Interviews have narrowed field


As had been widely reported, interviews are underway for several positions in the management team.  Feedback has been mixed, I understand all candidates did not convince they were required for the job.

While every agent in the game is throwing a name of two at the club, the field of serious candidates has narrowed from where we were a week ago.

My hunch, is that if the bookies favourite was getting the job, he would already be in place.

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  1. if it is to be believed that Man City have up 9 first team coaches , then any one of them could be offered the job.

  2. glendalystonsils on




    There should be a list of who’s not on the bookies list




    There is …just that there’s no one on it .

  3. What is the Starz on

    Jonny Hayes is top of the “not on the bookies list”…list…if you get my gist

  4. For me, it’s a massive big NO, to Brenda. Apart from the fact he’s a slime ball, his style of football isn’t exciting enough for me.


    I always make the analegy of two boxers, one who is brilliant at defending versus who is brilliant at attacking. There is no way the defender is going to win a fight .


    Got to be Knutsen or Potter for me.


    As I say, noo to Brenda




  5. THE BATTERED BUNNET on 9TH JUNE 2023 12:23 PM


    “I understand all candidates did not convince they were required for the job.



    I’m confused.




    I think he means, not all candidates. Well, I hope so 😕

  6. Not sure I’d appoint Kennedy and I’d be happier with an “outsider”.



    This isn’t to say I don’t think he’ll be a manager but almost every time a coach gets promoted to manage the same set of players, it ends in disaster. This is because the dynamic changes and the relationship from training ground buddy to a position of authority is hard one for everyone to get used to.



    I hope he goes on to be a good manager but I don’t think it’ll be at Celtic – at least not yet

  7. Who’s doing the interviewing Paul, the CEO, the major shareholder or head of recruitment , as we don’t have a DOF.

  8. Two questions yet to be answered….


    Did Alan Brazil get the scoop in Marbella last week?


    If so what is with aw the interviews?

  9. bigrailroadblues on

    Far too much levity and not enough gravitas on the blog today. Harrumph!!!!

  10. WHAT IS THE STARZ on 9TH JUNE 2023 2:20 PM


    Jonny Hayes is top of the “not on the bookies list”…list…if you get my gist








    Just under 50% of Celtic Managers in the 21st Century have been Ulstermen.



    Delivering 10 leagues, 9 Cups, 5 league cups and 5 of our trebles.



    The Liam Brady-experiment of Dublin managers is never to be repeated!!!



    The blue skys of Ulster csc




  11. Well at least it’s filling the close Season void and we still have the Transfer Window rumours to look forward to.



    Lenny was a great Celt, in the disastrous Season everything that could go wrong did,


    I don’t think Lenny himself was in a good place, players who wanted out were retained to try & win the ten, in retrospect a huge error, From Bollingoli to Dubai to Barkas, Shane Duffy & Ajeti. Covid, closed Grounds it was a total clusterfuck of a Season.



    Lenny didn’t help but there were plenty more to share the blame.



    Obviously the significance of going for the 10 Magnified the disappointment and those who demonstrated against Lenny at Celtic Park didn’t cover themselves in Glory either.



    It must also be remembered that the Huns went through the League unbeaten, only conceded 13 goals in the League, topped their Qualifying Group in Europa League so by any standards it would have been a tough League to win.



    All the facts are conveniently forgotten, and just the tired repeats of Lawell & Lenny in the showers in Hampden and the throwing away of the 10 in a row & the constant mockery & vilification of a great Celtic man.



    Enough is enough remember Lenny for all the right reasons, forgive if you can’t forget that horrible Season.

  12. SAINT STIVS on 9TH JUNE 2023 2:13 PM


    Neil Francis …………







    serial winning player, captain and manager.







    wins 5 trophies, and leaves, Brandan comes in wins 7 trophies and leaves







    Neil comes in and wins two more on a temporary basis.







    Is appointed and wins 3 more …………







    but but but some people to this day maintain he was the wrong appointment.







    Imagine before we went for 10, if we had actually already stopped at 8,







    anyways ,




    There are some people (well one) who try to make out that Lennon was the right appointment!!

  13. What is the Starz on

    Big Wavy..


    Lies ,damned lies and statistics..


    Jonny will stop the rot and be the first


    Free State manager to win the treble

  14. GREENPINATA on 8TH JUNE 2023 8:29 AM



    Was great to see Davie Moyes with his old dad on the park. The last time I saw Davie’s dad was in BJ’s where he was a regular and it must be said a lovely guy.



    *I had a close friend, grhs, we met on a Wimpey site in the Renton may moons ago, he was a bankie not just in being a native, but his family had been involved in the club back in the junior days through the Steedman’s and back again, as I said a very good pal that would stay up late at night during our WTT season letting me know how our midweek games would go as he knew who and what I was.



    Anyway as a lad he had attended Anniesland Tech and played for the college team who were run by oul Davie and he developed a close relationship with him, always keeping in touch and widnae hear a bad word about either of them.



    He told me that when we came tae the door of the young Davie wanting to sign him he was a bit unsure as I believe one of his siblings was a follower of the dark side but oul Davie, who had been involved with the legendary Drumchapel Amateurs, told him if he wanted have a career in the game tae go tae us, a bit like the Faither’s da when he was counselled for advice on him signing for us, as we will take care of him



    Now when the oul yin took a position as a scout for them I asked my pal what that was all about and he had actually questioned oul Davie himself to which he said it was just an opportunity to be involved in that level of the game and would just as much have come tae us if we asked than them, now he didnae say us first just he would do the same job for us,

  15. Pray tell oh great hind sighters in the sky , whom should have been appointed instead of Neil Lennon, that would have GAURANTEED a 9th then a 10th League Championship ?



    Who was it we missed and would have given us the 10th ?



    who was it ?




  16. TONTINE TIM on 9TH JUNE 2023 3:19 PM



    good story, and great insights.



    I played against Drum Amatuers often as a bhoy , I didnt know the dad, but did play against moyes as a youth.



    Later years when nephew was at antonine, several of the parents, good players all of them in their days, they would have a bad word said against moyes or his father, highly respected simply as football people.



    they still didnt want young david as manger though.

  17. Man City have 8 x asst managers listed on their website.


    I have no idea if they are presented in any ranking order.


    Rodolfo Borrell is listed 1st with Enzo Maresca 5th

  18. CORKCELT on 9TH JUNE 2023 2:59 PM



    great post.



    Imagine for a moment if your state of mind would be affected by people threatening you and your family repeatedly, while the general population calls up the radio and press declaring your rubbish at your job and you bring it on yourself.

  19. or indeed being in charge of an organisation and someone attacks your home with a fire bomb.



    and then you can turn up at your place of work to be abused and threated in the car park

  20. Now when I read about how assistant manager Enzo Maresca “flopped” at 2nd tier side Parma then I suggest we take look at how Ange didnae really set the heather on fire at Greek Super League 2 side Panachaiki, returning tae Oz with his proverbial tail between his legs and set out tae try and rebuild his career which thankfully for us he did and we should NEVER forget like the “fraud” we were just as much good for him as he was for us.



    As for Enza, IMHO a much better bet than John Kennedy or Kieran McKenna and this is no sleight on them.




    It wasn’t just that Neil Lennon failed to give us the Ten. Maybe no one could have given us the Ten during that season. His appointment on a permanent basis was shambolic from the get go.



    He was a good short term fix to get us over the line for the 8th League title and Scottish Cup. He should have been thanked and given a huge bonus and sent on his way and then a proper search for a more suitable manager should have been undertaken.



    At this moment you’re trying to stir up the blog and cause disharmony where none has existed in the discussions over the current managerial search. One way of stirring it up is to drop NFL into the discussion. He has no chance of being appointed so why keep needling away.

  22. why do people keep slagging him off ?



    he played his part he is gone away, a grudge on blogs continues about the man.



    he didnt appoint himself.

  23. Neil Lennon is what the board get when they arrogantly refuse to run a proper process for the best man in the market. The sort of guy, who over a period of time, diminishes any professionlism around the club.



    Certainly looks like we weren’t ready for Ange’s resignation.



    Let’s hope professionlism kicks in this time on the search.




  24. BIG WAVY on 9TH JUNE 2023 3:45 PM



    Would you have been ok with losing the 9 if we got the bestest scouted and best available manager in for that season , but he maintained all the professionalism with a long term plan, that it is ok to lose the 9 because i am all about the bigger picture ?

  25. that is what fergus did to us,



    gave up on the huns winning their cheated 9, he could have stopped it at 7 or 8, with the right appointment and splashing the cash,



    people hate him for it till today regardless of what came after.

  26. SAINT STIVS on 9TH JUNE 2023 3:57 PM



    Why do you think that hypothetical coach would’ve lost the 9? We were soooo far ahead of Sevco at that point, it would’ve taken something catastrophic to lose it.

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