Have no part of Ibrox farce


A constituency within Newco had enough of Celtic fans turning Ibrox into a party venue.  They decided an arrangement, that has been in place when Celtic visit Ibrox for longer than the host club has been in existence, had to stop, and convinced Newco to do their bidding.  Celtic were offered 700 tickets, an arrangement they reciprocated.

This is a farce, it is inherently unsafe, it incurs disproportionate police costs and Celtic should have no part of it.  Tell them the normal allocation of 7,500 tickets for visiting fans should be issued, or there should be no visiting fans whatsoever.

Celtic have an open invitiation to accomodate 7,500 fans or to reciprocate at a lower number.  In effect, this is a passive stance, ceeding the decision to one of Newco’s pressure groups.  It is time to take control, either there should be no visiting fans or a safe and appropriate number.  We cannot allow Scottish football to be ragdoll-ed by an angry fringe any longer.  I would be happy if we never saw them inside Celtic Park again.

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  1. It shouldn’t be a big decision for the club . Don’t let any of them in apart from old firm fc and the match officials thats well enough . But Robertson will tell Celtic what’s happening and that will be that .

  2. Dangerous individuals dictating to us. A them free Celtic Park is a joy and even mute’s our own Bad Boys!

  3. But that’s fittering about the edges of the problem PAUL67. The main crux is the endemic racism/sectarianism on show at every single game their fans attend. It is never called out, it is never shown to be what it is, never, that’s why they continually do what they like, wherever town or city they visit, and sing songs that belong in the 17th century. At this moment in time they are answerable to no one because nobody ever ask the question, “why do we as a society continue to allow this sort of archaic behaviour continue”? Our PLC should be saying out loud, rather than behind closed doors, that they will not tolerate that type of behaviour in our stadium, and for that reason, and that reason alone, they will no longer be permitted entry, por cierto

  4. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Yes,in an ideal world it would be nice for Celtic fans to attend Celtic Park to watch Celtic f.c. but there are rules in place that visiting fans be accommodated,so with the unruly,lowlife that caused trouble at their den in our recent clash,and their loutish behaviour at Celtic Park.It is time for Celtic fc to act with the relevant bodies to keep these people away from the home of the champions,they cannot be trusted.

  5. POR CIERTO on 4TH MAY 2022 12:51 PM



    They know not to throw missiles at Euro games.



    They know not to sing banned songs at Euro games.



    Their players know they can’t tackle and assault on the field at Euro games.



    This is a problem for sure but the tolerance and enablement by Scottish society as a whole is the real problem – I agree.

  6. Ban the lot of them…



    And whilst I’m on, having the kids section next to the away support is a really stupid club decision and should be revisited. Every home game has an element that brings with it that vile, aggressive pish the Huns have perfected in large scale but still not something you want your kids exposed to.



    Sort it out Celtic..




  7. Had a wee read at the grief for griff thread there , god that lad has been one silly boy but I kinda feel sorry for him whatever s going on in His head , The txt message carry on was a step too far , but he was a player IMHO a fit Leigh Griffith would have seen us going in at half time on Sunday a few goals up , the sitters our present forwards miss at the moment would have been converted , it’s a pity .




    From previous thread.



    Thank you for your reply, as my parents said ‘civility costs nothing’







    Again, thanks for your reply








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  10. An Tearmann on




    It’s nowt to do with the 700


    The cheating hun has already season ticketed the Broomloan Rd


    The cheating hun has to find a way to eat into the superior attendance at parkhead.


    Fergus built it and the Celts did come,60,000 over 49,000.


    The 700 is the red herring,the broomloan was sold last year and will be next.


    Have a meeting with the vermin,and just tell them no,and those spfl rules can take a wee 2012 twist,it’s our ground,assert the right to have a say who comes in or out our ground. It’s OK,I know that won’t happen are happy to see our players and fans showered in all sorts thrown.


    Ban the trash.




  11. prestonpans bhoys on

    Big Wavy



    We used to be in the original rows of the kids section many moons ago in 118. In those days obviously didn’t get to the hun game as our seats were forfeited to the hun. However the huns are not the only ones with unsavoury support.



    Mind you in say that we had a lot of ticket sales around us and in 119. A lot of these bhoys were completely plastered, we used to have a laugh and say ‘ how did he get past the stewards’😂



    I remember my cousin, ‘a Killie fan’ asked why the hell did they put you there. Anyway fare expanded now from my day there.

  12. Paul67



    All it takes is for good men to do nothing?



    The Sevco version of Rainjurz backed Celtic into a corner when they introduced the minimal 750 ticket allocation and we had no option but to reciprocate.



    Fast forward and we have employees including players physically endangered repeatedly on each visit to the Bigotdome. Sevco get more angry with every passing season, see George Square where they had to turn on themselves for their violence.



    Celtic should have acted in 2008 when the question of the vile sectarian Famine Song ( still being sung ) was raised in the Irish Parliament.



    We did nothing and anti Irish, anti Celtic behaviour, including ‘effective banning from football ‘ is part and parcel of life, never off the agenda just a bit older and continual.




    Clinch the Cinch CSC

  13. Well,you have connections Paul.How do they feel about this farce.No use all bumping our gums.


    Murray started this no fans nonsense,citing damage.No punishment.They started it again only through fan pressure.No punishment.Its always one way,and we let this go on.


    It is a madness,as you say,to go through this effort for 700 fans.With them having to be in the stadium 2 hours before KO,the extra expenditure on more police will be hefty just to police this.



  14. Ban them. If we had put them away last season they’d be well on the road to begging us to buy 7500 tickets from them. That has been put back by about 3 to 5 years in my opinion – IF we keep our foot on the football throttle.

  15. Totally agree -no tickets for the Sevco fans until they can learn to behave -which they are incapable of doing.



    Much better atmosphere when they are not in a ground.



    But the plc have a long track record in ignoring what we the season ticket holders and fans want.



    Also thought the recent derby games with Old Firm FC were played in a better spirit between the players. Interesting that the throat sliitting gesturer, Red Cards MoreorLess (less) did not feature in any of the games.

  16. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    I would agree with an approach that says either full stand (7500-ish) or zero tickets.



    Better for safety / police control in either scenario than this stupid 700 nonsense. The Club should (and may well already have) make that case to the SPFL Board and the Police – irrespective of what the hate-mob that control Ibrox want / demand. And I mean that should be the case at both grounds – either the full allocation or no allocation.



    I would prefer never to have them set foot in our ground again to be honest – much better atmosphere when you don’t have to invite raving bigots and lowlife into your house – but it is an ever-more-polarizing road we are going down (and I know – not of our making at all).



    Our Club benefits from our support at their dump, so I think that is what should be aimed for ultimately.



    Celtic FC and the SPFL Board could perhaps make their position on this crystal clear again – on the record – rather than allow that poisonous lot set the agenda.






  17. As I was at Celtic Park on Sunday can anyone tell me if the TV coverage commented -at all- on the referee appointment for the game given his smirking appearance in a Loyal theRangers pub after a previous derby game following Question(s) over his performance ? (and the fact that theSevco fans have a tribute flag for him).*



    In England this would of course receive extensive coverage eg for Liverpool v Man Utd EXCEPT of course it would be impossible in a professionally run league for this scenario to occur.



    *PS I’m not naive just mildly curious

  18. itsabouttim on

    Hear hear Paul! None of them… ever again. And even that would be too soon. We don’t want them and we don’t need. If we have to play then let’s play but that’s all.

  19. An Tearmann on

    Have no part in ibrox farce.



    What bit Paul?



    What part of the farce?






    To bastardize a board quote



    We would be most surprised.




  20. Whit bit am a no getting ? It’s easier to police 7500 bigots than 700 ?

  21. Bognor bhoy – I’m trying to cast my mind back to how they policed a helluva lot more away fans at Paradise before the ground was redeveloped. I’m guessing the old ‘rangers end’ held 20k (legally)?

  22. itsabouttim on



    If the current rules state we must accommodate away fans then let’s issue them with two tickets.

  23. I seriously question which party in this tokenism 700 insists on it continuing. Is it CFC, The RIFC, the SPFL, SKY ?


    It is certainly not Police Scotland or the majority fans of either club.



    As has been mentioned many times, there is an SPFL rule in place for a visiting support ticket allocation. Well, get the heid bummers of all the concerned parties around a table and agree that for season 22/23, for this particular fixture, no allocation will be available for the visiting support. Are any of those parties liable to object ?

  24. Uncle Jimmy on

    Had Celtic issued no tickets to sevco at the weekend, having issued at statement that we were unable to until the football and policing authorities had concluded their investigations form the Ibrox debacle, there is now way anyone would / could have complained and forced us to.


    The ridiculous scenario existed that the earloer Ibrox bottle throwers could have secured a ticket and been there last Sunday.

  25. Player trading for this summer, looks a bit miserly if you take a look at what we need to offload now. Now big cash cow at the right end of their contract ready for EPL pickings.



    How much we likely to get from this lot? Mostly loanees given their age / contract / lack of playing time:









    Julien (mamn)





















  26. BIG WAVY on 4TH MAY 2022 2:29 PM



    I don’t think we will move on that many players.



    I believe the following will stay:



    still in development;- Scales, Welsh, Uroghide, Robertson



    Not finished yet: – Forrest, Jullien



    Uroghide might go based on media reports.



    McCarthy is the enigma – 3 years on contract but always on the bench

  27. Tontine Tim on

    Bognor bhoy – I’m trying to cast my mind back to how they policed a helluva lot more away fans at Paradise before the ground was redeveloped. I’m guessing the old ‘rangers end’ held 20k (legally)?



    *they were just as bad back then, there was one huge game, it was a winner take all League Cup sectional game that comes to mind.



    We came back from 0-1 down when the missed a penalty and we had one chalked off to win 3-1.



    That’s not the complete story though, police notices said no flags or banners would be permitted yet their end was awash with them including butcher’s aprons, French flags complete with the compass and square craft symbol and the wee dike plugger on his white horse.



    One solitary tricolour appeared at the Celtic end where Glasgow’s finest en masse rushed in and not only confiscated it but lifted the perpetrators.



    Oh how they cheered and waved their banners triumphantly, that was the night the chant “you can stick your orange banners up yer arse” was first aired

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