Green, Murray and transubstantiation


You couldn’t script that lot.  Charles-this is probably the worst Rangers team you have ever seen-Green is back, like a dose of something you never wanted first time around, appointed late on the day Rangers International receive a request for an Emergency General Meeting from rebel (hmm) shareholders.  The reason given to the Stock Market for his appointment was nothing to do with the EGM request, so don’t go implying it was a reactionary panic measure.

And who is behind the EGM request?  None other than Paul Murray, one of the few responsible for ensuring that Rangers FC (in liquidation) ran their affairs in good order.  His credentials for the position of Ibrox powerbroker are impeccable.

Before the news of the EGM was released, the Herald suggested, “Some informed sources believe the club will run out of money during this season”, as the Celtic online community has been asserting since their interims were published.

And yes, you noticed the transubstantiation from club to company.  I think it goes:

A club will run out of money.
A company ran out of money.

Keep the league flag flying high.
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  1. Kojo



    Saber Khelifa:



    Would be surprised if we sign this guy – he is undergoing some strife with his current club Evian (54 appearances – 16 goals).



    He is Tunisian and has been in France for 18 months – minus his wife and son (he/ his club cannot get them an entry visa).



    He has stated that he wont train (do pre-season) till the position is resolved. He will not be fit – he probably will get a UK work-permit (due to international caps) – not sure about his wife and son who reside in Tunisia.

  2. I’d rather have that problem Kojo than not have it. Anyhow next season can take care of itself, I want a win today of course I do but I want a win in Sweden a thousand times more. So our most precious commodities should be wrapped in cotton wool today. Play guys who need tgame time and give the new signings a chance to show what they have to offer.





    Aye,there’s a PULITZER PRIZE waiting for the journalist who breaks the story and gets the goods.



    These,as you know,are not available in Scotland,so more snottery soundbites to come.



    I sometimes wonder who will be the last to finally admit the huns are deid-the diehards who now love their bowling,or the MSM who love their pay-cheques.

  4. All Hail to John Keane, why has it taken so long to honour this man? Well a Hoopy Flag Day to everybody, seriously jealous that I won’t be there but at least it’s on the telly in HD. I’ve got a big bottle of Cobra chilling in the fridge that I’ll crack open at the KO then on to the Weißbier.



    Hail! Hail! to one and all and have a great evening. Enjoy the game, PMTYH.

  5. CELTIC (4-4-2) Forster; Lustig, Ambrose, Mulgrew, Izaguirre; Forrest, Brown, Ledley, Boerrigter; Commons, Stokes


    Subs: Zaluska, Balde, Mouyokolo, Matthews, Watt, Kayal, McGeouch

  6. It’s all right , the full nature of the crisis has hit them at ff



    ‘Of more concern was the disturbing lack of water. One ‘receptacle’ – we’ll call it a decanter because it seems like a nice idea – between dozens of people@

  7. followed by serious in-depth analysis



    ‘One may choose here to blame the publisher, but it’s not unreasonable for a club happy to offer substantial six figure sums to tiger-wrestling CEOs (and a brand new club blazer to Mr. Graham) to manage to divine some fu–ing H2O for the people.’

  8. Looks a very strong side. The anticipation levels have just soared now that the team has been named.





    Any more than that is considered to be a bath!

  10. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles



    16:17 on 3 August, 2013



    All Hail to John Keane, why has it taken so long to honour this man?




    He is a quiet, modest, man who wouldn’t even tell his closest friends what he did at the time.



    In fact he sought confidentiality from those who dealt with him in his transactions.



    He will be embarassed by all the fuss today over something he just did because he knew it was the right thing to do.



    One in a million.

  11. Compare and contrast.



    Flag day at CP in front of a, hopefully, near capacity crowd.



    Huns on a day trip to quaint wee Forfar.



    Never actually been to Forfar – I know it’s wee, but not sure if it’s quaint.



    Well it won’t be today with the orcs in town – lock up yer wummin!




  12. CQN napsters



    I am currently on holiday in the USA, naps comp will start again next week…



    I will send out reminders during this week…



    Fly the flag !




  13. I’m sure its a one off match Fav uncle, never heard of League Cup being played on Home & away basis.



    The much travelled Kris Boyd has pulled one back for Killie.





    Great to hear from you again!



    I hope it’s all working out for you over there.



    Still got those “letters” you posted in January,flick through them every so often.



    Reminds me of how lucky I am.


    BTW,first time I saw U2 was supporting SLF.



    Queens Hall,Belfast,IIRC.



    Long before they made it,and just after they released their best album (their first!)





    Dereliction of duty,I call that!!!!



    Enjoy yer break,bud. And thanks vm for kindly picking up the thankless task.

  17. Neustadt-Braw on



    16:22 on


    3 August, 2013



    Forfar is totally Braw! …born and raised there ….

  18. Corkcelt.



    at 16.16



    Perfect Answer,pal.. tae a Ticklish Question.



    Ah couldnae hiv answered it Bettah, Masel.



    Talkin’ aboot Izzy..



    Well.. Izzy , WON the Game fur us..agin the Swedes.



    Yes, He did!



    His Perfectly Flighted Cross.. Which Bounced aff the Heid of Commons.( It seemed tae Dae that.. Didn’t it?.. ed)( It soitenly , did, Ollie!)


    wiz so guid..



    That even Ah.. who Nevah Hiv Played the Game. wid hiv hid nae Trouble in


    Chesting the Ba’ over the Line~



    Izzy, is oor Secret weapon, fur Naebuddy Noticed, the Important Part which he Played ,in oor Victory..



    Ah only Hope that the Swedes didnae Notice..like Maist of the Celtic Fans, who didnae Notice. Izzy’s Magnificently Golden Contribution, in Getting Celtic thru that Important Fixture, wi a Wan goal Lead.



    Fur if the Swedes ,hiv Noticed. the Importance of Izzy..



    They Might .. Take Him oot…in the First Ten Minutes of the Upcoming Tie .



    Which Ah wid Hate.






  19. Neustadt-Braw


    16:33 on


    3 August, 2013




    16:22 on


    3 August, 2013



    Forfar is totally Braw! …born and raised there ….






    I will make a point of visiting it one day – when the huns are not in town.




  20. Ah like Neil’s Team Selection.



    That’s awe she Wrote.





    Stil Laughin’

  21. A bhun at work was saying he was a Dunfermline supporter (Aye right) and how good it was that they would be able to play TFOD II. For the money it will generate for their team you understand.



    Aye that will be great I said, just don’t let your dog out when they are there or it will come home pregnant.