Instant gratification and the road ahead


Instant gratification is no good for people, it gives our brains the wrong signals, but still, when it comes……….  Within 4 minutes of making his Celtic debut Daizen Maeda opened the scoring against Hibernian.  It was his first chance, his first proper involvement in play and pivoted the game away from Hibs, who should have already been ahead after Joe Hart and Josip Juranovic pondered in their six-yard box.

Such was the anticipation ahead of last night’s game that for some of us it brought back memories of Jorge Cadete’s debut against Aberdeen (delayed by maleficence at the SFA), or Paulo Di Canio’s against Kilmarnock the same year.  Maeda’s impact was every bit as clinical.  His 90 minutes was reminiscent of Kyogo; constant movement, gyroscopic balance, few touches and an outcome-determining performance.

If Maeda had a dream debut, Reo Hatate’s reached fantasy levels.  When we first heard of Reo he was operating as a left back, with the cursed title of a utility player.  The transformation he brought to Celtic’s play had to be seen to be believed.  His role was to create and then utilise space, the former achieved by perpetual movement, the latter by ranging passes that switched play and swiftly pushed Celtic forward.

As a consequence, it all looked too easy for Celtic.  They had options everywhere, a teammate in space, a forward pass tempting them into attack.  Hatate’s movement impacted what happened everywhere on the field.  It was a kind of omnipresence, even when he was 40 yards away (the limit of his distance from play), he was still consequential.

With so many playing their first game in over a month, the relenting pace of the first half could not continue.  Celtic reduced their pressing after the break and saw the game out.  With five substitutes available, it was curious that Ange Postecoglou waited until 74 minutes before brining on Yosuke Ideguchi, Giorgos Giakoumakis and Mikey Johnston.

Our third and final debutant of the night had a lot to live up to.  Yosuke adopted the No. 6 role at the back of the midfield, with Callum McGregor moving one place ahead for the remainder of the game.  He did enough to show comfort and competence on the ball, as Celtic subverted Hibernian hopes.

As I said above, instant gratification misleads our brains.  My brain has already extrapolated last night’s performance across the remainder of the season.  Let’s agree that at the very least, Celtic have embarked on an exciting road.

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  1. “INIQUITOUSIV on 18TH JANUARY 2022 7:58 PM


    The tubby Colombian has a face one wouldn’t tire of smacking.”



    But it looks like some have tested their fitness levels in doing just that :-))

  2. I think in the hun sweepstake we forgoat to consider the “home team penalty denied” thing….




  3. Lovely through ball from Ojo to Morellos, but the fat boy is slow to react.



    Lewis wins the race

  4. Walker,”I think k Mc Gregor catches his legs,but not enough for a penalty for me”


    Gutless little Fud.


    Penalty in any other game.

  5. Just watched a couple of minutes of the Aberdeen/Sevco game on Hesgoal. Even in that short time though, I thought the Dons looked badly organised and unconfident. Maybe the Ref effect, of course.

  6. the long wait is over on

    I haven’t seen the Aberdeen pen claim but the bbc describe it thus :-



    “ Ryan Hedges races clean through for the Dons, knocks the ball past Allan McGregor then goes down, but the hosts’ penalty appeals are in vain.”



    Goes down ? We’ll see.



    Should have been a yellow card then, no?

  7. CORRIB04 on 18TH JANUARY 2022 7:12 PM


    AN TEARMANN on 18TH JANUARY 2022 5:56 PM







    ‘Are you a hun? Never seen you post before so its a legitimate blog question’



    You think Im a hun because you havent seen me post before?



    Im wondering why I need to re assure you you that Im not a hun. Im still interested as to why you think I might be? Can you expand?



    When Paul started the blog in 2004 we could often spot the hunterlopers , though there were very few in the beginning. We had a regular rangers fan who would visit now and again. I cant remember his moniker now but he was a decent sort. Definitely not a ‘hun’ though, if you know what I mean. Some of the old stagers might know, Madmitch, SFTB etc. I presume you weren’t posting 18 years ago on this blog?



    So no, Im not to answer your crass accusation. I’ll forgive you though ;)



    Thanks for your forgiveness :-),kind of you indeed and I look forward to reading your contribution on all things Celtic iñ the future.


    The blog i have been on since 2008 reregistered a few years later to this 04,5,6,7 a lot of time was spent scrolling thro my then Nokia reading of amortisation and declan.


    As you have read since those days you will have seen the question-Are you a hun? Asked of any new poster,I got asked it myself,I didn’t deem it as crass,more of a


    Cqn welcome question.That is why I asked.


    Its an old question I know,not an accusation.Did you have a previous moniker?



    The reasons as given earlier is true bout this place being under attack from hun multitmonikers.



    Ps was madmitch not attending Celtic Park then too?:-)


    And that sftb fella is getting auld but still attending,


    Pps if you attend pop over to the pools office pre match and get a hug from me after ma telling aff.


    Enjoy the blog




  8. the long wait is over on

    An tearmann



    “ We had a regular rangers fan who would visit now and again. I cant remember his moniker now but he was a decent sort. ‘“



    Edward Ursus iirc correctly.



    Seemed like a genuine guy.

  9. Lets keep it real, that wasn’t even a penalty shout.



    the Aberdeen player went in like a chicken livered coward when he should have been totally committed, He was on his way down at the very sight of the advancing McGregor.He should have gone full pelt for the ball and he would have been through for a tap in

  10. Came in to write a bit about last nights game. As I did so, Aberdeen were denied a penalty with concomitant sending off The Rangers keeper and instead they went up field and scored.



    And now it looks like Brown got booked for very little and Tavernier Pen gets a yellow when a red would have been more correct.



    Impressive stuff by Clancy.

  11. “Who is the Fenian in the Black”?



    Despicable Roasters that Deserve the Title Noone likes them. Embarrassing saying such.



    A Signature song.

  12. Agree on dons penalty shout , watched it 4 times , would have been very soft .


    A bit like the huns penalty they received to sneak a draw last time they played

  13. Last night. Some terrific football in the first half. Reo absolutely magnificent. If twinkle toes Rogic had been anywhere near his best five goals would have been more like it.



    However, I want to point out to those who weren’t at the game, the Hibs formation and the way they tried to play was the best I’ve seen us up against in the domestic matches.



    3 at the back and the wide men almost standing on the touch line created huge gaps. For both teams of course. With a bit more belief in the system or maybe players brought in who suit the system , I think Mr Maloney is on a winner.

  14. I watched incident 4 or 5 times and I still can’t make up my mind.


    Type of one I would shout for but would be furious if it was given against us.


    I have seen them given and if he gives it, he should also red card McShagger,

  15. the long wait is over on

    Watched the penalty claim.



    Not a pen for me but could have been given.



    Had it been Morelos through at ibrox would it have been given ?



    Every time.



    And that is the difference.



    They get any and every marginal decision in their favour.

  16. This might not be a popular request but has anyone got a link to the Huns` `penalty` incident?

  17. prestonpans bhoys on

    Sorry bhoys, didn’t think that was a penalty TBH, huns had first five minutes of the game then it was all sheep.



    Poor goalkeeping allows them in, too frighten to go to feet to block it😵

  18. SuperSutton,



    We are just starting out, Reo drifts by players like they urnae there!!!!



    He has a pass too.




    Excited about Winning this new Euro Cup.



    Fixture congestion might hamper us.

  19. thats a penalty if its any club v celtic !! this is the issue! I think its a softish claim but the rules are applied differently when we are playing. Someone will tap their phones and uncover the corruption

  20. HANKRAY on 18TH JANUARY 2022 7:26 PM


    An Tearman …………Perhaps unfortunate Mayo suppporters made that comment. Tyrone’s great victories over Kerry in the semi and Mayo in the final came in for widespread praise by the vast majority in the 26.





    Thanks for reply,I so wish it was Mayo lads at the craic,alas this was the Irish Times,after Tyrone lifted Sam.


    I know the majority of fans don’t think that way enjoying the day,but my point is,as the 32 debate grows in Ireland there is a certain neglect imo of the 6 by the 32,’the north’ could have been off the coast of Japan for all Dublin cared of during the troubles,tho in contrast it was letting go the chains of union and growing especially post 73 eec membership



    I just find it interesting that in certain sections of media and govt in the 26 have forgotten Ireland is 32 appearing used to the separation.


    Joe Brolly done a few interviews lately,one with Tommy Martin which is interesting.will try dig it out,


    I also would direct you to the Irish Times pods covering the decade of anniversaries 1912-22


    which are great.hope all good your way





  21. Ray Singh-Carr on

    When even Fatty Boyd and McInnes agree it was probably a pen then you know it would have been given down the other end. Shameful.

  22. “RAY SINGH-CARR on 18TH JANUARY 2022 8:49 PM


    When even Fatty Boyd and McInnes agree it was probably a pen ”



    Is that so?


    Surprising, then, that some on here think otherwise.

  23. Sheepy lobs it over Keeper, Keeper rushing out makes big swallow dive,


    There is a bit of contact, Sheepy goes down.


    Was there enough contact to bring Sheepy down or did he play for the penalty.


    TBH I wasn’t sure but am now thinking it was a Penalty.


    If it was at other end, it would have been Penalty & red card.

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