Hearts away troubles since August


You and I are preoccupied with winning tonight to ensure the gap at the top of the table does not grow beyond the four points it was before this round of games got underway.  Hearts have a different focus; a win would see them leapfrog Celtic into second place.

Early in the season Robbie Neilson was back at or near the top of the table, enjoying the kind of form Hearts showed before he left for MK Dons five years ago yesterday.  His stay in Milton Keynes was a disaster and Heats fared no better with a trio of underperforming managers appointed in his wake.

Form soon slipped, especially away from home, where they have picked up only three points since August, half the amount they collected that month.  Since then they have lost at Motherwell and Aberdeen, while collecting a point at Newco, Ross County and St Johnstone.

I’ve read through match reports for the last two months, it is a tale of attacking abandon at home and belligerent negativity away, marked by red cards on their previous two travels.  We can expect shed loads of belligerence tonight.

They did, of course, beat Celtic 2-1 on the opening game of the season, but that was then.  Celtic have changed beyond all recognition in the months since, notably as Tynecastle debutant, Kyogo, settled into life in Scotland.  Two weeks later Celtic produced one of the most scintillating displays of the season to knock Hearts out of the League Cup, although the 3-2 score suggests otherwise.

Celtic are closing in on full strength going into an intense December fixture list.  If we deliver on our own potential, we don’t need to worry about referees elsewhere.  3 points please, Celtic.


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  1. “DAVID66 on 2ND DECEMBER 2021 10:33 AM


    Surely if Dundee Utd cannot fulfill their games at their registered stadium its 3 points us?”



    Does anyone know what David was referring to?



    Also, Big Jimmy, are you OK? haven`t seen you on for a while.

  2. re madhun tonight, watch how many times he stops play to have a friendly chat with the jam tart’s offender , he knows exactly what he is doing to waste time on their behalf for if never to be added.

  3. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Was a pen last night. Soft and no way Hibs would’ve got it, but a pen just the same.



    Get the job done Celts.

  4. The last game Madhun ‘managed’ one of our games he consistently stood on the left side of our mids, as an extra defender.



    He continually got in the players way, not just figuratively the 12th man but literally adding a block.



    Hope we get at them early get some goals.



    I agree, I expect bad fouls from them unfortunately.

  5. Paul67



    We always have to worry about referees, history has shown us that.



    This season so far, tonight’s referee has ignored an assault on Callum McGregor by Andy Halliday and wrongly chalked off a perfectly good Celtic goal Tynecastle.



    At Pittodrie, Bobby Madden awarded 27 free kicks against Celtic.



    We need to be wary of these cheats with whistles, but while our club continues to meekly accept this, it will continue.

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “You and I are preoccupied with winning tonight to ensure the gap at the top of the table does not grow beyond the four points it was before this round of games got underway”




    Hmmmm, yeah – if only partner club had lost we could draw and it would be a good result because it would close the gap!


    You might be preoccupied with other clubs. I’m certainly not.


    Three points please, Celtic – regardless of other results.

  7. Paul67



    Celtic would have been looking for a penalty as per last night, difference being Rainjurz got it.



    Hearts will park the bus like Livingston,



    team sheet latest…………………….James Forrest

  8. Martim 1980


    this seems to be the M.O. of mib`s at our games and their “game management”,lost count of the number of times this happens,Clancy was at it in the Aberdeen game as well,”running interference” on our left midfield in particular,they never take that position when the opposition attack,cheating still but less obvious,watch maddens` antics tonight!



  9. I will miss my first home game of the season tonight because of the ridiculous fixture change but will catch it online when I finish my zoom course.



    Good to see the football chat on this thread on a match day.



    Apart from Coneybhoy’s 10.59 effort, I found most arguments unconvincing.



    “You’se are all yoons!”


    “You’re talking Scotland down cause you hate it.”


    “I can smell your fear”



    on one side, and



    “Catholics will be treated terribly post independence”


    “English people subsidise your dole money”


    “SNP are uniquely corrupt”



    is just playground politics. Scotland’s search for Independence or Federation is not Easter 1916 so please don’t argue that tehre is only one voting option for us. You are insulting a huge number of your parents and grandparents who did not think like that,



    Back to foootball- a busy time this month and the team will need to bleed in fresh faces but Hearts , even at CP, is not the time to change too much. I expect us to start with






    Ralston CCV Welsh Juranovic (if Ange forgies him for that presser)



    Bitton McGregor Turnbull



    Forrest Kyogo Jota



    I’d expect Rogic, Abada, McCarthy and Johnston to be the subs. That should be enough to beat the minis





  10. So, another ‘park the bus’ mob at home?






    We struggle and it could be a tense one. Play Bolingoli and we might just get the left wing cross that Josip can’t handle. Stick him at RB to help out Jamesey. Play Tam Rogic and get him on the same wavelength as wee Kyogo for once. Play Callum at No. 6 and hopefully Turnbull proves to kick into form.



    Need to break the low block asap. A win. Any win.




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  12. SFTB, I thought that was a good post however I don’t understand the insulting parents and grandparents point.


    What does that mean?



    Serious question by the way I’m not doing an Ernie.

  13. big wavy on 2nd December 2021 1:27 pm



    I can’t see any way that TR would start tonight, I don’t recollect him ever coming back from one of his many injuries to go straight into the first 11, if he does Ange truly is a miracle worker.

  14. Terrible tragedy in Hamilton, just saw on the news that the the brother of the poor girl who was murdered has been charged.


    Incredibly sad for the family.

  15. BIG WAVY @ 1:27


    Need to break the low block asap.




    Never a truer word said.



    How many times do we see teams ‘throw the kitchen sink’ in the last ten minutes in order to get a result? Well against ‘shut up shop’ merchants, we have to turn this on its head and hit them hard in the opening twenty-minutes because the first goal changes their mindset and therefore the game.



    Since Broony’s departure we are missing a fulcrum and our transition can be hit & miss, which then decends into ‘pass the parcel’. Calmac offers so much in so many ways, but is not the answer in this crucial position. Is there anyone within the squad that can step-up? I don’t know, neither McCarthay, nor, Soro seem capable.



    Going in to the window we need to strengthen our spine – a central defender, a midfield fulcrum & another striker – whether they are out there, available in our range, and willing to come to Scotland….that’s a different matter.

  16. JHB,



    Mmmmmm…Broony was a great leader but had no creativity. Moving the ball at pace seems stuck between our CHs and Callum and gets slowed down, allowing the low block merchants to assemble in 3 banks easily. And of course the press is pretty hard to achieve from the middle when we have so many lethargic looking players who can’t do it yet (or ever).



    To play the Ange way we need another group of Ryan Christie types with good footballing brains, harassing the opposition high up the pitch and breaking the lines from the left and right (Ralston does it well with Abada but neither long term – Tony’s technique is poor and Liel is not really a winger).



    It’s all a bit hit and miss, pragmatism and trade-offs at the moment (which is not a great suprise) as Ange builds his teams through the windows.



    Let’s just keep winning in the meantime.




  17. Timmy 7



    ” don’t understand the insulting parents and grandparents point.


    What does that mean?”





    I am referring to the tendency to equate SNP voting with a Celtic mindset and so-called “Unionist” voting, with all its NI overtones, as a Sevco reserved position.



    All our parents and grandparents had the option of voting for an SNP that has existed since the 30s and other pro-independence movements earlier but they failed to see the comnnection between supporting Irish freedom from occupation and our much more nuanced relationship within an England dominated UK. Those ancestors were not traitors or Yoons because they failed to see the advantages of an independent Scotland and that type of language still disfigures this debate.

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    This bit from Paul67 made me smile ..



    “it is a tale of attacking abandon at home and belligerent negativity away, marked by red cards on their previous two travels. We can expect shed loads of belligerence tonight”



    The absence of text between the last two words says it all.



    Re penalties for Sevco …



    Respectfully …..



    Discussions, debates or comments which focus on “soft”, “seen them given”, “stonewaller” are subjective, easy to deflect, and miss the point.



    The central facts, backed up by incontrovertible statistics, are



    1. Scottish referees do NOT show red cards to Sevco players



    2. Sevco get penalty awards that 11 other SPFL teams don’t

  19. Gio can now deploy the tactical advange of the 6-6 -2 – reverse christmas tree formation



    with Madden and Collum alongside the back four, and the 2 linesman deployed as false wingers.



    bernie the bolt higgins in turn will be miked up to direct the formations from his box in the sky.

  20. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox on 2nd December 2021 2:19 pm



    Ok got it. I can only speak for my own family and for us its definitely been a generational thing and that generational thing is down to, IMO, the acceptance and integration into Scottish society. My parents would never vote SNP as they saw it in a similar light to many on here but my siblings and I have moved on and feel very Scottish and invested in the future of Scotland. I’ve had discussions with my mother of late on politics and she has been, again IMO, brainwashed by the British press. She regularly states opinions that have come straight from the Express or Mail, if anything she is less Scottish now that she was when she was born here in the 30’s. She tends to look back to a time when in her opinion Britain was a better place but in reality any investigation will tell you that life in general is way easier now than it was in the 50’s. I can’t fully explain why but it’s definitely related to growing up during the war.



    When I see similar nonsense being spouted about the “big bad proddies” on here from people of my generation it genuinely saddens me that they have not moved on.



    Anyway nice talking.

  21. 31003 on 2ND DECEMBER 2021 12:24 PM




    Seems Tannadice may be deemed unsafe due to storm Arwen



    TIMMY7_NOTED on 2ND DECEMBER 2021 12:27 PM


    Hot SMoked see the latest news article.”




    Thank you both.

  22. agree would like to see juranovic at right back and the irish bhoy scales given a chance at left back.

  23. BIG WAVY @ 2:12


    Let’s just keep winning in the meantime.




    Yes, 100% correct – no matter what we do to ‘fix things’, if we don’t keep winning it will all be in vain – for this season anyway.



    An Ibrox title this season doesn’t bear thinking about, and not only for the CL free-pass it brings. It will tick so many boxes at Ibrox & justify their modus operandi in the eyes of many. If we win, then their one in eleven, or, one in twelve, depending on the SC, record in competition is stark – last season will be looked on as a blip – GVB will be under pressure & we will have regained the initiative.

  24. Maybe ange having watched the players everyday actually thinks tony is the better right back.



    Who knows.



    I don’t care. Just keep winning.




    Re My Grannies n Grandads.



    They were of a time when the Labour party could do wrong, and rightly so as they didn’t. The introduction of the welfare state and the NHS were mammoth changes in UK civil society. Now we all take them for granted, not the people who work there, of course, but the institutions themselves, we expect them to keep us from poverty and in a healthy state, they are no longer seen as the massive changes they were at the time.



    So a vote for Labour was, apart from a political party of the working classes, a vote of thanks for a party who put the working-class first and foremost in everything they stood for.



    Change days changed days indeed!



    por cierto.