If you think Leigh’s finished, you’ve not been paying attention


It was only a friendly and he took advantage of an error, but Patryk Klimala’s goal against Nice last night got rid of the onerous burden that comes when every striker joins a new club, he is no longer waiting on his first goal.

Patryk is still only 21, living abroad for the first time and has a whole lot of work ahead, but in these respects he is no different than several strikers who have successfully developed into top talents at Celtic in recent seasons.  We know how to transform prospects into champions, if you want to make it as a striker, this is the place to come.

I know that you and me both have a lot of time for Leigh Griffiths.  He has proven his worth repeatedly in the six years since he arrived at Celtic Park, most notably by scoring 40 goals in season 2015-16.  Since then, he has played more of a supporting role, first to Moussa Dembele and then Odsonne Edouard and he returned from off-field challenges before lockdown with an impressive scoring rate.

High standards, which would have been unrecognisable as recently as Martin O’Neill’s time, have been set at Celtic in recent years.  They have contributed to the club being the most prodigious collector of trophies in Scottish football history.  Neil Lennon is the curator of those standards and he knows more than anyone the cost if he lets them slip.

Leigh has a master’s degree in the science of ‘Prove them Wrong’.  He has been written off and returned to the top more than anyone I can remember, whatever weaknesses he has, this determination to recover is a strength many overlook.

If you think he’s finished, you’ve not been paying attention.

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  1. Pingback: If you think Leigh’s finished, you’ve not been paying attention Paul67 - Celtic FC News Aggregation

  2. …..☘️☘️☘️☘️….








    …☘️……………. ☘️




















  3. No comparison last night with the usual pre season tours, NFL’s squad looked superfit compared to Nice, re watched the game on Premier last night, and was especially impressed again by Scott Robertson, hits a pass and has a great touch.



    Olivier Ntcham looked lean and hungry and should start in our midfield in all competitive games, where the side still misses a bit of steel. Soro looks busy, but is another lightweight player in the same wirey mould as Scott Brown.



    It’s the formation where we seem to struggle, silky passing, moving is great, we swamp teams from the K.O. but regularly concede on the counter, against better opponents who aren’t St Mirren.



    Last night was a familiar routine, no early goal, and when Nice soaked it up then stood off, to let Celtic play, they then go up the park and score just like Cluj or Copenhagen.



    We have better players than Nice and play prettier football, but will go down again in Europe, due to our winning domestic formula, which doesn’t contend with counter attacking Europa sides, who play in better leagues.



    Last night it was Bain, Ajer, Jullien, Eddy, the rest is a massive midfield all playing across the pitch, the CB’s get ripped, and it’s a mad dash of players trying to get back when we lose possession.



    Being caught miles up the pitch is fine, it was a friendly sure, but the same could be said of seeing players tackling from the wrong side, in the last League cup final? Name a Nice player? name a Lyon player, other than Dembele, these sides don’t do the cavalry charge but know how to skin a cat.



    Play the system NFL CSC

  4. ST TAMS on 17TH JULY 2020 12:07 PM


    He should be finished at Celtic. But no other club would touch him.






    That’s it. Always see people suggesting we loan him to another Scottish club.



    We’d still have to pay his wages. The best thing we can do is get him fit enough to contribute to the team when he’s able.



    I’ll trust Neil Lennon to manage that.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The Club and supporters have backed LG through his ongoing issues,he needs to realise, the Club is bigger than him,the manager and anything else. Sounds like the Last Chance Saloon, according to Neil.He needs to buckle down and see what life would be like,if he left Celtic. Sure,he has credit with us,but not wanting to be too harsh on him,the Club can’t wait forever.

  6. We have stood by Leigh and all he has had to endure.



    Once more standing by and giving him encouragement is the way to for me, then when he is fit and banging in the goals let’s all take stock.






    D :)

  7. In 2012 Wayne Rooney turned up half a stone overweight. He was publicly shamed by Sir Alex Ferguson.



    Wayne ended up scoring 27 league goals and 34 overall that season.

  8. Only Leigh can help himself. Irrespective of the talent we have there have to be rules not one rule for everybody else then another for Leigh. That will be a recipe for disaster in the dressing room.


    He reminds me of another person with God given talent but never really made the most of it due to ill disciplined life style -Anthony Stokes.

  9. I listened to an interview recently with Joe Ledley, he said that Lennon is the best man manager he’s had.



    I think we are seeing his skills in action and I’m sure Griffiths will be a real asset as we go for 10.

  10. The partnership of Leigh and Eddy in the second half of last season was very good and one of the reasons we blew everyone away when we came back from the break



    Imo this is Celtic’s / Lenny’s one final attempt to get him to sort himself out or he will be gone



    There is too much at stake this season to risk losing a player for another four months because we HOPE he will sort himself out



    Get another striker in

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Rewind 8 months to mid-December.



    Griffiths was finished.



    He will never again score 40 in a season.



    But, if fit, he’ll chip in enough goals to contribute tangibly to the 10.



    Also think he should be targeting a new role – the leader of the strikers’ group.



    He has the most experience and is the best finisher.



    Edouard, Klimala and Bayo could all learn and benefit.

  12. Huge fan of Leigh. His goal in the 5-1 humbling of the ungrateful dead was spectacular.



    The club have done the right thing by him.



    Time for Leigh to knuckle down, get some reps in and repay us in goals (and well delivered set pieces)

  13. Spark – get back to bangin’…………


    bangin’ the goals in………………………………………



    Salvation Is Always To Be Found In The Hoops For Those Who Are Open To It.




  14. BSR



    That’s a terrific summary and that massive exposure leads to the ‘Julien is a diddy’ calls when it’s the tactics that let us down. Not to be seen as much in the SPFL but it’s a common theme when we hit Euro. We need to be more savvy in formation and tactics.



    If not, we’ll face another what might have been moment in Europe against a less expensive but more street savvy team a la Cluj and Copenhagen…




  15. PHIL01 on 17TH JULY 2020 12:30 PM



    Irrespective of the talent we have there have to be rules not one rule for everybody else then another for Leigh.






    Yeah, and we have seen that. He’s been left behind in Glasgow and publicly reprimanded. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been fined as well.

  16. It shouldn’t be overlooked that Kasper Dolberg is a fantastic player and Nice’s main man.



    He’s a CL quality player.

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    If LG needs a wake up call, look no further than Garry O’Connor, living in a council house now,after blowing the lot.

  18. I’m sure Neil and the team will rally round to encourage LG back to first team contention.


    We started off last night where we left off in March. The players had a good level of understanding of their roles and a familiarity with one another.


    Taylor had a good game and I hope we will see goals from the left wing partnership of himself and Mo. (Try spelling ELYOUNOUSSI with any confidence.)


    Mystery though. Where in the world is Tom Rogic?

  19. Mental health is very different from physical well-being.Until we know how solid is the former in Leigh Griffiths , we should perhaps refrain from judging him.

  20. Bada – is that legit about O’ Connor? How sad is that???


    Talent gone to waste. I always hoped that wee Strach might have saved Deek Riordan from self-destruction…I suppose you can only do so much.

  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    BB- Last I read about him,he was living in a council house,made fortunes in Russia and England.

  22. Bada – sad stuff. Not so bad if ye’ve never had it, but to have the talent and the wealth that goes with it, then to have nowt must be tough.

  23. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    Re the price list of 45 singles.


    ‘Sixties City British sixties music charts hits and artists’.Scroll down and there you will find the price of vinyl records in the sixties.

  24. Soft spot my a***



    The most important domestic season in the clubs history and he shows up for work unfit and overweight.



    Taking us all for mugs, selfish little shit

  25. McPhail Bhoy on



    17TH JULY 2020 12:44 PM


    Huge fan of Leigh. His goal in the 5-1 humbling of the ungrateful dead was spectacular.




    How very dare you! According to Andy Walker on commentary at the time it was a goal keeping mistake….


    We’ve not scored a great goal since Arthur Monford or Jock Brown were commentating now we score because of poor defending, goal keepers not covering themselves in glory or by a huge slice of luck!

  26. I’m sure it’s just a blip and Griffiths will come back fit enough to partner Eddie up front but


    Son of a gun, if he’s done, we’ve still got Bayo


    IS there live updates on THE HOWGATE today.EMDY got a sausage…………………………………………………………………..2 min to ko.WHO will be first on BELL.

  28. The late great Jock Stein said something along the lines of one of his greatest achievements being keeping Jimmy Johnstone in the game a few years longer than might otherwise be the case…



    Neil Lennon, and the club, are both highly supportive, and also ruthless. I expect and hope to see more of Leigh Griffiths this season and beyond, but Leigh, please use ALL of the support and help you are given, and get back to consistently being the amazing player we all love and know you to be! 😊

  29. Another snippet from Fergus McCann v David Murray by Stephen O Donnell to be published 27 July.



    This one is about Fergus showing he was already looking to invest in 1989 which I wasn’t aware of.



    To provide context the EGM referred to was on 30 March 1992 following which The Board circled the wagons against attempts led by David Low to buy up shares.



    “In the days running up to the EGM, the press had


    introduced the Scottish footballing public to Fergus McCann,


    dispatching their intrepid reporters out to doorstep the Canadian


    businessman at his hotel in Glasgow and splashing their profiles


    across the tabloid back pages. McCann, it was revealed, had


    his own plans for the future of Celtic, which involved injecting


    £17m of new capital into the club – £5m from fans who would


    take up shares in a rights issue, £5m from outside investors


    and £7m of his own money through a separate company called


    Celtic’s Future plc. It was a similar package to what McCann


    had offered back in April 1989, where minutes from Celtic board


    meetings at the time state: ‘Proposals put forward by Fergus


    McCann to provide finance for various capital expenditures …


    were unanimously rejected by the Directors’; and then again in


    August of the same year: ‘Mr McCann’s latest proposals were


    discussed and it was hoped that this was a final discussion on


    the subject. Latest proposals were rejected by Directors.”

  30. Lenny himself has said Klimala has potential but has a way to go yet and with Bayo (seemingly) not quite at the standard, we absolutely cannot be in the scenario we were in last season, where we have one fit striker carrying the burden



    It was a ridiculously precarious position to put ourselves in the first half of last season, where every game we went into you were on the edge of your seat praying the Eddy didn’t get injured



    Eddie, DID get injured and we almost lost the League Cup final because of it



    Regardless if Leigh can come back or not, we still need to buy a striker


    OK paic over got one.


    BLUES TO GARGAD DAVID.How will i know him .is he big.is he as handsome as all the burds say.?????????????????


    DAVID you will hear him before you see him.



    CRASH” yees are back right enough .KIN MORON. TAXI drivers wit dae they know bout fitba,WIR BACK THATS ALL YOU GET OOT THIM.



    RIGHT a m buyin doll! 9 pints of lager and ask these 2 wit they want…………………

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