Interviews have narrowed field


As had been widely reported, interviews are underway for several positions in the management team.  Feedback has been mixed, I understand all candidates did not convince they were required for the job.

While every agent in the game is throwing a name of two at the club, the field of serious candidates has narrowed from where we were a week ago.

My hunch, is that if the bookies favourite was getting the job, he would already be in place.

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  1. Burnley78



    When a student years back i had the watched the full Benfica v Real Madrid 5-3 early 60s


    What a game.Could be played in any age



    That Dundee side had John’ghost’White,Ian Ure and Alan Gilzean and many more I am sure



    ThomTheThim used to say with Joe in team you were confident we would score.i met him myself few times at CP.Gentleman.



    I will watch City Inter tonight as a neutral


    The deep rooted inculcated cheating goes on


    As you contrast with City multi breaches


    Inter-dodgy ownership



    The corrupt UEFA may find them guilty of whatever charges but they will never strip them of their own most prestigious tournament won on pitch.



    Bit like 88-2012 here.layered inculcated cheating with a liquidated club.Cheat to get a man on park zero helps when it’s the governing body’s ‘works team.Tail of criminality controlling all else,History will laugh at us.and as more and more money is sucked in,more and more cheating it flattened hope



    2012- since, same model used same inaction.


    Same non transparency assuming control of narrative and criminal continuity foisted on done.


    We are in a corrupt game,like the cheating tax evader zero done or said.



    The badge kissing is a tedious yawn,sure we hazd that at Celtic week or 2 ago wi new spurs media star.commenting on that is a yawn but done often,commenting bout criminality na we don’t do that and that was in our own country




  2. Burnley78 No I haven’t some have mentioned about not having a indoor playing facility,have you been up there 🧤🧤

  3. bournesouprecipe on

    Taxi for John Kennedy



    Too long an assistant at Celtic it would be best if the stories of his exit along with Gavin Strachan are accurate. Compensation and a clean sweep are now required a new broom sweeps cleanest.



    The Celtic support, some still in mild shock are settling in for a potential summer of discontent as Ange disappears into the sunset. John Kennedy has served Celtic under four successful managers, surely his ‘tea is oot’



    Some of the names on ‘the bookies list’ don’t let us down gently, they downright depress. Left field has been tried and failed from Liam Brady , to Ronny Deila, to AP who was just another early jumper. Celtic have grown we need a proven manager to hand the treble winners their new bibs at Lennoxtown and that automatic entry to the CL.



    Celtic must aim high and deliver us from evil.



    As ever CSC

  4. CARPE DIEM 63 on 10TH JUNE 2023 10:55 AM


    Look forward to ramming that protected overrated thug Fergushun’s “ natural order” words down his throat next year…🍀






    Pure stupid wee boy stuff from a pure stupid wee boy, hate patter like that. Head in hand stuff. On an aside if anything I would argue that the deliberately manufactured small league with celtic and sevco 4 times a season has ensure natural order is not natural at all but a commercial decision that has lead to more t.v money (lol) and less compitition to the point of killing.

  5. Our footballing leaders are jokes and clubs like hibs, hearts and Aberdeen should be ashamed about their complicity in destroying thier own clubs competitiveness for a couple of extra shillings from television.



    Cunts woul rather have money from t.v than try to make themselves competitive in a larger league and have supporters wanting to attend games cause you give then hope.

  6. 18 league team is way to go.



    You already have about 5 european places so lots to play for at top of league.



    2 teams automatically relegated from top flight.



    Team finishing 15th and 16th play off against each other to avoid play off against championship team.



    Based on that league set up the top 8 teams would have something to play for the whole season and the bottom 8 would always have something to play for all season long.



    By game 30 you might find the middling (let’s say 2 or 4 team) teams have less to play for so have some breathing space for younger players.

  7. Currently we play the same teams too often.



    The excessive amount of times we play the teams kills any possible compitition for the most part.



    Beyond celtic and rangers games the televised games don’t get watched much traction because they have no impact on other teams and vic versa (most That is resolved if hibs, hearts and Aberdeen are challenging I.e. 5 teams supporters watching games out of interest

  8. Timbhoy



    Yes. I have a few times. I was lucky in that I even played in a team managed by our Joe McBride playing vs another sponsors team.



    I think the indoor pitch should have been about 50% bigger. It is between 50 and 75% normal pitch area. The rest of it is great in my opinion. A relative of mine worked there for a brief period and he mentioned some things at Rangers which are better and some things at Lennoxtown are better. Overall both are as good as most EPL teams but always room for improvement.

  9. DAVID66 on 10TH JUNE 2023 7:41 AM


    Guys after all consideration we will unvail Mr John Kennedy as manager as he is the best fit, oh and that will be in 4 or 5 weeks.



    Have a nice day yall



    D :)





    Even in jest. What a kick in the teeth that would be for the support.


    JK must have had an inkling his immediate boss was for the off, if he didn’t it doesn’t say much for his powers of perception.



    A massive club like Celtic cannot just let their manager swan off and continue as if nothing has happened.


    JK is not the answer at this time. That idea is for the birds


    He needs to fly the nest and branch out.



    To return to the biscuit tin mentality is quackers.



    I would prefer AT’s dream team :))))))

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