“I pick the team” manager tales, EFL bubble ready to pop


There is an apocryphal tale that when Jim McLean was manager of Dundee United, a 12-year-old wrote to him to dispute team selection.  McLean, so the legend goes, drove straight to the senders address and on being introduced to the boy on the doorstep, stated, “I pick the team”, before turning on his heels and leaving.

When Neil Lennon and his former mentor Gordon Strachan coordinated a Man of the Match nomination for Scott Brown yesterday, it struck me that this was the modern equivalent of a McLean door-stepping.  Neil Lennon picks the team and his MotM quote was him letting you know where authority lies.  It’s not a McLean-level anecdote but is no less a classic of the genre.

Today, 10 MPs, two former chairmen of the FA and others, wrote to the Government asking for a taxpayer handout for the English Football League (EFL).    They note:

“Without any plans being made to rescue football clubs, many in the EFL and others in the National League as well, are now actively preparing to make all but essential staff redundant, cease playing, close down their youth academies and community foundations, and put their business into administration.

“This could lead not only to the failure of many historic community clubs, but the collapse of the national league structure that we have known for over one hundred years.  These are decisions that will be made in the coming weeks, with many clubs unable to meet their payroll obligations for next month.”

The EFL still hope for a rescue package from the Premier League.  They are also pushing the Professional Players Association, the players’ union, to make massive concessions on wages that were never affordable in normal times.  But right now, football in England outside the top flight is unviable this season.

Since the start of the pandemic, I have noted the precarious position of the EFL.  Chances of the existing structure surviving have never been slimmer and probably never will.  This bubble is ready to pop!

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    The Old Firm no longer exists, Rangers died and new company (called Sevco) bought the stadium etc. Try to keep up :-)

  2. AN DUN



    I cannot recall Dermot Desmond salivating over the rise in share values if Celtic managed to get into the EPL. Any links available?

  3. !!BADA BING!! on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2020 1:08 PM


    Seems Sarajevo game is not live on TV…





    At the bottom of the PremierSport listings on their site it says that their programmes are subject to change. Maybe when they know where and when the game is due to be played they’ll show it. Let’s hope.

  4. The huns are skint but the lights are still on………………………..



    How come?



    Oh, and <4 is still there because no-one wants to pay anything more than 4…………for the corpulant currant.

  5. The amounts of money associated with football in England, and especially the EPL, seems to be vast. I’d be amazed if government were prepared to give the EFL a penny.


    Do most of the EPL clubs make a substantial profit? Given the money that’s around they ought to, but I would imagine few do. Man U, Liverpool possibly? The top ones seem to rely on very wealthy owners. Does the EPL, as an institution, have a war chest for emergencies? If so, they’ve kept it very quiet.


    So, if it’s true that the clubs have no substantial profits to speak of and the EPL, as an institution, has no war chest, bailing out the EFL comes down to those who have the money: the very wealthy owners and the players and their incredibly wealthy union.


    Can individuals like Abramovich or the Abu Dhabi Sheiks at Man City etc, having bank rolled their own clubs for years and years, really be expected to dip into their own money to save the EFL? Why them? If they are in the frame for giving a bailout, why not government or SKY or advertisers, or betting companies etc?


    That leaves the players. Pretty much all the money generated in football since the start of the EPL has gone into the players pockets, rightly or wrongly. If there’s to be redistribution of money from the EPL to the EFL to save clubs, then it’s obvious where it has to come from: the EPL players will have to take pay cuts.


    I’ll be stunned if anything like that happens, though in these strange times, maybe it will.

  6. noticeable difference yesterday and we performed better in midfield was SB and ON both didn’t start , as a few have said on here before , when both start in the same 11 we are a poorer team.

  7. FRANKTERRY on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2020 3:47 PM



    Unsure if that is meant to be ironic…



    The link is to a thread on twitter by a parody account which gives a very funny (and surprisingly accurate) overview of a lot of the debate on Neil’s performance.



    Your above reply vis a vis Sevco finds its way on to the list. Have a read and see what you think.




    I think I’ll give it a miss, any account that calls itself ‘Oldfirmfacts’ is probably linked to the the sun or the daily record. Either way it will be complete and utter pish for the feeble minded.

  9. Call of Juarez


    I think you can take the answer as no 🤭



    Welcome to the no-one answers my question clique.

  10. onenightinlisbon on




    Anyone else think David Turnbull must start on Thurs?



    100%. But in the lottery that is Lennon’s team selection his name may not come out….

  11. onenightinlisbon on



    Fantastic performance and result yesterday for Leicester.



    Well done Brendan.



    Outstanding manager.




    But unfortunately a rat lier….

  12. As much as I love my football , it would be morally wrong for any government to bail out overspending football clubs . Especially Football clubs in England ( EFL ) who recieve Millions of pounds in TV revenue , sponsorship and season book sales even before a ball is kicked in anger. It is their choice to be idiotic and reckless with their finances. As a self employed sole trader myself I have only recieved £2700 from the government since the start of the lockdown , my small business has been devasted . It will eventually get back to normal as same thing happened when the Feking banks crashed in 2008 . Welcome to the real world EFL its a bitch at times, deal with it like the rest of us

  13. BHOYFROMSKY on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2020 5:20 PM



    Watching David Turnbull stroking his passes around reminded me of Liam, whats his name???, from Cork Who went to Man U…






    A shocking post from a kid on Celtic Supporter,



    Liam Miller, RIP



    St Stivs – I know you picked this up earlier but felt obliged to highlight again

  14. Call if Juarez



    Need to be careful with your initialisation? Your asking about your DT thoughts.


    Next post is Bada Bing asking about pubs in St Andrews. People could put 2+2 and get 5.


    No I think we should keep Turnbull on the bench, just start with experience players and see how it goes

  15. GENE on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2020 5:59 PM


    Bradley blots his copybook on the chase



    Which team was relegated in 2012 ……




    I know mate,triple relegated he said…….wife told me not to start :O(


    I’ll let Brad off with it ,some huns slipped that question in.

  16. Just thought I’d point out regarding Scott Brown….



    Sir Alex Ferguson knew a thing or two about football management. He kept many of his great players even in their mid to late 30s



    Ryan Giggs aged 35 played the majority of Manchester Uniteds games when they won the Premier League in 08/09. Continuing for another 5 years.



    Paul Scholes played the majority of Manchester Uniteds fixtures age 35 in 09/10. Won the Premier League age 36 in 10/11.



    Rio Ferdinand, Dennis Irwin, Gary Neville, Teddy Sheringham etc.



    He always knew the value in these players even in advanced years. Nobody was going to argue these players were just as good at 35 as they were at 25.



    They weren’t. They’d shown signs of decline and you didn’t need a stats breakdown to tell you.



    But there’s still value there for the club.



    Scott Brown has had a long summers rest, gets breaks at international games and is now being subbed off more regularly.



    Neil Lennon has said he will be rotated more. We’ve only just got started so I doubt there’s been a real toll yet.



    But there will be a time to rest him and I trust Neil Lennon more that stats gurus.

  17. I don’t see large amounts of money being handed back by players who are under contract. As we know the biggest expenditure by football clubs is salaries and bonuses by players and coaches. I dont see much being handed back to keep smaller clubs going.



    With contracts still to pay players and no income then covid has killed off football,. Only TV money is keeping the top clubs going.



    How can owners be asked to pay for this at a time where their own businesses are under pressure.



    This is true at least in Europe.



    There has to be a realignement. There will be lots of teams going burst.

  18. Pulling folk up for forgetting names appears like faux outrage, especially when you consider the potential demographic of those who try and want to post here.


    Response, like so many recently comes across as bullish. I’m 40 and forget the names of distant family members…. It’s like folk are fixing to have people leave.



    Questioning someone’s Celtic-ness screams out that you have doubts and are insecure on your Celtic-ness.

  19. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    RoddyBhoy on 28th September 2020 5:38PM



    Read your post, I’m not prying are you sure you’ve received your entitlement? Two grant claims by self-employed have been possible till now, a third 20% net profits up to £1,875 will be available soon to cover the Nov-Jan quarter. A mystery fourth to follow thereafter.



    Check your online account, the claim process is very straight forward.

  20. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Bada Bing


    I was in St Andrews about three years ago and Celtic were playing the monkeys. A regal pumping was handed out to them. Someone on here recommended The New Inn to watch the game. Only about twenty in but they were roaring on the Celtic. Pub isn’t in the town centre but we’ll within walking distance for a guy in his fifties like me.

  21. Rock Tree Bhoy & St Stivs



    BhoyfromSky, a fellow Cowiebhoy ( even though we both no longer live in Cowie)


    Came back on yesterday and apologised, he genuinely forgot Liam Millar’s surname



    I know that old pensioner BhoyfromSky very well 🤔🤣 and he is a lifelong Celtic supporter, season ticket holder ( with his wife, who has a well known ex-Celtic player as a relative ) and shareholder


    At his age, ( he long retired) surely he can be allowed a memory loss



    But you and St Stivs carry on with your bullying


    Or is that allowed for so some so called Celtic fans on a Celtic blog

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