How not to stage a flashmob protest


If you’re going to stage a protest it’s better to make sure that it registers where it counts.  Turning up at a Sports Direct till with a pile of tracksuits, then only offering £1 for their purchase, might echo the transaction Mike Ashley completed for the naming rights of Ibrox, but if the tycoon even gets to hear about the so-called flashmob protest he’s likely to pity the forsaken attempt to undermine him.

Ashley has invested around a couple of million in Newco Rangers but it’s pin money for him, which he can easily afford to gamble with.  He is also not afflicted with any emotional attachment to Newco, or pretty much anything else, it seems.  In short, this is a guy ‘Rangers’ fans can’t lay a glove on.  They would be far better to figure this out and start to deal with the reality than provoke an unwelcome response.

Neither Ashley nor the Easdale brothers strike me as people who will be easily cowed or bullied into forgoing the rights they have purchased, while others, including thousands of fans, kept their hands in their pockets.  The many genuine fans who are distraught at the humiliating mess Newco has become have been led up the garden path by would-be sages.


The world is paying a little more attention than usual to the many problems in Africa at the moment but I heard one authoritative voice last week suggest that ebloa is only around the third or fourth most severe problem the continent faces.

But, things are getting better in large swathes of the continent, thanks to improving governance in some areas, better infrastructure, more widely available healthcare, and more children, especially girls, given access to education.

20 people from Celtic Foundation are in Malawi building classrooms and toilets at the moment, while CQN’ers built three school kitchens there this year (more on the soon), but sometimes these many parallel developments conflict.

One such occasion is the John Bande Foundation School in Blantyre, Malawi, which through Mary’s Meals is supported by the Noreen Davies Hikers & Bikers, a group of people from Lanarkshire and Glasgow.  The Hikers and Bikers support a feeding programme at the school, which makes it possible for kids to attempt the school, instead of working for food.  It’s a mature project but the recent building of a motorway right on the edge of the school property has made the building dangerous; learning and feeding is no longer possible.

The Noreen Davies people are raising money to erect three new buildings.  You can read more of the story here, with pictures of the school and road.  If you can give them a £1 or two, do so here.

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  1. Rye catcher



    Not health and safety.



    Safety away from a game on any day.



    Just one Tim jumped would be one to many imo, but then again it’s not likely to be me so why should I care?



    Celtic would be leaving themselves open to criticism from all sides. Giving idiots an excuse to feel provoked would be a stupid move.



    In any case TRFC are a new club to Celtic supporters but same club to those Rangers supporters for whom it is important and no statement from Celtic would change either stance.

  2. johann murdoch on

    Kdc – dearie me that’s worse !!!


    Houston we have a problem !!!!


    Seriously I think we have a major problem with scouting and signings hh

  3. Its getting farcical in Dublin. Ireland get a goal that should have been disallowed, Have a good goal chalked off. Robbie should have got his 4th, tried to showboat it and messed it up but Keeper obliged by putting it in the net himself. Since then another couple gone in, now 7 nil. Whoever left these guys play International Football should have his head examined.

  4. Couldn’t find anywhere in sunny Calpe showing the game so thank goodness for free Wi Fi and CQN! Come on Scotland!

  5. Couldnt care less about the whole newco/oldco thing…i would guess that to some of their fans it doesnt feel like the same club….i know how they feel ….worry about our own club first….




  6. corkcelt



    18:14 on 11 October, 2014


    “Whoever left these guys play International Football should have his head examined.”



    ……shhh, they’ve still to play us (Scotland).

  7. Ma pal Norman used to have a car his dad gave him and he loved it for all the family memories they had in it.



    But Norman wrote it off with a wrecless crash.



    He saved the number plate.



    RA1 N6 ERS



    He bought a scrap car from easdales yard.



    Looks like the old car same colour and trims. But no mileage history. Keeps it in the garage. Put the number plate on and told us its the same car.



    Keeps telling us his mam and him had lots of trips in the car. Saltcoats and that.



    They lived in a motel.



    He tells us that’s his maw waving from the windae



    But we know she died in the car crash.



    Poor Norman.



    He is like a zombie now.






  8. If we were serious about money ball that is where the change comes change our assessment of players to being based on their effectiveness stats and not traditional unmeasurable assessments

  9. Auldheid



    Same club/ new club.


    The zombies would still be delighted to assault any Celtic supporter.


    HATE is their raison d’être , old or new.


    Totally infuriates me that these fuds have some believing the same club myth.


    IMO we should all be shouting it from the roof tops.



    They shouldn’t get away with the lie.

  10. Hebcelt



    So it’s not just me then? I think he has been weak link in a strong performance.

  11. Tontine Tim



    At 15.32






    Ah jist read ye excellent submission…



    as usual.. Very Interesting..n.. Rivettin’



    You Happened tae Mention.. the Great Joe Namuth.



    Weil.. Here is a wee Anecdote fae Ma Past.. n..it Concerns the Peerless.



    “Broadway Joe.”



    Years ago Ah wiz oan a Plane..Flying fae L.A….oan Ma Way tae A Joab in Las Vegas..


    When.. The Gal ,who Ah wiz wit… Dorothy ,wiz her Name..



    Happened tae Gie me a Nudge, tae Bring Ma Attenshun tae A Guy who wiz ..Sitting across the Aisle..



    “That’s Joe Namuth!,, she Stage Whispered..Excitedly,


    n..it Turned oot tae be Wan of they thingmies..right enuff..



    Fur.. as Ah Looked over at the Guy she hid Indicated.. He wiz in the


    process of Chingin’ His Seat.. From the uncomfortably, exposed. Aisle seat.. wi’ the seat o’ wan of His Friends, who hid bin seated at the Windae.



    Obviously, Joe hid Heard , Dorothy’s ..”Stage Whisper”..n.. wiz getting the Hell oota Dodge, by Swapping The very Public Aisle Seat, fur the Mair Anonymous.. Windae Seat. Fur, Joe didnae Want.. the Rest of the Plane tae Recognize him..



    A Crowd of Enthusiastic Well wishers n Fitba Fans.. Clamoring fur his Attenshun in the very Cramped Quarters which the Plane Offered.,,wuz the very Last thing that He wished.



    Nothing Loath.. Ah Called oota the Gal ,who Had swapped seats wi Joe..



    “Is That Joe Namuth, Who wiz sitting there a Minute ago?”



    “Oh..No.. He jist Happens tae resemble, Joe .. He is a Friend of Mine..


    From. ARGENTINA.”



    “Okay..’ Said Ah.. Not In the least Convinced.. but, Nevertheless, Ah decided tae let the Matter Drop.



    Joe,Meanwhile.. stayed oota it.. Furiously, Concentratin oan Staring oota the Plane windae,at the Clouded Sky.



    The Rest of the Journey proved tae be. Uneventful..



    When we landed in Las Vegas.. Dorothy, n Me.. Were Standing beside a row of Slots.


    Which wuz situated.. near the Baggage Claim area of .. The Airport.



    Ah heard a Voice.. ask ..



    “Do You have Four Dimes.. oota a Dollah?”



    We looked, at who belonged tae the Voice. n..



    Lo n Behold. Yes… It Belonged tae..



    Joe Namuth!



    “I need tae Make a Phone Call”.. Joe ,Explained.. Kinda Sheepishly..



    Ah Looked at Joe,n .. The First thing that Ah noticed that Ah Towered over Him.



    He wiz loat Smaller in Stature.. than Ah hid Imagined.. N.. He wiz not so Well Built n Muscular as he Appeared In his L.A. Rams ,Uniform.. (Wi whom he had Jist recently.. signed.)



    “Sure,,, Give Mr. Namuth, Some of Yer Dimes, Dorothy.. Said Ah..



    but, Dorothy, wiz Transfixed wi’ Astonishment.. n.. Did Not answer.



    She wiz Totally , overcome wi’ Excitement.



    Struck Dumb.. which,wiz a First Fur Her.



    Ah guessed that It wiz Up tae me.. Then.. Fur, Dorothy, wiz .. wit ye might Call.. Reduced.. tae being A Basket case..n ..it wiz evident..that She Wiz in No Condition tae engage in a Conversation wi.. Joe.



    “Ah am afraid that Ah Canny Help, ye… Joe.. fur ah hivnae Any dimes.. n.. neether his Ma Companion.eethur.” Ah Answered him.



    “Oh.. That’s Okay.. I will get some Dimes from the Slots Cashier.” Joe Replied..



    N.. Off he went.



    “Wall, Howdya Like That?”.. Ah Said tae Dorothy..



    ” You get the chance tae Meet n Greet Yer Idol.. N… ye Act like a Star Struck Kid.



    “Ah Know..Oh.. Ah Know.. but.. Ah jist Could Not Find Ma Voice!.. ” she Answered.



    “Well,” Ah continued..



    ” The Fact that Joe, took the time tae gie Ye A Chance tae Meet n Greet Him..


    Shows me.. What a Great n Considerate Fellow, that He Is..



    A Real… Classy Gentlemen!…there ur NO Many Celebrities that Ah could say THAT aboot!”



    “Ah agree.. ” Dorothy Said..



    N.. well..



    that wiz That.



    Joe Namuth, a Good Irishman( Na..He is A HUNGARIAN… ed)..n.. A Tim( Yes..He is Soitenly a Tim,though..ed)… n.. a Guy, whom Ah wull Always Admire.




















  12. emeraldbee\o/ still proud to be an internet bampot



    18:24 on 11 October, 2014



    Not sure on that one, he got a full contract and made the first team. Boruc (?) Kept him out. Did we sell or did he bit renew contact? I was thinking of lads we had and released

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