If only Stalin knew


Josef Stalin was adored by his people. He was also a charismatic man with a plan. He had the vision to take the Soviet Union forward to prosperity. But there were famines and genocide. The starving were not exiled to Botany Bay for stealing a handful of corn, hundreds of thousands of them were shot, all while Stalin occupied the Kremlin.

The means of production were breaking down all around. Newly manufactured tractors idled in fields, because simple replacement parts were never produced, causing production targets to be missed, with a whole host of consequential ramifications.

Yet the people remained in awe of their genocidal oppressor. “If only Stalin knew”, they would say, “he would end the suffering and fix all these problems”. It was Beria, or some other apparatchik, who must be responsible.

“If only Stalin knew” has become a phrase to describe a characteristic of human nature. We grow to worship those who inspire us to revolution and reject all evidence when they drive us into the sea. Faults and failings are blamed on others. If only the man (less commonly, woman) at the top was in complete control, this mess would have been avoided.

You will note this morning that “King took a backseat during the recruitment process as Graeme Park, with Stewart Robertson and Andrew Dickson alongside, drove through Caixinha’s move… to Ibrox”.

The sentiment is clear: what is needed is not less influence from King, but more involvement. The plan is great, it just needs to be executed the way King wants it to be.

It’s not like we haven’t warn them.

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  1. And here’s today’s picks from the ole CQN Couponeers –



    Bobby Murdoch’s Curled Up Winklepickers – Wolverampton Wanderers


    Jobo Baldie – Dundee


    Gerryfaethebrig – St. Mirren


    Awalkacrosstherooftops – Charlton Athletic


    The Exiled Tim – Accrington Stanley


    Lennybhoy- Watford


    Pogmathonyahun – Burton Albion

  2. BMCUW –



    ” Philistines ” .



    Now realise that might refer to those who used a bit of a lovely arch to make a kitsch patio in Romford / Basildon rather than those who choose not to watch the Tic





    Tell them to broaden their horizons,compromise,watch Scottish football. Well,Celtic. Don’t want to scunner them!



    Btw,my philistines reply was about the patios!!!





    Haha,just as I realised it could be about the football!



    That’ll never catch on in a football site,bud. You need to sharpen up!!!

  5. For those that picked up on this story earlier you would be correct to deduce that my Bhoy’s house move went smoothly, all completed just before 12 and hired van safely returned. Knew in my own mind that my reward would be my usual 2 rolls and square but unbeknown to me Mrs Baldie then apologises for forgetting to tell me that her hairdresser’s coming at half 12 and the kitchen’s out of bounds for the next 90 minutes!



    A bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee – what kind of lunch is that for a removal man! My half time pie will now need to be brought forward by an hour. With the rolls and square now rescheduled for half 5-ish, before we head out to a wedding (the one that has generated the hair-do) at half 6.



    Wummin! You know what they say, ‘Can’t live with them…’ ;-)

  6. According to the radio Kyle Lafferty has just scored against The Rangers*. The world’s gone mad. What a time to be alive.

  7. mike in toronto on

    50 Shades@10:57



    Take the dog out!



    Found out this week that Derry- my golden retriever and best pal – has advanced cancer in her throat, and has months if not weeks left



    More than anything, I Wish I had spent more time out walking with her



    Last night, I blended up some steak for her dinner, and the two of us sat in front of the fire, watching the Raptors game and eating ice cream

  8. TURKEYBHOY on 28TH OCTOBER 2017 12:56 PM


    What a magnificent free kick from Lafferty.





    It was indeed.

  9. Heading out to the best ground in the UK, to join the best fans in the world and watch the best team in Scotland.




  10. AuroraBorealis79 on

    As Hearts go 1 up the entire stadium breaks from their 40 minute rendition of the Billy boys to chant ‘oh Pedro oh Pedro please come back pedro’

  11. In all fairness an absolute cracker from Lafferty. Mini Huns miss very good chance to go 2 up a minute later,

  12. What is the Stars on

    Would ms budge have that sad face if hearts were one up against a different Glasgow team

  13. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    JOBO BALDIE on 28TH OCTOBER 2017 12:53 PM



    When’s your hairdresser coming? :-)







  14. South Of Tunis on




    ” You need to sharpen up ” .



    Mmm – you must have a direct line to the woman from Padova . Her response to me getting us lost in London recently — . ” You’ll be needing a Lav -Nav soon “

  15. What is the Stars on

    Morelos gets a card from the ref.


    It’s a new one the SFA have introduced


    Le Carte Blanche

  16. MIT.


    Ach, that a sore one.


    Enjoy the time you have left with Derry.


    I’m sure you have given her a great life.


    Hail Hail

  17. Has Lafferty elbowed any other Huns yet….if not why not….or is it only against celtic players ?



    I think Dorus will play today ?


    I could be wrong.



  18. Hearts fans reminding the newHuns support in song that they let their old club die.



    Nice touch, but is there any need to rake over those coals. The need to move ion.

  19. CRC – one day, I hope, one day….



    A slight upturn in my luck as Mrs Baldie just popped into the living room there to say “Rachael’s away to the toilet, so if you’re really quick you can make a coffee…”.



    Such a caring wife…





    “Wummin! You know what they say, ‘Can’t live with them…’ ;-)”



    What,can’t shoot them?

  21. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on






    Cheers. See you on 11th











    Budge. We’d all be throwing the stuff at her while licking it off Heidi with our tongues…




    As a fellow animal lover, my heart goes out to you about your best pal Derry.


    Try and take comfort my friend in the love and companionship that you and Derry have given each other.



    Some years ago I lost my best pal a Border Collie….her name was Penny…I still miss her.



    God Bless Derry.



  24. South of Tunis



    Just a quick line to say I enjoy your contributions to the blog, particularly the wee insights into what’s happening in Italy.



    More power to you sir.

  25. 50 shades of green on

    MIKE IN TORONTO on 28TH OCTOBER 2017 12:56 PM


    50 [email protected]:57




    Take the dog out!………..




    Hi Mike, just scrolling back before I head out to the game, sorry to hear about wee Derry , dogs really are our best friends, I really cant get my Gracie out when it rains being a Staffie she hates the stuff, and being old as well its hard to con her into going out.



    H.H mate

  26. glendalystonsils on

    Dean Windass was a very mediocre player but his son’s not nearly as good as his old man.

  27. mike in toronto on

    Cheers lad



    My sister has had several retrievers. Eleven years ago, she was going to visit the breeder and invited me to come along for the drive



    When we got there, I sat on the floor and was surrounded by puppies. Derry was shy, but eventually got up the nerve to come over. She climbed onto my lap, nuzzled in,looked up and gave me a look that said ‘youre my dad now’ …. and the two of us have been inseparable ever since. For eleven years, we have shared some great adventures together.



    The best friend a guy could ever have

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