Instant gratification and the road ahead


Instant gratification is no good for people, it gives our brains the wrong signals, but still, when it comes……….  Within 4 minutes of making his Celtic debut Daizen Maeda opened the scoring against Hibernian.  It was his first chance, his first proper involvement in play and pivoted the game away from Hibs, who should have already been ahead after Joe Hart and Josip Juranovic pondered in their six-yard box.

Such was the anticipation ahead of last night’s game that for some of us it brought back memories of Jorge Cadete’s debut against Aberdeen (delayed by maleficence at the SFA), or Paulo Di Canio’s against Kilmarnock the same year.  Maeda’s impact was every bit as clinical.  His 90 minutes was reminiscent of Kyogo; constant movement, gyroscopic balance, few touches and an outcome-determining performance.

If Maeda had a dream debut, Reo Hatate’s reached fantasy levels.  When we first heard of Reo he was operating as a left back, with the cursed title of a utility player.  The transformation he brought to Celtic’s play had to be seen to be believed.  His role was to create and then utilise space, the former achieved by perpetual movement, the latter by ranging passes that switched play and swiftly pushed Celtic forward.

As a consequence, it all looked too easy for Celtic.  They had options everywhere, a teammate in space, a forward pass tempting them into attack.  Hatate’s movement impacted what happened everywhere on the field.  It was a kind of omnipresence, even when he was 40 yards away (the limit of his distance from play), he was still consequential.

With so many playing their first game in over a month, the relenting pace of the first half could not continue.  Celtic reduced their pressing after the break and saw the game out.  With five substitutes available, it was curious that Ange Postecoglou waited until 74 minutes before brining on Yosuke Ideguchi, Giorgos Giakoumakis and Mikey Johnston.

Our third and final debutant of the night had a lot to live up to.  Yosuke adopted the No. 6 role at the back of the midfield, with Callum McGregor moving one place ahead for the remainder of the game.  He did enough to show comfort and competence on the ball, as Celtic subverted Hibernian hopes.

As I said above, instant gratification misleads our brains.  My brain has already extrapolated last night’s performance across the remainder of the season.  Let’s agree that at the very least, Celtic have embarked on an exciting road.

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  1. Stop dreaming about new stands.Has MM already got the contact?.Plans seem well drawn up on here today.


    MM,football tactician ,Boardroom supremo,Stadium renovator.


    Got the lot that boy.Take a bow.

  2. Loving the guff that some posters will put on to try and generate some waves.



    Low ball put in about the Ladies team.


    Something to do about the wages we would need to pay them in the future.



    Total snider working an angle.


    Everybody — apart from PL — has an economic value to the club.


    As long as we pay above minimum / living wage then we are OK.


    Any premium above that figure is down to their negotiating skills and their value to the team.



    Not an issue.



    PL is / was different — DD paid him an amount based on his usefulness to him and his ability to wind up any manager who got ideas outwith DD’s comfort zone.



    Nothing at all to do with his value to the club — recently less than zero.

  3. BADA BING @ 10:12


    I thought they looked lacklustre for most of the game…..very similar to us last season




    I agree, there is no ‘plain-sailing’ down Ibrox way. Whilst GVB has had a good start, I believe that Gerrard’s influence is being missed by the players. His big reputation as a player and ‘pull’ were big factors, i.e. being selected by him would have been good for the ego.



    Although he was not all-conquering as a winning manager, I believe his leaving has left an enormous gap and affected morale.



    We are in better shape than we could have hoped for at the start of the season, and but for Livi, would be top of the league right now.



    If we can catch-up and poke our noses in front, pressure will build at Ibrox and cracks could appear – however we must not have anymore ‘Livi days’.

  4. Crowds — the demand is out there.



    Just look at the recent past:


    BR @ 2016


    AP @ 2021.



    The waiting list is back and this time it is for real.


    Then there is the growth agenda — play good football and they will want to come.


    When we get to that position then the building will be easy.



    As noted by others bigger crowds generate travel issues.


    Given the current anarchy / plod laziness / council disinterest on the issue — solutions should not be that difficult to find.



    One basic improvement would be an improvement in the pavements / lighting on the routes back to the town — pick and shovel engineering at its finest.



    Next would come some junction management for an hour after the game and some buses / extra trains.



    If you have to turn people away because of a lack of transport options then we really do live in a haggis republic with a weak board more interested in troughing at the hospitality.



    Being stuck in the LL car park after chucking out time at the Free Pie seats after a Euro game — Nov 2019 — really takes some beating.



    The plod were hopeless but the club didn’t cover themselves in glory especially as my then 72 year old uncle who has big mobility issues was left to stand outside in the rain — I couldn’t get out the car park to pick him and he couldn’t walk to the car as they put down the door shutter on the corner entrance.



    That is the state of the club.

  5. Foxy @ 11.30



    Any chance you could give it a break with your fascist groove thing?


    I wonder if “SS” — how appropriate — ever made it over to any games back in the day?

  6. Mitchy



    PL is / was different — DD paid him an amount based on his usefulness to him and his ability to wind up any manager who got ideas outwith DD’s comfort zone.



    Laughing here mitchy,çan you expand on the above,(without exposing Peters ownership of your heid).listen ticket there if you want to see stadium from the inside anytime soon :-)



  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Disappointing news, if true, that fat boy won’t play in the Glasgow derby.



    The highlights package from last night included a close-up of el feo.



    Boy looked coked out of his eyeballs.



    The Jane Plan brochure clearly went into the wood burner at home. With fuel prices going up, if you are not getting paid by the club on time you’ve got to burn anything I suppose.



    He had a fat lip that was healing.


    (teammate? spouse? private dick? Penry, the mild mannered janitor?)

  8. Yes Lhads,


    I’ve not been on here for ages and ages (years actually). Good to see plenty of the old guard still around – Petec, bankie, CorkCelt, BadaBing, Roberttressell, Big Vavy, Stivs & Glendaly I’m looking at yous. It’s been a few years but I’ve been emailing BobbyMurdochscurledupwinklepickers and can’t get a reply. Does anyone know if he’s alright?



  9. You will get the good Celt there.log in,reg etc.he writes some of the header pages on it.




  10. Had the pleasure of meeting Mick a few years ago in Bristol. I went offline for a while and lost touch. Top man. Very keen to touch base again

  11. Reiperman…if you can prove yer not death incarnate…I’ll give u Micks’ email addy…as soon as he authorises me to

  12. Iniquitousiv…there is such a thing as GDPR (general data protection regulations)…I hope you haven’t brokrn thum

  13. Am such a cunt….I walked past St Enoch’s ….and forgot to take photos of Gotham City FD trucks….grrrrr….

  14. Good morning all from a very cold, indeed frosty Garngad



    Oh how the Huns cannot take getting bailed out with their lodge men in black.



    They are hurting so bad. Yaassss



    Broony was an immense wind up to them and to me that is all part and parcel of modern day football.



    Anyway coal face beckons and de frosting of the car.






    D :)

  15. SFtBs @ 7:43 PM,



    Well we possibly don’t want to prolong this debate and just for the record I have no issue with either of the divide singing their songs, calling each other names insofar as it does not upset me nor offend me.



    However sometimes society has to move forward, it may sound trite but I do think as a whole we have to be much more inclusive, the “it’s ust about me” think has devalued our society.



    On the sectarian thing, for me it’s West of Scotland folk not seeing the wood for the trees.



    Yes the discrimination has lessened and is less visible, most citizens have risen above it and get on with their daily lives, just being embarrassed when it raises it’s head in the form of an Orange Walk or Old Firm weekend.



    Yet consider this, how can “up to our knees in Fenian blood” not be sectarian?



    Also there was a war involving these two communities, one side, had an army of “freedom fighters” struggling against the other side.



    How can songs about those “Freedom fighters” be viewed as anything other than sectarian. They only represented one side of the divide during that war.






    The abondining the Academy &/or Lennoxtown debate is interesting.



    The original plan as I understand it was to have an elite Celtic academy, TB headed up a fact finding mission to put the plans together, having had quite a bit of experience in successfull English academies.



    He toured around Europe and Britain and came up with the La Maisa, ClaireFontaine type model of out of the City development.



    Lennoxtown was designed in that respect and it was decided to go for a share issue to fund it’s build, which would be completed in two phases.



    However it was becoming more and more clear Barrowfield as a first team training facility was not fit for purpose and was considered an embarrassment when showing round potential signings.



    So last minute dot com, it was decided to use Lennoxtown to train the first team with most of the youth work carrying on at Barrowfield.



    That was not a particularly bad short term decision, if Barrowfield had then been developed to a top class first team training centre and the Academy plans had pushed forward.



    Then the Academy could have transferred to Lennoxtown as planned and the first team could use the first class facilities in the East End Close to Celtic Park.



    However that’s not what happened, Barrowfield was never developed, phase two of Lennoxtown was shelved and the “short term” plan has had to suffice for nearly fifteen years.



    Hail Hail





    Sorry mate but I must disagree about the Wee Temporary Stand being ” Rubbish ! ?


    I had a Season Book for it and the 3,000 Volunteers ( As our Captain Paul MacStay described it, at the time to me) really added to the Atmosphere.


    When I told Paul where my seat was, he smiled and said ” So Jimmy, You are one of the 3,000 Volunteers, and the PLAYERS really enjoy the singing and the noise that the 3,000 generate at every home game” !


    He asked me about the ” Noise” that we generated even when Celtic had just won a Throw In ?


    I explained that the TEMP Stand had a Stainless Steel Base, and whether we STOOD UP or Sat Down, we simply STAMPED our Feet to generate support and noise.


    This always happened DESPITE appearing to play most games in the Rain for that 1st Season of the TEMP Stand. It didnt have ANY ROOF, but that didnt bother us, we didnt care IF/WHEN we got Soaked.


    Having a Season Book for the TEMP Stand also ENSURED that those Season Book Holders would be in the FRONT of the Queue for when the Stadium was finished.



    I was later offered a great Seat in the Lower North Stand, in the middle of where the GREEN Brigade are now, which I had for many seasons. The view was FAB , and only about 25/30 Rows up from the Corner Flag and almost in line with the 1 yard Box.


    I was SO GLAD that I had purchased that Season Book for the Temp Stand previously.


    HH mate.