Hibernian v Celtic, Live updates, Scottish Communities Cup


Live updates will appear below after 19:15 BST.

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  1. 30 grad here and its 25 to 1



    What is the weather like in Scotland and Germany ?



    I have to go to bed in 25 mins. I have been told.



    Honeymoon so I cant moan about it.



    Will check for updates in about 3 hours under the guise of checking for floodiing as that’s the type of guy I am.



    I have to get cream rubbed into my mosquito bites




  2. Eyes Wide Open on

    So Wanyama drops to the bench and Ki retains his place.



    Is this because he is our playmaker?


    Because his free kicks are like a weapon


    Or his corner kicks are so expertly delivered a corner is almost as good as a goal?


    His tigerish tackling means he will be essential – especially in an away game?


    We need players who will not go missing in games?






    Drop the off form players Neil.



    Stop picking your favourites.



    If someone else is dicatating anything about who you select, and im not suggesting they are – then walk away, you are compromising your future career.

  3. Help



    I’m sure I watched the Ross County match through Virgin Media. Was it on BBC One Scotland?



    My virgin media only appears to have BBC One Scotland available but the match appears to be on BBC Two Sctoland.



    Any advice gratefully accepted.



    Árd Macha

  4. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo says:


    26 October, 2011 at 18:45



    Dunno what its like here in Lenzie cant see out the windae for rain.




    Its the mosquitos I feel sorry for.

  5. Our history in cup competitions at Easter Rd isnt that good I think. I remember Durie scoring late on in a SC tie to put us out in the early 80’s perhaps. I hope we can put on a show tonight and go through .

  6. Celtic to win both halves – 11/4


    Celtic to win by 3 or more – 10/3


    Charlie Mulgrew to score at any time – 9/1



    3 X £1 singles.



    Bet responsibly!




  7. Eyes Wide Open on

    Árd Macha says:


    26 October, 2011 at 18:47



    Unfortnately unless you have Sky, its a dodgy internet feed.



    Virgin doesnt have BBC2 mo chara.



    Im not sure what this bet352 carry on just mentioned is – must look into..

  8. Jobo



    you get your cash back….




    …could always select another “non runner” from the starting 11

  9. Left G72 at 3pm to get to Aberdeen for a few beers before the game,thankyou scotrail for taking us on a detour through darkest Fife, just left Montrose do you think they will delay kick off,cmon the hoops.

  10. Árd Macha says:


    26 October, 2011 at 18:47





    Doubt youll get the BBC Shortbread channel outside Scotland

  11. Hi guys.



    Reading back I notice that some people don’t seem to understand why public sector workers are proposing industrial action beginning on November 30th. Perhaps i might explain. Feel free to scroll by, and, Philvis, geel free as usual to fail to reply.



    Decent, hardworking taxpayers have paid their pension contributions for many years. They have deferred that part of their salary in order to make provision for their old age. I note an earlier comment about the failure of successive governments to invest, or even put aside, sufficient funds to meet their committments. I note, too, that the Tories have been in government for most of the last century. It isn’t our fault that Conservative politicians and their New Labour fellow-travellers have been remiss in their duties.



    Now, in order to fund profits and bonuses in banks which have been bailed out by taxpayers, I and my public sector colleagues are told that we must pay a 48% increase in our contributions and work longer before getting 15% less back. Most people I know, even those who work in the private sector, think that this is indefensible.



    What I would love to know is this. Why do the free marketeers in our society defend the continuing situation in which in-work benefits are paid in order to allow private employers to abuse the taxpayer (sound familiar?) by paying starvation wages? The Welfare State was not designed as a mechanism to provide a subsidy to bad employers. Approximately 15% of workers recieve these tax credits, 47% of whom would not be classified as ‘poor’ were this benefit to be withdrawn.



    The Welfare State was designed to provide out of work benefits, contributary and non-contributary. Why not redirect monies currently providing false profits for under-payong employers towards hard-working, underpaid, taxpaying individuals?



    I look forward to any rebuttal. Gotta go and see the Bhoys, but I will stay online…


    (thumbs up)



    Hail Hail!

  12. Che



    When it rains where I am the locals rush out to haul there motor bikes up two flights of stairs and one hour later park them in the street again.



    Crocodiles and killer pikes are roaming the streets of BKK no kidding and it looks like the Royal Temple of BKK will get flooded tonight.



    The government has protected BKK at the expense of outlying areas and those who live there and attempt to destroy dams in the hope of protecting their own expensive Villas risk being shot by the army.



    My Thai is not so good but that’s what I have gleamed from TV tonight and my wife confirms it.




  13. Up over goal


    The 64% success rating for a Ki and Kayal central partnership is unsurprising.


    Their preference to hang around the centre circle and offer no defensive cover or attacking threat leaves us impotent.


    As for playing a right back on left while left back we signed sits on the bench???


    Baffling but expected with the teams performance this season.

  14. fergus slayed the blues on

    Wee chic just slipped up and revealled he was talking to molly weir ,looks like molly will be called into CW bunker and sacked ,if he is true to his word .


    hail hail

  15. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Have they opened the turnstiles to let the crowd in yet?



    The crowd looks sparse.

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