Hart here to provide organisation


Those who want Celtic to stop with all the ‘ones for the future’ and concentrate more on players who are ready now, will be delighted at the prospect of Joe Hart (yes, I know, they will never be delighted).  At 34, Joe has the prospect of three years in Glasgow, helping to put Celtic back into domestic contention and into Champions League group stages.

He is 11 months older than Fraser Forster, whose decision to decline Celtic’s contract offer, after agreement was made with Southampton last year, precipitated so much trouble.  Neither keeper is at their peak, but Fraser was an incalculable loss, Joe Hart could go a long way to filling the gloves.

After securing star status with Manchester City and being first choice for England for seven years, Joe found himself loaned to Tornio and West Ham, before signing for then-Premier League Burnley, who required stopgap cover.  Last season was spent at Tottenham, largely on the bench, although he played 10 cup games.

A high profile fumble against Iceland at Euro 2016 was the Saka penalty of the day, ending England’s participation in the tournament, the incident lives longer in the memory than it would have in a different game.  He could have done better with the first of Leigh Griffiths free kicks that sailed past him at Hampden in 2017.  These and other circumstances combined to ensure he did not make the cut for the World Cup squad a year later.

I cannot tell you where Hart will perform on the spectrum between Fraser Forster at Hampden in 2019 and Vasilis Barkas throughout last season, it feels over optimistic to expect error-free miracles.  Nor is Joe a sweeper-keeper – an element of his game that hampered his ability to move to another top English club after Man City.

His abiding attribute is organisation.  Who does what, where and when, has been Celtic’s Achilles Heel in defence for a year, we can be sure this particular element will improve.  This, is the reason Joe is currently undergoing a medical.

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  1. News from Switzerland.



    UEFA referees committee has accepted an appeal from Rangers, that their goal tonight , should be reinstated to the “away goals count double” rule.




    Having this approved, the final score is 2-2 and Rangers go through on aggregate,

  2. A win is a win.They now go to the scum with a goal of a start.No matter what the media say,the difference in Bookies odds will tell you the difference a goal of a start makes.

  3. Good signings today but signing on fees only.


    Doig,Buta, Lovric,and Itikura on loan,we would be good to go.

  4. Went on to BBC web page to see what they were saying …..Chris Burke..first quote I read….rangers get lucky !!…….no shit sherlock…….another says….only teams to beat the huns at ibrox since slippy….leverkusen and Prague…….well celtic beat them !!!!!……..see whoever writes this pish needs to remember…..Malmo only need a draw !!….




    Doig, a six foot right back, Lovric and Itikura on loan.



    Fixed that for you!




  6. jackiemac



    Not disputing the history of Ireland, beit under the Normans, Plantagents, Tudors, Elizabethans et al, but rather your claim that the “English” invented genocide, think that was what you said, and offering up instead an earlier, though probably far from the earliest, example of what could now be construed as genocide, the Romans in the Middle East under Hadrian. Will take note and save the work you reference though.

  7. Ludogorets leading away to Olympiakos. Was kind of hoping they’d win but if they’re not good enough to go through then so be it.

  8. PHILBHOY on 3RD AUGUST 2021 8:47 PM



    Weren’t we linked with an American centre-back from Spurs too? Only quoted at £5m. For a 23 year old, that doesn’t sound like bad business.

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Olympiakos 0


    Ludogorets 1



    Is it falling into place for these fuds?



    Guess who the referee is?

  10. GEEBEE1978



    Carter Vickers.



    He has been on loan to Bournemouth last season.



    Not a giant (6′) but a big unit otherwise.



    He want’s to move away from London, wonder why?

  11. PHILBHOY on 3RD AUGUST 2021 9:40 PM



    I’ve not seen him play. It’s said that we want a loan but he wants to leave?



    Is he good enough to pay the permanent fee? Certainly has age on his side but with the Japanese defender linked on loan, it looks like we’d rather dip into the loan market to cover for the injured Julien.

  12. Olympiakos score against Ludogorets. 1-1



    Ludogorets finished bottom of the EL group last season with zero points and a goal difference of -12, including two defeats to Antwerp.



    Need Malmo to do the business I think.

  13. GEEBEE1978






    Looks like the sticking plaster route.



    Unless we can sell Eddy for decent cash.

  14. 2 good signings and the sevs beat by a team that are capable of winning at the Begging Bowl next week.


    Until yesterday I honestly thought every Celtic fan knew how clubs like ours buy players these days in regard to manager’s signings etc.


    Here’s a few examples from the last ten years-



    Lennon signings.. Hooper, Commons, Griffiths…


    Club signings… VVD, Wanyama, Kayal



    Ronny signings… Armstrong, Ajer


    Club signings… Pukki, Sepkovic



    Brendan signings… Sinclair, de Vries, Morgan


    Club signings… Dembele, Edouard, Shved



    Lenny signing… Turnbull,


    Club signing… Ajeti








    All normal stuff but the manager always has the final aye or naw.



    No club in the world gives 100pc control over signings to the manager.

  15. PHILBHOY on 3RD AUGUST 2021 9:50 PM



    Last season we had too many loan players and we’re paying for it now but I think one is okay. Of course, I like the idea of Carter-Vickers permanently but if Ange feels he needs a temporary fix until Julien comes back and Welsh (and to an extent, Murray) develops, I’d take that. I’m assuming Scales would be almost first-team ready too.



    I am slightly concerned we don’t seem to be in the market for a striker. Even if Eddie was staying and banging in goals, which he clearly isn’t, we’d still be light on quality there. Ajeti clearly isn’t in his plans and Griff can’t be trusted.



    Lots of people like to see Eddie benched but we literally have nobody else. I thought it was good that we got our money back on Klimala but the £3.5m is no good sitting in the bank if we don’t have bodies in the squad.

  16. LAXALT on 3RD AUGUST 2021 9:59 PM



    “No club in the world gives 100pc control over signings to the manager.”



    Bang on and even less so in the modern game. I read an article where Klopp said he has little to do with comings and goings but for this, you need a scouting team that’s fully in synch with the coaching team.



    The much-maligned Hammond hasn’t been replaced and I’m hoping that we see more of Ange’s stamp on signings.

  17. PHILBHOY on 3RD AUGUST 2021 10:01 PM



    “Shid ye no be chingin’ yer blog name”



    That reminds me, a few years ago when Petrov was sold, a contributor came on with the name “notafanofstan”.



    I’m assuming that person has changed his name if he’s still posting. Does anyone know if he’s still here?

  18. Eddy gets dropped, his value drops as well, I’m sure AP will have been told this,makes you wonder what Ajeti is doing at training as well…?

  19. GEEBEE1978



    Agree with most of what you say.



    The savings on the loanees wages must be huge! Looks like we are spending it well with the two new Bhoys today.



    Welsh I think was a right back originally and I’d play him there.



    I like my fullbacks to be tall.



    No disrespect to any who are not.

  20. £5mill here / £5mill there — soon you are talking serious money.



    We paid well over the odds last season for AA and VB and you have to ask who sanctioned the spend to the point that did the club pay any agents directly to help get these players in?



    And to think that 12 months ago it was CoViD19 central and we were kept being told that spending levels and prices were not what they used to be — so how on earth did we spend so much on so little?



    You can then add the transfer of CJ where a price of £7mill was well over his value to us — excellent footballer but all too often an over emotional bag of nerves.



    PL has a history of nickel and diming everything.


    Then at times he goes out and splashes the cash on some weird buys.


    You have to wonder why — if it doesn’t make sense then it doesn’t make sense.



    From afar our three big buys this season all look to be based on toppy valuations.



    JH and JMcC — at least the value seems to be a lot more apparent from the outset.


    Here’s hoping the SR CB — LSc — is next on the list as we desperately need some fully developed height.



    Regarding the rest of the wish list — we seem to need to sell OE before we can pay anymore substantial fees.



    Not a great place to be but we don’t seem to want to do debt.



    DD / the Irish Raj might have to change his mind if the TFOD2.1 get a sniff of the 22/23 CL money — if they make it through to that season as SPL winners we may trouble competing as the season ticket money falls off a cliff.



    Fool me once — shame on you.


    Fool me twice — shame on me.



    As it stands it is looking like club debt this season vs DD’s cash / rights issue next season.


    DD has a decision to make — he might lose 18 holes over it.


    It is that important.