It was always going to be like this, Stevie


It was always going to be like this, Stevie.  You have the resources to comfortably be better than Aberdeen, but you don’t have the experience to put those resources to effective use.  You were knocked out of the Scottish Cup, not because you or your players didn’t try hard enough, but because you are new to management and it is not all about “wanting it” in an ever-louder-higher-pitched voice.

Celtic will eventually lose a cup game, the randomness of chances scored and conceded guarantees it.  When they do, you have as much chance of benefiting as anyone else, but you will need to be good enough to outsmart decent managers with a fraction of your budget, and you are not there yet.

Your employer needs to come up with an apparently viable strategy to win the league each season ticket renewal time.  The City trader with the brain the size of a planet failed, as did the exotic European with a hotline into desirable, cheap and untapped player markets.

You are there because the best talent in England, if not the world, will batter down your door in order to play for you.  That was the ‘elevator pitch’ last year.  It is not because they think you are a great coach, they know you are not.

If you want to succeed, stop bringing in midfielders from Dundee and sign the next Steven Gerrard.  That is why you are in the job and if this cannot be done, you will fail.  In the meantime, all you will achieve is to turn your fans into a cash cow for the rest of the league.  Which is nice, but is ironic, given your own club’s financial perils.

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  1. Interesting seeing social media speculate about More or Less coming to Paradise.



    Absolute rubbish and more rubbish. For one, he is not good enough


    For two, his off field antics would come under more intense scrutiny.


    For three, his onfield simulations are constant and an embarrassment.


    For four, His constant scowling would detract from our team photographs.



    Put the insane speculation to bed, it’s not even good enough For a laff.




  2. LEFTBACKAGAIN on 13TH MARCH 2019 12:40 PM


    I can hear the dogs barking , where has the caravan gone ?






    Brings to mind a song which seems appropriate to Sevco:



    My bulldog is barking in the backyard,


    It’s enough to wake a dead man from his grave…



    My landlady lives in a caravan…




    Anyone know it?



    Elton John must have had Sevco in mind when he wrote “Social Disease”

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Gerrardiola after the first game:


    “Aberdeen trained on the pitch yesterday and it hadn’t been rolled, it hadn’t been cut,”


    “Now we’ve got a full Ibrox [for the replay], I’m sure they’ll be behind us, we’ve got a better pitch, a bigger pitch and hopefully we can play more like Rangers next time.”


    Oh dear!


    Anyway, at least they didn’t get Derek McInnes who “wasn’t ready” for the job.


    Oh dear again!


    It’s just as well Stevie has Gary McAllister for his “knowledge of Scottish football”, having played for Motherwell in the early 1980s…….

  4. Soon be here

  5. The MSM are under scrutiny from us internet bampots, yet they still print lies and put the most hun friendly slant on every issue.


    What must it have been like back in the pre war days? No wonder my dad used to mutter about “paper talk.” We have our history because our forbears didn’t believe the shite in the papers then. It’s about time we totally disengage from them.

  6. With Sevco out of the cup we will have to beat Aberdeen and probably Hearts to clinch the treble.



    In the league we have an 8 point lead with 9 games left and we should clinch it easily.



    Lenny will clinch the treble.



    Do we give him the job permanently ?



    Lennon left before because he felt he deserved more money and his agent promised him an EPL job. This never happened and he ended up at Bolton. He made a mistake and now he’s back, he realises it. The bonuses for the 10 will see him made for life.



    There is no one better and he has the Balls for it more than any other candidate

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    It should be said that we have ended up with the tougher opponent in the semi. We seem to struggle with their tactics.


    Won’t be easy.

  8. ….


    Steven Fletcher is not in Scotland’s squad for the Euro 2020 qualifiers in Kazakhstan and San Marino because he is “managing an injury”, says assistant coach James McFadden…..



    So Celtic have told Scotland that Calum McGregor and Ryan Christie are NOT available as they TOO are currently managing an Injury …..



    They Damn well better have…!!!!!!



    Genuinely curious as to why you think Neil Lennon is the better candidate than others?


    Is it his bravery?




    Tactical nous?


    Motivational skills?





    Morelos is another in a long line of hun dross elevated by refereeing tolerances’s and presstitites.

  11. Fool Time Whistle on

    In the ocean of of unpleasantness that is the Newco squad….



    I mean McGregor, Candeis, Jack…..



    There is none so odious as the Colombian, cheating, whining, kicking diver…



    McGregor pushes him hard with his alternating thuggery & simulation & hysterical outburts to referees but Alfie takes the prize.



    Back to back games in Glasgow for Aberdeen & they draw one & win one.



    We were well off our game but it does seem that they applied the self same tactics in the cup game as they did against us.




  12. When i read posters using the words ‘we should win this easily’ i become edgy…there is nothing in football that comes easy…..this is where as a club we have to show complete professionalism in each of the remaining games starting on sunday against dundee…..lets see if these posters are back on IF we do not show the level of professionalism and lose points on sunday!!!!! Calling for lennys head i would imagine!!!

  13. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Ah! At least we will never get to polish the petrofac cup.So that’s what the grand plan was!!!!

  14. Fan a tic



    Don’t disagree with your points



    Mainly because he is a winner over the course and distance and knows the ropes.



    He will not crumble in the face of the SFA and the MSSM



    What color of star do you get to put on your jersey for winning the Petrofac cup?


    Has someone at ibrox been remiss in not adding it to the jersey?


    They could be literal and use the Death Star.

  16. Fool Time Whistle on

    The “Stars on jerseys” thing really depends on how paranoid you are.



    I mean – we put one on for 1967.



    Other teams put a star on for every 10 league championships they a previous time zone in another world where liquidation doesn’t mean what it does in the real world.



    You can put stars on that a dead club won because you did a secret deal over being the undead dead club and some of those “wins” were achieved by fiddling the books & deceiving the same people who you did the secret deal with..oh and rest of Scottish football too.



    Still, as long as they think they have bragging rights…



    …in their own kitchen.



    Surely he is the best candidate in Lawwell land?


    If h’s e only one then it stands to reason he is the best :-))

  18. I think that Rangers should have a star the colour of laughing gas on their shirts to represent their Petrofac Training Cup victory.

  19. Paul67 etal.



    You would think that Celtic have no right to drop any points,I wish they were infallible,but Celtic, like every other club in in Europe are not infallible, we will lose points intermittently, just like last weekend Celtic 0 – Aberdeen 0 ,The Blog went doolally,but these results happen to the best teams in Europe.



    Thank God this blog wasn’t on the go in1967, it probably wouldn’t have survived for any length of time, what,with all the posters having their say, not in a jovial way but by slagging off nearly all the players on a regular basis.



    For instance in 1967 we weren’t infallible, We lost several points to a few teams noted below.



    St Mirren……….. home..1-1.


    Kilmarnock…… away….0-0.


    Aberdeen ……… away—1-1.


    Dundee Utd…… away.. 2-3.


    Stirling Albion… away….1-1.




    Dundee Utd…….home…2-3.


    The deid team…away…..2-2.



    League Cup.1966.


    We won all games.



    Scottish Cup,


    We won all games, except Clyde drew 0-0 with us but we then won 2-0 in a semi final replay.



    European Cup.1967.



    Vojvodena beat us 1-0 away, Dukla Prague drew 0-0 away. but we still went on to winthe Cup.



    1967 was the best year we had as a football team,But if we had CQN back then,and with all those draws,what would CQN be like now.



    My point is, Why moan because we drew with Aberdeen, if you want to moan wait until we play Aberdeen in the semi-final,if we lose I’ll join you all in a moan, but I doubt if I will be moaning after the semi final,nor the Cup Final We are up for the triple treble,and we will get there. hail hail




    Technically Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics with ol’ Elton putting the music to the lyrics ?



    Some of his early stuff was excellent story telling. I think it was 1978 at Glasgow Apollo when I first saw him on his “Louder than Concord but Not Quite as Pretty” tour.



    I sold my double album limited edition yellow vinyl Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album a few years later, can’t remember why, big mistake, wish I still had it now!



    What colour star do you get for liquidation?




  22. The Aberdeen fans´ slogan was a disgrace. We may not like Morelos and he can be slagged to the high heavens, but his mother….”su madre” ??? Scottish bonehead society sits back and laughs. Where is the outrage from the sons of the manses who became Prime Ministers, where is the almost obligatory politically correct crew? Do we think aberdeen ( casuals ) are cool. No idea what the CQN fraternity think about this and it is thankfully nothing to do with Celtic but the impunity in Scotland is one rule for one lot and one rule for another, where is the respect for the Spaniards and south Americans who have graced our game?…no one should ridicule a foreign player´s parents. The Edinburgers are silent and the Aberdonians think they have a sense of humour.

  23. BIGBHOY @ 3:33 PM



    “Has anyone a suggestion as to alternatives to Neil Lennon as the permanent Manager?”



    It will be interesting to know what the Board are looking for.



    Of course, with an interim Manager who may well be a candidate to get the position on a fulltime basis, they are going to be playing their cards close to their chest.



    Between Gordon Strachan, who had a specific remit, and Brendan Rodgers, the securing of the Celtic Manager/Head Coach has been somewhat haphazard.



    Bringing in BR and his team seemed to signal an intention to move forward to a more modern, more ambitious approach – will the new guy have to tick those boxes.



    Also a factor will be Season Ticket sales. If there is a slow uptake they may well take that into consideration.



    I’ve certainly no idea. One game at a time… hopefully we are still playing on the 25th May and will have clearer idea.



    If Lenny gets it, do you think he should be in charge of recruitment?



    Hail Hail

  24. I think someone on here compared EBT Thomson on Sportscene with BFDJ on radio.


    I have noticed that when Michael Stewart is on, Thomson behaves quite well ie reasonably fairly. In the absence of Michael, Thomson becomes a lot more pro-Hun.




  25. In ither news…………..



    When the dandies beat the currants, iShortie choose to run a story which basically says the dons have gotten better at beating the Oxx Fxxx…………………..:)



    A pre-packaged piece of Guff.

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