History in a game


I know we met them in a European Cup semi-final in 1972, but the forthcoming tie against Inter Milan is all about the wonderful heritage we were gifted in 1967.  La Grande Inter, as Internazionale, then the greatest team Italy had known, had won two of the previous three European Cups and were controversially denied in the semi-final of the other.  They won three of the previous four Italian titles, denied the fourth on a play-off, and topped the table with two weeks of the Italian season to go.

They were an awesome team with gifted strikers but it was the defence which marked them out; this was a team who didn’t concede goals, when they took the lead, they kept it.

Simpson, Craig, Gemmell; Murdoch, McNeill and Clark; Johnstone, Wallace, Chalmers, Auld and Lennox, and Jock Stein, not only killed La Grande Inter, but did so, so comprehensively, they forced Inter, and the rest of the Italian game, to change their ways.  Catenaccio, the suffocating, ultra-defensive system, was finished.

For Europe, the consequences were profound.  Celtic, with their wave after wave of attack; 45 attempts on goal in a European final; were celebrated everywhere.  The drift towards caution stopped, teams realised the very best defensive sides could be beaten into submission by sheer talent.  In the two subsequent decades the dominant Latin countries of Italy, Spain and Portugal, who had won all previous European Cups, would win the trophy only once.

Football fans across the globe, not just Celtic fans, will want to be there when the teams meet in a game which represents History, not just our history, Europe’s History.

We’ll talk later today on moves being put on the SFA at the moment.  ‘Here we go again…….’
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  1. Alex O’Henley@OHenleyAlex · 1 hr1 hour ago



    Had he been spared Tommy Burns would have been 57 today. Not a day goes by when I don’t miss his humour. Faith, football, family @celticfc





    Office party today?



    If so,enjoy it. Good to see yer Dad back on last night.

  3. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul67 –



    I’ve enjoyed all of our Europa League games this season.



    But the Inter Milan tie will be really special. Great to have a game to look forward to in a couple of months.

  4. Keepthehighballslow on

    The Inter draw was just about as good a draw as we could have got. Mouthwatering in many respects. Two massive clubs. A very attractive game in the eyes of many a fan.


    Clearly Inter are stuggling in Serie A. Although they did get a good away win 2.0 at Chievo last night. In saying that Chievo are sitting 17th in the table.


    The draw could have been less kind to us.


    Our challenge is to stay in the game without shooting ourselves in the foot early doors.


    Some of our defending has been at the schoolboy level. I’ve been shocked at big Virgil of late, he seems to let players run at him and turns his back on them when they shoot!


    A massive boost will be the availability of Guidetti after the New Year break.

  5. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Even thought you said it twice, I don`t understand the meaning! Savannah? Grassland?




  6. 2 lower league Scottish managers leaving their posts today…………anyone up for a hat trick?




  7. It’s been a while….



    Paul67: Little surprised no article on the McCoist fiasco – would welcome your opinion if it’s not the subject of an imminent article?



    Merry Christmas to you and family.



    Aqua Al

  8. twists n turns @ 04 26.



    Re the Gary Keown article re Marco Fassone .



    I watched that Press Conference .. Fassone was polite , respectful and non commital . Keown has picked on a few phrases and added his own significance . Typical UK rag distorting the truth and then using it to peddle an agenda.. Cant wait to learn of the inevitable -Inter ace says Celtic are rubbish- stories , in the rags . Made up guff with made up quotes from a player who cant speak English . Agenda driven shit stirring designed to manufacture news , a reaction to that news and newspaper sales.

  9. For those who weren’t on late last night a wee re-post of a message I received yesterday evening from Lisbon Lion Willie Wallace…



    Hi David, We are all well here enjoying sweltering weather. Hope all family are well and pass on our good wishes for Christmas and New Year to the family and all at CQN. I was saddened to hear that Tommy Gemmell is in hospital, had a long chat with Mary the other night.



    “Regarding Inter Milan, it is fantastic that we will have one of the elite European Clubs back at Celtic Park. Inter have not been doing so well in their domestic or European competitions this year but will still be a formidable opposition. I know the Celtic support will be totally behind the team for these two games and I am sure the players will be up for this as it is inspirational playing against the top clubs. What an opportunity to show Celtic can still be a force in Europe. Keep in mind the LISBON Lions were not given much of a chance back in 1967. I wish the team all the best and success over the two matches against Inter. Hail, Hail. ”



    Will talk to you soon David, All the Best, Willie.

  10. Steinreignedsupreme



    He has the right face for the job! Permanently raging. If he takes Billy Brown along they will moan for every throw in.


    A good fit for that mob.




  11. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    I don’t know if the points been made here already but when I found out last night that the SFA have charged both Ashley and Sevco, I couldn’t help but think that there’s mischief afoot. This is most un-SFA like. They have performed somersaults to accommodate Sevco to date. It smells to me as if they are trying to stifle Ashley’s ambitions at Ibrox and it wouldn’t surprise me if they impose a fine on Sevco. Both outcomes could expedite the administration event that we’ve all been anticipating, followed by liquidation. If Ashley retaliates by calling in the Sevco loans then he only hastens the process. The SFA are also putting down a marker to Ashley, imo, that he won’t be able to buy up the assets and gain SFA membership for any new entity that he might want to compete in Scottish Football. This would clear the way for a Newco run by “Rangers men”. No?

  12. Mam visiting time.


    “They are there,they are always there” Tommy on the Celtic fans.


    Till later all




    CelticResearch @CelticResearch · 55 mins55 minutes ago



    One of the greatest Celtic days, featuring one of the greatest Celts.


    Never forgotten Tommy.



  13. Steinreignedsupreme on

    LiviBhoy 10:30 on 16 December, 2014



    I wouldn’t want him anywhere near Celtic Park, but he’s a far better manager than the overpaid charlatan that is squeezing through the exit door at Ibrox.



    Like you say – he’s a good fit for Sevco.

  14. Morning.


    Just ordered the CQN annual based on the email link sent to me a few days ago and wondered if WinningCaptains is reading, could a TommyBurn’s DVD be added as the link didn’t have the freebie referred to in this article.



    Thanks in advance.




  15. Steinreignedsupreme



    His time has long gone. Might be better than Swally but not by much. Currently struggling with the Pars.




  16. jungle jim hot smoked



    10:22 on 16 December, 2014




    Even thought you said it twice, I don`t understand the meaning! Savannah? Grassland?



    Savannah, Georgia, Deep South, it’s kinda the way they all talk down ther y’all, heavens to Betsy , hush Ma mouth, Asa comin boss, Lordy lordy a thought you would know that JJ, to deep maybe;))

  17. Steinreignedsupreme on

    LiviBhoy 10:35 on 16 December, 2014



    I heard over the weekend he is Sevco’s first choice to replace Super Salary. I didn’t know he had left the Pars until a few minutes ago.



    This is reality for Sevco though. A third-rate club who can only go for a manager whose best days were over a decade ago.

  18. SOAL


    HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPY Birthday to you aswell sir.


    Off out to get interogated by my Mam :))))

  19. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Thanks. I understand now. I thought it might be some Glasgow rhyming slang 0:-)


    “Ain’t I God’s own fool?” !




  20. !!Bada Bing!!



    He is staying on with John Potter. Jeffries was always leaving at the end of the season.



    McGlynn must be a cost cutting excercise at Livi. They are in serious trouble of admin. If they go into admin again I will be surprised if they can escape it.




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