It takes more than just ability to be a Celtic player


Erik Sviatchenko made an instant impact on Celtic’s defensive performances when he arrived in January 2016, six months after the departure of Virgil van Dijk and Jason Denayer.  He was our top central defender for the remainder of Ronny Deila’s tenure and for the first six months of Brendan Rodgers’ time.

Then came a game at Ibrox on Hogmanay 2016.  Celtic were rattled for much of the opening period and Erik looked most out of sorts.  His assured touch was replaced by a need to get rid of the ball early.  Fortunately things turned out well that day but I wondered if the manager’s faith in the defender was shaken.  Some of us doubted his temperament.

The season just ended started badly for Erik as he picked up an injury early in the Champions League qualification rounds.  A loan for former club, Midtjylland, confirmed where he was in Brendan’s plans.

Midtjylland returned most of the money we paid for him and the player is in an environment, and at a level, which suits him.  It takes a lot to be a Celtic player, more than just ability or experience elsewhere.

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  1. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Still thought it a bit strange that we let him go, as a defender I thought he was first class.

  2. Lisbon Lions Upper on

    Highly doubt Brendan would have changed his mind over one game. If that was the case, Dedryck would have been out the door after the 3 2 game.



    Personally, I just suspect Erik didn’t fit the ball playing centre half which seems to be Brendan’s present philosophy. Therefore, best for all parties he moved on.



    It’s Brendan’s call, that’s why he’s paid the big bucks. Like all, I wish Erik nothing but the best.

  3. On what it takes to be a Celtic player the McGinn rumours are gathering pace.



    My view copied from Twitter in response to the standard question.




    Following the mantra of ‘is he better than what we have?’ – I am not sure. ?



    5:09 AM – 29 May 2018



     Reply



    Auldheid‏ @Auldheid · 36s36 seconds ago



    Replying to @LachieMor1 @HarryBradyCU @Tam_Selleck



    Surely the question is can BR make McGinn as good as or better than what we have, who will eventually need replacing during any time taken to improve McGinn. The lad isn’t exactly starting from scratch and he has attitude.



    Reminds me of Broonie early doors actually.



    A no brainer for me.

  4. Yon Hibernian bhoy McGinn has what it takes to be a Celtic player. Apart from being a good player he also has attitude and tenacity. The argument about whom he would replace is irrelevant . Eleven men don’t win titles , trebles, and compete in Europe . A squad of players do . Best wishes from Costa Del Ayrshire. HH

  5. South Of Tunis on

    I was surprised when Celtic signed Erik Sviatchenko. I’d watched him play 2 Europa League games for Midtjylland v Napoli . Napoli won 4 -1 in Denmark and 5-0 in Italy . In both games Sviatchenko looked rash, inattentive and prone to ball watching . . When the likes of Gabbiadini have taken a defender to the cleaners , I tend to think — Mmm.maybe not .

  6. Dubaibhoy-Ur they still deid? on




    Midtjylland returned most of the money we paid for him and the player is in an environment, and at a level, which suits him.



    Bert Cassie tells me that while we are seeded in the Chumps League 1st Qualifying Round, Midtjylland join in the 2nd Qualifying Round.




  7. The Celt45


    From yesterday evening….


    Not based in Houston ……..commuted between there and Aberdeen and Abu Dhabi for about 3 years, and managed to get to a few Rockets games at Toyota Centre ( Center ? ).


    Sad to watch them throw it away last night…..literally. Missing 29 out of their last 30 3 pointers cost them their place in the finals. ( and Chris Paul’s injury didn’t help either ) Disappointing when so much of their game this season revolved around the best offense and highest 3 point avereage in the NBA.


    Oh well, always next year ?



    A bit sad to see Sviatchenko leave. For me, he was more consistent than Dedryck, and less prone to howlers. That said Dedryck did play a couple of pretty much error free games towards the end of the season, including the Cup Final.



    Finally, RIP Neale Cooper, one of Aberdeens Favourite Sons. Gone too young. Hard as nails on the pitch, but a really nice guy off it, and much loved here for his time at The Dons.



    And really finally…..Weet Weet Weet, hope you make a full and swift recovery from your problems.


    Somtimes fitba’ isn’t the most important thing in the world. ?




    Sorry to read you are not at your best!



    Get well soon!

  9. So, divided opinions clearly on McGinn.


    If he signs will he be a long term ‘first-teamer’? I don’t know, but last season at times, particularly in the European games, Broony needed more defensive and in your face support (aka we were too passive). Think McGinn would help address that, but he’d need to be a bit more disciplined. And at £2m plus Allen…….I think that’s worth the gamble.



    Also saddened to hear about Neale Cooper, apparently a bit of a nutcase, but in a good way. Those old enough to remember will recall him being touted as the next Beckenbauer when he was 18. Sadly though, he faced the Willie Miller and EBT man partnership prevent game time at the back. Sir Alex proceeded to groom him into a more ‘combative’ role, which Charlie Nic will testify to, and he never quite fulfilled his promise. Rest in peace big man, no age to go at.




  10. What is the Stars on

    The rangers are coming



    Dont say yis havent been warned



    i’ve just been reading “Ibrox Noise” (the thinking orcs forum) and let me tell all you deluded tims one thing..You are going to pay big time for having Rangers demoted.



    Lets Go Stevie GEE

  11. Hrvatski Jim on



    We are in the first round qualifiers due to Scotland’s ranking, not due to ours.


    FC Midtjylland do join at the second round but unseeded and with a club co-efficient of 11.50 compared to Celtic’s 31 so it is fair to say that he is in a lower environment club wise at least.




    Weet, Weet, Weet – best recovery wishes and hope to see you back on here soon.

  12. Today’s blog reads like a lover scorned.



    Big Erik was as good as any other CB currently at the club, so not sure what the thrust of the piece is. However, accept that BR makes the choices and so far, he’s gotten them all correct.



    There may be more to it, finacially or personally, but suspect it’s just one of those ones that BR din’t fancy the player to be the future of the defemce.

  13. JMcG , its a big NO from me , no were near good enough and not likely to be in the future.

  14. I’m neither in or out of the John McGinn camp but the number of players, according to CQN, that are not good enough for Celtic would be as long as my arm. Leigh Griffiths comes to mind. I seem to remember a few on here wanting rid of Broonie at the beginning of last season.


    I wasn’t keen on having Chris Sutton at Celtic and was made to eat my words big time.


    Nowt more fickle than a football fan.

  15. I see today there is a report in the Scottish media about Murdoch McLennan at the SPFL and his supposed conflict of interest being employed by a company that Dermot Desmond has a stake in.


    This follows on from their reporting of how Barry Hughes made a remark about rangers fans some 12 years ago.



    Given the media’s interest in this sort of thing and their huge desire to provide “balanced” reporting,here are some names they can have a look at and see if they can detect any wrongdoing or bias on their part.



    Campbell Ogilvie


    George Peat


    Jim Ballantyne


    Gordon Smith


    Sandy Bryson


    Andrew Dickson


    David Longmuir



    And maybe the daddy of them all…………..Stewart Regan.


    When are the media going to look at the role this guy played over the last 7 or 8 years? Remember “Armageddon” and “Civil unrest”?


    Remember the role he played in limiting the scope of the LNS enquiry to ensure The Wee Tax Case was excluded? Remember he wanted to put out a press release telling lies about the wee tax case only for his masters at ibrox to instruct him not to? (He did as he was told of course). Remember the cosy dinner he had with “Heavily conflicted” Ogilvie,Ali Russell and Craig Whyte at the Hotel du Vin in December 2011? And that is only the tip of the iceberg with this guy.


    I wonder why the media in Scotland has never picked up on this.


    There must be a great story in there somewhere for an industry dying on it’s feet eh?

  16. Paul67


    If you are still around.


    I sent you a couple of emails.


    Maybe caught in spam?



  17. Always thought Eric had great leadership qualities. Just don’t think he is a Brendan type central defender.



    He will always have my gratitude for steadying the ship when we were 2-0 down to Beer Sheva and 1 more would put us out with around 20 minutes remaining. They were creating chance after chance but then hardly anything after the big man came on.



    I even came out from behind the couch with 10 minutes to go.



    Good luck Eric.

  18. I don’t think McGinn will happen, a £3m deal for a player from Hibs with one year left on his deal is a deal i don’t think Celtic will make. Re Erik he will be remembered fondly for being a gentleman but Brendan didn’t fancy him and that’s that. I’m included to agree.



    ps. re the 800 allocation for Ibrox. Having read some of the stories from last season, i.e. Hibs fans having cups of urine etc thrown at them from the top tier. I will be very surprised if Celtic accept such a small allocation. Our supporters would be sitting ducks in that corner. IMO we will say no thanks.

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Pog- correct, sometimes the answer is right in front of you, how much did we waste on alleged strikers before we bought LG?

  20. DAVID17



    Totally agree, don’t take any tickets from them.


    But I liked an idea I heard earlier either on here or one of the other social platforms. Celtic buy them then we crowdfund and anything extra goes to charity. Leave it empty. Will Sky TV love a big open space, eh? :) por cierto

  21. 50 shades of green on

    If he’s good enough for Brendan thats fine by me……**



    If Brendan doesn’t want him thats good enough for me……**




    ** indicates any and all players that Celtic are or not interested in this summer…..






    Weet Weet Weet, hope your back to your best soon mate, its murder being the only funny one left on the blog ???




  22. I think Brendan seems to want a core of Scottish players in the team and perhaps McGinn fits that profile???



    I don’t see why John wouldn’t improve under BR and his coaching team and if BR thinks he can improve a player they are kept and if not they will be sold, I think the out try will b quite busy this summer.



    I see we’re linked with Joe Allen again, can’t say I know much about him???

  23. Neustadt-Braw on

    TET…..apols …thanks for the fact check…..



    nicked it from twitter land…and it reminded me of the “Jesus saves”…but Kenny scored on the rebound…



    regards to the smile



    may your valley forever stay Hun free…



    smiley ourselves alone thing




  24. Paul67 et al



    Question is though, has Brendan signed a better central defender than Eric?


    Well there is Martin Compnner of course, (whose name I still struggle to spell), brought in to steady the defence in the upcoming CL qualifiers, who played against the mighty Morton early in the Scottish Cup, and there is the other guy, whose name I have already forgotten, from South Africa, all 5’8″ of him, who as it turned out was suffering from a congenital bone disorder. Sorted as soon as we get the VIrgil Van Dyke money I’m sure.

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