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  1. Stairheedrammy on

    I don’t care if our new manager has a blue nose, ginger hair or a built up shoe, as long as he can manage.

  2. Stairheedrammy on

    Watching the Swansea Liverpool game and they are openly wrestling with each other at corners with the ref trying his hardest not to see it.




    what’s wrong with built up shoes.




  4. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on




    Great footage. I was in the middle of that crush. If you listen carefully you can hear the Celtic fans singing We Are Overcrowded. When that singing started it was absolutely desperate. It was the only way the fans could make the thick coppers aware of how serious the situation was. I was about two yards from the Floodlight pylon that so many fans scrambled up to save themselves and ease the pressure but I might as well have been two miles from it such was the mass of bodies.



    It’s strange looking at it from the safe side of that fence. Scary to look back on.

  5. Afternoon all, great day yesterday, great team effort, champions again, nice to see you yesterday Sipsini, hope you had a great day, karaoke in the Brazen today, should be fun, talent is not a prerequisite to participate in this event, I see the free loader Hun in the crowd at Paisley. Scracho Hobo.

  6. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    BBCR4 12 noon today [so available on catch up]



    Hillsborough- the Reunion [originally broadcast to mark the 20th Anniversary in 2009]



    Heartfelt, humbling,honest, heartbreaking.

  7. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Just had a quick scroll on that news now Celtic page.


    Getting worse by the day.


    Most of the sites are anti-Celtic.


    I wonder who runs those sites?


    Apart from the few obvious Celtic sites, the rest are dodgy to say the least.


    They cannot wait to inform us…that A,B,C and D, are ready to sign KT.





  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on 1st May 2016 11:25 am




    When I first saw Callum McGregor, I was quite neutral. When I first saw him this season, I felt he had improved considerably and looked much more confident. Some little touches I have seen recently have led to me thinking that we have a very, very good player in this Bhoy. I wonder how much the much maligned Ronny had to do with Callum`s development?




    Probably quite a bit I would think.


    Callum looks a confident player now. That’s a really important quality.


    Can pass with his first touch and has a good awareness of what is ahead of him.


    Hopefully the emphasis on player development does not leave with Ronny.

  9. in my opinion I would not go for Paul Lambert why? As mentioned before he has not exactly set the


    heather on fire with his past managerial skill now has he? No. & as for David Moyes? well he did


    not too bad @ Everton he was not given a proper chance @ Man-U he did not exactly set the bushes


    on fire in Spain & he is of the opinion that he needs loads of time to develop a good squad unfortunately


    for him plenty of time is not of the essence @ our Club expectations are high & positive results have


    to be delivered fast especially in key games so he is shit out of luck on that front as for remarks that


    we have to wait until after the Euro’s for him to decide does not exactly look like he is really interested


    in the job not unless no better one becomes available in other words we can’t afford to dilly dally here


    we have our own European Qualifiers just around the corner so we need to start preparing now if we


    have any chance of qualifying for the CL although personally I’m of the opinion we should have summer


    footy, why? because if we start our Season in March of each year & finish in December which knocks out


    baltic weather conditions like dressing like a eskimo material weather conditions in Coldland which avoids


    that matter & also we would be better prepared for these European Qualifiers come the time of July we


    would be four months into our Season instead of trying to prepare for these key games with only a handful


    of meaningless friendlies under our belt is a total disadvantage & puts us on our back foot however and


    as I was saying we don’t have spare time to play with we need to move wisely and swiftly if we want to


    start next Season heading in the right direction in other words with big games to look forward too against


    big European opposition with big European Nights back @ CP with a bang which makes it a far more interesting Season would you all agree I would say yes hail hail all

  10. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    That two-bob sevco nugget Halitosis….telling us how kind and complimentary Celtic fans have been to him.


    Its enough to make you spew.


    He should try Maryhill, see how the locals take to him.


    He better have his fecking trainers on, thats all im saying:)




  11. theglasgowcelticway on

    If you watch the English commentary of the Forest game you’ll hear the commentator say they’d “been informed 1000 ticket less Celtic fans had climbed into the ground.” Who informed them? This attitude by the police and other authorities would eventually lead to Hillsborough.

  12. Stairheedrammy on

    Fav uncle, you’re right, before my time but built up Shoes are timeless!

  13. Talking about crushes. I remember a game against the nuns. My friends and I were heading into the jungle to take our usual places. For some reason Scotlands finest had decided that supporters were not to use the walkways (obviously a bright idea). They were directing us down to the bottom of the jungles and you had to fight your way through the crowd to get there. They were also doing it at the other end of the jungle too.. This of course resulted in a horrible crush at the middle and front of the jungle. I remember screaming at the copper that we were being crushed. He was ignoring us until people started trying to climb out. Only then they acted.



    The stupidity of the police struck me that day.

  14. Watching Ajax and Twente. The pitch is in excellent condition. In fact right round the stadium is also in good nick.noticed a few times the pitch and the whole of our stadium, is needing a good facelift. It seems on the continent they seem to take a lot of pride.in keeping there stadiums in tip top condition. So take note Celtic.

  15. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Thats how bad its getting.


    We now have to put up with this same old hun bs.


    Non-entities and free transfer sevco players, telling us that they will be in the CL shortly.


    Thats a measure of how far we have fallen….and what needs to be urgently addressed.


    These muppets are in cloud-cuckoo land….and next season,….ffs, you aint seen nothing.


    Hun media full-frontal assault.






  16. Been reading celtic pride and passion by Jim Craig and pat woods (enjoyable so far) and it would seem things have always been the same



    “No greater honour could be paid the Celtic than the desire of other clubs to beat them.the sensationof beating the celtic is a sensation unequalled by victory over any other club and thus it is the parkhead team find greater effort put forward against them by opposing clubs than is generated at any other time”



    Extract from weekly mail and record of 30 march 1918 by nom de plume John o groat

  17. What should be the remit of our next coach?


    Win league is paramount.


    Domestic cups?


    A decent European run?


    Produce positive and entertaining football?.


    Introduce some of our talented youngsters/loanees to first team squad?


    Unite the support?

  18. Auldheid…



    If you are having a wee read and catch this post, could you clarify if the huns are eligible to play in Europe next season?

  19. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Id urge you all to have a quick glance at the Level 5 website.


    Its all there in front of your eyes.


    And when you have a cursory glance….you will see why some people, say strange things.


    All your old favourites are there.


    Watty, Gordon Smith, Jabba…oh….and Packy, Murdo, and Paul Lambert.


    Check it out.


    Enough to make you sick.




  20. garygillespieshamstring on




    Loosely translated,



    They hate everything Celtic stands for and don’t try against the Huns.

  21. PRAECEPTA on 1ST MAY 2016 1:45 PM


    Much being posted about the crush at Nottingham (thankfully I was in the main stand) – apologies if this link has been posted previously.



    A harrowing must-read account by a young 19 year-old lad crushed in the pen at Hillsborough 27 years ago:






    Praecepta, you beat me to it, publishing this link. As you say an absolute must-read – takes a good 20 -30 ninutes, lhads, so get yourself a cuppa/can and go for it. God, Tempany hates Thatcher (and with good reason)!

  22. How in the name of God did that mob beat celtic . BTW goodwin showing what’s missing in Celtics midfield ..

  23. Boycott the hun media toilet paper they will be in the CL shortly aye right


    that’s if they can sort out three honest years auditing reports & they are


    not in debt & if they win the SPL next Season & they rifle through the


    CL Qualifiers with New Co Brazilian style footy that has baffled teams


    like Hibs @ Easter Road (2-1 Deficit) & Teams like Alloa @ Rent A Midden


    1-1 Draw yeah I’m sure we should all be shaking in our boots along with


    the rest of Europe @ this new force to be recon with tripe being blah-blah


    blah by the new co hun media followers wait is it no medication time for


    them & wait is that no pigs now flying in the sky not only are they living


    in denial as regards to their so called broken history they are now living


    in cloud make believe land as well they are out to lunch in other words


    not right in one’s head & in the near future will prove this point to them


    to wake up & smell the crap they are printing only in Scotland yeah do


    we get this total crap assessments & opinions ffs this place is unbelievable

  24. The book also reports on game v Dundee 17/4/48 Celtic had to win to ensure they were not relegated.


    2 goals disallowed by referee scott from PAISLEY “apparently for fouls on dundee keeper” and another which “seemed to go into net and back out again”



    Apparently it was revealed to mr James mcgrory several years later that Dundee playershad been offered their “biggest ever bonus” to beat Celtic that day!!!!

  25. I know Jim-Tim they beat us up with a final 2-2 score line because


    tombola shoot out’s don’t count.


    We were rank rotten that day our midfield was non-existent &


    played @ a Nutral Venue my arse with no atmosphere & a f*nny


    on the PA system who always wants to see us get gubbed nah I


    for one will definitely not go back to that midden it’s a cess pit


    in more ways than one

  26. mickbhoy1888 on

    Crowd crushes


    Cast your mind back to 23 April 1988 imagine the consequences that day had the fans been stuck behind so called safety fencing in the east and west terracing. Celtic were well aware of the amount of fans entering the ground that day but blatantly disregarded the crowd safety limit in the. pursuit of increased revenue.

  27. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on




    They have failed to bear st miirren alloa hibs Falkirk Livingston of late …. the kind of form that has the media screaming for the head of most managers





    Story I got told was that the police told Celtic not to stop fans entering the ground as it would cause trouble.

  29. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    Behind pedantic. Second rangers did not beat Celtic either. The match ended 2-2

  30. South Of Tunis on

    23 / 4 / 1988.?





    Best and possibly loudest ever rendition of Happy Birthday !.



    Warm / sunny – way down south .

  31. thetimreaper on




    They also drew 3-3 with Raith Rovers. Although to be fair they managed to beat Dumbarton and Queen of the South by the odd goal. Quality.

  32. from FF






    Sevco score in 87min




    Yesssssssss. No more than we deserve. Tops of an amazing season





    What a goal! Best team in Scotland



    We’ve been brilliant second half




    exactly what we’ve loved seeing from Warburton’s Gers ! Noone van live with that




    Back to winning ways , never doubted us




    that’s a massive goal for us to end the recent slip




    Warbs doubters can F*** off, bring on the HIVS






    F*** off you shower of lazy B******, been like this for months now




    Absolute disgrace, lazy b********, very concerning





    We are miles short in defence, need at last 3 players.




    Defence is a joke been seeing it for months now, we need major signings





    When did Statler and Waldorf become huns?