“I pick the team” manager tales, EFL bubble ready to pop


There is an apocryphal tale that when Jim McLean was manager of Dundee United, a 12-year-old wrote to him to dispute team selection.  McLean, so the legend goes, drove straight to the senders address and on being introduced to the boy on the doorstep, stated, “I pick the team”, before turning on his heels and leaving.

When Neil Lennon and his former mentor Gordon Strachan coordinated a Man of the Match nomination for Scott Brown yesterday, it struck me that this was the modern equivalent of a McLean door-stepping.  Neil Lennon picks the team and his MotM quote was him letting you know where authority lies.  It’s not a McLean-level anecdote but is no less a classic of the genre.

Today, 10 MPs, two former chairmen of the FA and others, wrote to the Government asking for a taxpayer handout for the English Football League (EFL).    They note:

“Without any plans being made to rescue football clubs, many in the EFL and others in the National League as well, are now actively preparing to make all but essential staff redundant, cease playing, close down their youth academies and community foundations, and put their business into administration.

“This could lead not only to the failure of many historic community clubs, but the collapse of the national league structure that we have known for over one hundred years.  These are decisions that will be made in the coming weeks, with many clubs unable to meet their payroll obligations for next month.”

The EFL still hope for a rescue package from the Premier League.  They are also pushing the Professional Players Association, the players’ union, to make massive concessions on wages that were never affordable in normal times.  But right now, football in England outside the top flight is unviable this season.

Since the start of the pandemic, I have noted the precarious position of the EFL.  Chances of the existing structure surviving have never been slimmer and probably never will.  This bubble is ready to pop!

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  1. I also called it Parkhead when I was growing up but like PRESTONPANS BHOYS I seem to remember the official address in the programmes as Celtic Park. I now call it Celtic Park as I think it sounds better. I tend not to call it Paradise as most folk here don’t get the link.

  2. Peter Lawwell became CEO in 2003.



    Martin O’Neill was the manager.



    Peter Lawwell has only sacked Tony Mombray



    Martin O’Neill


    Gordon Strachan


    Neil Lennon


    Ronnie Deila


    Brendan Rodgers



    all resigned for their own reasons.



    If Neil doesn’t do the 10, god forbid, then the board won’t sack him. There is more chance PL will resign.

  3. prestonpans bhoys on

    Belter of a comment👍👍👍👏👏





    I personally don’t think there is anything demeaning in referring to ‘Parkhead’ rather than ‘Celtic Park’ .



    As for the foe malign , they can call it Ibrox stadium or anything they want ….. it will still be a cesspit of decay and hate .

  4. Looks like Hickey has played a blinder on his debut in Italy tonight.



    Didn’t see that coming but fair play to the young fella.

  5. I once complained about the thought of us selling the stadium naming rights to the highest bidder as it should always be called Parkhead.



    My big brother, for once in his life, corrected me that the name was Celtic Park.



    I’ve been torn on what to call it ever since.

  6. Re lions v current team



    The argument is often made that today’s standard of fitness medical science etc means the current team would wi


    However,if all things were equal either to 60/70’s standards or current standards I believe the superior individual skills would see the lions as Victor’s.


    P.S imagine Bobby Murdoch playing to today’s modern science and fitness standards

  7. HS @ Plooky youth



    It was always Parkhead when I was growing up and going to the games in the 70’s


    There was some talk about CP at that time but it was put down to the influence of salaried employment / bought houses / mortgages.



    Consequently a few people mentioned CP once and once only.



    As for Paradise that was the name used sparingly by people who were born before the war — not sure if it was the Boer War or the Great War — and was not to be repeated as too many would get misty eyed.



    Consequently be yourself — do not change your language just because the SMSM use it.


    That means they control you.

  8. I don’t imagine there would be many that would believe the current team would beat the Lisbon Lions if both were some subject to same diet/fitness/coaching (or non-coaching 😉) routines.

  9. BW @ 9.38



    AH — another gem we have missed out on from before our very eyes.


    I think that our coaching is very poor right throughout the club.



    BR made strides forward for the first team.



    However the youth set up would seem to be full of high school jocks with no coaching leadership.


    Throwaway line from the coach after an U18/19’s game — they do what they want / they don’t listen to me.



    Might have been said in jest but shocking to hear it from a grown man who was seemingly their coach.

  10. *** CQN PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2020-21 ***





    There was a fair bit of pressure going into this game, but The Champions showed the perfect attitude. Even during The Huddle you could see Scott Brown making it crystal clear that everyone had to be up for it. And they were. Hibs matched up with their own 3-5-2 formation and did create a couple of scares in the first half. But as the game progressed Celtic just got better and better. Some of our close link up plays in the second half were a real joy to watch.


    Thanks to the 65 who voted. The numbers cast for each player are as follows (with my own choices asterisked) –



    Barkas: 0


    Bitton: 36


    Duffy: 0


    Ajer: 0


    Frimpong*: 60


    Brown*: 45


    McGregor*: 24


    Christie: 0


    Taylor: 5


    Ajeti: 3


    Elyounoussi: 6


    Edouard: 0


    Turnbull: 16


    Klimala: 0


    Ntcham: 0


    Soro: 0




    So, the players receiving points for the Hibs game are –



    Frimpong – 5 points (his 2nd consecutive Man Of The Match)


    Brown – 4 points


    Bitton – 3 points


    McGregor – 2 points


    Turnbull – 1 point



    So, the overall points table is now as follows –


    1st – McGregor – 25 points


    2nd – Christie – 23 points


    3rd – Frimpong – 21 points


    4th – Ntcham – 14 points


    5th – Elyounoussi – 13 points


    6th – Bitton – 10 points


    7th – Barkas and Duffy – 9 points


    9th – Ajeti – 8 points


    10th – Ajer and Taylor – 7 points


    12th – Edouard – 6 points


    13th – Forrest – 5 points


    14th – Brown and Elhamed – 4 points


    16th – Jullien – 2 points


    17th – Turnbull – 1 point


    18th – Bain, Bolingoli, Dembele, Klimala and Soro – 0 points



    *Player Of The Month*


    During September we played 5 games and won them all. We scored 14 goals and conceded 4.


    Our top goalscorer this month was Ajeti with 3, with Duffy, Elyounoussi and McGregor each scoring 2.


    Only 3 players have played the full 5 games, Ajer, Barkas and Duffy.


    Based on the total votes across all 5 games, in 3rd place we have Shane Duffy with 88, in 2nd place (as he was for August) is Callum McGregor with 120 votes. And the PLAYER OF THE MONTH for September with 140 votes is JEREMIE FRIMPONG.



    So, we now travel to face Sarajevo on Thursday evening in the hope of qualifying for the group stages of this season’s Europa League.



    Hail Hail!

  11. Big Packy



    Celtic Park.The home of Celtic football Club.



    lol.no history to alter.twas always thus.









    What do we all call thems?






    FoD: Forces of Darkness






    When i typed FoD my spell auto correct changed it to God…..



    I thought we were the Good guys!!🤔


    It’s the Devils work , I tell ye !



    The Onlooker

  13. For me and my family as well as Mrs TT’s family and all my mates it’s been Parkheid except for my Civil Servant mother who always spoke polite it was Parkhead.

  14. Madmitch.


    Did lawwell not give permission to Leicester to open talks with Brendan?


    Do you think for one second that lawwell would turn down £9m. I posted on this site in August 2018 that I thought the board were trying to get rid of brendan.


    We have an accountant who effectively is our head of football. Can you imagine a situation at Liverpool where the accountant tells Klopp that here is your new winger. Marian shved. £1.2m. From the Ukraine.


    Brendan is a top coach and a very smart man.


    We have treated all of our managers with contempt and disrespect. From mcgrory through to Brendan.

  15. Lurking and have logged on for a moan



    Our home is Celtic Park. The habit of referring to it as ‘Parkhead’ is, in my humble opinion, a media influenced thing whereby, as they do when linking us with the G51 clubs, they refer to the respective homes by their geographical location. The habit has caught on and become general practice.



    A bit like the common Scottish usage of the term ‘chapel’ for Catholic churches, as opposed to the ‘Church’ which they use for the C of S.



    I’m in my late 50s and neither me or any of my associates use or ever have used the term ‘Parkhead’.






    You’re not comparing like with like.



    Billy McNeill was, in the summer of 1983, apparently not in the three best Paid managers in Scotland. He was entitled to ask for a pay rise and as you rightly say should not have been treated the way he was.



    The manager who left us in spring 2019 was effectively working his ticket for the best part of a season and when all is considered, left the club in the lurch.



    No one could ever say that about Billy McNeill.

  16. Always called it Parkhead as a kid, wish I could remember when the change happened and I started saying Celtic Park.



    Old brains and memories eh? Not always reliable yet not to be knocked.

  17. WC @ 10.16



    Not sure the board wanted rid of BR but PL certainly did.


    His ego could not stand a grown up being the manager — for evidence see his torn face when BR was shown off to the crowd.



    DD brought BR to the club — he is always on the look out for talent.


    All the way back to March 2004 when he had DM in for a chat at the Barca game that season.



    So DD was instrumental in bringing BR to the club.


    But DD does not like people pushing / working him for more money.



    MON tried it in 2002 and it was then a long road downhill all the way to M/well 2005.


    BQ was brought onboard short term to keep MON under control.


    PL was brought onboard long term to keep all the managers under control.


    NL was fed questions about his future in 2013/14 and DD did not like the answers.


    BR talking about China gold in the summer of 2018 changed everything.


    PL then had the opening to put BR’s gas at a peep and the rest is 6 months infighting and lost opportunities.



    DD is only here for the arbitrage — buy SPL cheap / sell EPL dear.


    If he needs to keep TFOD1 / TFOD2 alive to do it then he will.


    He sees it as a one hand jackpot — he will never have a growth agenda.


    Interesting that he is now getting more vocal about what he does for the club.


    All I can say is that i hope he has a good memory — he is starting to need it.

  18. Growing up Parkheid…last 20 years Celtic Park…always Huns…Lisbon Lions would destroy our current team.Goodnight all.

  19. One question outstanding — who has DD been tapping up for the job once NL leaves?



    (Ex) EPL name would be my guess.


    Current crisis is what he was waiting for.


    We will never make the EPL in a time of plenty.


    We might make the EPL in a time of crisis.

  20. As far as how to refer the G51 clubs, I never use the R word.



    In polite company, The Ibrox Club or the SooSiders.



    Among ourselves, TheyB******s.



    Hope this helps.

  21. Given the numbers of people claiming to be using CP in the 70’s I fear we have the Spam Valley CSC in tonight.

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    For the 21st Century?



    The Paradise Arena, Celtic Park, Parkhead, Glasgow.



    Enjoyable day culminating in reading back comments here then watching Paxman’s petted lip while one of his beloved Oxbridge colleges gets thrashed by the commoners of Warwick University.



    Jim McLean?



    When asked, in the 70s to comment on his team losing to R@ngers he allegedly said



    “A friend’s gain is no loss”.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    Night all.

  23. When I called it Parkheed my Da put his hand on my shoulder and said, son Parkhead is an area of Glasgow , Celtic Park is where the famous Glasgow Celtic play. It’s been Celtic Park ever since.

  24. SQUIRE DANAHER on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2020 10:31 PM



    A bit like the common Scottish usage of the term ‘chapel’ for Catholic churches, as opposed to the ‘Church’ which they use for the C of S.



    *Chapel is the common term for a small church which at one time is what the Catholic church’s in Scotland were, Wales is full of them as are parts of the States, the Dixie Cups in “going to the chapel of love” and Elvis “crying in the chapel “.

  25. Saint Stivs- I hope you are well, I thought the Liam line was a bit loose,and came back on to apologise, but a guy comparing Turnbull to Tommy Burns is an opinion, and never against his memory, I’m sure he would love it.HH Maybe your post reads differently to what you were thinking….

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