It’s all about Tannadice, your AIM nomad


The stage is set. Dundee United, the club who were last to beat Celtic, stand in the way of their treble ambitions, as the clubs meet on three consecutive occasions next month.  The first game, a Scottish Cup quarter final at Tannadice, is the most crucial.

United lost their best two players last week but they remain they will know that beating Celtic at home will make them favourites for the Scottish Cup.  They will be far less confident at the following week’s League Cup final, Dundee United expectations are always low at Hampden, but pressure will be on the club to win their home game.

A note on the suitability or otherwise of a director of a public company.  In the UK, only the courts can ban you from being a company director, HMRC cannot ban you, any more than they can ban you from driving.  In the UK, public companies are held to a higher standard than private companies.  If anyone presents to you claiming, “HMRC have never banned me from driving/being a company director”, you know your being misled.  The same is true for most jurisdictions.

The AIM market requires companies to have nominated adviser (nomad), which carries out regulator duties on behalf of the market, and ultimately shareholders.  The fact that UK, or other, courts have not prohibited you from being a company director implies nothing about your suitability as a director of a public company.  When it comes to the AIM market, this suitability is judged by your effective regulator, your nomad.  A recent history of financial criminal activity, for example, will give your nomad plenty to consider, as would a recent history of being a director in a liquidated public company.  Far more would decline such a candidate than approve.

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  1. Hamiltontim



    12:25 on 10 February, 2015



    What would be an appropriate spelling of the noise made when rubber makes contact with rubber? :-)



    FFFFFFFFFFFud :))))))

  2. jimbob71 is praying with wee Oscar on

    OH NO!!!



    Apologies!!! I meant to post earlier but had to “work!”



    Sold out!!! :-(

  3. From last night thanks for posting this.





    22:55 on 9 February, 2015



    Sorry if posted already……..Wee Jay a must watch



    @Brattbakkk: Beautiful https://t.co/5le8NXiDXS









    to Snake Plisssken.


    Till later all

  4. “In the UK, pubic companies are held to a higher standard than private companies.”



    Check for pubic lice and the like?

  5. Ronnie Esplin @RonnieEsplin · 11m 11 minutes ago



    Ronny Deila at #celtic presser: Lustig out 3/4 weeks. Commons out but hoping he is fit for Inter Milan game.

  6. Alfie at 12.20



    “An Tearmann




    Winning Capstans


    Green Man



    I LOVE getting right up your noses !!!!!”




    You’re admitting to being a bogey man?

  7. As Guidetti and Sepovic aren’t scoring.why doesn’t Ronny give young McMullen a start against Patrick Thistle to morrow night.

  8. kdc - Tully's corner on




    12:28 on 10 February, 2015


    Apparently Lustig out for 3-4 weeks.




    Astonished of forehead.



    Right back, left back, 1 (maybe 2) x CHs added to summer shopping list…

  9. Be really gutted if lustig is out for 3/4 weeks.



    One of our best and most important players.



    Matthews form had been up and down and sorry to say i dont want ambrose anywhere near the team.

  10. Leftclicktic



    Hee Hee :-)






    We can just alternate between Lustig and Matthews depending on who’s fit at the time :-)

  11. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    That film of wee Jay and the #9 Enigma is genuinely heartwarming and uplifting.



    Time for Sami to return for next season’s Euro campaign.

  12. Paul… whats a Pubic Company?



    Is that what Sevco are now to be called… or is it Pubic club?



    Who knows?




  13. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    It is a pity but Lustig appears to be one of these players who is constantly on the treatment table.No matter how good a player he is he is no good at all if he cant stay fit. H.H/

  14. Well just when we thought the Monkey saga was the funniest thing ever,aul Keith from the Record ,smashes the “Laughometer”with that wonderful piece in todays rag.


    When we whinge and moan about the guff they hit us with ,day in,day out,just remember that they really are a bunch of buffoons.They should not be held responsible.


    So funny.I must say though that “The Lying King”coming out with the statement from SARS pushes it all the way for the comedy award.”SARS have cleared me”Aye right Dave.


    You could just imagine one of those comedy clips shows.Name your funniest.


    How could you possibly pick?.


    I keep saying it,”Sit back and enjoy”.

  15. Lustig & Matthews are never fit long enough to make a RB out the pair of them. New RB required in the summer.




  16. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Just heard that a Govan based Lottery winner has made a successful bid to buy Sevco.



    His wife was heard to remark, ” God knows what he would have bought if he got four numbers”.


    MEA CULPA. 1137



    Indeed,mate. And as mentioned,they could have a rogue’s gallery just for Souness. The kick in the midriff against Iceland,the deft removal of the ball stuck between a grounded Romanian-?-player’s knees which crippled him in the process.



    My Dad reckoned Souness must have had a sharp point on his boot to do the damage he did to George McCluskey. It opened his leg up,not a scrape for sure.



    Typical hun thug.

  18. dr ramesh and the love potion on

    Lustig was injured in a tackle which prevented a goal. It happens in football. He’s a great player and we’ll miss him against Inter. I’m feeling less confident now as Mathews isn’t very good at stopping the ball getting into our box.

  19. Joe Filippis Haircut


    12:42 on


    10 February, 2015


    It is a pity but Lustig appears to be one of these players who is constantly on the treatment table.No matter how good a player he is he is no good at all if he cant stay fit. H.H/



    Think thats a bit unfair considering his latest injury was caused by a terrific last minute tackle.I know he had a problem with his hips.That has been sorted.Sometimes its just bad luck.

  20. Players get injured – sometimes once every two years – sometimes twice a month.



    That is why we have a big squad – infuriating, but as Esther says “that’s life’

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