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  1. Kev of The Jungle



    An all out boycott against our club is not the way to go there are too many die hards including


    myself who would not desert them that’s for sure the only way we can shift power from them


    is by all getting together & buy up shares in our Club & seize control from the Bankers who are


    running it @ present not unless we can attract a true and worthy advocate who has millions of


    sheckells & really does have our Club @ heart & will take them forward but since there is no


    real money in Scottish Football then I would say that this alternative is highly unlikely which


    leaves it down to us the supporters to seize control via the overall amount of shares we need


    & have to complete the task @ hand







    I was at that match and managed to get a home supporters ticket which I used to get into the end allocated for Celtic fans. I understand many others did the same hence the over-crowding in that end. I’m pretty sure the middle section in that photo was meant to be empty as it was usually a no-mans land between the home and away fans for domestic fixtures. I got in a bit late and our fans either forced their way into the middle section or the police allowed them in, I’m not sure. Either way, that and the gate popping open prevented a much worse situation occurring.



    I do remember Brian Clough making a right tit of himself marching over to the fans on the pitch, grabbing a tricolour and demanding the fans get back onto the unsafe terracing. I used to have some respect for the guy but after that he just struck me as a complete fanny. And a corrupt one at that.

  3. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Ryan Giggs splitting up with his wife, If the divorce settlement goes 50/50 she’ll have 6 more Premier League medals than Steven Gerrard.





    Deeply saddened and shocked to read your post last night.



    My thoughts,and those of my family,are with you and your girls.




  5. NEGANON2 on 1ST MAY 2016 12:28 PM




    I know what your saying amigo.


    Money-ball is a PLC smokescreen.


    Take a step back….


    Some decent players are already at the club.


    Thing is….there isny a manager who could


    ‘manage’ them so, how do we know how guid these


    players really are ?


    We all thought that, Petrov and Petta were p#sh till….


    MO’N appeared.


    Savvy heid’s – CSC



  6. theglasgowcelticway on




    I watched highlights of the Forest game at the City ground the day before the Hillsborough decision this week. What struck me was how quickly the commentators in both games were informed that “Ticketless fans caused the crush.” Apparently 1000 Celtic fans climbed a wall at our game. Now,am I really to believe a perimeter wall had no police next to it and 1000 Celtic fans climbed it? How long would it take for 1000 fans to climb a wall? unseen of course. It would appear that this was a standard reply by the authorities for their mistakes.

  7. Saint Siv



    I know Brendan Sweeney personally & I also enjoyed the fanzine he use to write/type


    called welcome to paradise his coverage of days gone bye was superb + his humour


    (the 2 old muppets) was not bad either it was a good alternative to NTV that’s for sure

  8. fieldofdrams on

    Sure this has already been answered but how come Griff misses the first game of NEXT season and not the next game of this one?


    It’s funny reading comments about Celtic’s next manager.



    Everyone with an opinion. Sometimes cast from the most spurious reasoning and observations.



    Lambert seems to be getting “it” from the opinionated. For the avoidance of doubt “it” is that small spark that can burn the newly built house down – fan opinion.



    Now earlier, I read that Lambert never stopped in the car park after training, so someone doesn’t want him as boss. Honestly, cause he didn’t sign autographs, he should be disregarded ?



    Now, I Like most supporters love it when players bond with the fans eg I loved supporters club’s nights when players attended.



    But I think we forget sometimes they are just ordinary guys. Maybe Lambert is shy, introverted, many individuals are, despite their public roles. Maybe Sutton had to pick his kids up from nursery and is on a tight schedule – everyday ?



    I’m sure I read some acid comments about the players turning up for 10 minutes at a club event last week ? Shock horror eh ? Cast your mind back to when you were 20 or so. Did you want to sit in a work’s event or hit the town with your pals ?



    We put the guys on a pedestal. They are young men, who can have just the same features, traits, faults, favours et-al. Try not to knock them down from that pedestal.

  10. Afternoon folks,



    Well done the bhoys yesterday, shows what can be achieved when the team gives 100%. All the best to Ronny for the future, a nice guy.



    Regarding the new manager, been reading that it looks like Flores could be leaving Watford this summer. This is a guy who I believe could be a great manager for us if we were to get him. Already won the Europa cup and is an experienced manager who organises his teams well.



    HH Dan

  11. M6BHOY on 1ST MAY 2016 12:31 PM




    In fairness to Cloughie, he probably thought it was


    drunken Celtic supporters fighting, ruining the game.


    I didny know till we got back on the bus that fans without


    tickets had got over the wall.



  12. EDB


    Just reading back and found out your awful news. Ii am at a loss in what to say but MWD earlier probably said it better than most of us could.



  13. garygillespieshamstring on

    Should miss game two weeks after the booking. If he is now over the limit it should be Motherwell game he misses. If suspension kicks in two weeks from the first office day after the booking, that would take us to start of next season.



    Hopefully we should have another striker by then!

  14. fieldofdrams on

    Cheers Gary G’s Hammy, new one on me, haven’t heard that ‘two weeks/first working day’ pash before

  15. AKBW1888 on 1ST MAY 2016 12:30 PM




    I’ve already covered this but, why should we all club together to buy


    shares from a billionaire with heated driveways etc ?


    The thing is….


    Don’t buy yer season book – deny them the money but, sit on it.


    Leave the stadium empty – beamed all over the world, images of


    a Celtic Park without fans who’ve had enough of being outside


    they’re own tent, how much will DD’s shares be worth then ?


    Take them on but, you must keep your resolve.


    Stay strong – see it through – let the magic of a Celtic FC run by


    Cellic supporters begin.


    With everybody on the same page – NOTHING will stop us.


    Joost…..dae it!



  16. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    I was at the Forest game. i got a ticket during the day from a car full ot tims with a spare,


    i was at the ground from about 6 o clock, I decided to go in the park after seven but at the turnstyles a huge crush was allready happening, the police opened a gate, and i walked in with my ticket still in hand,




    i dont know if they closed it again, but it definately happened.



    i ended up climbing the pylon to escape the crush in the corner at the main stand,



    to be fair to clough, it was around this time his alcoholism was taking over.

  17. Your Right Kev of The Jungle



    Perhaps Collins & Kennedy would come to fruition under a good experienced


    Manager with kudos a manager who would take us forward & get the best out


    of what we have & sort out our defence/midfield/& tactics & have a plan B–C


    & D when things go pear shaped not if plan A is not working I’ll stick with plan


    ‘A’ approach your right spending millions does not guarantee success just look


    @ Chelsea/Man City & so on. It is certainly down to coaching skills that’s for sure

  18. DAN on 1ST MAY 2016 12:38 PM




    Guid shout fella, ye never know!


    Hail Hail

  19. AKBW1888 on 1ST MAY 2016 12:50 PM




    Cheers, fella.


    Hail Hail





    Pretty sure I got into The Jungle for the second leg without using my ticket.

  21. garygillespieshamstring on

    DEfinItely two weeks after booking is what it should be.


    The working days thing probably is pash!


    Just the only way I could see them justifying carrying suspension to next season.



    I don’t even know if the carry over story was just someone being funny which then gathered legs.

  22. charles kickham on

    While waiting for a mate at prearranged spot at the top of the stairs inside the ground at Forrest – I saw the police open a big gate to alleviate crushing at the turnstiles – the different sections of the terracing had tall fences between them – it was an accident waiting to happen

  23. Good shout Dan, the fellow Flores is a Good Manager you can see what he has done


    with Watford in the EPL with very Limited Resources this Season he would be a good


    alternative to RD that’s for sure

  24. 67 European Cup Winners on

    BIG-CUP-WINNERS on 1ST MAY 2016 12:37 PM


    Wise words and I agree




  25. AKBW1888 on 1ST MAY 2016 12:57 PM


    Good shout Dan, the fellow Flores is a Good Manager you can see what he has done



    with Watford in the EPL with very Limited Resources this Season he would be a good



    alternative to RD that’s for sure






    Yes, caught a few of Watford’s game live on TV and was surprised at the good football they were playing with limited resources. He was certainly getting the best out of the players, very good formation, protecting his defence very well, with the greatest respect in the world, not the best defence in the premier league, but due to his tactical formation they were well protected. Also very good breaking, and using the ball to their best of their abilities, and more often than not making the right decisions when passing the ball. He also coached Real Madrid youngsters at the start of his managerial career, so has come up through the ranks. Would tick a lot of boxes for me.



    HH Dan

  26. El Diego Bhoy,


    Very sad to read your news. Words are futile but my thoughts are with you.

  27. I heard yesterday that Claudio Ranieri has watched several of our games from the North Stand. Apparently he has friends/family who Tims. I wonder if they read CQN.

  28. You’re right Dan he would certainly be a wise/sensible replacement for RD that’s for sure


    if we can get him is another matter but I totally agree with your suggestion a very good


    choice hail – hail Dan