Jozo, Dedryck and maturing as a footballer


Ronny Deila will see his international players begin a staggered return to Lennoxtown today as he prepares for two away games: in Motherwell and Molde. If Leigh Griffiths’ modest calf strain is the only injury the manager will have to worry about, he’ll be delighted.

The injury which occupies most fans is the sprained ankle which has kept Jozo Simunovic from playing since making his debut a month ago. Celtic’s greatest need right now is consistency of selection in defence. We need to allow a first choice central defensive pairing to become established, and that’s almost certainly going to involve Jozo, our most expensive signing 8 years.

Jozo’s partner is likely to be Dedryck Boyata. Dedryck has played 18 games this season. His career total prior to arriving at Celtic was 32 games, a low tally for a player who turns 25 next month.

The early season form Dedryck demonstrated was patchy, but with only 32 games stretching over five years, there’s lots about the game the player is still picking up, not least of all playing meaningful games in front of thousands of fans. He was caught-out by a fast bounce at Hamilton but since representing Belgium in a European Championship qualifier against Bosnia last month I think there’s been a perceptible improvement.

For some years now we’ve talked about how many games a player needs to have played for your scouts to decide he’s a genuine talent, but before the wealthy English step in. Dedryck, and Jozo, are still a dozen games short of the mark Wanyama, Hooper and van Dijk were when they became Celtic players. Which means the next few months should tell us lots.

Don’t bet against them establishing a very strong partnership.

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  1. TONTINE TIM on 12TH OCTOBER 2015 5:51 PM


    31003 on 12th October 2015 4:59 pm









    For those of you who might be interested…..the Daily Rectum have published who they perceive to be the 10 best African players to have played in Scotland…..and the worst 7







    *whit nae don kitchenbrand who scored who in his first season scored 24 goals in 25 appearances. Oh he also forgot tae tell them that he was a ben affleck. He was soon flogged tae Sunderland where he scored another 28 goals in 53 appearances.


    When he was outed there were some who would have literally flogged him.


    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/jozo-dedryck-and-maturing-as-a-footballer/comment-page-3/#comments

  2. Captain Beefheart on




    Bitton will be next to go. Terrific signing by Celtic. It won’t be Arsenal though. Despite having been linked with various Celts, they never showed any serious interest.

  3. Gerrybhoy / Captain Beefheart


    Arsenal may well be tracking Biton, but I suspect they track literally hundreds of players, and for me he hasn’t yet showed the same consistency or the influence as Wanyama etc.



    When I talked about guys who may emerge as critical condition n 20/30 months ( as opposed to 8/12 months ) I had Biton in mind

  4. Clashcity



    The ‘ironic upside’ is we’ve got no downside, if we don’t have £13m players to sell.



    The rock of side should be Simunovic and Boyata.



    What happened BTW to the posters that would ‘bite your hand off’ for 6m for VVD, disappeared up their own pudendums?



    I’d rather we’d no saleable superstars for a while to gauge how the buy cheap dwell on policy really works.



    All in all, we’re in rude health, but Nir Bitton will have to tone it down a bit or the Daily Recird will have it at Arsenal, just like Izzy, Kayal, or anyone else that strings a few good games together for the tic.



    Johansen for the bundesliga anyone?

  5. bournesouprecipe


    I googled yon word :)))))))))))))))))


    I can hardly type for laughing


    Thank you,thank you :))))))

  6. My guess, that’s why we’ve signed more Scottish players recently, they are more likely to stay with Celtic.



    So even though they aren’t “glamour” potential signings it does help with preparing a team for a new season.

  7. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bobby Murdoch and Geordie Munro, sorry for my late reply to your posts about Efe in the previous blog.



    The number of costly mistakes Efe has made increases each game according to the urban myth that other teams are guaranteed a goal when he plays.



    Efe has made plenty of avoidable errors , not costly ones.



    I would prefer he left for his own sake but it annoys me people blame him for things


    this season using inaccurate information.

  8. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    I meant to type in my last post , Efe has made avoidable errors which haven’t proven to be costly but the number of costly errors he has made , are not as many as is made out.

  9. Captain Beefheart on




    Right you are. Arsenal got Thatcher’s footballer.



    We got a flatcher called Jerome Alliedere. Remember him?



    Thanks Tone.







    Jeremie Aliadiere. But instantly forgettable for us.

  11. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    ” I would prefer he left for his own sake but it annoys me people blame him for things”



    I would prefer it if he stayed and people stopped blaming him for things.







    The Warbmeister article was a great laugh.They really are delusional.Thanks for that I had a good giggle to myself.


    The piece were it says he hopes that the Magic man keeps under the radar of the big English teams is Brilliant.HH

  13. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    I agree. I can guarantee he would play better if people got off his case.


    Similarly, Bhoyata would have a better chance if people supported him, especially after a mistake.


    Over and over………..

  14. BHOYS3 on 12TH OCTOBER 2015 5:38 PM



    Hello BHOYS3



    Obviously you know Hughie Farrell,were do you know him from?.Hughie was a good player who I had the pleasure to play in the same team with,lots of great stories to be told there.We were actually involved in a player swop he went to St.Roch’s and I transferred to EK Thistle.Have we played with or against each other.HH

  15. Evening gents.



    Only on very briefly. I didn’t get a ticket from Celtic for Hearts away. I’m not sure why as I’ve more than met the criteria, in fact I’ve taken tickets directly from the club for every one of hundreds of games.



    Hey ho, not happy but there you go.



    Anyway, if anyone hears of any spares can you please contact me at hamiltontim88@yahoo.co.uk

  16. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    “Similarly, Bhoyata would have a better chance if people supported him, especially after a mistake. ”


    Quite. I can understand why people`s desperation for Celtic to do well leads to their criticism of players. I am less able to see how they think that constant criticism will lead to improvement.




  17. HT



    Ann Budge has already made overtures of her dislike of Celtic, she’s now cut the ticket allocation for the League Cup, this will be why you’ve missed out on the share out, despite your CSA affiliation.

  18. Bourne



    I’ve taken tickets directly from Celtic, not through a CSC, for the past 7 years. I should have got one as I’ve more than met the criteria. I already know guys who’ve got them who don’t attend nearly as often as me.



    You’ll need to excuse me but I’m rather frustrated mate.

  19. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    out of curiosity, if dedryck played so few games how was he scouted – I do have faith – I’m sure/hope he fulfills the promise but who spotted him, how was he tracked ?

  20. Arsenal tracking Bitton, really, why does he owe Them money, ..i like Bitton but he couldnae get in the Arsenal midfield if the rest of them missed the bus……Realism.com…

  21. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Nice article in Celtic Underground about Neil Mochan. There is a film about Neil being released on 1/12/15 with a book about his importance to Celtic to follow.

  22. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    I have to agree 100% again. We are in a transitional phase as a club. The EPL TV deal, held up to the SPFL, where top division clubs can not even fill 6000 seater stadia, very starkly illustrates that we can not even pretend to be any kind of player in the mainstream European transfer market anymore.


    Buying players that are not the finished article, or come from a “less fashionable” league (what does that even mean anyway?) can be the only way forward. It follows that such players need a bit of support……………….so we should…eh…support them.

  23. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Voguepunter, thank you.



    My IT skills are as abundant as major trophies in Sevco’s history ie hee haw.

  24. lennon's passion on

    HAMILTONTIM on 12TH OCTOBER 2015 8:20 PM



    Big game hunters out in force for this one.

  25. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    What happened BTW to the posters that would ‘bite your hand off’ for 6m for VVD, disappeared up their own pudendum?






    BGX on 12TH OCTOBER 2015 8:54 PM


    Arsenal tracking Bitton, really, why does he owe Them money, ..i like Bitton but he couldnae get in the Arsenal midfield if the rest of them missed the bus……Realism.com




  26. EDB & Estadio,



    ELDIEGOBHOY on 12TH OCTOBER 2015 6:37 PM





    Apols for missing the day oot will explain offline.



    Met up with Estadio yesterday. Just arrived back from Space!








    EDB, Space isn’t what it used to be, sad, I know.



    Now. as for Lanarkshire:-)




  27. HT


    If I hear of any tickets I will let you know



    Your best bet is a rescheduled Rugby World Cup match as most jambos I know would rather watch a big rugby game.

  28. H.T.


    I was just going to lurk until I read your post.


    It made my blood boil so I can only try and imagine how you feel.


    I’ve text Paddy to see if B.C can help.


    Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  29. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Saw the Jim Diamond RIP on Friday I think but it didn’t resonate with me I am ashamed to say. His brother Larry plays in our Monday competition and when I saw him a fortnight ago he was telling about burying his Mum the previous week. Some people don’t get a good hand dealt. RIP JIM DIAMOND.

  30. Bourne



    You’re absolutely correct about the allocation cut being responsible, however, too many are also given en masse to supporters clubs who then distribute to members who attended less games than me and others.



    I do hope you’re right and on the night I’ll be there.






    I’ve pretty much contacted everyone I know who’ll be able to help. Fingers crossed.



    If worst comes to worst I’ll try and skip in, there’s no way I could sit amongst them T.

  31. H/T,



    Hope you get a ticket. I know what it feels like to fulfill all the criteria and get nout.



    Keep telling it as you see it. We may not always agree but I know you love the Celtic.

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