If only Stalin knew


Josef Stalin was adored by his people. He was also a charismatic man with a plan. He had the vision to take the Soviet Union forward to prosperity. But there were famines and genocide. The starving were not exiled to Botany Bay for stealing a handful of corn, hundreds of thousands of them were shot, all while Stalin occupied the Kremlin.

The means of production were breaking down all around. Newly manufactured tractors idled in fields, because simple replacement parts were never produced, causing production targets to be missed, with a whole host of consequential ramifications.

Yet the people remained in awe of their genocidal oppressor. “If only Stalin knew”, they would say, “he would end the suffering and fix all these problems”. It was Beria, or some other apparatchik, who must be responsible.

“If only Stalin knew” has become a phrase to describe a characteristic of human nature. We grow to worship those who inspire us to revolution and reject all evidence when they drive us into the sea. Faults and failings are blamed on others. If only the man (less commonly, woman) at the top was in complete control, this mess would have been avoided.

You will note this morning that “King took a backseat during the recruitment process as Graeme Park, with Stewart Robertson and Andrew Dickson alongside, drove through Caixinha’s move… to Ibrox”.

The sentiment is clear: what is needed is not less influence from King, but more involvement. The plan is great, it just needs to be executed the way King wants it to be.

It’s not like we haven’t warn them.

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    Getting lost in London? Canny blame you,it’s a nightmare now,all the old short-cuts and rat runs are bollarded off,the landmarks-pubs!-are closed and the rest is pedestrianised or one-way.



    I don’t miss it-though I’d a blinding time last Saturday in The Wimbledon Irish Centre!



    Btw,I’ve never used a sat-nav as I don’t fancy a woman nagging me. Obviously you don’t need one either(!)

  2. Someone posted that Barcelona would or could be kicked out of Spanish football.


    Due to Catalan wanting independence.


    Would that not be classed as political?


    If it is political, then does that not mean government intervention?


    Which is not allowed (I think) in football or sport.


    Does anybody know if this is right.





    Too many knowns and unknowns at the moment. Nothing really has happened yet.



    FC Barcelona are the flag-bearers of the Catalans. They are gonna be crucified if they stay in Spanish League but committing suicide if they withdraw from it.

  4. Dont know whats worse,watching Hearts trying to play football,or listening to that twat Walker.In saying Hearts are garbage,they could have scored a couple more.Huns dire.


    Walker fully expects Jack to escape his Red Card on Wednesday.So trying to kick a guy,then barging him to the ground is OK,because Broadfoot was winding him up.Walker is the worst of them all.A right good slap required for this dyke jumper.

  5. Kris on message


    Rangers fans deserve a bit of luck


    You’ll be invited back Chris.



  6. onenightinlisbon on

    “Impartial” commentator Ian Crocker bigging up Sevco “scored most away goals in Premiership”, “Not lost an away game”… you’d think they were average.




    FCB will resign from La Liga on a point of principle, just to show how committed they are to Catalan independence.

  8. Budge always looks like that.Dour faced auld bag.Turned the Hearts game over to see the highlights of the Man U vSpurs game.They lasted around 5 seconds.The greatest league in the world,my erchie.

  9. South Of Tunis on

    BMCUW –



    The woman from Padova doesnt nag -ever . She does 1 line put downs . . Often very funny and worryingly accurate .



    On the day of our wedding — pushing 40 years ago – her father took me aside and told me that normally an Italian father would tell the man who had just married his daughter to look after her or else – but in her case -no need for that — she’s a wild cat – mess her about and she’ll remove your genitalia with a rusty hacksaw blade … I told him -I was already aware of that !

  10. Glendalystonsils….



    Tad unfair on Windass senior.



    A reasonably decent player. Not international class obviously but not all that shabby.




  11. Shortbread pundits have finally realised that Pedro was a dud.



    Poltroons and lickspittles to a man.

  12. Hearts finding the very basics of this game far too difficult for them.Woeful.Hopefully this Serbian has a clue.




    Your father in laws advice raised a wee smile there.



    On the day of our wedding 37 years ago my father in law told my wife,



    “Don’t come between that bhoy and Celtic, you’ll loose”.



    I’ll love and respect that man till the day he dies.








    Sounds like the kinda gal who will keep you on your toes-especially if she’s removing your genitalia!



    Beats the hell outa boredom,gotta agree with you there.

  15. STEPHBHOY @ 11:35 PM,



    Good Post, mirrors my thoughts on the TV deal…






    My feelings are definitely reflected in these posts, the English are interested in the EPL, most other Countries are interested in their own Football Teams and their own Managers and Players who are plying their wares abroad.



    Now Ernie I’m not doing down the EPL in terms of what they achieve with their TV deal, far from it.



    There are truly Global Club brands in Football and Certainly some English Clubs come into that bracket. Add some great marketing and PR and the Premier League is a very sellable product. Now this is a complex and varying model but unarguably very, very successful.



    Scottish Football unlike it’s English brother is hugely underachieving in its Content deals.



    The fact is when it is advantageous to English Football, the Football Content is looked on as the UK’s. The BBC content is shown irrespective of Geographical concerns. The Broadcasting regulations cover the whole of the UK.



    When it comes to recompense in terms of Broadcast Subscriptions, returns on Advertising revenue or License Fee payments, Scottish Football gets a pittance.



    As far as Football as a International or Club sport is concerned Scottish Sky Subscribers, Commercial TV’s advertising revenue and License Fee money are paying a little towards the Scottish game and a lot to have the English Game foisted upon it. How can that be right.



    Either divide the money in an equitable manner and let’s face it we are not robbing England we are talking about a 10:1 ratio, or allow Scotland to have separate Broadcasting rights and regulations.



    The main problem in all of this is the Scottish Authorities; the Civil Authorities have no interest in doing anything other than being tuff on Football and tuff on the causes of Football, the Footballing Authorities are demonstrably out of touch and totally incompetent that’s if they are not corrupt.



    We really need to stop playing platitudes to England and start looking after our National Sport.



    Hail Hail

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