Johnston curve: time to be honest


Newco director and former Rangers chairman Alastair Johnston is getting a hard time for saying “We are probably doing a little better than we would have imagined back in the dark days of running out at Brechin in the fourth tier” and “we are probably ahead of the curve in reality if we finish second or third”.

Newco are not ahead of the curve if they finish second, given their budget and the experience of their playing squad, they are where they should be.  Another third place finish would be behind the curve, but these are semantics.

The big question is, are this club ‘going for 55’ or was that phrase no more than a device to sell season tickets?

Second for Newco is right on the curve.  If they don’t reach there this season, they will soon, and they will finish second more often than any of their direct competitors.  Johnston’s job is to convince 40,000 people to buy tickets for a competition they know Celtic will win.

I understand why Newco do not run with the phrase “going for second place next time” on season ticket renewal campaigns, but they were only delaying the inevitable.  Many other clubs can be frank with supporters on what their ambitions for the season are, but can you really imagine this level of honesty at Ibrox?

Me neither.  They will spin some old tat to an ever dwindling demographic.  Still, at least the club is in the hands of Dave King and not Mike Ashley, one of Europe’s richest men.  That whole effort worked out well.

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  1. mike in toronto on

    Can’t see BR staying for 10, particularly if he becomes the first manager to do back-to-back trebles … Ilike any ambitious/accomplished professional, I would think he will want to test himself at the highest level … financially, his best chance is not at Celtic



    Can’t see NFL subjecting himself to more OF parochialism, which would almost certainly follow if he returned … and if he has another good season with Hibs, I think he is likely to get some interest from down south… he gave us enough, doesn’t owe us anything, and has earned the right to make is own way …



    I always admired Stevie Clarke , and would have loved to see him at Celtic … as a player, or on staff . .. but a bit early to say for sure he is qualified for the No. 1 job … but if something were to happen, would I be upset if he were offered the gig? No, not terribly. Smart footballing guy …think he could surprise a few people



    My cousins are all big St. Mirren fans, and they all speak very highly of Ross … if he keeps progressing … maybe … but in a few years…

  2. Mahe the Madman on



    And i didnt even realise it was tonight or the quiz would be off. ;)


    i do have an app lets me watch rte.


    Me mother wouldnt miss that actually, no call home tonight.


    Grass to cut before duty calls so enjoy your evening.


    Hail Hail

  3. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s , thanks for passing on my condolences to Brian.



    Its good to know there were so many at the requiem mass to celebrate Mrs Tracey’s life then on to the purvey in Oliver’s after .



    It shows what a wee world it is me knowing Brian as far back as I can remember then you marrying one of his nieces.

  4. Brendan isn’t daft. As has been widely documented he is happy here and doesn’t need the money. At 45 years old he can leave after 10 at 48 and the world is his oyster. Lets say for talking sake he goes to Arsenal, what kind of budget does he get? One that is likely to be dwarfed by at least 4 other Clubs. No CL football next season and a battle to get it the season after. Realistically little chance of winning the League and he’s also back in the EPL goldfish bowl where he was ridiculed at times. Would BR give the Huns and the SMSM the satisfaction of him walking away from Celtic? I doubt it. If i’m him i say thanks but no thanks. Will Arsenal actually come in for him? Probably not.

  5. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Loath him or loath him you have got to admire wee ratface from the Port for his honesty. Giving Tommy Wright both barrels after their spat on the touchline.

  6. mike in toronto on




    My cousins have told me the same thing .. hope they are right, as he sounds like the sort of guy they need

  7. Arsene has made Arsenal the easiest job to go into, IMO. He is an outstanding Footballing Coach…. looking in from the outside.



    If Brendan, being the Favourite to do so, says no.



    I hope the real impact the Man is having on the WHOLE of Scottish Fitba is appreciated.

  8. evening all, dont know if you have been following the alfie evans story up there, young boy on a ventillator in alder hey hospital in liverpool, his parents want to take him to a hospital in rome for treatment, but the doctors and the high court judges said no, if you move him he will die, his father had an audience with the pope on wednesday, and asked for prayers for alfie, tragic story now this afternoon on the roger phillips talk show, people were ringing in saying this is a catholic thing catholics get taught this and that and because there is so many catholics in liverpool they are all influenced by the pope, to say i was taken aback is putting it mildly, i felt uneasy not sure about you but it did sound sectarian, anyway that wont help young alfie hope he finds peace.ktf.

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I can’t see Brendan being near the top of Arsenal’s targets. They will be looking at managers who have won one of the big European leagues and/or got to the later stages of the Champions League.


    Bookies will know nothing at this stage. The more names that get mentioned, the better for them!


    I heard that Joachim Low was favourite. That will be the Joachim Low who is contracted to Germany until 2020. I know contracts can be broken, but if he was going to break his I think Bayern Munich would probably have heard!

  10. That wee rat McCann on Stv still holding a grudge against Tommy Johnstone…….are you sure he comes from a Tim family?


    fekn wee walloper

  11. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    One of Jock Stein’s quotes was that, “what gave him great pleasure is that there are people coming to watch Celtic who wouldn’t previously be watching Celtic”.



    I believe that Arsene Wegner did the same for Arsenal.

  12. Bada Bing and Franny ,I have managed to get an appointment for you two……..SPECSAVERS



    Sauchiemahall st weegieland.hh

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    FRANNYB67 on 20TH APRIL 2018 6:56 PM


    Bada Bing



    Big Judith on ????



    At a charity night, pure ragin..?

  14. Paul67



    Let’s hope Mike Ashley no longer holds ambitions to take control of Sevco.



    I fear he is just biding his time.




  15. Fairhill Bhoy.


    What happened?


    Did they criticize D.D. and then back down?


    Hail Hail

  16. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on








    Good evening Celtic men and wummin. Serious post from me. Aye, that doesn’t happen often….:_)




    I’m getting increasingly concerned about the CQN poster desertbhoy. Desertbhoy (Rob Blackwood) was one of the CQN’rs who bought into a whisky cask I purchased four years ago and is part of the CQN cask syndicate. I’ve been trying to email him to no avail regarding a sample I have for him. I also have a mobile number which appears to now be disconnected.



    If anyone on here knows desertbhoy and is able to contact him, please ask him to get in touch with me asap.



    Thanks and could someone kindly post this over the next few days on the off chance that he may see it.



    Bateenbhoy, thanks for the help.





  17. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I dont think we need to worry to much about Brendan talking to Arsenal he has said more than once that he is happy at Celtic and that he has unfinished business the fact that Celtic will allow him to talk to Arsenal shows in my opinion how much they trust Brendans word . However, never say never and should Brendan decide to change his mind and jump ship his replacement is only down the road at Kilmarnock Stevie Clarke he could continue with his backroom staff to keep improving our team . H.H.

  18. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    FFS, just got ma jotters from hummelmedia.



    Hi 10 in a row,


    You have been warned by gogzy



    Reason: Banned


    Penalty: •Given 100 points which expire 25/03/18 22:48


    •Banned – Indefinitely



    Booooooo, ya throbbin zombie basturts

  19. Good evening, friends.


    I believe there may be a quiz coming up. Which is nice. I further understand that unlike the old days there is no incentive in trying to be first with the correct answers (this is my belated excuse for my attempt last week where I answered them all quickest but got hardly any correct!). Anyway, I am sober this week and raring to go! Surely 50% correct is achievable…

  20. Mahe the Madman on



    yep quiz coming up and also I had no idea about the quickest answer thing. Aint happening here as you know. 25 minutes ,seems plenty to me.


    Tonights picture round courtesy of Art of War and the quiz is dedicated to the family and friends of Florence Tracy. May She Rest in Eternal Peace.


    The current champ is SFTB.


    Best of luck everyone.

  21. Mahe the Madman on

    general knowledge questions 1




    1,,,Which country is the worlds tallest building in ?



    2,,,Which movie gave us Big Joe and Oddball ?



    3,,,New York was previously known as,,,?



    4,,,Which of these has had the most UK number 1’s,,,


    Stevie Wonder




    Celine Dion


    The Monkees




    5,,,Who was born first,,,


    Samuel L Jackson


    Christopher Reeve


    Sly Stallone


    Nick Nolte



    6,,,Bob Marley and the Wailers signed with which record label whilst stranded in London ?




    7,,,The largest lake in Europe is in which country ?




    8,,,Which animal has types called Hog nosed,,Leaf nosed,,Yellow Eared,,and Pale Spear nosed ?




    9,,,Bamako is the capital city of,,, ?




    10,,,The 80’s gave us the movie 3 Men and a Baby,,,name the 3 actors.




    11,,Who cut off Samsons hair ?



    12,,What did Guglielmo Marconi invent?



    13,,Who is credited with discovering New Zealand ?



    14,,Which music artist released The Dream of the Blue Turtles in 1985 ?



    15,,The Ford Capri was last produced in what year,,,









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