Interviews have narrowed field


As had been widely reported, interviews are underway for several positions in the management team.  Feedback has been mixed, I understand all candidates did not convince they were required for the job.

While every agent in the game is throwing a name of two at the club, the field of serious candidates has narrowed from where we were a week ago.

My hunch, is that if the bookies favourite was getting the job, he would already be in place.

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    Do you really believe that an interview is a pointless exercise?



    This part in particular really surprised me:


    The interview is as useful in evaluating coaching ability as is a horoscope.

  2. STtBs @ 8:42 pm,



    Yes, you would be hoping that the interview was a small part of the process…



    Where do you see yourself in five years!?



    Hail Hail

  3. Because he’s older, and has a decent EPL record, AND because he already knows us, I fancy Brendan

  4. Because he’s foreign, has a decent history, AND doesn’t suffer fools gladly, I fancy Slaven Bilic

  5. “So what kind of football are you proposing to play?”



    “No comment”

  6. fanadpatriot on

    It seems to me,and I may be wrong ,that we think our next manager must be a certain age bracket ie 50 plus.


    Jose Mourinho was 40 when Porto beat us in Seville ,and little top level football experience ,the lad at Ipswich appeals to me .HH

  7. HS



    “Do you really believe that an interview is a pointless exercise?




    This part in particular really surprised me:



    The interview is as useful in evaluating coaching ability as is a horoscope.”





    Very near to pointless unless the people on the interview panel have expertise that is longer or superior to the candidate but it’s non-coaches interviewing a coach for a coaching job.




    The surprising part was an attempt at exaggeration for comic effect; it failed.

  8. I think I may have caused some initial confusion by indicating Maresca was 1 of 8 coaches at Man City.


    I’m not sure what all 8 of them do.


    I was just keen to point out we’re not looking at ‘the’ (definite article) asst mgr. Rather ‘an’ (indefinite article) ass mgr.


    If he’s the best man, then fair enough. However, let’s be clear about what his current role is / not.


    Interestingly, he’s also one of the few non Spaniards within the 8.



    Personally, I am tending towards Brendan Rodgers – a complete 180 from my feelings when he left. I’ll freely admit my hypocrisy.

  9. TheLurkinTim on

    Kyogo is gone….


    Thank fuk for Oh


    …and a.n. other





  10. Something I always asked for in a transfer window was a player who was deemed a maverick. Someone not scared to take a chance. Never in a million years did I ever think I’d want a manager who was a maverick. Ange was that man… he’s gone. The board thought outside the box….and it worked big time.


    Now I want the same thinking again….and if the board are thinking the same….we’re getting someone no one else considered. If we don’t…..the board are NOT thinking about the fans…they’re playing safe.


    If we ARE thinking out of the box……discard every potential named so far….

  11. If a Ange buys our whole team….we’ll buy anew….and come back stronger…..fear only fear itself

  12. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Sorry, I’m back on non-manger speculation duty.



    Would love to hear why Andy Wa*ker went off on one re.VAR. Seemed very odd to me.



    Now relieved of his duties on Sly. Can only assume someone ‘had a word’?

  13. Thought I heard a wee snippet on the news last night, that the SFA have given permission to Queens Park to play at Hampden next season. Apparently the deal was in place should Queens make it to the top division. So much for them getting work done on lesser hampden. That said showed some ambition. And would have solved the away ticket problem. We need to think beyond our present twelve team league, beyond the plastic pitches too, Won’t though.

  14. Is it just me, but when you hear Ange whispering sweet nothings in his first interview for the Spurs, it gives me the dry boak.

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Feeling really betrayed by Ange TBH, he had the balls to put his agent on the park on trophy day

  16. D9COMEDY



    I think Ange is getting found out…by Celtic fans at least.


    I’m not convinced he’ll be a successs with Spurs.


    You can get away with his type of football in the Australian, J and Scottish league…but if he wants to impress in the EPL he’ll have to learn to defend if he wants to attack gung ho….

  17. Celtic will still be here long after All of Us….



    Let it go and enjoy no matter who….



    Tis what we do….




  18. If there was ever a time to promote an assistant manager, it’s now. We like to talk about using our youth system to promote players and yet we are not open to the fact that John Kennedy might be the guy in plain view that we are ignoring. What have we got to lose by giving him the job? I know it’s a risk but is it more of a risk than any of the other candidates that have been mentioned; I think not

  19. BADA BING!!



    Pissed me off big time. That was a total slap in the face. The guy had nothing to do with that day but there he is on the pitch. If Ange was the man we THOUGHT he was he’d have chased his agent off the pitch and called on a REAL Celtic fan to celebrate. That move was designed to piss SOMEONE right off but it hit the wrong target…

  20. ie. “Sorry Mr Agent….you can’t come on during the celebrations, it might give the fans the wrong idea”


    As opposed to “C’mon big guy, I’m leaving but let’s fuck off ( insert name here) and fuck what the fans might think

  21. Pretending to enjoy the “Walk on” at the end of the game…knowing he was for the off….no wonder Celtic fans are pissed off…then again…he conned the board as well..

  22. We gave him the tools and the stage to impress us…but he only wanted to impress others…

  23. 31003,



    Totally agree, if Ange plays the same style of football in Engerlund he will get plaudits for a couple of weeks before the inevitable thrashing. Point is, we could put up with that, can the Spurs?

  24. Marcello Bielsa tried Ange tactics at Leeds.He was an alleged fantastic manager.Got battered senseless in most EPL games.

  25. quadrophenian on

    Interesting read from this Aussie article:




    Among things, it claims ‘…the big breakthrough was the face-to-face interaction with the board.’


    Also, he seemed to have been on Spurs radar for a few year – and informally interviewing w/ them since April.


    Then the claim that ‘some good judges believed that Rangers’ squad, pound for pound, was stronger than Celtic’s when Ange joined and that will be tested next season’.





    Until we can get out of this crappy league run by bowler-hatted brethren and officials – or do something significant again in Europe – we will remain a stepping stone club; and that’s what Angelos used us as.

  26. 31003



    Paddy Power offering evens for Ange to have left Spurs before the last league game of the season and 4/6 to finish lower than this season, ie 9th or worse

  27. Good Morning – Fine Day To Be A Tim,



    See we have a head of academy coaching.



    Does this mean one of Darren O’Dea or Stephen McManus is being promoted to the first team?



    Of course the rumour is Darren is getting promoted.



    Although it seemed to work to an extent – the joint head coaches of Celtic B wasn’t the most elegant of solutions.



    Of course not a City Group operative in sight but it could be following their model and it seems more structured to me.



    Chris McCart – Head of the Academy



    Steven Hammell – Head of Academy Coaching



    Hopefully it will bring much more focus to getting young players through to the first team.



    I thought Steven Hammell was impressive as Motherwell manager, he didn’t last in that role of course but maybe coaching is his forté.



    It smacks to me of a very good appointment and either he must interview well or his future is written in the stars…





    Haul Hail

  28. brilliant Ermie is Bach on the Blog as he gets us All Abs and dtinkin’.



    Ernies Jibber Jabber is old Skool but, IMO Scony Dobby Doo.



    Why he was locked out is a Mystery, such a Mystery.



    Having that knowledge. havin so much knowledge is indeed Spooky.



    I know I know not a lliy.



    Heres another Rewind.










    Unbelievable what could happen?



    In the Future?

  29. We are doing ok.



    I really don’t think


    Brendan is the Rhthym is a Damcer.



    I’d give JK a go.



    Most huv said he hus been there too long.



    He’s Tchaicovky anyway, he needs to dae dat so he can become an Awesome Leader of Men.

  30. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Nae green smoke yet ?


    Maybe Brendan will flit back in again during the night 🤣


    H H. Mick

  31. Latest Betting



    Sam allardyce 10/1


    Sam allardyce with Bung 10/1(fav)


    Dalachy Muffin 8/1


    Cheetahnuggets 6/1


    Heidfullapasta 4/1


    Greenpinata/AT dream team 3/1




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