Green: Scottish football effectively is Rangers and Celtic


Charles Green told TalkSport, “Scottish football effectively is Rangers and Celtic. I mean, there are many other clubs but everyone has to acknowledge that that’s a fact.”

No, no, no, no.  No.  This is not a fact, it is not even a credible opinion.  Instead it is deeply insulting to dozens of teams who conduct their business properly year after year. I have to ask, does he want this project to fail? He is effectively saying – Vote for this plan, you are irrelevant, we are all that matters and this suits our purposes.

It was this erroneous attitude which led to predictions of Armageddon this season.  Instead, the long-suffering clubs who have paid their bills, while others put money which should have gone to the tax man towards buying fooballers, are enjoying a rebirth.

Green added, “Scottish football needs Rangers back at the top and Rangers being a vital part of European football. That’s where we’re trying to get them.”

This is a great season for the SPL.  Financially responsible Hibs, who lost the Scottish Cup final to irresponsible Hearts, are top.  Celtic, with their manageable, low, debt, have just beaten Barcelona in the Champions League.  Aberdeen have their best team in years.  Attendances are up for most clubs.

Before adding, “The Old Firm is the world’s biggest derby.  That’s what world football wants, what broadcasters and sponsors wants, to see those games again.  God willing we’ll see that in the years ahead.”

“The Old Firm” is not the world’s biggest derby, it’s not even Glasgow’s biggest derby.  It doesn’t exist anymore.  As for it being “what world football wants”!  Oh dear.  World football has better things to concern itself with, and don’t bring God into it!

The authenticity of the “Rangers Football Club plc” slideshow presentation which appeared last night is not confirmed, but I hope it’s genuine. It is, literally, fantastic. Notions contained therein that provide for “colts” teams and league reconstruction which “could see Rangers progress faster through the domestic league structures” bring it into perfect alignment with the Scottish Football League plans, which earlier this week Charles Green revealed would be presented today.

I also loved the first point on the summary page, “Profitable business model using prudent assumptions”, despite no mention of future costs, or revenues, in the presentation. Nice that they have confirmed revaluations of property assets at £79m, a fraction of the value the assets were disposed for in the summer.

This will not end well.

The Andrea Kearney Fund have a signed Celtic jersey available for auction on eBay. The fund, in memory of Andrea, assists families of women who are diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. Since Andrea died, aged 41, four years ago, over 50 families have been helped.

You can keep an eye on the auction here.

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  1. The CQN Annual will have a Merry Tim’s Fun Page with a join-the-dots picture of our skipper giving El Bag Douche “The Broonie” & a Spot-the-Difference puzzle containing pictures of Craig Whyte & Charles Green (clue: there’s nae difference).

  2. Tallybhoy



    13:25 on 14 November, 2012






    I am very well aware that Eindhoven is not King Billy country – I was trying to be facetious.



    Obviously did’nt succeed!



    Lighten up.






    Naw, yer right……




  3. Kilbowie Kelt


    The Poll is currently running at 99% No


    1% Yes..Sally has damanded to know who the 1% are.


    He’s gonnae send them a prospectus for the greatest show on Earth.



    Tallbhoy, that from a team that have never kicked a ball in Europe


    you’ve got to laugh..



    Paul67 you are in fine form my man..

  4. A CelticQuickNews Annual! Wow, just wow! I’m up for that.



    I love Celtic Quick News….



    There, I’ve said it.

  5. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    The Green Brigade are building weapons of mass entertainment and we all need to be afraid, the very fabric of Scottish society is being threatened. Hans Blix has advised the United Nations and they have passed all information on to N.A.T.O. who are currently developing a strategy at Camp David.


    Meanwhile the Strathclyde Police are heroically containting the onslaught with minimum casualties. Yesterday our boys in the front line, the irrepressable Strathclyde Police staged a dawn raid and cautioned a known terrorist in possession of weapons grade materials, five coloured ink markers, six crayons and a bedsheet were removed from the unassuming location.


    The perpetrator one, Mr Irish Catholic, was cautioned and advised that an injunction taken out against him informed him his movements have been restricet, he cannot, be within 100 Meters of establishments where writting implements are on public sale or gratis, such as, WH Smiths, Woolwoths (theres a poundstrechers in partick and they still call it woolworths;O). Neither can he come within 100 meters of Lewis’s, TK Maxx, or any other establishment that have Bedding for public sale or gratis.


    Your security is our main priority, if you see someone writting or reading call this number 000000000000000000 and report this disgusting behaviour, if you have ever witnessed such disturbing behaviour let us know, we have trained specialists who know how to help you.

  6. proudbhoy




    The FTTT (Big Tax Case) result will be available for public scrutiny from Monday




    n’your pure lazy ;-)

  7. Philbhoy @ 13 13 .



    Benfica ?



    Watched their game against Rio Ave [ away ] Benfica scraped a 1-0 win . Their keeper [ and a ref who ref’d in favor of the big team ] kept them in the game .



    Their Manager wasn’t happy . Fans websites suggest their fans aren’t happy .



    Their form has been up and down . Lot of injuries and suspensions ..





    Ola John — Liberian / Dutch winger — a 12 million euro ” prospect ” looks like a right good player.

  8. bawsman



    12:08 on


    14 November, 2012


    Is he REALLY that incredibly stupid?



    The FTTT (Big Tax Case) result will be available for public scrutiny from Monday………Looks like he’s out of time.

  9. glasgowdave



    13:32 on 14 November, 2012





    430 votes.



    99% NO



    At least you will be able to tell Wee Swally who ONE of the NO voters is.







    Keep voting.



    SSB might want to give the results of this poll,..in the interests of journalistic integrity.

  10. This guy might be on to something…


    Twitter Jim Spence


    As the SFL discuss a new league structure. What would be your favoured league set up for Scottish football ?


    Del Hyslop


    @bbcjimspence 16 leagues of 3 teams, blindfolded players, no refs, multi-ball at 85 mins, goalies on springs #ForTheGoodOfTheGame

  11. Steinreignedsupreme on

    For the poll – No. The Huns are not missed. In fact Scottish football without them is far more enjoyable.



    As far as I’m concerned, the team currently based at Ibrox are not our rivals and they never will be.

  12. It would seem Green is on Talksport rather a lot these days, any reason as to why this has become his preferred outlet? Would imagine its audience in Scotland is tiny compared to the Record and the Sun.



    And totally unrelated, when I was a nipper back in the early 80s, I used to love going up on the train from Troon to Glasgow to spend my pocket money on albums and used to spend hours in a record shop on Union Street just around the corner from Glasgow Central. Anyone remember if that was the original Virgin store? LPs on one floor, singles on another, badges, t-shirts and posters on another.

  13. Truth_Beauty_and_Freedom on

    Dear Father Christmas,



    I have been a good Bhoy this year (honestly!). If I can only have one present please, please, please can you make it the CQN Annual!!! (If I can have a second then a bottle of 16-Years-Old Tomintoul would be very nice too).



    Have a Happy and a Holy Christmas,






    Dear Paul 67



    Since first reading this Blog (probably about 10 years ago?), what an amazing journey you have taken us on… To see an inaugural CQN Annual now available and to witness this Blog’s contribution to the level of irrelevance (certainly to Celtic Supporters) now ‘enjoyed’ (Ha Ha!) by the mainstream Media is just a joy to behold. not to mention the contribution to justice being served elsewhere.



    I sincerely hope and pray that the next 10 years are equally as sensational.



    Yours in Celtic,






    P.S. Top of my wish list for the next 10 years is an automatic filter that will blast all comments mentioning ‘The R*’ or ‘The OF’ back into Blogger-Space and simultaneously inject an electric shock back through the mouse and keyboard or mobile device to the offending Bloggers fingertips! :-)

  14. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    South of Tunis



    Thanks for your post!



    Mostly good news by the looks of it but Benfica are a tough team to beat at home, any time.



    Quietly confident we can get sometging if we remain focused.



    Take care.

  15. rothbhoy



    It is estimated that c65% of the population of greater Eindhoven are Roman Catholic.



    Not sure if the huns were aware of that when they visited last spring.




  16. Afternoon CQN,


    Paul, our old pal Chico Green should bring out a DVD for xmas he would outsell Kevin Bridges. He is a dream for the MSM with his rent a quote interviews, every time he opens his mouth he contradictes himself.



    Mr Lawell has an opertunity at this Fridays AGM to put the record straight on league reorganisation and this Celtic Colts in 3rd division statement Green has come out with. I hope he takes it.



    I also hope to hear that the SFL clubs have told Ballantyne and Longmuir to go back to the drawing board with their latest plans of three leagues of 16, 10 and 18 teams.

  17. I had to look up Wikipedia to find out who Ola Jordan is… she wears more make up than Jordan.



    Onyweys…..my daft colleagues have arranged a seminar on Tuesday evening of next week which clashes violently with another engagement (you may know the one I refer to). The earliest I can reasonably disappear would still mean that I’d be on a train for some of the first half and possibly even some of the second half if I were to go straight home.



    Therefore, I appeal to any fellow Capital, Foreign dwellers for information on where the game is being shown. Is the Cock Tavern at Euston still there? (I don’t mean have they moved it). Wasn’t there a place at Cambridge Circus?



    I will be in Tower 42, Broadgate so somewhere closer to the City would be ideal.



    Thank you in anticipation

  18. bawsman



    13:43 on


    14 November, 2012





    The FTTT (Big Tax Case) result will be available for public scrutiny from Monday



    n’your pure lazy ;-)



    Sorry buddy but am in oz and 7hrs ahead so miss alot on this sometimes sadly,wasnt sure if u posted on this article or on last one.



    So its not public knowledge that the details are out on monday ? But u have brought that to our attention so we can look forward to.






    God bless ye and the tic

  19. DeniaBhoy



    Remember the record store in Union Street very well – used to spend hours at a time in it myself.



    In fact were there not two stores on Union Street? A Virgin one and an HMV?



    I’m getting on a bit – the old memory not what it used to be!



    Used to come up from Troon also – still have a house there. Come back 3/4 times a year.




  20. Any chance the Liquidated mob will hold there hands up to their wee EBT admin error , ??


    fair play to Annan accepting they made a mistake and accepting the application of the rules



    Annan hold hands up in SFA Youth Cup






    Annan Athletic have been dismissed from the Scottish FA Youth Cup after admitting an error with the registration of three players who played in their 2-1 success over Montrose in the last Round.



    Chairman Henry McClelland said, “There has been an administrative error on our part that we have admitted to. It is a really sore blow for the boys and the club but something that we will learn from and it will not happen again.”



    “We could have appealed but that would not have been the right thing to do as we had made a mistake and it would not have been fair to keep Montrose hanging around.”

  21. The main article has been appended with details of an auction for a signed Celtic strip in aid of the Andrea Kearney Fund. Please check it out.



    Bawsman, I insist on looking stupid on a web site at least once a month.



    mihal, that old chestnut. Celtic should not and will not squabble with a lower league club. We have better things to draw public attention to ourselves with.



    Auldheid, indeed.



    southside, there is a lot of distance between us. Only Mr Green things otherwise.



    Steinreignedsupreme, true.



    glasgowdave, thanks.



    TB&F, thank you. It’s only been 8 years, b.t.w.



    DougC, what an excellent idea.

  22. Just watched Tyrannosaur on Film 4 with Peter Mullen,a kind of Ken Loach “gritty Northern drama” without the humour. Brilliantly acted by Mullan and the female lead,brutal stuff at times though.

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