Interviews have narrowed field


As had been widely reported, interviews are underway for several positions in the management team.  Feedback has been mixed, I understand all candidates did not convince they were required for the job.

While every agent in the game is throwing a name of two at the club, the field of serious candidates has narrowed from where we were a week ago.

My hunch, is that if the bookies favourite was getting the job, he would already be in place.

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    I concur with your analysis.




  2. Jesses record ain’t anywhere near as bad as some people tend to think.Great with NY Bulls.Very good as assistant to Ragnick at USA,great at RB Salzburg.So so at RB Leipzig.Onto plums at he basket case that is Leeds.


    Just for your information.

  3. It’s a no brainet ,in my opinion it will be either a.young Spanish or German coach that will be appointed,forget about Rodgers ,Mareseca ,and just to my fellow Celtic Supporters,look what happened when Desmond and Lawell appointed Lennon ,a absaloute disaster.

  4. Ange Postecoglu currently blowing smoke up Spurs fans arses on social media.



    Great to finally get started, he says, like we’ve been holding him from it.



    Take no heroes csc




  5. Tom McLaughlin on

    Undoubtedly if Maresca is appointed, the same people on here who criticised the appointment of Ange will be on the Italian’s case from day one.



    It’s a mindset.

  6. Timbhoy 163,



    Just who do you think will appoint the next coach.Yes,the very same guys,who first went for Howe ,how is he doing,then appointed Ange.


    Seem to be on a run to me.


    Hope you are well.

  7. Tom McLaughlin on

    It’s the close season.



    No games.



    Players on holiday.



    Celtic in the process of recruiting a new manager.



    TURKEYBHOY wants everyone to stop discussing candidates for the job.



    It’s giving him a sore head.



    Who likes Sudoku?

  8. I just got a memory on Facebook from 2017 Celtic page with picture of Rodgers wedding in Loch Lomond.



    a sign?

  9. I think the fact Neil Lennon was able to come straight in after BR and win 5 consecutive trophies is a testament to Rodgers. Its a credit to the machine Rodgers built, unprecedented success. Ultimately though the culture began to change until it was unrecognisable from what had gone before.



    I don’t think Lennon’s most successful period as a manager just happened to be after Brendan, that’s not a coincidence.

  10. Fixed that for you. Lots of fixed minds on this blog.



    TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 9TH JUNE 2023 4:15 PM



    “Undoubtedly if the new manager bombs & we lose the league, the same people on here who blow smoke up the board’s arse will be on here doing the same from day one.



    It’s a mindset.”




  11. no rush, in the board I trust- we’re not gonna win the CL in a millennium of Sundays anyways- take your time; win the league, we are solvent and lead well

  12. Ok Tom McLaughlin I’ll get my criticism in now before he gets appointed.



    I remember Maresca as a player for Sevilla FC, he was a cross between Gattuso and Di Canio. Very little managerial success, flopped at Parma.

  13. I hope we can appoint someone soon but I’m enjoying finding out from posters about the comparative strengths and weaknesses of the managers around Europe who we see as potential candidates for the job. The last time we did this there were very few names in the debate. Eddie Howe emerged as favourite and we expected him to sign but our hopes were dashed. The comparatively unknown Ange emerged and the day was saved.




    This time around there are at least 10 candidates with decent to great CV’s. Like Big Wavy, I hope our Board have improved their professionalism from the last two managerial appointment processes. Appointing someone in the showers, not really looking at the other applications before throwing them in the bin and then allowing the preferred candidate two or three months to make up his mind before rejecting us at the Eleventh Hour was absolutely embarrassing. Let’s hope lessons have been learned.

  14. kevinlasvegas on

    Neil Lennon was a terrible manager second time round, added insult to injury for months while we blamed the board covid etc.



    Brendan left him a ferrari and he is a taxi driver of a manager.



    Warning signs at hibs and still lazy Pete gave him the keys.



    Old news but lots of revisionism on here to make a point from people who would rather be right than talk about the club right now.





    Personality I don’t want him anywhere near a dugout in paradise.



    Brendan is a safe bet if we can kiss and make up, no learning curve needed or do we roll the dice with a newbie.







  15. No idea if Maresca would be a good manager for Celtic but to put his Parma career into context. He was one of 5 Parma managers in under 24 months… I don’t think he may have been the problem.

  16. I’m displeased that Neil Lennon is being castigated on here. He did an amazing job for us as player and as manager – twice. Don’t forget how he complained about his best players being sold from under him. We don’t really know what was going on behind the scenes then which might have had a big bearing on the outcome of the ’10’.

  17. I suppose with Ange leaving, search for a new manager, holding onto players, strengthing the squad etc…. we will have to hold off on the annual closed season song debate for a bit.

  18. Brendan Rodgers

































    These are the most popular names I’ve heard mentioned. I would hope that we have narrowed it down to Knutsen, Rodgers, Muscat and one of the other experienced managers in the group who play Angeball type football but who have a Plan B for difficult away games in Europe.




    Unheard of in most quarters nowadays, but the Arsenal board gave Arteta time, and it’s payed off handsomely

  20. I’m not too worked up about Ange leaving.


    90% of managers have a 2-3 year shelf life.


    There’s obviously the few who can keep a team at the top for longer but they’re few and far between. Ange certainly isn’t at the level.


    Lenny IS a good manager….but I doubt he could do it for a 3rd time.


    If I owned a club I’d certainly give him a go. He needs a new challenge

  21. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Excited Tim, there has indeed been some very bitter stuff written on here over past few days.



    Never fails to amaze me how great swathes of football fans fall hook, line and sinker for players/managers who kiss badge and blow smoke up their end. They are then left to feel like jilted lovers when said players/managers bugger off for a better offer.

  22. Paul The Spark on

    I think NFL should have been caretaker manager and greatly rewarded financially for standing in. He should have then been moved on with his career back on track. He should never have gotten the job full time again.

  23. Blogger



    I actually said to my son that I’d wish Ange would stop chest pumping mid season…’s so FALSE…

  24. Ian Poulter likes a good chest pump playing in the Ryder Cup…..


    Then he does it during the golf tours and I immediately think….WTF?


    So used to doing it he forgets when to do it

  25. GM


    Aye, some of the posts and revisionism is quite something.


    As has already been said more than once, we will get who the suits deem us worthy of and we will just have to suck it up, I hope they deem us worthy of someone special right enough.

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