Instant gratification and the road ahead


Instant gratification is no good for people, it gives our brains the wrong signals, but still, when it comes……….  Within 4 minutes of making his Celtic debut Daizen Maeda opened the scoring against Hibernian.  It was his first chance, his first proper involvement in play and pivoted the game away from Hibs, who should have already been ahead after Joe Hart and Josip Juranovic pondered in their six-yard box.

Such was the anticipation ahead of last night’s game that for some of us it brought back memories of Jorge Cadete’s debut against Aberdeen (delayed by maleficence at the SFA), or Paulo Di Canio’s against Kilmarnock the same year.  Maeda’s impact was every bit as clinical.  His 90 minutes was reminiscent of Kyogo; constant movement, gyroscopic balance, few touches and an outcome-determining performance.

If Maeda had a dream debut, Reo Hatate’s reached fantasy levels.  When we first heard of Reo he was operating as a left back, with the cursed title of a utility player.  The transformation he brought to Celtic’s play had to be seen to be believed.  His role was to create and then utilise space, the former achieved by perpetual movement, the latter by ranging passes that switched play and swiftly pushed Celtic forward.

As a consequence, it all looked too easy for Celtic.  They had options everywhere, a teammate in space, a forward pass tempting them into attack.  Hatate’s movement impacted what happened everywhere on the field.  It was a kind of omnipresence, even when he was 40 yards away (the limit of his distance from play), he was still consequential.

With so many playing their first game in over a month, the relenting pace of the first half could not continue.  Celtic reduced their pressing after the break and saw the game out.  With five substitutes available, it was curious that Ange Postecoglou waited until 74 minutes before brining on Yosuke Ideguchi, Giorgos Giakoumakis and Mikey Johnston.

Our third and final debutant of the night had a lot to live up to.  Yosuke adopted the No. 6 role at the back of the midfield, with Callum McGregor moving one place ahead for the remainder of the game.  He did enough to show comfort and competence on the ball, as Celtic subverted Hibernian hopes.

As I said above, instant gratification misleads our brains.  My brain has already extrapolated last night’s performance across the remainder of the season.  Let’s agree that at the very least, Celtic have embarked on an exciting road.

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  1. No Bobby Does It Petta on 18th January 2022 12:15 pm



    And yet, Paul, the weans in the “curve” chose to ignore all that and sing about the IRA all night, banging that bloody drum.







    An embarrassment to the club and all fair-minded people.





    Didn ‘t see the match last night but another 3 points won with a fine performance especially from our new signings. Augurs well for the future.



    Lots of comments regarding what seemed more than usual IRA themed rebel songs being belted out by the green brigade. Sunday represented the 100 years anniversary since British rule ended in ROi after 800 years of occupation with ceremonies in Dublin Castle.

  2. Tom McLaughlin



    On September 1, 1971, the new main stand was officially opened by Celtic legend, Jimmy McGrory as Celtic defeat Nacional of Uruguay 3-0 in a specially arranged friendly.



    Only issue was that it wasn’t a new stand as such, and was a new expansive roof on top of the the original stand, with the same basis. They’ve ‘looked at it’ periodically but sadly brushed it aside, to say it’s past it’s sell by date is an understatement, not to mention the dressing room area which prevents any possibility of it ever becoming a UEFA rated stadium.



    The cost of course, is the reason its not brought up to modern spec, given it was once urine to your ankles in the Jungle, which was fine too according to the then board, its not surprising that it gets brushed under the current disco lights. By the time they’ve redone the last quarter, they’ll need to start over.



    TheCelticMuseum&Hotel CSC

  3. Being an Aukd Fart on CQN bemoaning Republican/IRA songs in a safe online platform is next to ineffective.



    I have done it too in the past but it really will make no difference. None at all. A waste of typing. Just hand wringing “virtue” signalling.



    What might make GB people think is direct communication from the songwriters and veterans of the struggle, expressing their opinion that, whilst appreciating past support, they find it demeaning and counter productive to be singing these songs to other fans of other teams on foreign ground.



    Historical Irsh songs are still helpful but the “war songs” such as the “IRA Will set you free!” being sung to fans of Hibs, Falkirk or even Sevco, are merely taunts and not songs of representation. I will miss BOTOB, if it goes, but then I miss “Follow, Follow”, ” The Holy Ground” and even “Whistling Rufus” which were once as common as the Wolfetones catalogue.



    Things can change but certainly not by hand wringing on CQN and, certainly not by calling the songs “sectarian”, a dicredited word for describing our songbook.

  4. !!BADA BING!! on 18TH JANUARY 2022 4:16 PM


    Mr Nail is notoriously difficult to work with……..




    that’s cos he’s always HAMMERED from lunchtime drinking

  5. Tom McLaughlin, my opinion is that the stand won’t get upgraded unless we play in a different environment



    To do it right would cost in excess of £100 million

  6. The lyrics of a song once sung at CP before my time:-



    “#A dirty big fat German fell out of the sky one day,


    he landed in a corn field not so very far away



    #And when the farmer’s found him he was in an awful mess,


    they asked him what his name was, he replied “Rudolph Hess”



    #So they wined him and they dined him,


    and they fed him off the land,


    they applied to the Duke of Hamilton,


    the affair was simply grand



    #Now they asked him what his business was


    in Dear Old Glasgow town,


    he said “I’ve come to Bonnie Scotland to be on the winning side”,


    For it’s a Grand Old Team To Play For………………….#”

  7. In the pub before the game we debated what the crowd would be.


    I thought there would be loads of empty seats due to increased Covid checks and it being a dull Monday Night indeed seemingly the most depressing day of the year.



    I’m in 441 and I’ve never seen it so busy for an ordinary league game. As far as I could make out, there were no empty seats.



    Amazing show of support.

  8. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    18 yard man



    It’s hard to keep up with all the changes to the handball rules, but I believe the following is the latest interpretation



    there will be no penalty if:



    the ball touches a player’s hand/arm immediately from their own head/body/foot or the head/body/foot of another player.






    I’m not doubting you but if thats the case whats to stop a player chesting the ball on to his fist and then punching it away?

  9. Greenpinata



    how did the cert checks go? I need to show my 2 jag cert and an NHS checked antigen to get in on 2 Feb. I hope to avoid that hassle if possible

  10. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Nothing to add about last night and our January recruitment – all been said



    So I will wander into another subject



    The early break has done us a favour


    Not just because we got some new players in and old one back from injury



    But The Hun has some pressure to deal with





    If they had played us on Jan 2nd as planned – and beat us (given we were short of players it was possible) and then gone into the break 9 points clear


    They would be spending the CL money already – one or two of their players would have got a new contract



    But as it turns out they now need to sit on their hands – they cannot go out and buy buy buy or give the out of contract players new contracts –


    And to make things more complicated for them they will not know the state of play for the league until after Feb 2nd – when the window is closed



    So the Hun is in the middle of a big game of poker



    It is difficult to predict what the Hun will do


    If they get to Jan 28/29 and are 6 points ahead of us – will they gamble and spend that CL money


    or if they get to 28/29 Jan and are only a couple of points ahead will they spend get in more debt to get that CL money


    Financial common sense has not been part of the Huns part 2 history



    Big decision for the Huns



    My wish – they spend big – we win the league – they go bust again



    But they have some big decisions to make



    Meanwhile i anticipate some great football to come from Celtic – will it be enough to grind them down – time will tell – but my glass is half full




  11. rockbhoy thats the fifa rules, not the lanarkshire refereees association






    there will be no penalty if:



    the ball touches a player’s hand/arm immediately if they are wearing a blue jersey and represent the rangers.





    The Jimmy Nail stuff is riveting





  13. Painful eh listen eh to eh a eh Giovanni eh interview eh, where eh, he eh puntuates eh every eh word eh with eh an eh.



    listen in.



    must be part of the recruitment have an annoying voice,

  14. CONEYBHOY on 18TH JANUARY 2022 6:25 PM



    No issue with the checks. No hold ups I could see.


    In saying that I very much doubt the checkers absorbed the information they were being presented with.



    One issue I personally had was ensuring that I had enough charge on my phone. I was out all afternoon and had forgot to take a charger with me.




  15. Interesting, I leave for a bit having had a fine debate on Sectarian singing and within minutes it descends into nonsense.



    So let’s start with the basics, what is Sectarianism?



    Sectarianism is a political or cultural conflict between two groups often related to the form of government they live under. Prejudice, discrimination, or hatred can arise in these conflicts, depending on the political status quo and if one group holds more power within the government. Often, not all members of these groups are engaged in the conflict. But as tensions rise, political solutions require the participation of more people from either side within the country or polity where the conflict is happening. Common examples of these divisions are denominations of a religion, ethnic identity, class, or region for citizens of a state and factions of a political movement.



    While sectarianism is often labelled as ‘religious’ and/ or ‘political’, the reality of a sectarian situation is usually much more complex. In its most basic form sectarianism has been defined as, ‘the existence, within a locality, of two or more divided and actively competing communal identities, resulting in a strong sense of dualism which unremittingly transcends commonality, and is both culturally and physically manifest.



    Now just as in England Laurance Fox doesn’t get to decide what racism is, Scotland’s bigots don’t get to decide what prejudice is.



    It doesn’t work that way…



    The our songs are songs of freedom, their songs are prejudice. Their fighters were terrorists or fighters were soldiers nonsense doesn’t wash.



    You need to be able to get above it and take a long hard look at yourselves.



    You prejudices ouze out and you can’t even see it.



    That was Laurance Fox problem, that is you guys challenge.



    Hail Hail

  16. BOGNORBHOY on 18TH JANUARY 2022 6:32 PM


    Crocodile tears and crocodile shoes…😂



    crocodile mick dundee in melbourne will enjoy that clever reference,



    thumbs up.

  17. HOT SMOKED on 18TH JANUARY 2022 3:36 PM


    ‘Last night, the GB`s IRA repertoire was much more obvious than is normal. I thought that was something to do with the fact that we were playing Hibs and the GB were trying to send them some sort of message that they , the Hibs fans,were no longer being true to their origins.’







    I remember a pal of mine shouting at them at Easter Rd ‘youse are nothing but a shower of Free State bastards.’



    Hard to argue with that.

  18. I remember a pal of mine shouting at them at Easter Rd ‘youse are nothing but a shower of Free State bastards.’



    and yet it was their 1950s chairman telling us to



    “take it down from the mast ………….




    i bet there are several now joining in with that particular song in the safety of their own home right now.

  19. Ernie


    Free state B



    That chat is actually emerging again in the 26 deal with/26 dealt with the 6.historically and with a possible 32 ref to come a review of history is occurring



    Joe Brolly on twitter is an interesting follow



    Last summer when I was over,Tyrone won the all was as tho the unhappiness the Dublin press kinda bled onto its pages about ‘bringing the All Ireland back’.had to double read,- back from where?


    It hadn’t left Ireland.


    Interesting times




  20. Hankray @ 6.05



    Thanks for the perspective which might explain why Green Brigade seem to be dusting off the songbook, you missed a good first half.



    ‘Sectarian’ singing of course gets regularly thrown out of court by the judiciary in Scotland, because eh eh, it’s not sectarian, something Celtic supporters for one, are certain gave rise to the now binned OBAF act. Offensive and sectarian get lumped together in Scotland ( same brush tarred etc ) Irish republican no matter how you explain it is offensive to some of the peepul in Scotland.



    What the choir sings, however isn’t and never will be ‘60,000’ singing a song from Carousel, which was the only time last night ‘the Celtic support’ really sang.




  21. From Gearoid.



    I’ll take you to Belfast to Larne and Coleraine,


    I’ll bring you to Newry and right back again.


    I’ll show you sickness, violence and plagues,


    But the worst thing I’ll show you is too many Taigs.



We’ll sit in the courtroom and hear cases tried,


    Where injustice and crime can find no place to hide.


    And the guilty get sentences both small and big,


    But you know it’s a Fenian there under the wig.



    I’ll bring you to lectures where students are


    And knowledge and wisdom are earnestly sought.


    And the young from the classroom to adulthood pass,


    But there’s always a very strong odour of Mass.



I’ll take you to newsrooms where stories are written,


    To studios for news from reporters hard-bitten.


    To political meetings with shoutin’ and hecklin’


    And the bloke with the notebook is bound to be Declan.



For Ulster has changed from the days of my youth,


I recognise less now, I’m long in the tooth.


When I was a youngster the factory foreman


    Was bound to be Davy or Sammy or Norman.



    But now she’s a feminist and Catholic to boot,


    And she has little time for the flag or the flute.


    And the boss is from Cork and his wife is from


    And they all love their hurling as they’re talking on Zoom.



    And the shipyard that gave us the mighty


    Now gives us only suspicion and panic.


    It’s full of them Poles and no Orange sashes,


    And Lent is the time of confession and ashes.



But sometimes I think if I had my time back,


If the Lord was to hand me another wee crack,


    I’d say to myself and my marching band cronies,


‘Let’s all do our homework and stop climbing



    And I’d tell my own children that, though it’s too late,


    I wish I had left them off at the school gate,


Instead of the flute hall where I’d wait and hope


    That they too would
 some day be kicking the Pope.



    For I concentrated hard on our cultural wealth,


    And I bought them their union jack hats on the Twelfth,


    While over the wall during our fun and revels,


    Them muns were racking up all those A-Levels.



    But time still remains by our betters we’re


    We’ve still got a chance but we’ve got to be bold.


    Let’s get loyal children to do what Seán’s done,


    Let’s pick up the book and set down the gun.



    And in 20 short years a new graduate crop


    Will show us again what it’s like to be top.


    And across loyal Ulster the message will spread,


‘Too f××××n’ late, lads, the union is dead.”






    HH to all Celts

  22. At this stage of the season this is our joint 3rd best defensive record since 2000, and our joint best home defensive record since 2000. We’ve conceded 2 goals at home in the league.



    Quite an achievement given that we’ve had a completely new back 5 except for the goat, aka Greg Taylor when he’s played (and he’s crap apparently).




  23. AN TEARMANN on 18TH JANUARY 2022 5:56 PM



    ‘Are you a hun? Never seen you post before so its a legitimate blog question’



    You think Im a hun because you havent seen me post before?


    Im wondering why I need to re assure you you that Im not a hun. Im still interested as to why you think I might be? Can you expand?


    When Paul started the blog in 2004 we could often spot the hunterlopers , though there were very few in the beginning. We had a regular rangers fan who would visit now and again. I cant remember his moniker now but he was a decent sort. Definitely not a ‘hun’ though, if you know what I mean. Some of the old stagers might know, Madmitch, SFTB etc. I presume you weren’t posting 18 years ago on this blog?


    So no, Im not to answer your crass accusation. I’ll forgive you though ;)

  24. Greenpinata on 18th January 2022 6:17 pm



    In the pub before the game we debated what the crowd would be.



    I thought there would be loads of empty seats due to increased Covid checks and it being a dull Monday Night indeed seemingly the most depressing day of the year.



    I’m in 441 and I’ve never seen it so busy for an ordinary league game. As far as I could make out, there were no empty seats.



    Amazing show of support.







    We need these Emergency Powers stopped/binned ASAP.



    The Celtic Support were Incredible last night. Some of the loudest roars ever.



    Broonie starting for the Dandies. Who is the MIB?



    NRG with real Technical ability. This Celtic Team is shaping up very nicely.



  25. !!BADA BING!! on 18TH JANUARY 2022 4:16 PM


    ‘Mr Nail is notoriously difficult to work with……..’







    Some years ago I was speaking to a guy who had worked behind the scenes on the follow up to Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. He thought Nail was an arrogant arsehole who treated people like dirt.



    He also reckoned Bill Paterson was a real gent who was always nice to everyone on set.

  26. What is the most number of players from one country (out with UK and Eire) we have had playing at the same time? I am guessing that if/when Kyogo, Maeda, Hatate and Gucci are all on together it will be a record?

  27. An Tearman …………Perhaps unfortunate Mayo suppporters made that comment. Tyrone’s great victories over Kerry in the semi and Mayo in the final came in for widespread praise by the vast majority in the 26.

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