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Those who want Celtic to stop with all the ‘ones for the future’ and concentrate more on players who are ready now, will be delighted at the prospect of Joe Hart (yes, I know, they will never be delighted).  At 34, Joe has the prospect of three years in Glasgow, helping to put Celtic back into domestic contention and into Champions League group stages.

He is 11 months older than Fraser Forster, whose decision to decline Celtic’s contract offer, after agreement was made with Southampton last year, precipitated so much trouble.  Neither keeper is at their peak, but Fraser was an incalculable loss, Joe Hart could go a long way to filling the gloves.

After securing star status with Manchester City and being first choice for England for seven years, Joe found himself loaned to Tornio and West Ham, before signing for then-Premier League Burnley, who required stopgap cover.  Last season was spent at Tottenham, largely on the bench, although he played 10 cup games.

A high profile fumble against Iceland at Euro 2016 was the Saka penalty of the day, ending England’s participation in the tournament, the incident lives longer in the memory than it would have in a different game.  He could have done better with the first of Leigh Griffiths free kicks that sailed past him at Hampden in 2017.  These and other circumstances combined to ensure he did not make the cut for the World Cup squad a year later.

I cannot tell you where Hart will perform on the spectrum between Fraser Forster at Hampden in 2019 and Vasilis Barkas throughout last season, it feels over optimistic to expect error-free miracles.  Nor is Joe a sweeper-keeper – an element of his game that hampered his ability to move to another top English club after Man City.

His abiding attribute is organisation.  Who does what, where and when, has been Celtic’s Achilles Heel in defence for a year, we can be sure this particular element will improve.  This, is the reason Joe is currently undergoing a medical.

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  1. onenightinlisbon on

    Premier Sports continuing where Sjy left off with the Sevco love in.



    Craigen a 100% card carrying hun – every Rangers tackle is fair, every Malmo tackle is poor.



    Huns look average, no more than that, unfortunately Malmo don’t look great at all.



    Expect the huns to progress through this one…

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Be interesting to see what kind of reception Republic of Ireland international James McCarthy will get in Scotland and if there will public outrage.

  3. Malmo 0 – 0 Sevco. HT



    The BBC says Sevco are the more “menacing side”. They’ve not had a single shot on or off target :/

  4. Sevco, minus Katic, Jack, Morelos, Balogun, Kamara and Roofe, untroubled by Malmo so far. McGregor has had nothing to do, except one routine save. Unfortunately, I think they will get through this round.

  5. For all our faults and weaknesses, we would have beaten Hearts, or went 2-1 up at least had it not been for deliberate cheating by both the linesman and the referee. As well worked a goal as you will see this season, and never ever offside. Not to say we wont win despite them, but as long as this masonic cabal runs refereeing in Scotland, these decisions are always waiting to happen.

  6. onenightinlisbon on

    !!BADA BING!! on 3RD AUGUST 2021 6:51 PM



    He will bring it on himself what with his shocking disregard for the wearing of the poppy……

  7. INIQUITOUSIV on 3RD AUGUST 2021 6:51 PM



    Me too although I have a feeling (maybe through hope more than anything) that Olympiakos might be a step too far.

  8. I don’t enough about Malmö to know if they’ve any players missing themselves.



    I’ve seen a very even half of football, low on quality from both sides but lots of effort.



    Anyone’s game.

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    BBC Scotland shows 10 seconds of McCarthy…..taking out Milner from Liverpool….

  10. Something to consider:




    Nature Headquarters


    Year established 2012


    Describe your Company and attract Business opportunities (SIC07) Operation of sports facilities (93110)


    See the Kompass classification


    Registration no SC437060


    No employees 100-249 Employees


    Kompass ID? GB08502131




    1) The Ibrox club (new as we can see above) have won the title for the first time and now feel that they are ‘again’ top dog in Scotland. They are bristling and pumped-up.



    2) Stewart Roberstson has been elected to the SPFL board.



    3) Stewart Robertson publicly criticises the SPFL deal with SKY, saying that it is a paltry sum for the Scottish TV rights.



    4) The Ibrox club now take issue with the Cinch sponsorship and refuse to carry the logo. They say it impedes other business operations.



    These four events could mark a new chapter in Scotland. Ibrox needs cash, and lots of it going forward. I suggest items 2)3) & 4) are not random events, but the opening salvo in a concerted effort of an emboldened Ibrox administration to wrest their broadcast rights away from the SFA/SPFL and into their own hands.



    They probably reckon that they could, at a conservative estimate, sell their TV rights for £30/month to say, one hundred thousand subscribers – that could give an annual pool of around £30m+ per annum. Bear in mind that the prize for winning the SPFL is c£4m. There would also be extra income from advertising and other offshoot opportunities.



    Celtic could of course do the same.



    I don’t want to speculate how other teams in the league set-up could be treated if the SKY deal went belly-up, suffice to say there would be more than enough in the ‘big two’s overall deals to compensate other Premiership clubs at least at their current SKY levels.



    Just thinking out loud about Celtic – how many subscriptions could we sell world-wide? 200,000 could provide an income of around £70m/year… that puts us almost in the same ballpark as some in the EPL.



    I believe their is a new game afoot!!!

  11. Just shows you – 2 mistakes in Europe, each severely punished. The Swedes had done nothing, now hopefully coasting.

  12. !!BADA BING!! on 3RD AUGUST 2021 6:59 PM


    BBC Scotland shows 10 seconds of McCarthy…..taking out Milner from Liverpool….




    Saw it. Pathetic. Game definitely on BBC on Thursday. As the huns go 2 down. Might be a very good day.

  13. Is this ref from Lanarkshire? Malmo had a stonewall penalty not given. That would have buried Sevco.

  14. Does anyone know if sevco get ko’d this round do they go straight into the Europa or do they have to play a qualifier?

  15. jackiemac



    Not quite sure who the “English” were that you refer to, but surely it wasn’t those who were crushed by the Normans. But you need to go further back to find someone with a better claim to the begetters of genocide, the Romans, and in particular Hadrian, but not on these isles but later in the middle east, the victims, you guessed it, the Jewish population.

  16. Yes, a 3-0 would be good but I’d settle for 2-0 👍🏼




    Was reading a Spurs fan earlier saying Hart played most of the Europa games last season and was playing as a sweeper keeper no bother.



    He also mentioned how, due to no fans in the stadium, you could hear him shout orders at the team all the way through the game.



    So much so that the commentators mentioned how he never shuts up.



    I think we’ve been missing big characters in the team, and I’ve heard an recently ex player was saying the same, so I’m delighted with the 2 signings.