Griffiths value outweighs the baggage


While there was plenty to cheer on Sunday, the sight of Leigh Griffiths, stripped and sitting in the stand was among the most encouraging.  Leigh’s contribution to winning the league last season, when his return to action after the winter break coincided with Celtic’s return to form, should not be overstated.

When all seemed lost for him on the news that he was not in good enough condition to travel with the squad to France in July, we discussed how it was foolish to write him off.  Leigh is one of the most natural goal scorers we have seen at Celtic this century.  He has natural pace, confidence and an attitude that will not easily be subverted.

At 30 and with a payload of baggage, it is unlikely he will illicit an attractive move, either for him or for the club, so I suspect (hope) he will be around to play his part this season.  That could start as early as Thursday, if we need a goal late in the game.

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  1. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS Sorry I should have mentioned it was the Vicky in Rutherglen I was referring to,I was in it a lot of yrs ago with my brother in law,who know drinks in Chapmans and I think before that in Croziers,anyway I had a drink with Sammy Lamont,any thanks for reply,Hopefully after this pandemic is over I’ll try and come through to the Vicky,many thanks again.

  2. Emeraldbee


    The sky over The People’s Republic of Dalmuir tonight is spectacular. Jupiter, Mars have been noticeable lately. Tonight the sunset and moonrise was incredible. Wish I took photos of both.


    Hope you are well sir. Miss our wee North Stand hauf time chats.




    Ditto my good mhan!



    We can only look forward and hope that the truly good times return for the fans. What a prospect it is to think of us in Section 102, jumping up and down like eejits, celebrating THE TEN, God be praised we do that!

  4. Just watched the Ferencvaros v Molde game, the best team went out, unlucky Molde if they play like this in the EL they will be tough.

  5. prestonpans bhoys on




    Think Ferencvaros would be lucky to win a point in the groups, another poor side which has put us to the sword in the CL



    Do you have any background, date, etc on your 12:18 photo, or the location or occasion of the 7:11 brammer? Thanks very much!

  7. PB


    Tried to counter attack at home tonight the Molde defence handled it no problems played 3 at the back to do so, no stupid mistakes was the difference.




    Thank ye! Will take a peek.



    I still use Unlocator to get iPlayer and other UK feeds over here.



    Ps Don’t judge me folks on the beeb thing. Still some good programs on.

  9. fritzsong



    I noted what happened in Ireland from 1968 on. Not once did any SNP person of note condemn what the army did there. Not Salmond. Not Ewing. Not McAskill and certainly not Woolf (‘We should support the Protestant British troops against the Catholic Argentines.) And not Sturgeon.





    Tim Pat Coogan gave a detailed account of the sack of the Falls Road. In his narrative he states categorically that Scottish troops were specially chosen to ransack homes and smash up religious statues. No doubt some of them are now your SNP friends



    and never once did your newlabour or old decry yourself a bit of sleekitry


    duality and downright nonsense.and you thought jeremy was ran out by others.


    he was a bam in labour til to late.your own party chased him..



    and ps after your insult the other evening i just think you gave not a jor of insight!

  10. delaneys dunky



    The proverbial Harvest Moon! Should be at it’s peak Thursday evening.


    Still time to get the picture!

  11. DD



    Are you a star gazer? Have a wee setup over here, 8inch Celestron. Get some decent views at this time of year and there was less pollution due to, eh, that Covid fecker this year. Got some good looks at Jupiter two weeks ago.

  12. lets all do the huddle on

    only 1 out of the 6 teams playing in the champions league qualifiers tonight actually scored a goal



    pish boring tourney



    wouldnt to be in it

  13. Aipple


    I am a stargazing dreamer. Jupiter and Mars have been spectacular lately. Best I’ve seen them in my life.




    Agreed, that was the the first time I have seen the bands on Jupiter like that, was lucky enough to have friends over as well so they got to see.



    Was out in a cabin in Red River Gorge couple of months ago and zero pollution, no clouds, laid back for hours and saw more shooting stars than I could count. Designated dark area 90 mins from here I am hoping to hit soon.



    Wax Tailor on the speaker added a touch as well……

  15. lets all do the huddle on

    The rags saying Ajeti will be fit for the huns game





    he wont play



    unless eddy is injured



    no way we will play 2 up front against the hun



    midfield numbers will take priority

  16. DD



    Pistol shots ring out in the bar room night


    Enter Patty Valentine from the upper hall



    Good song.



    Louisville is hurting right now, more stuff scheduled for release tomorrow from Grand Jury.

  17. So happy I moved to the ‘greatest’ country in the world.



    The US accounts for 4% of the world’s population but has 20% of COVID-19 deaths and 21% of the infections.



    Marvelous eh?



    Off to grab some vino before Debate starts.

  18. Aipple


    I am truly glad that I live in Scotland, and not USA. I have always had a US paranoia that POTUS would push the button and end the world. My fear levels are heightened with Trumpet. Thankfully I live a few miles from Faslane. I will go first. 😜

  19. DD



    Was a childhood dream for me, The Pogues, Christy Moore and their songs. I got to live through Obama but will not lie. Having guns pulled on you by loons (3 times now) stretches even the toughest Glasgow man.



    Came here at 29. At 45 I feel like 65.






    Ps Faslane indeed. You’ll not feel a thing.

  20. Feck suffering from nuclear fall out.


    Living so close to Faslane, I will evaporate before I know it. Blessed 😜

  21. lets all do the huddle on

    I’m not as convinced. Home game. Neil will want to go at them.




    just cant see it



    maybe eddy with moi playing behind



    i think the midfield decision will b more crucial



    all i can hope for is that it isnt



    forrest brown mcgregor christie



    but thats.just my opinion




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