Instant gratification and the road ahead


Instant gratification is no good for people, it gives our brains the wrong signals, but still, when it comes……….  Within 4 minutes of making his Celtic debut Daizen Maeda opened the scoring against Hibernian.  It was his first chance, his first proper involvement in play and pivoted the game away from Hibs, who should have already been ahead after Joe Hart and Josip Juranovic pondered in their six-yard box.

Such was the anticipation ahead of last night’s game that for some of us it brought back memories of Jorge Cadete’s debut against Aberdeen (delayed by maleficence at the SFA), or Paulo Di Canio’s against Kilmarnock the same year.  Maeda’s impact was every bit as clinical.  His 90 minutes was reminiscent of Kyogo; constant movement, gyroscopic balance, few touches and an outcome-determining performance.

If Maeda had a dream debut, Reo Hatate’s reached fantasy levels.  When we first heard of Reo he was operating as a left back, with the cursed title of a utility player.  The transformation he brought to Celtic’s play had to be seen to be believed.  His role was to create and then utilise space, the former achieved by perpetual movement, the latter by ranging passes that switched play and swiftly pushed Celtic forward.

As a consequence, it all looked too easy for Celtic.  They had options everywhere, a teammate in space, a forward pass tempting them into attack.  Hatate’s movement impacted what happened everywhere on the field.  It was a kind of omnipresence, even when he was 40 yards away (the limit of his distance from play), he was still consequential.

With so many playing their first game in over a month, the relenting pace of the first half could not continue.  Celtic reduced their pressing after the break and saw the game out.  With five substitutes available, it was curious that Ange Postecoglou waited until 74 minutes before brining on Yosuke Ideguchi, Giorgos Giakoumakis and Mikey Johnston.

Our third and final debutant of the night had a lot to live up to.  Yosuke adopted the No. 6 role at the back of the midfield, with Callum McGregor moving one place ahead for the remainder of the game.  He did enough to show comfort and competence on the ball, as Celtic subverted Hibernian hopes.

As I said above, instant gratification misleads our brains.  My brain has already extrapolated last night’s performance across the remainder of the season.  Let’s agree that at the very least, Celtic have embarked on an exciting road.

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  1. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Players who find ‘their level’ in the Championship are more than capable of holding their own in the SPFL.



    I seem to recall a fair few on here being a wee bit sniffy about CCV because he had been loaned out to Championship clubs by Spurs.

  2. Big Wavy,



    Why would James Mccarthy want to leave Celtic. He is only one year into a four year deal on a great wedge


    He is 31 years old with dubious fitness.


    Who would give him what he has at Celtic?




  3. Dons vs TFOD2.1 — the majority of the game was not a good advert for the SPL.



    Good 15 minutes at the start.


    Good 15 minutes at the end.


    Horrible 60 minutes of stodge in between.



    After they went a goal down the Dons looked to be scared of their own shadow.


    The two CB’s looked to be terrified of AM and played their way into trouble time after time.


    The biggest surprise of the second half was that they managed to get into the opposition box to get the penalty.



    Ludge MIB did their bit.



    AM should have been booked in the first half for persistent fouling.


    It was a penalty and AMcG should have been sent off.


    He looks to be back to his old habit of swimming in caffeine.


    Plus the amount of pushing by the TFOD2.1 players was worrying.


    Very physical / close to players faces and the MIB just ignored it.


    Gives the impression that they think that different rules apply to them.



    TFOD2.1 played some good football but crumbled under any sort of pressure.


    IH looked like a candidate for a red card after the first 10 minutes.


    As others have noted they are not a happy bunch.


    The two CB’s have little quality and are easy to spook.



    The Don’s were a match for them when they played with belief.


    TFOD2.1 were lucky to get the draw.



    SB is past it physically but is as sharp as a tack mentally.


    He looks as if he is in training for the next panto season — Widow Twanky or similar.


    He had them wound up to the point of self immolation.

  4. This year’s SD — I give you the bold JMcC.


    Not sure what is going on behind the scenes in training but it is not looking good.



    The last two seasons at CP in the EPL suggested that he was still capable even after his bad injury and that his experience and energy would be very useful in a squad that was in transition.



    He does offer something different — his one tackle against StJ ??? changed the dynamic of the game in that it showed that we had someone who was not afraid to put in some tackles. That job used to be the preserve of IS and he is another player who has become invisible in contrast to his efforts off last season.



    Consequently not sure what is happening — the AP fitness regime not being universally applauded / tactics generating pushback in some quarters?



    No matter how well the team that makes the park can play we still have a hangover from last season regarding the lack of focus that means we waste a huge amount of chances and do not make the most of promising positions.



    Huge amount of growing up to do — hopefully the new recruits will take things forward.

  5. SAINT STIVS @2:14pm



    Remember that article well.



    I also think that religion in a lot of cases plays a part in who you support………….it did a few years ago.

  6. The debate on upgrading the Main Stand


    This was started by a question on the current 2 huge pillars at either end of this stand, supporting the roof structure


    These pillars creating a viewing obstacle


    I’m sure a relatively inexpensive solution (yes may still cost a few million) could be found, through modern Engineering/structural technologies, and create a cantilever structure removing these pillars.


    Something would could be utilised in future if full Stand was to be upgraded ???


    There is also 2 support stanchion in middle of stand, which hydraulically move before any game and brought back down after the game and relocate to support the roof structure weight, stress.



    If we wanted something could be done, on this area alone

  7. The Huns have been getting called Huns for 105 years.






    Lots of different stories on how this name came about, but the most likely stems from that a number of Rangers players were able to dodge the war effort in the World Wars due to connections taking roles in the shipyards instead. Critics said that were no better than the “Huns” (slang at the time in the UK media for the Germans and their Axis power counterparts), and the term stuck.



    Used to actually be a term that Rangers fans also used themselves against Celtic fans at one point (up to the 1960s), but it didn’t stick as it wasn’t accurate. It was back then a commonly used slang term by people referencing their enemies.



    When tested in courts, it has not been found to be sectarian when the evidence is put forward. When John Guidetti was ‘charged’ by the SFA in 2015 for reciting the ‘Huns are died’ song on Dutch TV, the SFA could not find it sectarian, but punished Guidetti “for attacking Rangers or making fun of Rangers for having gone into liquidation back in 2012“. We all just laughed.



    In summary, Hun is NOT sectarian, it’s just a mentality. One best summed up by the delusion and elitism of the phrase “we are the people“.



    Possible earliest recorded usage of Hun in football


    Ever wondered why and for how long Sevco fans have been called Huns?


    From the Glasgow Star October 1916.


    (thx to Celtic historian Ian McCallum for this)




  8. Celtic40me,


    Not usually like you to get things wrong.Toney has done very well at Brentford.Think you find he will not stay there long.

  9. Listening to people in the know about young Riley,is very enlightening.The League One show presenters,absolutely gushing about him.Not alone.


    Some fans need to have trust in Ange.


    Saying he has done well in the market so far,would be a massive understatement.Looking at O Riley on You Tube.Was like Rogic turning out for your local Pub team on a Sunday.

  10. Again from You Tube,the boy O Riley,to me anyway,has an uncanny resemblance in the way he plays,to Glen Hoddle.


    Have a look.

  11. Are we going the Brentford route and contemplating shutting down our academy ?



    Only pure speculation on my part, but targeting young talent from elsewhere would suggest it is a possibility.




  12. I love the word hun when referencing sevconians and their defunct favourites. I always thought of it as gentle, if not affectionate. The idea that it’s sectarian in itself is quite funny and is perhaps only able to be said so when used unkindly to describe Presbyterians generally. That would be pretty rare nowadays, I would imagine, if it was ever common. Who knows? Hun takes other adjectives very naturally, so phrases e.g. like, McCann is a nasty wee hun or Amoruso was right greedy hun, roll of the tongue very comfortably, making their point without further explanation or indeed use of more intemperate, if not inflammatory language, which I’m sure the government, SFA and the media would think a good thing. So, in fact the word hun, is helpful in keeping passions under control and football a safe environment.

  13. NM @ 2.34



    If you were to change the style of the roof on the main stand then I think a full scale replacement / upgrade of the main stand would be the best way forward.



    The stadium is someway behind where we need to be plus we need to massively improve the surroundings and the spectator offer to the support.



    We drew up a masterplan 5 or even 7 years ago and it was a bit of flop.


    Lego block design vibe was not appreciated while the hotel is honking.



    Huge amount to do but there is a huge amount of potential.



    Main stand roof — my thoughts are that it is better to go with a Liverpool style post and beam arrangement as any cantilever design will limit the depth of the seating.



    67K seats means an overhang of approx 50m for the main stand roof.


    If we were to put in a 10K seat attic then the overhang becomes 80m plus / heading towards 90m.


    A cantilever of that scale would be both difficult to engineer and expensive.



    Post and beam roof arrangement with a clear span of 120m or even 130m set back 30m from the touchline would be much more mainstream.



    Please look at the Liverpool main stand project to see the idea in the flesh.





    Apologies in advance for my lack of IT skills.

  14. O’Riley said he knew he would lose a load of money, moving from Fulham to MK Dons,but he wanted to get games,become a better player, and said if he done well, the big move would happen, said he was confident enough in his own ability to achieve this…….impressive

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    The redevelopment of the South Stand.



    Aahh, I dare to dream.



    Leading edge design for “front door” to Celtic Park.



    i.e. no bland copy of North Stand



    Contained footprint that doesn’t cover swathes of the quite beautiful “Celtic Way” …



    .. but is tall enough to cleanly & sensitively connect to The Lisbon Lions and Jock Stein Stands



    c. 7,000 additional seats to take the overall capacity up to 67,525 (a permanent tribute to our finest hour)



    Name it the Jimmy McGrory stand.



    Rename North Stand to Brother Walfrid Stand.



    We would then have sections of the stadium named after our founder, greatest manager, greatest team, greatest goalscorer.



    Oh and then change the name of the stadium from Celtic Park to “The Paradise Arena”



    Back to work.

  16. glendalystonsils on




    Not sure about the last part but I like the rest!

  17. Turkeybhoy



    Look at the stats. They suggest he hasn’t done well



    Take away penalties and Toney has more yellow cards (5) than goals and assists combined (2+2) in 19 games in the epl.



    Take away penalties and in all competitions he’s scored 6 goals in his last 41 games



    I dont think championship-standard is good enough fir a first choice striker who’d be playing on his own.



    I think Edouard is, he’s got 5 goals and 3 assists in 18 games at palace in the epl, and 5 of those appearances were as a sub



    I think Toneys record since he’s gone to Brentford suggests we should be cautious about players who perform well in Division 1. Certainly about paying big transfer fees

  18. I assume any major work would involve closing that part of the ground for some of the season?? That’ll go down well with those season ticket holders

  19. If ORiley signs I hope he is as good as another MK Dons player ,Dele Ali .


    What ever division you are playing in shouldn’t matter if you have skill and attitude .

  20. Oddly, I wouldn’t be in favour of increasing the number of seats in the south stand.


    Improve the facade and design by all means.


    However, I believe more seats would simply lie empty for more games which has the effect of draining atmosphere and creating voids and echos.

  21. PETEC on 19TH JANUARY 2022 12:41 AM



    My Nephew is a Rangers Supporter but the Help & Support he provides for my maw&paw is Incredible



    *I would hope so they are his grandparents no matter what.



    We had a priest in Balloch who told my da that his paternal granny was in the lol, he often thought she preferred her other grandweans to him.



    When he was preparing for his ordination she told him there was no chance she was going into a chapel, she passed away shortly before it but they did find a brand new hat still in the wrapper which she had bought for the big day.



    When I was growing up I had a few bluenose mates, would have lived a lonely life if I didnae. Yes there were huns but I didnae want tae know them.



    There was one of the crowd that I was convinced was a hun, he came walking down Bank Street after they beat us in another honest mistakes game, we had surprisingly beaten them about 5 weeks earlier, he was singing about dolly’s braes and derry’s walls and one of our wee crowd told him tae STFU, the game was over, he said that we had been giving him a hard time after we won, tae which a few lads, even the bluenoses, said naw we wurnae.



    Not too long ago when I was at hame I mentioned him tae another mate who disnae bother about fitba and drinks with some bluenoses, he had grown up with this hun and he agreed with me, he was a hun.

  22. A rebuilt and expanded Main Stand would see an application from me, for one, to transfer there from the North Stand, especially if I could get a seat near the centre. (My eyesight isn’t the best.)

  23. Big Jimmy…………Whiskey In The Jar, The Wearin’ Of The Green, We’re On The One Road. Agree nothing like a few rousing ballads or rebel songs to liven up an occasion.



    The redevelopment of the South Stand.




    what about the Lawwell Stand 😎

  25. Rebuilding the main stand.



    You build the main structure behind the existing stand.


    Then you build the roof over the existing roof — losing less than 1000 seats in each corner.



    Demolish / dismantle the existing roof.


    Reprofile the existing seating area.


    Join the new to the old.



    Some seats will be lost for part of a season.


    However the benefits will make it worth it.

  26. One of my FAV Irish Ballads is a song by Mary Black.


    its called.” SONG for IRELAND”.


    Its just superb.


    Sorry but I cant do LINKS.



  27. When Fergus put down the 51,000 seats to add to the existing 9,000, by default, he gave us a huge potential financial advantage over Ibrox. Sell those 60,000 seats and they have to paddle mightily hard to stay with us. Or try and find other ways.


    If we were to rebuilt the main stand with, say, an additional 5,000 seats, then we raise that advantage even further. Sweet indeed.



    Maybe Dermot’s boys could hypnotise their auld da and get him to write a cheque for £75m . Can’t take it with you DD.

  28. garygillespieshamstring on




    I believe Fergus was very shrewd in judging his market. I think he built the stadium to a size he could sell out in season tickets as the only way to get tickets to the big games.



    I think he picked the size to keep a demand and figured that if the stadium was too big and it became possible to get tickets for big games on a game by game basis, the season ticket demand would plummet, leading to small crowds for run of the mill games and big crowds only at hun games and other big fixtures.



    For that reason, I would be concerned about increasing the capacity by too much.



    Been going to the games for nearly 60 years and my Emory is that even in the great years, the normal attendance was between 20 and 30 thousand at most games.

  29. GREENPINTA @ 3:20



    Are we going the Brentford route and contemplating shutting down our academy ?



    Only pure speculation on my part, but targeting young talent from elsewhere would suggest it is a possibility.




    That’s an interesting point!


    Over the past few seasons we have brought in a good number of young players deemed top prospects from other clubs, e.g. this season Urhoguide & Shaw, and in turn lost quite a few from our own academy, notably to Germany (Bayern) and England (Leeds) recently.



    Whether that means a sea-change in our development policy, I don’t know. The emergence of the ‘B’ team might play into this – I am unsure as to where it exactly sits in our long-term structure.



    We must also factor in the Women’s squad. Expenditure will increase as the women’s game looks to level-up in remuneration and stature.



    From the US/Canada to South America and Europe, the pressure to acknowledge & reward the women’s game grows daily. Many countries now stipulate that international players, men, or, women, must be paid equally.



    In my view this will ‘trickle-down’ to club-level & there will come a ‘Bosman-like’ acceptance, either through the courts, or, by public opinion, that clubs must have similar budgets for their mens’ & womens’ squads. To argue against this may be looked on as discriminatory.



    The breakthrough is likely to come in the US where the women’s lobby is very strong – when it does happen, other countries will surely follow suit, with only the timescale to be determined.



    So, getting back to your original point, shutting down the academy maybe a necessity further down the line – there is only so much money to go round.