God help Benfica if Celtic are inspired by Estadio Nacional


Years before Celtic Quick News I was at an event with ten of the Lisbon Lions in attendance, before playing football later that evening.  They say you should never meet your heroes but ‘they’ never met the Lions.  Bobby Murdoch asked about my job and spoke about his wife’s job, showing the kind of interest in people, and pride in his own family, which was refreshing from a football legend.

Jinky was Jinky; irrepressible.  He was last to arrive and as he walked into the room looked at his team mates with a cheeky grin, “Am I in trouble again?”  Bertie Auld told me we should have signed Kenny Miller (this was years before we did) but Tommy Gemmell, who knew a thing or two about scoring a great goal, said “Every goal I’ve ever seen was a great goal”.  Tommy was a full back who scored cracking goals in two European Cup finals but his point was simple, when they hit the back of the net, they’re all great goals.  Listening to him talk made you want to go get kick a football.

That night I was absolutely buzzing, I went out and played the best game in my life.  Sharing in the achievements of the Lions had a profound effect, I knew I would play well, even before kick-off.

This morning Neil Lennon took his players to Estadio Nacional, yesterday telling a media conference, “We will train at the stadium again in the morning and let these players have a feel of what is a special piece of history for our club”.

God help Benfica tonight if the spirit of that great old stadium seeps into the pours of the Celtic players today. Let me at them!

Delighted Downfall has finally been reviewed!  Positively too, you’ll not be surprised to learn.

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  1. Celtic Soul Brother- Supporting Kano 1000 & Geordie Munro



    Pal in work sent to me, had wee giggle at it :)

  2. greenmaestro



    Great story! It is funny that it is sometimes just the little memories that make you appreciate what those guys did. My Dad once took another brother, who was only young at the time, by train to the game in Aberdeen. Turns out Big Jock had also decided to travel by train, and Celtic were on it. Got to meet Jock, Big Billy etc en route. Great days!

  3. Celtic’s previous games with Benfica



    12/11/69 – Celtic 3-0 Benfica


    26/11/69 – Benfica 3-0 Celtic



    17/10/06 – Celtic 3-0 Benfica


    01/11/06 – Benfica 3-0 Celtic



    24/10/07 – Benfica 1-0 Celtic


    06/11/07 – Celtic 1-0 Benfica



    19/09/12 – Celtic 0-0 Benfica



    Odds on a 0-0 tonight – 15/1




  4. Dare we dream ?……2-1 The Harry Wraggs…….sorry 2-1 The Lisbon Lions………sorry 2-1 to Lenny’s Lions !





  5. Could not let this pass.



    Lima said: “We believe we’re a better side than Celtic and it would be better for the Champions League if Benfica were to progress. “We believe we have better quality throughout our team and if we play well then we will win.”




  6. Who says Sevconians have no sense of humour. A comment from a Sevco Blog……






    “I remember Scotland had to play Danny McGrain at left back because a certain Mr Jardine was the best right back in Britain”






    On reflection, I could have left the words “of humour” out of my first sentence:-)

  7. The Battered Bunnet on




    Thanks for that. Benfica should beat Celtic at home. I agree.



    I think they may struggle to do that though, provided our bhoys turn up with the right tools tonight.



    Enjoy the Match and the City.







  8. DBBIA —



    Forgot to add this –



    LP — Push Push .



    A good album with a truly tacky cover

  9. Mort, I’m not encouraging gambling but if anyone does fancy 0-0, take a look at the ‘no goalscorer option’



    Its usually the same price but most will pay out if the only goal in the game was an own goal.

  10. Geordie Munro



    Good thinking. I never thought of that but with Gary Caldwell not playing, it limits the chances of there being any o.g.s :-)




  11. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    SoFa- I think they’re on ‘An Anthology Vol 1’



    I may just go to my default, which is the live ‘Statesboro Blues’ played as loud as she will allow, which is not really loud at all.



    Then a wee segue into ‘Zadok’.

  12. One can imagine how Mal the Killie fan will be feeling in the midst the day’s Celtic talk in the lead up to almost certain qualification for the bhoys.

  13. Victor is still sitting on a one match ban for his next booking.


    Hope the ref does not have him on his ‘one to watch’ list.



    Pierluigi Collina famously prepared for Champions League games by watching recent tapes from the two sides.


    That way he knew, which players were most likely to commit fouls , who the hard men were ( so he could stamp on them early, after their first “letting you know I’m here” challenge)



    It also allowed him to decide if a challenge an out of character clumsy (yellow) ,or a deliberate malicious ( red).



    If tonight’s ref (Victor Kassai ,Hungary) is following in the great mans footsteps;


    he will have seen that our only booking in our last two (Barca) games ….. was given to ….



    James ‘Hatchet’ Forrest.




    The Onlooker

  14. Anyone know where in Bradford I can watch the game?



    Number listed for Lord Clyde pub on celticbars is unobtainable.




  15. Looking for things to pass the time, went to asda to buy some nice wines n beers for tonight, then decided to get stuff to make homemade pizzas, was at the checkout, young boy, Campbell serving, “you’ve got a lot of drink here for a Tuesday?” I sing “aye, having a party in the champions league” next guy starts it too, wee Campbell, rid in the face, not one other word or help to pack, so I just take my time and chat to the next guy, talk about trip to barca and beating them at CP, the atmosphere, being there….as I am leaving…the guy sez to Campbell, “you goin up to Elgin? ” “naw we’re as bad as yooz” can here hunners of laughter on my way out, fair cheered me up!

  16. Celtic Soul Brother- Supporting Kano 1000 on

    The Onlooker


    15:20 on


    20 November, 2012


    Victor is still sitting on a one match ban for his next booking.


    Hope the ref does not have him on his ‘one to watch’ list.



    Think Miku was our only booking in the home game with Barca.



    Thought our discipline and fair play were exemplary in our 2 games against Barca-only 22 fouls committed(and not one bad one)in over 180 minutes was incredible-especially considering how much possesion we enjoyed!

  17. Gone for Spartak v Barca both teams to score at 8/11 in a wee early kick off flutter.




  18. Guys



    Still got the Bat Light up for any Pubs in London showing the game,



    Any recomendations are welcome







  19. mighty tim




    15:03 on



    20 November, 2012


    hT yep every step I take i hear a strange squeak coming from behind me. strange it is.






    There is a doctor in the house who may have a remedy for that!!! ;-)






    I’d get lost between Dundee and Lisbon!!!

  20. DBBIA .



    Never got the Allmans . Never bought any Allmans .



    Duane Allman’s session work shows him to have been a great guitarist .



    Statesboro Blues — Have it by Blind Willie McTell on an RCA Victor 78 — bought in Dens Rd Market before a Celtic game — don’t have anything to play it on/ never have had anything to play it on..



    Obsessive /compulsive CSC

  21. Anyone know of a pub on Soo’side (Battlefield area) that will be showing the game? Replies appreciated.




  22. Mort, lol



    This symmetry thing can’t continue surely?



    Where’s my debit card?? ;)

  23. brnobhoy



    The Cock Tavern, at the back of the British Library.


    The Sheephaven, five minutes walk from Mornington Crescent station, Camden.


    One near Cambridge Circus, in top half of Shaftesbury Avenue, the Marquess of something if I am not mistaken.

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  25. The Battered Bunnet on

    Side-letters, of course, had not been registered with the football authorities, the


    SFA and SPL. The spirit of their rules was that the whole contract terms should be


    registered. Suspiciously, no evidence was led as to who decided that the benefits in


    terms of the side-letters should not be registered. Non-registration of side-letters was


    40 incompatible with both authorities’ policing and disciplinary powers. For example


    any fines imposed on players would customarily reflect the disclosed wage. Nondisclosure


    would thwart the authorities’ powers.

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