stations.  This is a predatory attack on people attending Celtic Park, please consider objecting before it is too late.

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  1. !!BADA BING!! on 21ST JANUARY 2019 12:13 PM


    TRADITIONALIST88 on 21ST JANUARY 2019 11:46 AM


    Rumour that we are signing Dominic Iorfa on pre-contract, Wolves CB, on the Celtic Star website


    CV is very ordinary, hope not….HH




    I posted that news on here last night before Celtic Star…wonder where he got it from!


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  2. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    The clydebank supporters trust need to direct all their complaints to polis scotland, they ear fully responsible for delaying them for 20 minutes to allow a build up, looks stage managed if statement is true. Really wouldn’t surprise me is polis scotland had a couple of agent provocateurs to throw missiles.



    Karma for New Orleans in my opinion as their last super bowl win was due to some very dubious officiating in their favour during playoff run.


    Courageous recovery and hope for a city devastated by a hurricane was great for ratings and the subsequent pot of gold in advertising.


    Also Payton should have been sine died for the bounty scandal.


    Last night was unfair but as i have often posted it’s all about the money.


    LA are spending a fortune on a new stadium and with the Raiders decamping to Vegas they are now a big draw in tv revenue so them being in finals is financially great for league.


    The City/Liverpool title battle is great for ratings and to keep that going is vital to earnings and refs understand what decision’s have career impact.


    Likewise painting as enthusiastic and a character against Pep’s more guards approach has viewers/neutrals intrigued.


    Unfortunately for the Huddersfield’s of this world they carry no financial impact so ref officials know there would be no repercussions to getting it wrong.


    AS for the cheat with flag on Saturday he knows it was a good career move.



    Likewise painting Klopp as enthusiastic and a character against Pep’s more guards approach has viewers/neutrals intrigued.


    Should say above.Pushed button to quickly.

  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Airdrie were liquidated, clydebank is the club that changed its name

  6. When are the Board,having the meeting with Fleming and the SFA,re ‘transparency ‘,or do the fans not count?

  7. LENNYBHOY on 21ST JANUARY 2019 7:00 PM


    Hi D.


    I hope you and your loved ones are well.


    Indeed, you did and thank you for the information. I, for one, am always grateful.


    Plagiarism by Celtic Star.


    Hail Hail



    Probably got it from someone on Wolves Quick New who drove the dumpling to the airport when he was meeting with Celtic about signing;-)

  9. Stairheedrammy on

    There is no place for violence at football- so I wonder if the Airdrie Trust statement explains why they had so many middle aged, skinhead, English supporters clad in Stone Island at the game. Why their Section B linked with Tommy Robinson who had an invite up, why their support rampaged through the Barras, why they sung sectarian songs throughout and why they let off a smoke bomb while those women and children from their own support were trapped in amongst them. I guess that would explain any violence shown towards them.

  10. Why did the Police stop people for 20 minutes on Saturday, because they can and operate in any way they want, I asked about the crush report, now this from Saturday you would think Celtic fans are getting out of control, parking issues, maybe someone wants the capacity reduced , just thinking out loud.

  11. Several years ago I wrote an article for one of the sites titled “Let the People Sing”. Now that this contentious subject rears its ugly head once again here again is my take on it.



    Like most of my generation I sang rebel songs with gusto although there was nae reference tae the reigning monarch or her son in the Merry Ploughboy and Roamin in the Gloamin wisnae popular at the time, but the “Bells of Hell etc” got laldy.



    We had our own version of “Hello Hello which include the Bisley boys” “follow follow” with the line “it was green white and gold with the Pope on the fold” and “we will hang john Knox on the barren rocks as well as “should we go tae derry’s walls, ibrox park and the orange halls up tae wur knees in orange blood we’ll follow on.



    Once Calum Kennedy or mibbees Andy Stewart, funny how nobody wants tae lay claim tae recording this dirge, released follow follow in opposition tae Glen Daly’s “For it’s a Grand old Team” then we dropped that particular song.



    Rebel songs have been sung since club patron Michael Davitt laid the first sod, a divot of Donegal shamrocks in the centre circle, in the company of the Celtic directors many of whom were either members of or sympathetic to the Irish Land League along with Ulster born John Ferguson de facto leader of the Irish nationalists in Glasgow and spokesman for the Highland Land League and a hearty version of “God Save Ireland” was sung.



    I had been coming hame regularly between 1989 and 2001 and attended games with one of the local CSCs. I had noticed that at certain games, usually away ones, the rebs were fairly belted out and during this period “Aiden McAnespie” was a great favourite.



    Now myself I’m 2nd generation Scottish on my da’s side but often thought that the generations after us would soften toward the oul country, not so it seems, and when I asked about this was informed there were certain grounds in the country where our support lay it on thick, swinecatle, brockville and starks park come tae mine although I do believe we like the latter now lol.



    As for that squirrel about Jock going intae the crowd at annfield IMHO it wisnae about the rebs, don’t forget that Sligo born Sean was his right hand mhan, it was the add ons the urinated him off.



    This was the opening LC game of the 1972/73 season and that day I was in at Boagheid listening tae the calvinists abusing “Harry Harry, Lou Macari and Kevin Barry” as well as Jinky and the Mother of my Saviour.



    Now I know that 2 wrongs don’t make a right but sectarian chanting was on the increase in the best wee bigoted country in the world.



    We had also started to get invited tae more testimonials down south while deidco were poisonous, don’t forget this was just after they had wrecked Barca spray painting over churches and holy relics in the city, incidentally aerosols could not be bought in Spain at the time so their usual deflecting fell on deaf ears.



    Our side that day included 11 ben afflecks and Kenny, however apart fae Jock and Jimmy Steele on the bench we had previously cheered on the faither, big tam, wispy and wee ten thirty of the Lions side among others. Jock didnae want us tarred with the same brush as deidco and their embra brithers.



    I don’t sing rebs anymore, cannae remember the last time I listened tae them either, I’ll put that down tae an age thing but it’s part of our clubs heritage so as I said a few years back and as the p.a. at Parkheid keeps playing. “Let the People Sing”. That’s people BTW not peepul lol.

  12. The peepil are sick to their back teeth of a triumphant, jubilant Celtic team at the head of a happy, healthy and successful Celtic support.



    The peepil and thur brithers are prone to fighting back in their sleekit underhanded way, hence the crowd control shenanigans from the Boys In Bloo and the parking prevention measures. If that all attracts bad headlines for Our Great Club, they’ll be chuffed.



    Scotland’s Shame.

  13. Stairheedrammy on

    New research suggests that up to half of the original garrison at the GPO were either English or Scots- generally second or third generation immigrants. Some on here would have chastised these young guys as clearasil rebels for getting involved in an event that might offend people.

  14. Brendan Rodgers saying what he said in the last transfer window, Quality players need to come in,never happened, quality players leaving yes,with no replacements,a crime and who’s fault is that, fairly and squarely with the Board, Dermot Desmond,Peter Lawell,and possibly Brendan Rodgers,and Lee Congerton to,and they will do the exact same thing this Transfer Window,

  15. FAN-A-TIC on 21ST JANUARY 2019 7:11 PM



    TONTINE TIM LA are spending a fortune on a new stadium and with the Raiders decamping to Vegas they are now a big draw in tv revenue so them being in finals is financially great for league.



    *LA is an unusual city, the second-largest in the United States but hosted no NFL team between 1995 and 2015.



    At one time, the Los Angeles area hosted two NFL teams: the Rams and the Raiders, both left the city in 1995, with the Rams moving back in time for the 2016 season and then the San Diego Chargers announced on January 12, 2017 they would relocate to Los Angeles and become the Los Angeles Chargers beginning in the 2017 NFL season, both will eventually play in the Inglewood stadium once its completed.



    Having lived here for 44 years I can recall both Jim and Jack Youngblood, surprisingly no relation, and Fred Dryer of Hunter fame playing for the Rams.

  16. Surprised and pleased to see 2 SNP MPs in Westminster today when questioning the PM regarding Brexit and the ‘back stop’ raised the fact that today marks the centenary of the 1st Dáil Éireann. Where Sinn Fein MPs elected to Westminster refused to recognize the authority of the British state and declared an independent Irish state and legislature. 34 of the elected Sinn Fein MPs were unable to attend as they were imprisoned by the British. A roll call was taken, when the names of those imprisoned were called it was followed by the reply ‘fé ghlas ag Gallaibh’ – imprisoned by the foreigners. Sinn Fein won 73 of the 105 seats contested in Ireland during the 1918 General election.


    On the same day the first shots of the Irish War of Independence were fired when members of the RIC were ambushed and killed in Tipperary by the Irish Volunteers (IRA)

  17. !!BADA BING!! on 21ST JANUARY 2019 1:24 PM


    BR on Paradise pitch: “There’s a disease in the surface so it’s unfortunate really. We have a great team of ground staff and the guys are working very hard to make that right.”





    Is that a reference to Sevco?

  18. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TONTINE TIM on 21ST JANUARY 2019 6:48 PM


    As for that squirrel about Jock going intae the crowd at annfield IMHO it wisnae about the rebs, don’t forget that Sligo born Sean was his right hand mhan, it was the add ons the urinated him off.






    This you call a squirrel .





    We`ll have to disagree .



    ” The cause of Jock Stein’s anger at Stirling was the sight of an Irish tricolour and the chanting, with handclapping, of “IRA.” The Ulster situation is beginning to show in football with one side chanting “UDA” and the other reply­ing with “IRA.” Sadly, those involved are very young. “

  19. !!BADA BING!! on 21ST JANUARY 2019 10:03 PM


    Weah has to start on Wednesday, need to score a few next few games to get GD up as well






    I think so, but i have a feeling we might go with Johnston up front.

  20. ADI_DASSLER on 21ST JANUARY 2019 7:21 PM



    Canamalar Apart fae that…..My experience of (old) Airdrie fans were …scum



    *I have mentioned before my last SC Final at the national stadium, big Billy’s last appearance in the hoops. Just over 6 weeks later and I would leave the country for the 2nd time.



    I was now married with 2 weans who were now at school, I was in the enclosure opposite the main stand with my 2 mates one of whom never went tae the same schools as us bit a huge Tim.



    We didn’t wear colours anymore, smart but casually dressed, nae lanny either just a couple of cans to whet our thirst on this sunny afternoon, we had also graduated tae the stand at Parkheid so our Celtic end and Jungle days were over, in a sense we had grown up.



    Standing there that afternoon just waiting on the sides to come out surrounded by family’s, fathers and sons, as you would expect in that part of the ground and older men when this crowd of scruffy diamond supporters appeared, not that young either pushing and jostling their way in.



    All of a sudden the air turned a bit venomous, “ get intae these Irish bassas” and other such chants were aired, looks of concern went on the faces of the parents as they pulled their sons/daughters closer to them and made to move away which in such a congested area wisnae very easy.



    Now I might have been a bit older but looking back mibbees not wiser as any perceived trouble could have interfered with my emigration plans but I’m not a shrinking violet either and quite honestly a bit of a big mooth at the time so I let loose with “c’mon the Pope’s 11, cmon the kafflicks” at that they ran away, nae kidding, just as they were leaving, one of them, a wee gnome with the map of Donegal spread all over his face, turned tae me and said ‘nae offence big man, I’m a kafflick tae just came here straight fae the pub with my mates.



    Looking back it was a bit risky and not very nice.

  21. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Mac jay and Tontine Tim: Interesting reading of both of your recollections re the singing of ‘songs’ and going by macjay’s input from Celtic Wiki he refers to 1972…. Yours I take to be earlier but could be wrong.


    In 1969 when a group of members of the Saltcoats CSC wanted to form a club from their own town,Ardrossan,(though that in itself was not the main driving force’ the selection of the club name came down to a vote amongst organisers between Ardrossan CSC,St. Peter’s Ardrossan CSC and the well known and obviously winning name Ardrossan Garryown CSC.,so unless the majority were followers of the egg shaped ball ,I would suggest the rebel songs were going strong then.


    As an aside, I detest ‘add-ons,and changing the author’s or lyricist’s versions as had he/she wanted those changes that’s how they would have been written!


    Bed now.Tenerife manana.

  22. Tontine Tim 6.48


    Despite my limited knowledge of American fitba I couldn’t believe that the helmet to helmet crash didn’t result in a different outcome.


    I backed LA , only because I’ve got pals over there and loved my visits , including watching games at 6am in the LA CSC.


    With regards to VAR , I would have thought that if it was in place , then Scott Sinclair would have had the hat trick he deserved. Am I wrong ?



    Btw . I enjoy your recollections from games in the past. Keep them coming. HH

  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TONTINE TIM on 21ST JANUARY 2019 10:22 PM



    The truth will out.



    It would just be silly to ignore the roots of Glasgow Celtic . To ignore our association with Ireland and Catholicism . And to celebrate those associations in song .


    ” On Erin`s green valleys look down in thy love ”


    Now what an anthem that was for a young snotty nosed lad.


    Understandable in response to the virulent anti Catholicism so prevalent at the time.


    Defiance in the face of sectarianism ? Yes please.


    Particularly in the face of a social environment of anti Catholicism in which I was well schooled in my younger days and later.


    Inappropriate then , however . Inappropriate now .


    Then came a lorry load of volunteers .


    Late `60s , my own favourite , the Merry Ploughboy .



    The Birmingham bombings in `74 sickened me for all that .



    What is the relevance of any of that today , particularly when there are rumblings of a return to open warfare in Derry ?


    If we want acceptance from the general Scottish community , and I do , then we should ditch some of the stuff currently sung and encourage our fellow fans to do the same .


    It`s in the interests of Celtic



    Hail Hail

  24. Bada Bing


    Good stuff. The more I watch it , the more I’m getting interested in the game . Having a wee financial interest always helps.


    I will back them again in the big one on Feb 3rd.

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