How Stein managed big game weeks


I asked Archie Macpherson to speak about Jock Stein at CQN11, to mark the 50th anniversary of Jock’s appointment as Celtic manager, and then stayed quiet as he spoke.  One of the points he made was that Jock would have a news plan ahead of a big game.

Good news would be held back until a few days before the game, giving fans and players a lift, to ensure maximum impact.  Bad news could break at any time, but it would have to fight for column inches.  As an operator, he is still worth studying.  Celtic should plan to dominate this week’s news accordingly.

Apart from that horrible game away to Legia, Ronny Deila has not been to a sell-out Celtic game in a large stadium, and even that was only 30,000.  It’s possible he’s never even played before a large sell-out crowd, so you can be sure he’ll not be short of people telling him what to expect, and how to prepare for Hampden on Sunday.

There are some obvious pitfalls for him to avoid, in particular to ensure his players are not provoked into retaliation, but taking too much advice would be a mistake (will not stop us offering plenty advice).  He’s spent all season playing and preparing one way, anything which gets in the way of this will only put him off his game.  The manager needs to employ a filter this week, tell everyone he’s got the situation covered and get on with the game.

Loving the way recipients of Rangers EBT loans have been asked about an advert dealing with the consequences of their loans, but are not actually asked about the loans themselves. These guys only agree speak on the understanding they are not asked about their loans, none of which are or will be repaid.

I accept that if the loan recipient is being asked about yesterday’s charity match, or some other football game, there’s no place to ask him about his loan, but these guys are regularly commenting on the consequences of their loans, without ever having to deal with the awkward question.

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  1. My friends in Celtic,



    I think Alfie Noakes is totally wrong about the advert, but he is entitled to his view. A significant amount of Celtic supporters also share his view. Again I think they are mistaken.



    However to reitterate : It is lazy posting akin to lazy journalism to keep dragging out the same old hun, troll non arguement.




  2. The Sevco fans logic.



    RTC posts sensitive info = petition to HMRC to get this stopped = RAT



    SonsofStruth posts sensitive info = Hero = keep up the good work.

  3. 8th goal will be scored by El Capitan who then does a Broonie in front of a completely deserted Rangers end. This provocative gesture, that no hun is there to witness, will be blamed for rioting all over the City and the next outbreak of Ebola and the euro crisis.

  4. craggy island gaa on




    I don’t know how quiet or otherwise John Collins has been behind the scenes so far as Assistant Manager to Ronny.



    But surely with his extensive derby game experience, he could be a big help to his manager this week on preparing him for the game?




  5. winning captains


    14:20 on


    26 January, 2015



    I think there’s a very slim chance any complaint would go anywhere, as you say it’s all backed up by evidence, and that’s the primary thing they look for.



    I just want people to be aware that it’s not pre-cleared and that the ASA is a funny old beast. I don’t really include you in that, you know the score. This is an occasion when I kind of wished I was still there. Me and the big Hibbee that was there too.



    I think it’s a good tactic to be honest.

  6. Well..its simple


    Usually when someone is accused of being a hun troll….they would usually refute that by having some CQN friend vouch for them.


    Over to you Alfie.


    Be only too happy to retract my hun accusation.

  7. JonnyRambo67 @ 13:43



    I don’t think you’ll be too far off the mark with either of those options.



    If they go for the Wattenacio, Miller would be natural point man.



    They may also feel they need to keep our fullbacks occupied by going with Templeton and Aird; both of whom have a reputation for becoming anonymous, but would at least be expected to start brightly.



    Miller can be a pest and is ideal for those ‘in yer face’ moments, which are likely to feature prominently (so long as the game remains a contest).



    I can’t see Daly as being a starter, even with the hope of knocks-downs to Miller: our mid-field is well equipped to cope with that.



    I also agree about Wallace. I’d have James Forest on from the start, just to keep him tied down.



    I’ll probably not have a bet on this one, but if I did it would be for Celtic/Celtic HT/FT, which is currently avilable at around evens …




  8. Ach only six more sleeps till the Old Firm Game


    There you go all you financial contributors can sue me for being in breach of an advert


    Anyway when come aboot 1331hrs when I pass judgement as per Yer Nothing But a Dirty Hun Bassa


    Can oor always get it correct police advise me should it be Yer nothing but a dirty 1872 to 2012 Hun Bassa or Yer Nothing But a 2012 Sevco Hun Bassa

  9. Alfie



    There is a sizeable minority opposed to the poll. My pleasant surprise was that we have won initial approval in two seemingly hostile areas. The 40% in the Record will include a large percentage of Sevco supporters but I guess there would be fewer of them responding in The Huddleboard poll. Either way, there is no majority, silent or otherwise, opposed to the ad’s sentiments either within Scottish football opinion or within Celtic fan opinion.



    People are free to disagree with the sentiments, intention or the costs of the ad provided they can form some rational explanation of why they are opposed. What is unacceptable is where a line is crossed to blame violence on the ad by people who are stoking up more hatred than this polite, factual and unprovocative ad did. Do not give fig leaf excuses to the violently minded!







    If I judged The Huddleboard reaction by those who expressed an opinion, I would be guessing that there was around 80 to 90% of Celtic fans opposed to the ad. When it came to the poll, it seems the less vociferous, cringing and embarrassed among us, were actually in the majority.



    Your link to the Hearts fans forum, therefore, proves nothing until they take a more reliable poll of opinion. I suspect we would win that poll too.




    Dharma Bam



    I voted on The Huddleboard poll and it can record and publish the names of posters who voted on any of their polls. You would have to be a multiple name poster with many ISP accounts to unbalance that opinion survey. I doubt that it was anything but a fairly accurate assessment of the split in our support. There are actually fewer Celts opposed to the ad than both you or I would have anticipated but they remain a sizeable minority.



    I did not vote in the DR poll but I can still see the results. I suspect they have mechanisms to prevent repeat polling but I do not know for sure. I felt dirty enough just checking.

  10. I see the SFA are ‘optimistic’ Mike Ashley will participate in a conference call. They really are flexing their muscles this time.

  11. timhorton put up or shut up, Starry Plough asked a perfectly reasonable question, who do you suspect of being members of this clique/cabal? It is all very well throwing out the allegations back them up or are we to be tainted with the name Clique/Cabal Quick News!!! Hail Hail Hebcelt

  12. What is the Stars on

    I try not to get involved in too many arguments on here,they are fairly pointless


    But why when someone takes an alternative point of view to the majority are they labelled a hun troll etc


    Why not just argue the case coherently without insults



    Alfie has a point in that outside of the CQN cocoon there are a lot of fans who are indifferent to whether rangers are rangers or rangers aren’t rangers,


    Personally I am not sure about the ad but I can understand the frustration of listening to media commenators come out with “Rangers 54 titles etc” and such like about a team that went out of existence and “rangers were relegated” and “rangers could go into administration AGAIN”


    All nonsense of course…..


    However why cant Alfie expresss his views without being labelled a hun.


    Let him argue his case or just ignore him


    It would be a sad old boring place on here if we all just agreed with each other all the time about what wonderful people we are

  13. Maloney off to chicago fire i see



    His record of 15goals in 90 odd games for wigan isn’t great.. should be better.



    All the best to him.

  14. lennon's passion on

    jungle jim hot smoked



    14:03 on 26 January, 2015



    Send me your email address and you can proof read my posts. Don’t give to flying helicopters if CQN doesn’t agree with me. This site is far removed from the support that goes to watch Celtic.

  15. Greenpinta,


    I’ve not noticed a significant proportion dissent on the ad, I reckon less than ten, not much more, what I have noticed is a small group of dissenters focusing solely on chosen subject, making the impression there are more of them.


    An insignificant minority the press will turn into the majority consensus, and our insignificant minority will tell us, ‘see ah tell yeae the papers said’.


    I honestly believe the statement in the ad did change minds of Celtic supporters, supporters who were being won over by the Scotch Meeja propaganda, I think the ad reminded many Celtic supporters what actually happened.

  16. Doubting Thomas on

    Well done to all involved in yesterday’s herald, a couple of points, poll on record , does it matter, would a poll on here be about 90% for ?. having lurked and not really posted enough in last 3 years, how many sevconians have been outed as claiming to be good guys on here, got a feeling there could be another one soon



  17. SFTB



    Thanks for the reply and apologies; I was only referring to the DR poll when I was making those points to Alfie, hence my point about it not being known what team the voters supported. I completely forgot about the Huddleboard poll.


    The 2 polls were starting to be conflated, most likely with me as a main culprit.

  18. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    WITS :



    “But why when someone takes an alternative point of view to the majority are they (sic) labelled a hun troll etc”



    Few posters of `an alternative point of view` are so labelled. As examples I give Kev J, Kojo and ernie lynch. I am sure there are many others.


    Nevertheless, if your general point is that we should remain civil with other posters, I agree ( even though I wasn`t particularly so to Lennon`s Passion !).


    Cheerio ,



  19. Afternoon all



    I see it once again all about Alfie.



    Away to watch the Daleks on the Horror Channel.





  20. Hebcelt,



    I think he might be referring to the Black Pudding Cabal






    Actually, black pudding cabal sounds like some kind of fusion tapas, might be a job for Whitedoghunch.




    PS always remember the first rule of Black Pudding Cabal club is …

  21. WITS



    Plenty of people express alternative opinions without being labelled Huns. However, you are right that it can be over-used.



    When anyone resorts to the use of labeling name calling, whether hun, clique, board lover or malcontent, it alerts me to the possibility that they might be lacking confidence in the points they are trying to make.



    However, occasionally it is just a default response to posters who have begun the process of insult labeling themselves.



    Few of us are complete pacifists. If we are attacked, we will fight back. And Alfie has certainly been a bit of an attack dog. He has managed to alienate even those of us who, similar to what he claims, voted No in September and generally support the Labour Party. I don’t know many such people who are so willing to use the benefit fraud brush as widely as Alfie did or who are not sympathetic to the stringent austerity measures imposed upon the working class people of Greece, Spain and Ireland. If I was an SNP dirty tricks department, I would consider a character like Alfie to be a good false flag for gathering votes. But, I retain the possibility that he is a Labour Party man who just has a tin ear for the prevalent mood.

  22. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Lennon`s Passion


    “This site is far removed from the support that goes to watch Celtic.”….and you mission is to bring us closer together?


    Anyway, I apologise for annoying another Celtic supporter just because I find his views to be a reflection of the MSSM. I will make life easier by scrolling past. I have been doing but somehow that one leapt out at me.


    Cheerio and may you begin to enjoy watching/supporting OUR team.




  23. Dundee Utd have rejected our initial bid for Stuart Armstrong.



    An improved offer has been made today. We have also made an offer to take GMS in this window.




  24. Does any poster on CQN actually know Alfie Noakes?


    If so….lets hear it then.


    If he is a Celtic supporter…fair enough.





  25. Catman,



    I can see things moving after Saturday.



    Especially if utd lose




  26. catman



    14:52 on 26 January, 2015





    Thanks for that. Be good to get them both asap



    Amything on guidetti or players leaving?

  27. bournesouprecipe on

    Reduce that cringe factor when buying a tenner of petrol by pulling the trigger very slowly.

  28. BSR



    A grouper of wahoos.



    Ya bass



    Ya swai



    Perch yersel



    Now my nets empty.

  29. WITS,


    “I try not to get involved in too many arguments on here,they are fairly pointless”



    Yer like a tramp into hot pies ffs :oD))))

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