Governance and the money that has to be found


Money has always been an issue in Scottish football, there is never enough to satisfy demand for what seems to be needed.  Previously, the requirements have been formidable: safe stadiums, but more often they have been less pressing: better players.

The modern training facilities Celtic and many others enjoy would be marvelled by all clubs as recently as 20 years ago.  Then there are playing surfaces.  Look back at old videos and you will see just how poor pitches were and how far many clubs have come.

All-seater stadiums, pitches with artificial lighting, which allow water to drain and remain mostly green throughout the winter, training facilities with dressing rooms within a miles walk of the pitch have cost the game an unimaginable amount of money in a relatively short space of time.

If you were around when the Taylor Report, released in the wake of the Hillsborough Disaster, mandated almost all top-flight clubs to rebuild their stadiums, you will remember the game itself seemed in jeopardy, needing to spend money it never had.

A causal look at any Premiership club’s accounts will convince you that there is no money for Video Assistant Referees (VAR), but like the stadiums, the pitches and the training facilities, money has to be found.  Society is on a trajectory where greater levels of customer service and administrative governance are expected.  What we put up with in the past is no longer tolerable.  Soon, we will not tolerate freezing our bums off for two hours with a roof providing only partial shelter from the elements.

Premiership managers met with referees and the SFA yesterday and agreed that VAR was needed, no chief executives were harmed at the meeting.  This would be one step towards better the governance we all now expect.

Celtic Charity Football Talk, Xavier Centre, Carfin

Saturday 19 January, 8pm

I am joining Tom Boyd and George McCluskey after the game tomorrow night for a question and answer in Carfin.  We are raising money for Vision of a Blind Golfer, to assist George’s son, Barry.

Tickets are £7 each, call Mick on 07827 975271 to book.  See you there.

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  1. D17



    We may not agree with Celtic on this




    We have, Hendry, Compper, Ajer, Simonuvic, Boyata, Benkovic and possibly Bitton, who can all play Centre Half


    There’s why Peter will not be signing off on any others ??? ( even though 2 of those have just over 4 months left with us


    For right back


    We have Lustig, Gamboa and Ralston – again 2 who have just over 4 months left on their deals



    How do we move any of the above on, to create space and feee up money to allow signings



    ( not my view – probably an accountants though ) ???

  2. NORRIEM on 18TH JANUARY 2019 10:49 PM



    The real question is how did we end up in this position with all those players and what steps are being taken to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Poor scouting and a money ball strategy imo.

  3. Hot Smoked on 18th January 2019 8:47 pm



    Norriem @8:38


    ” Did Celtic get to see Beatins match report, you know the one where he mentioned seeing 5 incidents involving assaults on our players, yet though acceptable”



    As someone posted earlier, just why would Beaton have included anything in his report about `incidents` which he had not fell were, in fact incidents?




    Beaton was at a refs gathering during the week addressing the Edinburgh refs, he apparently spoke well and said he felt the Sevco Celtic game went well, was a game of high quality football which passed with few major incidents. He didn’t think after seeing back the game that any incident warranted a red card (including the challenge on Ralston).

  4. Just watching the Late Late Show and it’s segment on Ireland’s greatest folk song. Aoife Scott, daughter of Frances Black (Frances is sister of Mary Black) singing GRACE.



    So proud of the Green Brigade for introducing it to Celtic Park.

  5. The Huddle



    How did he manage to get out twice this week without his Police protection



    More Nonsense and defelection

  6. NorrieM on 18th January 2019 11:07 pm



    The Huddle


    How did he manage to get out twice this week without his Police protection



    More Nonsense and defelection




    The ref I was speaking with (a jambo) was saying that he thought Beaton was wrong about the stamp, and it was a red.



    When I brought up the kick on Brown, he didn’t think it was red, despite him agreeing it was foul and that the kick wasn’t an attempt to play the ball.

  7. Easy way to reduce human bias is to ensure no official can ref team they supported as child or otherwise. Failure to disclose leads to automatic demotion/ suspension/ exclusion. Will never Stop mistakes regardless of technology.



    If clubs are gonna spend 1 million a pop to improve the game then set rules to get away from cheap astograss pitches.




  8. AN TEARMANN on 18TH JANUARY 2019 11:24 PM






    *he who cost BR a title with Liverpool, did he slip or was he pushed, by outside forces

  9. if you know your history.



    the moravcik67 youtube is the best video ever made,



    count yourself in to how many days you were there, the goals you saw, the past your father and granda told you about.



    i see you falling, how long to go.





    it just needs 2 add on songs the earlier history, and the last 10 years,



    its brilliant though

  10. Love is the only way to defeat hate.



    Neil Lennon is a hero to me.



    Neil @ Hibs is getting fitba players playing fitba the right way. The way you Love to see fitba played.



    Gem of a Man too – remarkable after all he was put through that he is what he is and that is Fantastic news to me.



    It isnae easy to forgive when people have done you wrong – Neil does it effortlessly – Gift from God indeed.



    He is still there standing. And Shouting and Bawling @ the game he Loves.

  11. I have no idea how all the constant whingers on here,every day,every week,have the bare faced effrontery to come on here and celebrate when another trophy is won.How bloody two faced can you get.


    The fekin belter of all time,”We are a badly run club”.What kind of a moronic statement is that.Whats worse,they feed off each other.One will come on with the usual crap,then the toadying begins.Boak inducing.


    Celtic fans,my ass.A return to the football tomorrow,and not aword about the game from the majority of the whingers.

  12. turkeybhoy,



    its late friday night, take a breath and post some music, give yourself a moment,



    go for it,

  13. Four Green Fields-Makem & Clancy 9/10



    Finally on youtube. Regarded by many to be the best version of the late great Tommy Makem’s signature song. This recording was played at the Tommy Makem memorial concerts at the Irish festivals summer 2007, shortly after Tommy died on August 1, 2007. The poem at the beginning is “Requiem for the Croppies.” Feb 6, 1983, At the National Concert Hall, video companion to the album of the same name.



  14. Turkeybhoy


    Always like your no nonsense posts and agree with most of them.


    Well run club, absolutely.


    Well run football operation, questionable.


    I know, 7 trophies etc. and I loved every one of them.


    But…without sounding like a Hun, we were 1/10 to win 10 in a row. We should, and if we don’t then I think we’all be set back decades.

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TURKEYBHOY on 18TH JANUARY 2019 11:47 PM



    We cop it from the msm.


    We cop it from the SFA.


    We cop it from the the huns and their fellow travellers .



    Why do we have to cop it from Celtic supporters ?


    Do they really think it helps ?

  16. Saint Stivs on 19th January 2019 12:24 am






    give us something from your youth, something catching us all .





    Never Ever give up.



    Mega m8

  17. Macjay


    Internal strife is sometimes healthy.


    As long as we keep the enemy in our sights.


    Anyway, hope you’re well mate, we’ll get a beer sometime in Glasgow or Sydney.